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343737343737B00284TTG2A3VTPH6BBEKMB9Brandon L. Williams1141329004800love this product!This is an awesome product. Quite a few of them were damaged when shipped; however, for the price it was still an amazing deal. i highly recommend this product to others.
343738343738B00284TTG2A277HS3HZQ7UAFreb919591151319241600Awesome!!!Got addicted to Stok's then Wal-Mart stopped carrying it. Where to go? Amazon! They have everything. My whole household uses them every day in their coffee. In fact, we take a bunch when we go visiting to make sure we have it! It not only gives you added caffeine but helps bad coffee taste better, which is probably why all the mini marts have it. We are in charge of a large Halloween party this year and I'm bringing the box so everyone stays energized! Love my Stoks
343739343739B00284TTG2AGRCX9B21ACW1twthode1151318982400Why not?Like a lot of others,I like(need) my cup of joe in the morning. If I drink 2 or more I run the risk of rushing to a bathroom too often. This makes one cup into 2. It adds no funky taste. It's just what it says it is.
343740343740B00284TTG2A361LVCLWUAWFPsmiling peacock1151318896000Stok Caffein Black Coffee Shots from AmazonLOVED LOVED LOVED this product. I've tried a lot of energy drinks and they all tasted pretty nasty. This one is perfect. I not only get to enjoy a cup of coffee but I also get extra energy to help me get through the day. No funky after taste. It doesn't give me the shakes. I never go over the recommended limit of 2 a day though which is just fine with me. The price and packaging are also good. I would definitely buy this again. The 264-count is perfect because I get to share it with my office mate. That is all.
343711343711B000GG5IXWA1O0XXWILMWPKGIna Hecker0051240876800As good as it getsAhhhhhhhh. Brew up with some milk and honey and greet your day with a sunny smile. Vanilla Chai by Bigelow is simply the best.
343712343712B000GG5IXWA212MDP6K4VJS5W. R. Stockstill Jr. ""Bill""0051232236800My Secret to Surving Winter!I live in Atlanta and while most don't think of the winter here as harsh, I was born over 500 miles south so its practically the arctic to me. Since moving here I have used hot tea as a winter comfort. For years I drank Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea, Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) which was strong and had lots of flavor but left a slight metallic aftertaste. I stumbled on Twinings English Breakfast Tea, Tea Bags, 50-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) and for awhile, this strong tea with less of a metallic aftertaste was my favorite. But my wife brought home this Vanilla Chai tea and I think I have found my all time favorite. It is a traditional back tea with vanilla and other spices that added together are out of this world. I perfer it to the herbal teas I have tried because it has that underlying true black tea taste. I drink it with half and half, it has so much flavor it doesn't need sweetening although traditional chai teas are served very sweet. Try this tea and see what you have been missing!
343713343713B000GG5IXWA3BUW7927PQOI5J. Burgan "jeb2tr"0051229299200YumGreat taste and you don't have to pay and arm and a leg for this taste.
343714343714B000GG5IXWA1TAZZ2355GO4Bsmoky "smokybluz"0051228780800The best tasting 'prepared' Chai tea I've found!To be honest, I don't think there's a 'prepared' chai tea on the market that comes anywhere close to the real thing; the BEST chai I've ever had was made for me by an Indian friend from scratch with real whole spices. They're 2 completely different animals if you ask me.

I've tried several different prepared chai teas over the years and have been *severely* disappointed with each and every one of them! 'Artificial' and 'off-putting' are the terms that come to mind.

While Bigelow's Vanilla Chai still does not compare to the real thing, if you like vanilla and spices, it's definitely worth trying! Love the aroma and flavour of this tea! Will most definitely be purchasing it again!
343715343715B000GG5IXWA3PBHCCVQK4L52Krista Gregg "Krista"0051170979200Chai Yummyness!I had tried Chai at a shop somewhere and really liked it so when I went shopping I found this brand and decided to try it. I LOVE IT!

