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343801343801B008J1HO4CA2SW860KTCCWTVM2251261612800ExcellentBest price ever for steel cut oats and they are vacuum-sealed in a can. Oats are uniformly cut and cook up in only 25 minutes. I cook a cup at a time which lasts me most of a week. They store well in a plastic storage container in the refrigerator. I measure 4 cups of water and a tsp of salt in a 6 cup pan, add a dash of nutmeg and a handful of dried cranberries (craisins?). When the water reaches a rolling boil, I tun the heat down to low (#2 0n my range), and stir in a cup of the oats, set the timer to 25 minutes, come back when it goes off and store the cooked oats. A bowl of these oats with Sweet n Low and milk heated in the microwave will keep me satisfied for 5 -6 hours. Great fiber!!!
343802343802B008J1HO4CA1R3XHUJF9KZO2Jan2251238889600Better than rolled oatsOur purchase of McCann's began with my husband wanting to eat a healthier breakfast and wondering what steel cut oats were. We've always eaten the rolled oats and wondered how steel cut oats could be so much better. Well, they do take a little longer to cook, but no worse than cooking brown rice, and just as easy. Since our mornings require a quick breakfast I cook a batch (four cups of water, one cup of oats)in the evening and store it in a covered container in the fridge, the next morning we scoop out a serving, heat in the microwave for a minute stir in sugar and cinnamon then add milk. This makes four hefty servings. Now eating it requires some time. You don't just swallow this stuff like the regular rolled oats you may already be accustomed to. They have a great slightly chewy quality and a great nutty taste that rolled oats just don't seem to have. McCann's steel cut oats are to be savored. Don't microwave it long, just enough to warm it. I'll reserve the old rolled oats for oatmeal cookies, but McCann's is for breakfast from now on at our house. Hubby likes it with one or more of these additions: chopped dates, chopped figs, pecans, raisins, dried cranberries, chopped apples, cinnamon. It's seems more like a dessert.
343803343803B008J1HO4CAI8EMB0HUC6Z5Tyler Forge "realist"2251233878400mighty fineI eat oats with some regularity (pun intended). The rolled oats are fine when I'm in a hurry. When there is time, steel cut is the way to go. These McCann's oats are pretty good. When I have a lot of time, I use Alton Brown's overnight oatmeal recipe as a starting point. My recipe is basically a cup of oats, 3 cups water, a 1 cup milk, and a cup or two of dried fruity stuff if any is handy. It goes into a crock pot and cooks overnight. I cook mine on medium.

Next time I order oats I'm going to try out Steel Cut Oats Pinhead Oatmeal - Bulk 50 Pound Bag. The price is too good.
343804343804B008J1HO4CA325Z9JFHTFP01bdagirl2251232323200the best oatmeali have yet to find a type of oatmeal comparable but I'm still looking. this is very wholesome, filling and nutritious. Really nice for breakfast.
343805343805B008J1HO4CA1N655X9X7C6QYC. Cook "LIVE..........LOVE........AND..........2251231632000I buy this brand because its the best...................................I buy this brand because its the best for eating.

Its the long cooking method--so it does take time to prepare..about 20 or so.... and it is not for cookies or anything like that....but when it comes to just having a bowl of oatmeal -------this brands the best. It has superior mouth feels to it...and It has such a great natural flavor that you don't really need milk....just a little cinnamon or a little fresh fruit....and I use a artificial sweetner with mine.

I don't believe that you can have a better bowl of oatmeal than this Mccanns...and I've tried several---so especially for those of you --trying to return to more healthful eating--I highly suggest that you give this a try !!!

It just tastes great!

It is packaged in a can --so it stays fresh and airtight. I have bought it several times...and have never had any issue with delivery or condition at arrival.

Much better price than the supermarket !!
343806343806B008J1HO4CA39F7XOVXQ0LZKJerry H. Bond2251231027200World's Best OatmealThis is the best oatmeal I have ever eaten - and I've tried many brands. McCann's is more like a meal than a bowl of cereal. The tins are also great for long-term storage so I keep them coming on a subscription basis. The Quick and Easy variety is also delicious and cooks up quickly. Cooking several servings at once is simple. Bring 8 cups of water to a boil and then add 2 cups of oatmeal, reduce heat and cover for 5 minutes stirring often. After cooling, refrigerate and enjoy as a cold snack throughout the day or nuke and enjoy hot. Add whatever treats you enjoy most. Splenda and blueberries are my favorite additives. I get about 90 miles per bowl.
343807343807B008J1HO4CA24YIII0VXKA4S. Gasster "muonman"2251214006400Great Product, Not So Great PriceI eat this stuff just about every day. Great taste and easy to prepare.

