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343741343741B00284TTG2A3CNTFRXDLA1SAJulia E Hoodman1141308441600Stok Regular works great! Tastes okay!I like that it helps me wake up when taking a nap is out of the question. I preferred Stok sweet. Unfortunately, they are discontinued.Now we are left with Stok regular. For me, best to be swallowed with little fanfare.
343742343742B00284TTG2A1SI5PT3CA9OWWJayson Liddle1151287619200I am stoked about Stok!LOVE this product. One will do the trick if you are dragging. Two will give you the jitters. That being said, if you are just plain exhausted, these will do nothing more than make you that much more tired.
343743343743B00284TTG2A3USY1OLMDVMTLFredrick M. Zahn1141278201600STOK ShotsThese little packs, pack a jolt to my morning coffee. Easy to use and store. And buying in bulk lessens the cost per shot. If you like your coffee bold like I do than give these a try. It's an eye opening experience.
343744343744B00284TTG2A979WLXI4T20MA. Ziegler3451279584000An extra boost to your coffeeI have been enjoying this product for quite some time via my local supermarket. They have elected to discontinue the product. When I am in a crunch for time, adding one or two of these guys helps me get my caffeine to a manageable level without having to drink as much coffee. It is tasteless added to my coffee, which I drink black.

This particular item comes as a case of loose items. I saved my retail box, and just refill from the case. Worked well. I was glad to find this on line. It arrived more quickly than stated. Well done all around.
343745343745B00284TTG2AB2PX39FMLJV9Brenda Abbott "The Purple Lady"5751265328000need a boost, try Stok Coffee ShotsI love these Coffee Shots. If I need a boost in the morning from a restless night of sleep, I use one. If it's early afternoon and I'm sluggish, I open one and put it in my coffee and within a few minutes I can feel a bit refreshed, they work really fast. But NEVER drink it by it self, it taste terrible, but when it's used in a cup of coffee, I barely notice a difference in taste. I will continue to keep these on hand as I love the energy boost they give me and the cost is fabulous. I have one in a while use two at a time...they recommend no more than 2 a day.
343746343746B00284TTG2A2HT64VEZ8CLGFBen Carter "Ben"2351294272000Zowie!There is a limit of two per day advised and I can see why. I know people have different tolerances but I am a hefty 230 pounds. Morning and afternoon is a good amount for me. Good for a quick bump in the morning or afternoon if you are dragging a bit and really great prior to a workout.
343747343747B00284TTG2A2UOQWZGNWL3FHBurn Dougie0051350864000I'M STOKED![[[CLIFF-NOTE STYLE REVIEW]]]

- got package on time!

- all 264 cups were intact plus one!

- about 20 cups were crushed just a little bit but none were open/leaking!

- I took 6 when the package came and that is why I am typing an
exclamation mark after each cliff-note!

- try a few cups in some Nesquik(tm) strawberry milk...its yummy!

- enjoy!
343748343748B00284TTG2A1SY4EY743R31KA. Schelling0041350777600SToK Caffeinated Black Coffee Shots 264 CountFantastic for giving you that extra boost when you need it. I love the fact that it does not alter the taste of the coffee, as I was expecting it to make it bitter.
343749343749B00284TTG2A133OSWQOR39A0Smurf0051349913600Caffeine ShotsI was going to the local 7-eleven shop and they would offer these as a condiment for your coffee. That meant I would have to buy a coffee to put it in. So I thought, save some money, I normally make my own coffee...and checked to see if I can buy them. I did and it has saved me a bundle. I have shared with my fellow workers and now we have almost enough to get another case. Awesome product!
343750343750B00284TTG2A3584UFWHVBLCOblivion "Sam"0051349827200Supurb idea, works great in tandem with beverages.As A patron of generation X I refused to partake in the recent fad that is energy drinks. It seems that everywhere I look nowadays I see other 20 something year olds clinging to their Monster energy drinks and slim shiny cans of Red Bull. I never fell for the marketing ploy of energy sugar water but still need that pick me up for the daily grind. Since all night High School and College cram sessions I have become a Coffee Guru. Ive tried numerous brands, cool coffee makers and travel press mugs and can easily discuss coffee with anyone for hours at A time.

