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343771343771B00284TTG2A2OFL71F8Z0LERM. Sauer0051314403200Great caffeine boost.I had seen these in some convenience stores in Washington state, but have never found them in Texas. Concerned about too much caffeine, I looked up the caffeine content in many popular drinks. This is just a slight boost - not like you are going to chew your arm off or anything! They come with a disclaimer, but nothing to worry about.
343772343772B00284TTG2A3C9Q3KTNNLJJSouthernAmazoner0051313971200An everyday must have for coffee drinkersI like coffee and I like caffeine. My wife and I discovered these Stoks when we stopped at a convenience store for coffee. Liked them so much that sometimes, we "helped ourselves" to a few extra Stokes to have in our freshly brewed coffee at home. When I saw these advertised on Amazon, I had to have them. Even keep a couple extra in our cars. The caffeine in these Stokes is about the same as espresso. It doesn't make me jittery and doesn't alter the flavor of the coffee. Love this stuff! Now I don't have to sneak a couple extra out the door at the convenience store.
343773343773B00284TTG2A3IZAPXKGS2GN8bpawl0051313971200best out there for me.HI,
I drink instant coffee most days of the week. On weekends I enjoy a good cup of coffee but week days, its plain old instant. Fine by me except for one thing. Yep, not enough caffeine. So, wihtout upsetting my equilibrium, one shot in a cup of instant and getting out the door has never been smoother. The additional benefit is the low cost about nine pennies a cup. I am happy as a clam that I can get this online. Hope you like it too.
343774343774B00284TTG2AVZDO7PIZ984KP. Nicol0051313798400FantasticI can't start my day without these! They are coffee concentrate so they don't change the taste of your coffee at all. You won't find them cheaper anywhere else either.AAAAAA+++++++++
343797343797B008J1HO4CA39RY8Y0MJLW3NSunny2251271289600This oatmeal is just amazing!!!Just for starters, I have never liked oatmeal!

I was forced to eat it as a child because it would stick to my ribs and keep me well nourished. However, it was pure torture to eat it.

I was staying with my family at a Residence Inn last week and thought that I would give oatmeal a try from their continental breakfast bar.

While the oatmeal did not have an objectionable taste (being nice), it was all sticky and gooey which was not too nice!

Wanting the health benefits of oatmeal, I decided to give this product a try after reading the reviews.

First of all, this is a more coarse cut of oatmeal, which I would not classify as "meal" at all. It is more like a boiled grain with a bit of chewy consistency. There is nothing sticky or gooey about this at all.

For me, the fact that I am eating oatmeal (should be called oat"grain"), is nothing short of a minor miracle. It is pleasant and tasty. What a pleasant surprise!!!!

I hope that you will give it a try.

Blessings ad good health to you and your family!
343775343775B00284TTG2A2LFXGU59E1IOPJean0051311033600Hits the SpotI add a shot or 2 on Sat am to get me motivated and this does the trick. Tasty too.
343798343798B008J1HO4CA3OXRFCJI67IMNBold Consumer2251266278400Delicious!I love oatmeal and this oatmeal is excellent!

The only negative is that I have to work really hard not to cut myself when I'm opening the can. That thing is sharp!
343776343776B00284TTG2A1QF2TZHEUODS4Terri Soro0051309392000Get Stok'd baby!I absolutely love Stok. Stop buying those fancy designer "trendy" coffee drinks. You're wasting your money! If you subscribe to this product, it is less than 18.00 for 264 shots of this blissful potion. I usually take two in the afternoon at the office and it takes me thru the day. They're virtually taste-free in coffee. Have not tried it straight out of the cup ... yet. Highly recommend Stok if you need a little extra flip in your dip. It totally rocks!!
343799343799B008J1HO4CAVMAW5ZWT7BYNSki Run "Justin"2251266278400Nothing better!I highly recommend this product! There is nothing better than steel-cut oatmeal. For years I hated oatmeal, until a year ago I tried this oatmeal. After reading about how nutritious and healthy this was, I decided to give it a try. It is delicious! I prefer it with soymilk and often add golden raisins and a few nuts chopped up. But it is just as good with blueberries, bananas, or chopped apples. Whatever fruit you want to add works!
Give yourself a treat and just try it for a couple of mornings, and you will be hooked! Since I leave for work really early, I often make a big batch the night before, refrigerate it and microwave a bowl of it for breakfast every morning. (It can stay refrigerated for about 5 days and still taste great!)
All I can say now is Enjoy!
343800343800B008J1HO4CA34WRF3C70VMLLfrankfromnj2251262131200Great product. DelicousThis is some of the best oatmeal I've ever had. Keep in mind that it takes over 30 minutes to cook (several hours in a slow-cooker) but it also holds very well for days in the refrigerator. Therefore, we always make at least triple batches and continue to heat them up in the microwave for the next few days. It is great reheated with frozen blueberries added to it. Mmmmmm