It isn't as 'easy' to make as regular tea. You have to boil the milk, water, and tea bags together. I serve it with some honey or sugar. It is great any time of year, I'll drink it hot in the summer.

I have yet to try the cold version of it, but I want to. Perhaps when the spring comes around.

I have not tried any other kind of Chai Tea so I do not have anything to compair it to, however, it is good enough to drink often. I actually drink this more than regular herb tea. I will make this more often than coffee. Very good.
343716343716B000GG5IXWA17V41JRTAL0BFDB0051170892800Tasty blendAdd some milk and sweetener and this is a very enjoyable tea. It has a unique taste -- the vanilla and spice balance each other, so don't expect a highly spiced chai.
343717343717B000GG5IXWA1138RAKXKEW9EShell Seeker1321161993600Disappointing.I'm always looking for a good flavored tea, and I usually love Chai. This was a disappointment. Not enough spice.
343718343718B000GG5IXWA2C2T7PTATXKTWToya0211299628800HorribleI am really trying to get into drinking teas but this is HORRIBLE it is now sitting at home on top of the fridge.I will use it for a black tea rinse for my hair but I will never drink this again. YUCK
343719343719B004KIVTL2ASEMHSKDZDPCXB. Johnson0041322179200good flavorArrived in timely matter. Has great flavor. wish it had better way to dispense, but still a great product. I will be ordering more soon.
343720343720B00284TTG2A3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle191951282521600Stop buying $3 energy drinks stock up on SToK and XLR8!
343721343721B00284TTG2A3IMTD4O01RIY9crashandcarry6651325030400just what I needed!Was introduced to this at a local 7-eleven. I love flavored coffees, and this does not alter the flavor of coffee in any way! The price can't be beat either! Thank you so much for existing, StoK!
343722343722B00284TTG2A8U4KP9UAP630N. Spriegel4451323216000Caffeine boost when you need itI have a K-cup "coffee station" set up in a spare cubicle where I work. This product adds that extra "boost" that allows us to get through the rough times. And not just for coffee, it works well in cocoa! I do recommend not "doubling up" the dose unless you have a high tolerance.
343723343723B00284TTG2A2ASI7ZI2S7T6Udenise101331316995200shorted 32 shotsThe service was good. But, when I counted them out, I was shorted by 32 shots. Very disappointed. Clearly they didn't think I'd count them.
343724343724B00284TTG2A3UOVM4COWS013pinecone70 "CP"3351319760000Short!I like these, I initially found them on a rare trip to walmart, but like most things, they stopped carrying them. As much as I need caffeine to get through my average day, I bought a pile of these for car trips, they're pretty great for staying alert on the road. I am happy that I can get these from Amazon, but my box contained 259 shots and not the 264 shots I ordered. There is evidence that one exploded, but I'm sure the packers helped themselves to the others when they added the air packs to cushion the rest of the shots. The Stok box was packed inside another box with the other item I purchased at the same time, none of the shots were broken upon delivery.