During a recent drag a truck driver gifted me with a tiny Stok cup. I gulped it down shooter style and found it to taste like a mild albeit watered down cup of tepid black coffee. The taste of caffeine is prevelant but not overwhelming. Nothing enjoyable but not at all bitter or gross. Anyone familiar with espresso will be well akin with it. Within minutes I was wide eyed and bushytailed just as if I had drank a full cup of french roast. It was a mild alertness not overly caffinated jitters or quick ramp of energy like that of a 5 hour energy. Stok is litterly the efficiency of coffee in a no nonsense delivery. Of course I was impressed by this and immediately purchased this years supply from Amazon as it is quite hard to find elseware. I have been experimenting with different blends and found that it compliments Eight O Clocks House Blend quite well when mixed with half and half. Just helps to punctuate the taste and of course deliver some extra caffeine.

The only detail I am confused about is why they suggest only two a day. Humans can safely consume 500mg of caffeine where these only pack a modest 40mg. In fact a mere 7oz of drip coffee contains over 100mg of caffeine. Regardless of that fact it still seems to do its job and I am more than happy sucking them down whil smirking at the Monster drinkers and their $4 Super Extreme Mega Special edition cans of putrid Sweet Tart tasting fiz juice.
343751343751B00284TTG2A20KQ7B2OO1YYCQuirtEvans "QuirtEvans"0051349740800When You Need Some Extra Caffeine ...This does the trick.

I add one to a cup of coffee each morning, and it's a nice pick-me-up. Highly recommended, if you want some extra caffeine in your coffee.
343752343752B00284TTG2A5WHNV2PGYEA2Basisman0051347235200Just what I wantedGives me an extra boost and doesn't taste like medicine.
Best part was: It was shipped from Coffeyville KS US!!
343753343753B00284TTG2A1ETG07KEPYRZDJ. M. Lents "decatur101"0051347062400What else can you ask for?The item shipped on time. There was no product damage. The item(s) fit(s) the description, as stated. What else can you ask for?
343754343754B00284TTG2A3N4V7X3OHE6IHTheRoo0051346889600Surprisingly awesome gas-station coffee runMy experience with the product was during a trip out of state, finding them at a gas station where we went to grab stuff for our caffeine and snack fixes (I've since scoured my local establishments to no avail).

When you use them in conjunction with coffee, the average cup of which is going to already put you to 100mg of caffeine per 8oz, two cups with these added in will already get you to 280mg of caffeine for the day. That's just between 3 and 4 cans of 8oz Red Bull in terms of caffeine content.

I just placed my order for a case (along with some single-serve creamers, to cover up terrible coffee when I travel or go to work), because while I enjoy coffee, I don't feel like sitting and drinking more than 1-3 cups in one day.