If you've read that oatmeal can be healthy and a good way to reduce your cholesterol they aren't talking about instant oatmeal. Instant and quick (minute) oatmeal can be cooked quickly because it isn't the whole oats which are needed to get the health benefits. These steel cut oats have Dietary Fiber 4g made up of Soluble Fiber 2g and Insoluble Fiber 2g while Quaker Instant Oatmeal Variety Pack, 14.2-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) has Dietary Fiber 3g made up of Soluble Fiber 1g and Insoluble Fiber 0g.
343777343777B00284TTG2AQEGNI4O8SBK8Bill Degler0051308182400Decaf is an oxymoronThey read my mind. Having German ancestry, I was weened on coffee. I'm from the "coffee that's too strong won't pour" school. But when I give blood, they have only decaffeinated; go to evening meetings, same. This is a solution for us caffeine lovers. Keep a couple of dozen in the car for adding to weak gas station coffee or the decaffeinated brew offered when only one pot is available and some don't wish caffeine. These run far cheaper than "energy drinks," too. Oh, and forget the "Limit: 2 per day" notice unless you are really caffeine-sensitive (in which case you won't be interested in SToK anyway.)
343778343778B00284TTG2A2OPCHBPT2TBJ8Anne Sayers0051307318400Excellent time and money saver !I love (and need) a shot of expresso in my coffee to get me started and the morning trips to the coffee shop were getting expensive. These little shots are quick and easy and save me time and money. Now I just make my own coffee and throw one in ! They're great !
343779343779B00284TTG2A77Q96QZUMOWVToastlette "Tori"0051304380800Love these!These are great! I've added them to Hot Cocoa, vodka and cream for a cheapo White Russian, and to a coke Zero to attempt to recreate the Coca-Cola Blak that they used to make. All uses have turned out great, so far. They are a lot cheaper than energy drinks, and easier in the morning than making a pot of coffee- except for the days that I make a pot and add one to my cup of coffee. I suggest them to anyone that likes the taste of coffee, and the boost of caffeine.
343780343780B00284TTG2A1XDOH3AKTR3NALarry Cadwell0051301097600Quick and easyI don't have time for coffee in the morning. I put 3-5 shots in a glass (depending on how tired I am), then add a splash of french vanilla creamer and a couple of inches of Diet Pepsi. I think it tastes better than the Starbucks Doubleshots at only a fraction of the price. Good to go for hours.
343781343781B00284TTG2ALDHV09XGNE7LNicholas Massa0051295049600Stok Blck coffee shotsWe had originally ordered a box and loved them some much that we ordered another two (2) boxes. They are great in the am and were reasonable priced along with free shipping.
343782343782B00284TTG2A2WKQ9LUO7IRBER. Greenhouse0151326758400Not a K-Cup?I was looking at this for a cheap way to get passed the K-cup cost, but wondered how the creamer type container would work with the Keurig machine. After reading reviews I see that this is just an additive to your original cup of coffee like a creamer. Darn!
343783343783B00284TTG2A2EBKUEDWFWN96Kayci A. Sears0151316649600Great Little Pick Me Up!I liked the sweetened shots better, since they quit making them I went ahead and bought these. They are tart but down the hatch and your good to go. It says no more than two a day, but sometimes I take two at a time on top of the coffee that I drink and I have never had a problem. On sluggish days I may take three or four of them and they really help out. I will always purchase them through Amazon, the shipping is fast, and it's the cheapest price that I have found.
343784343784B00284TTG2A1X86X58Y595DBrenda0151313971200The stuff of life!I am soooooooo glad that you sell these! My local market used to but they quit! I don't use them every day but they are great when you need a quick pick up! put one in a cup of coffee and your off.
343785343785B00284TTG2A285DRRTP981FXA2Z1341320451200Stok caffeine shotsI like the quality and effectiveness of this product. It delivers extra caffeine with your coffee simply and quickly. Negatives of this product are that it changes the flavor of your coffee making it slightly more bitter. Just adding more sweetener to combat that problem solves the extra bitterness but also changes the flavor of your coffee. If one uses cheap coffee or drinks flavored coffee then that is not really a problem. I also disliked the fact that the price jumped by 15% between the time I first bought it and the time I reordered (aprox one week). I buy this product so I can bring it to work and give it to coworkers. At $20 per box that was acceptable. At $24 per box it is getting pricey. I doubt I will purchase this product again simply because the price.
343786343786B00284TTG2A1ROUMJOGO4QMBSteve2521334966400Not impressed at allReading the reviews, I thought this would give a little kick to my coffee. It doesn't do it, and here's why. Even though the package says to limit to two per day, each shot only has 40mg of caffeine. The average cup of coffee is around 100mg. Energy drinks range widely, but 200mg seems to be in the ballpark, so two of these in a cup of coffee is still less than that.