I recently (2008.06.21) compared the Amazon 4-pack price ($6.27/can) with our local Gelson's Market, PP,CA ($4.99/can - not on sale). While I find great savings on books, this is one example where the Amazon price isn't so great, and for me the front door delivery isn't offset by the large price difference.

So the product gets 5-stars, the price gets 1-star.
343808343808B008J1HO4CAKMEY1BSHSDG7J. Arena2251209513600The best!If you can imagine regular oatmeal to be hamburger, then you can imagine McCann's Steel Cut Oatmeal to be fillet mignion! Yes, THAT'S how good it is!

Chewy, flavorful, nutritious -- you just know you are doing something good for yourself with every spoonfull.

Eat it plain, or doctor it up any way you wish: dried fruit, maple syrup, brown sugar, walnuts, diced apples, peanut butter, etc. Guaranteed that breakfast will be your favorite meal of the day.
343809343809B008J1HO4CA36S4UP4D1U6TMJ. Beecher "Curious"2241207353600McCanns is the best, but. . . . . .I ordered 2 4-packs of the Irish oatmeal. The cans were poorly packed and were loose in the over-sized box with only inflatable air bags packing, therefore most of the 8 cans were dented. One can was bashed so badly that the rim became detached from the can, and some of the contents spilled into the box. While I love the oatmeal, I was very disappointed with the careless packing. Items this heavy should be in a stronger box.
343810343810B008J1HO4CA1GV9ND49PO1BURachel's Mom ""Pig Lady""2251204416000Nutritious & delicious!If you thought you didn't like oatmeal, but wanted the health benefits (fiber, lowering cholesterol, low cal nutrition), TRY THIS! It's nothing like that slimy instant stuff or lumpy rolled oats gruel.

To avoid busy breakfast rush, prepare the night before by bringing water to simmer and adding oats, then cover and let sit overnight. This nutty, slightly chewy yummy oatmeal porridge will be ready the next morning. Add any or several of the following to add to your delight: dried cherries or cranberries, bananas, chopped pecans or walnuts, molasses or brown sugar or honey, some cinnamon (helps avoid a quick morning blood sugar spike), warm nonfat/lowfat milk, or 1/2 and 1/2 if self-indulgent! This blend will keep those mid morning growlies away and you'll know you have fed your tummy as well as your heart! Mmmm good!
343811343811B008J1HO4CA18VZYSLOUO060D. Simpson "Frugal SOB"2251204329600Most excellent oatmealMcCann's Steel Cut Oatmeal is the perfect breakfast for people in a hurry. All you do is put 1/2 cup of oats in a little crockpot with 2 cups of boiling water before you go to bed, then an hour before I get up the crockpot starts on high on a timer so when I get out of the shower the oatmeal is ready to go. Just mix in some blueberries, raisins, craisins, dates, nuts or whatever you want and eat.
343812343812B008J1HO4CA1X1K9WG8KY7OLLori2251204070400Great food.I'll echo all the good things said by other reviewers. I just opened an email from amazon inviting me to review this recent purchase, and wouldn't you know it -- my husband is cooking some up as we speak. We add raisins, cinnamon, walnuts, and a little milk (him) or Rice Dream (me), and that's breakfast. But, as someone else said, it is indeed hearty and can be used as a savory meal. Try adding unflavored yogurt, along with sauteed onions and tomatoes.
343813343813B008J1HO4CA1WEOWXI14F6LXE. Khang "Edwood"2241203120000Cooking it in a programmable Rice Cooker makes for an easier breakfast!I never had much patience for Steel Cut Oats, until I read about someone using a rice cooker to make it.

How easy could that be? I have an old 3 cup "fuzzy logic" type Rice Cooker, and using "Porridge" mode works best. A word of warning, do not rinse the oats, just pour in the water, set for porridge, press start, and walk away! I am used to rinsing rice and did that with the oats, and it was really dry, not at all oatmeal.
If your rice cooker has a timer, you can set it up the night before too.

Using a rice cooker makes cooking steel cut oats more convenient than cooking instant oatmeal on the stove. It is pretty slow though, but if you are used to rice cooking times, you'll be fine. Just don't expect it to be done in 5 minutes or less.

And McCann's Steel Cut Oats in general? I haven't had a chance to compare it to other brands, but I really like the tin cans. Very strong and thick. But I don't really like the thick foil seal, cutting it leaves a rather sharp and ragged edge.
Of the many cans of McCanns Steel Cut Oats, they have excellent quality control, same great taste each time.