I'd recommend this product to both folks trying to kick an expensive energy drink habit (these are less than a dime each at time of writing), and those that would love to get more caffeine during their day, but just don't want to stomach an entire pot of coffee to do so. These won't change the flavor of what you're adding them to, so they are just an awesome little additive for those that want more caffeine from their daily cup. :)
343755343755B00284TTG2A36QUTDMQENM1Esrnewton0051344124800Perfect addition to my morningsMy roommate picked up a few of these at a gas station in northern Virginia. I had never heard of the product before but I'm always looking for more energy so I threw one in my coffee. It was the perfect amount to get me going. I wasn't jittery and the taste wasn't noticable. Anyway, I highly recommend trying this product if you grab your morning coffee from home.
343756343756B00284TTG2ANRZ6AR2XBP5NRon0051343260800Great productI've ordered these before. Adds that extra kick to a cup o Joe. Every time I'm on the road and stop for gas and get a cup of coffee, I'll add one of these. Helps stay a little more alert. A lot of crazy's out there.
343758343758B00284TTG2A31RPHPK3GTR5Mlespaulio0051338249600SToK shotsReally like these. I don't use them everyday, but they are nice to have for certain mornings when I have to wake up for work but went to bed far later than I should have the night before. I've only ever put them in coffee so far, but I can say that they don't noticeably affect the taste of the coffee at all. I usually put the shot in the mug first and then pour the coffee in over it.
343759343759B00284TTG2A4K44IZHZMOHLwendy0051337385600great!!One of these added to your coffee gives lotsss of energy!! Definitely gives you the boost you are looking for
343760343760B00284TTG2A3B3YYLNXQ28FIJd810041337126400Good stuffWork great. They are great for my ice coffee. Just like the ones at 7-11. I will buy them again. I would like 2 get the sweet one next time.
343761343761B00284TTG2A284BL6KFP9L3DB. Plowman0051335225600Stoks EnergyStoks Caffeinates Shots are great. When I travel long distances, or when I have lots to get done, I simply put a shot into my coffee and I'm good to go. No hyperness, just energy. I am so happy I found this product a few years ago.
343762343762B00284TTG2A27V9NSC3818WFbubblymom0051334275200Great for on the goI like to use this shot for those days when I am just dragging! I have a few in my desk at work so its available if I need it.
I personally dont like the Sweet shots but I like the black coffee ones.
343763343763B00284TTG2A1101O39CXUFLKermit19110051334188800Tastes like piss but does the jobNot the best tasting coffee shot, but when mixed with a large cup of coffee it is drinkable... i'm not sure what the "limit 2 per day" crap is, i usually pour 6-8 of them in my morning coffee so i can function.
343764343764B00284TTG2A23OOKWUV1NI0LChristine E Buckner0051332288000Stok black coffee (single serve) review -- excellentWe really enjoy being able to purchase the 264-count box of STok single serve coffee shots. My husband loves them in the morning and can take them ANYWHERE; even work, where the coffee isn't always what he likes, so he can make his favorite with the handy Stok single serve packages. The only worry I had with the shipment is that they seem a little fragile without any padding or barrier around them. If one got punctured the whole container would have coffee all over (just a thought to consider). Otherwise, we are very pleased with the product and price.
343765343765B00284TTG2A1O1YZB4LH68IUKelly0051331424000STOK Black Coffee ShotThis little container turns my morning coffee into a burst of energy for me. It has a rich smooth taste and blends in well with whatever coffee brand I choose to use. I enjoy the convenience of having my coffee at home when I want it. I save so much money by using this product instead of outside vendors.
343766343766B00284TTG2A23AZLIZADTH8ULinda Dozier0051330041600Worth the price!I enjoy a little boost in my coffee & used to get one of these at the quick mart on my way to work.Since i retired I happened to find these on Amazon & am very glad I bought them.
343767343767B00284TTG2A1BSKQ7708DF0Ylinda j.0051327017600SToK caffeinated coffee shotsI had bought stok at our local walmart and of course they stop selling them. Much better deal on line anyway.No longer have to buy energy drinks.Box arrived perfect condition,will continue to order from Amazon great service.
343768343768B00284TTG2A1NW6ORMHMI3HXXraytech0051319500800Just what I needed!I had trouble finding Stok locally, but had used it and knew it was a nice little booster. Ordering in bulk saved money and time. It arrived quickly with a really good shelf date.
343769343769B00284TTG2AUPLH8RI2P974enterbackspace "enterbackspace"0051317945600Great!These are great for adding to iced coffees & too sweet mochas as they are stored at room temperature and do not contain additional sugars. Very happy to have found this product on Amazon.
343770343770B00284TTG2A2P4BTBY1LAWI5Cleopatra0051315526400TWEETYCan't get the quanity of this product in the store so I have to order it from Amazon. This is much better than going to WM & getting small quanities. I only wish Amazon still carried the silver, sweet STOK Coffee Shots. Gotta have one every morning.

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