For those of you that get something out of this, great, but it's not comparable to an energy drink, imho.
343787343787B00284TTG2A23KHN1KM8LDI2Scott Fehsenfeld0531322697600Stock Caffeinated Black Coffee ShotsVery excited about product at first but after ordering I have noticed that some days I get an extra boost and others it does nothing for me. Maybe I just got a bad batch but worth noting. The idea is excellent but does no good if it does not work.
343788343788B00284TTG2A3DD9ADHG3NMVBekap731b511231281139200Stok reviewThe Stok product meets expectations and is great. Not sure why it takes 3 days before shipping a product that's "in stock".
343789343789B003PFPGDIA2AKTKCMDQIMJConnie T2251327708800Saugar free Red Bull Energy drinkI really like/enjoy the sugar free Red Bull. I like the taste and don't need or want the added sugar. I appreciate having it available at a comparable or lower price than that in the stores, and like getting the 24 pack delivered so that I have one handy when I want one at home or to grab one when I'm going out the door. A good product at a good price that I don't have to go after to get. Thanks Amazon!
343790343790B003PFPGDIAHRYDAHVEQDJXGabriele Ford0051350172800Mojo!Good price for a case of the larger sized, sugar free variety. Sometimes this is hard to find. Arrived promptly, thanks.
343791343791B003PFPGDIA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0041284336000Has A Kick - RecommendedRed Bull does indeed get me going when I need it! Being a Type 2 Diabetic, I can't have the regular Red Bull Energy Drink, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) so I get the sugar free type. The taste is not the easiest thing to get used to since it is sort of sour, but it isn't really unpleasant either. These are good in the late morning or very early afternoon for that extra kick when the morning coffee has worn off.

I prefer the taste of Celsius - Celsius Cola, 4 cans, but they are not usually sold at the stores in my area.


343792343792B003PFPGDIAGX98VPQIR6EAC. McGuire1241281312000Love not going to the store.This product comes in a flat box instead of the 12-pack like the smaller 8.5 oz cans do. This was fine for us since we have the cupboard space, but not everyone does.

I seriously love not having to go to the grocery store to stock up on energy drinks. We go though them so fast (1 a day for myself and at least one a day for my husband) that it makes the clerks look at you a little oddly. No, we don't live on them, but they do replace coffee in our house.

Check around. Friday sales are great, but regular prices are hit and miss for the best deal.
343793343793B0014LGQC0A1XW2XF0638QI3Jennifer Leonard0121300060800Gerber cereals have soy in them!Gerber cereals have soybean oil in them!! Parents who have a baby who is sensitive/allergic to soy and don't know it may well wind up thinking that their babies are reacting to the cereals, when it's the unnecessary added ingredient. Every parent should carefully check labels for everything, regardless of how well trusted the brand is! (I'm amazed by all the crap Gerber puts into their foods, their toddler meals have insane amounts of sodium in them, but that's not related to the cereal.)

Also, the boxes leak out the bottom every time you pour. Messy. Another major brand had cartons (like OJ cartons) but seems to be discontinuing that packaging, which is sad... they worked so much better!
343794343794B002QWOGIMA2NBWUBL7MJ8MJTerry Kennewick "online is easier"2251299888000A beautiful tasteI'm NOT a cheese lover by nature. I tried this at a neighbors and couldn't believe I liked it so much. I went to Costco the next day and bought a 1.75lb block for $10.11. It is now a stocked product in my fridge. I like it as a treat with sliced apples, neighbor likes it with wine. It's like an awesome English white cheddar with a slight sharpness yet has a sweet taste rounding it to be a "real" cheese (non American cheese) that I think most people will enjoy. It's great melted on a sandwich and takes on a deeper color and well, mmmn! Like most cheese it's best served for full flavor at room temperature. I eat it straight from the fridge too.
343795343795B002QWOGIMA2UVX5337BR816J. Mcfarlane2251295654400great Irish Cheddar!!great as a snack!! if you love shart cheddar you will love this stuff! Check out your local markets, Costco has it cheaper than here, about $6 or $7 per pound in 2 pound blocks.
343796343796B002QWOGIMA3DGBLP3235AYTEllie "Eliysheva"1151313452800Dubliner CheeseI AM a cheese lover and Dubliner is THE BEST tasting cheese I have had (and I've wine sampled many). My husband and I love to eat Dubliner with wheat thins, sometimes with grapes, however, our favorite way of eating Dubliner is accompanied with a nice white wine. Also, my DH incorporates Dubliner as one of the MAIN ingredients in his special egg omelet, the yummiest ever! [Caution: It is a bit caloric.] Thank you Dubliner, keep it coming!

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