Happy with the product, sort of disappointed in the repacking crew.
343725343725B00284TTG2A2OX8QMXBB4R1QJessikay Witkop3351318464000Make Your Own FrappachinoMy husband found these at a grocery store, and I used them occasionally for their intended purpose-to add more caffeine to coffee. However, my favorite way is to buy small bottles of chocolate milk and add a stok or two to it, and I have an instant coffee drink which is way less expensive than Frappuchinos (which can cost up to $3 per drink!). I can usually buy a bottle of chocolate milk for $1, plus if I want, I can add more Stoks (although not recommended), and it gives me a great pick me up! I have also added them to Carnation Instant Breakfast drinks so it is a breakfast and energy booster in one. Our grocery store stopped carrying Stok, and I was extremely sad about their loss. Great to see them on Amazon!
343726343726B00284TTG2A154ANICJ5RCFIstok buyer3341311897600StickyEverything went ok -- I received the shipment promptly. But, there were a couple stok cups that had holes in them and they had leaked all over the inside of the box and on all of the other cups so all of the cups were sticky, and some were empty!
343727343727B00284TTG2A3VJKA2EHIWTPWaco, Texas2251327622400A Must for True Coffee DrinkersThe SToKS coffee shot is a must if you drink coffee seriously. One in your first cup of the day, and one in your early evening cup and you'll notice the change. If you need one during the day to chase away the midday blues -- it's perfect! Our local stores quit carrying them, so now I buy online. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. <><
343728343728B00284TTG2A1KN9VNUW677BCM. Schmid2251326758400LOVE these!These are SOOO hard to find at a good price. You can add these to almost any drink, and get the caffeine you'd expect of a cup of coffee. I have not noticed any taste to these, but have never had one plain either. They are not intended to be a shot that you drink alone, but to be added to a cup of coffee, a smoothie, hot cocoa, chocolate milk, literally any drink. They are the size of a coffee creamer cup. I freeze them and don't worry about the expiration date. They arrive perfect and all intact.
343729343729B00284TTG2A2C5XB08ENSO6UNaomi Benghiat2251324080000I love these shots!I use two of these every morning in my coffee. It gives me just that little extra kick I need to get going. The price is right and the quality is good.
343730343730B00284TTG2A3OWQN69DSPR2NCh3ck MaRk2251319500800Get Stok'dReceived my order in a timely fashion. Did not get shorted, actually received 12 extra shots 276 in total. Comes to about .11 cents a piece. Way better than $3.00 for an energy drink...Thank You Amazon!
343731343731B00284TTG2A2XZI3X9U2CH0DCarlos R. Barros2241311033600Very Good item at great priceA co-worker took these to work and it added some extra oomph to the morning coffee routine. I could not find them locally and so went to Amazon. They don't have to be refrigerated and there is a 2 per day limit because of the caffeine content. A couple of times I got the shakes at first; but it worked great to wake me up fast and get my morning rollin'. They are NOT a substitute for coffee, so I don't recommend mixing two of these with milk or water by themselves; you won't get much flavor(I tried). Definitely not recommended if you are sensitive to caffeine as It can upset your stomach and an immediate bathroom break may be needed. I do not use these daily, but having on hand every now and then is worth the cost in comparison to how many you get. I would recommend to have but use in moderation.
343732343732B00284TTG2A3O06DVRNNLAPWN. Hollins2251294444800SToK Caffeinated Black Coffee Shots.Want to add a kick to your morning cup of coffee? Here ya go!!
When I need some extra get up and go I add a shot to my morning cup and everything is right as rain..
343733343733B00284TTG2A15INGIHR0HLUXAngela Beaner2251289606400StokI found this product at one of our Albertson's grocery stores by their coffee kiosk. No one in the store could tell me how I might order or buy this product. I need the extra caffeine to help me stay awake. When I found Stok on Amazon, I was happy and ordered a box of 264 single-serve packages. I put one pkg. in my first cup of coffee each morning. The extra caffeine does not seem to bother me or make me jittery. The recommendation on the pkg. indicates that no more than 2 pkgs. to be consummend in a 24 hr time frame.
343734343734B00284TTG2A1IM2IHMVFVIUKLights On4551316822400StoKedI put one of these in my coffee at 6PM last night and just like had someone snapped their fingers my house was clean and it was 8PM. This morning I put one in my coffee at 7AM and it's now 9:30AM and my whole day's workload is complete. It's CRAZY! I'm convinced that if you exceed the maximum two per day it would lead to time travel, no doubt about it... So be careful!
343735343735B00284TTG2A26C3OXUYMF617Patrick T. Ditaranto "cargonator"121751323734400Holy Mother of GOD!!!After taking one,i simultaneously cured world hunger and cancer!!!!
Amazing!!! They beat any energy dring out there,hands down!
Get them now!! Nuff Said!
343736343736B00284TTG2A23Z6T05HKETMYJeffrey1151340064000Great perks !!Tastes like coffee. Just adds flavor and gives me an extra lift in the morning. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT and recommend it to anyone who needs a cheaper alternative to a 5 hour energy drink!

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