343814343814B008J1HO4CAYLG72UM74PDED. Press-Dawson2251201478400Great OatmealI have been eating oatmeal on and off for the last ten years and recently I have found myself enjoying a nice hot bowl for breakfast, especially because its winter. I was first introduced to John McCann's Oatmeal when I decided to quit eating rolled oats because of their texture and the inspiration of watching the episode of "GOOD EATS" featuring steel cut or pinhead or Irish oats. I originally found these oats at my local market and found them to be delicious, although, they do take awhile to properly cook they are by far the best option in terms of flavor, nutrition and texture. Their flavor is similar to brown rice while still having a bit of a "wheaty" taste. They are very nutritious, but as most nutritious foods are, they must be portioned because of their high calorie content, (I find that half a cup, 300 calories, is the perfect amount) although they are very good for fighting cholesterol and the fat they contain is "good" fat. Their texture is also similar to brown rice, but softer and creamier if prepared in such a fashion. I make my oats two ways, on the weekdays I make them in a rice cooker overnight which produces a piping hot bowl of deliciousness and on the weekends I take my time and prepare them on the stove top. They really are a delicious way to start my day and I look forward to enjoying a bowl every morning. Being that I eat pinhead oats everyday I found that buying these tins was beginning to get quite expensive, so one day I went to a bulk foods market and bought a pound of bulk steel cut oats thinking they would be a lower quality and good for the weekdays. Since then I have done numerous side-by-side comparisons of the two and they are exactly the same in taste and texture, making paying double for John McCann's Oats a delicious, but obsolete choice nonetheless.

Pros: Delicious, nutritious, and the tin is re usable.
Cons: Somewhat expensive when compared to bulk options.
Overall: Buy these if you aren't going to be eating them everyday; they are delicious and well worth the money.

I cook my steel cut oats on the stove top thusly:
1/2 cup steel cut oats
1 tbsp unsalted butter
2 cup water (boiling)
1/2 cup milk
1 pinch of kosher salt
2 tsp sweetener (brown sugar, honey, or maple syrup)

Take a 12" sauce pan (or something comparable) with a lid and turn heat to medium, add butter, let melt and add oats. The idea here is to roast the oats. Be sure to shake the pan around every minute or so to keep the oats from burning. After about three to four minutes or until the oats smell toasty add the boiling water and drop the heat to low and cover. Let sit for thirty minutes and slowly stir the oats every five minutes until done. After thirty minutes has elapsed add milk, salt and sweetener stir until combined (If a more creamy mixture is desired add more milk or cream to oats). Serve hot and enjoy.
343815343815B008J1HO4CA1UYSYIEB50S9BT. Williams2251195948800Excellant productThe delivery of this product was very quick. I love this oatmeal, it is a delicious, hearty breakfast. You can go to McCann's website to get additional recipes and preparation hints. I recommend this to friends all the time. Great way to get in your whole grains for the day.
343816343816B008J1HO4CA3QCVKRLIKZK0LPaul Gropelli "paulinftmyers"2251195084800McCanns Steel Cut OatmealThis is a great product. Recommened by Dr Oz in his recent book. This is a great price as well. Much less than if purchased at my local super market.
343817343817B008J1HO4CA2UIHY2Y70U8R5Kathleen E. Coyle "Shark Lady"2251194307200The Best OatmealThis is the best oatmeal on the market. It takes time to make, but it is time well spent. I make several portions at once and keep them in the fridge until I am ready to consume. Says great.
343818343818B008J1HO4CA21HS8HI06XKZIKL2251190505600The best oatmeal out there!I like this stuff better than regular oatmeal because it is healthier, tastes better, and creamier. Now the directions say to make it with four cups water and one cup of the dry oatmeal. But I make it with two cups of water, two cups of milk, and one cup of oatmeal. That adds to the creaminess.

Also, here is a wonderful tip I learned from my many times of cooking the oatmeal. This stuff takes about thirty minutes to cook normally (because it has to simmer for a while). What I do is cook it the night before. I boil the milk/water, add the oatmeal, stir it in, put the cover on, then put it in my fridge (without cooking for 30 minutes). In the morning you then take that pot and basically just slowly warm it up to a boil and presto! lovely, creamy steel cut oatmeal for breakfast. BTW, that is enough oatmeal for two people.
343819343819B008J1HO4CA18AI4WLOS4AA9J Thomas "Health Care Provider"2251184198400Shipping and DentingThe product is wonderful and is packaged in wonderful tins that would make them great to include in a getting healthy basket to give to a friend. Unfortunately when I received my 8 cans all of them were dented, some worse than others.
343820343820B008J1HO4CA1ABDQ02BCIGYQHM2251181001600The best oatmeal i ever tasted.This is the BEST Oatmeal I ever tasted! Absolutely delicious. I cook my oatmeal according to the direction, listed on the can,

4 cups of water, bring to a boil and 1 cup of oatmeal. When I added the oatmeal to the boiling water, I stir, let it get a little thick, than I place a lid on the pot of oatmeal to steam it a little. It has to cook for 30 min. Its has a wonderful chewy texture, it does not taste anything like the oatmeal in the supermarkets, soo good. I eat this oatmeal ever morning for my breakfast.
343821343821B008J1HO4CA12T2PHXRQ1YVSSteven Aggus2251179964800It's the real thingThis is the real thing. Qatmeal as it should be! I highly recommend McCann's Steel Cut Oatmeal to anyone who wants to combine a great tasting oatmeal with high nutritional value....It's a bit expensive, but well worth it.
343822343822B008J1HO4CA3OS3K1DJF4QH3tony lazzeri2251179532800the best oatmeal i've hadmccann's is the best steel cut oatmeal i have had. it's a bit more expensive, but worth it in my opinion. it really fills me up which is what i need from breakfast.
343823343823B008J1HO4CA3UV4PK2QFC4CPBobswife2251175644800Will definately buy againBought this oatmeal because of Dr.Oz on Oprah. Very glad I did. It's delicious. Much better then conventional oatmeal. Different tasting but very good and hearty. I cook it the night before ( because it takes awhile to cook - and one cup makes alot!)while it's hot- add some cinnamon, a little brown sugar and put it in the frig. In the morning, I add milk to the cold oatmeal and microwave for 11/2 or 2 min.. Try it, you may like it! Will replace my stock when it's gone.
343824343824B008J1HO4CAVU6Y1M3J18DFRalph Craig2251175212800Excellent slow cook oatmealI was never a fan of oatmeal when I was a kid. To me oatmeal meant bland and mushy instant oatmeal. Then an episode of "Good Eats" convinced me to give this grain another try. Now I eat a big bowl of McCann's oatmeal about every other morning. I don't like milk so I cook it in fruit juice, sometimes with dried fruit added. When I cook it in orange juice, I add dried cranberries. When I cook it in apple juice, I sprinkle cinnamon and just a little nutmeg on it. I generally cook it in a crock pot set on low for several hours.

Regarding the packaging: Sure the cans get dinged up during shipment. So what? The oats don't suffer. Even with the dents, the cans are still sealed airtight and the oats are delicious.
343825343825B008J1HO4CAUICIB1WWCAQ7Jukeman "jukeman"2251173484800Steel Cut OatmealDifferent the any oatmeal I've ever had and much better. Great taste, I may never eat the other kinds again. It does take awhile to cook, but worth the wait.
343826343826B008J1HO4CASV1PF9UKLHTISugar Bear2251170201600Steel Cut OatmeanThis oatmeal is awesome! I put it in the crockpot with just water at night and voila!!--breakfast is ready the next morning! It tastes wonderful--I'll never go back to traditional or instant oatmeal--I'm now spoiled. Plus having breakfast ready the next morning can't be beat--you can only do this with steel cut oats, by the way. You'd only get mush with any other type.
343828343828B008J1HO4CA23SCGXCEVHZDRL. A. McJunkin "vintagetrailersailor"2251168300800McCann's OatmealHeres the trick to cooking McCann's Oatmeal, the night before boil your water then add oatmeal turn off the heat then cover. Next morning before you do anything, Stir, looking for a fairly stable consistancy and turn on a very low heat. Then return to getting ready for the day, returning to stir occasionally. It will be ready in 15-20 minutes. Great with Splenda/Brown surgar blend, banannas, strawberries, or whatever. Then a couple slices of Ezekeal toast with butter and flax seed oil. Be healthy.
343829343829B008J1HO4CA3HC0F1SOC8W8USarah-Therese "SFO"2251166054400Heavenly oatmeal.Oatmeal is a comfort food for me. I hate the instant stuff as I was home-grown on my grandmother's long-cooking rolled oats that she cooked on a kerosene-burning stove.

When in Ireland many years ago, I had steel-cut oats on several occasions -- another amazing experience. Any time I've tried Irish Oats at restaurants here in the U.S., they've had a funny taste. I suspect most kitchens use shortcuts.

I was thrilled when I purchased these oats, cooked them with care, and tasted the results. Heavenly! No shortcuts to great oatmeal.
343830343830B008J1HO4CA38NELQT98S4H8W. B. Halper4551294617600Save money...order it in boxes instead of tinsThe boxed version is significantly less per ounce. "McCANN'S Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal, Quick & Easy, 16-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)" When I last ordered, the price was $0.17 cents per oz, versus $.23 for the tins. I keep the oatmeal from getting stale when I open a box by dumping it into an empty tin. Nobody has to know that I'm cheap. :>)

Same stuff, less money. Can't complain about that...

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