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343831343831B008J1HO4CA1ZRQ8M0SLMLRDCole Train "bluesman"4551289865600Oats make a MealI use 1 cup of water micro'd for 2 1/2 mins on high, then add 1/3rd cup of McCann's and stir. Cover for 10 mins and then eat! I add blueberries, cinnamon and a little brown sugar. It is delicious! Eat it every day!
343832343832B008J1HO4CA22PUBSSNP54LG. Little "value seeker"4531237420800I really wanted to like this.After reading all of the reviews, I ordered this. I am trying to lower my cholesterol and I am not fond of rolled oats. I was a bit disappointed in this product. I guess that I expected a better textured oatmeal, but I was not pleased with the "brown rice" cooked product. Yes, it was like eating brown rice for breakfast - not that I have anything against brown rice. This oatmeal does have a little more flavor than regular rolled oats oatmeal. I also don't have time to cook oatmeal every morning for at least 30 minutes, so I guess you could say that I don't have time for these oats. If you have the time and like oatmeal to begin with, you may like these. If you don't like oatmeal and don't have a bunch of time to spend cooking these, then I wouldn't suggest buying them. Personally, I am going back to eating old fashioned rolled oats - 3 minutes in the microwave and they are done.
343833343833B008J1HO4CA1H84TOG6FE6ZXScott E. ANDERSON4541217721600No more Mush!McCann's steel cut oatmeal is good stuff. I was always tired of many hot breakfasts because it felt like you were eating something that though it may have tasted good it lacked appeal because it had no chew or texture to it. Try this steel-cut oatmeal and see if it is not a whole lot more interesting. Dress it up with a little milk, cream, maple syrup. brown sugar, molasses and see if you don't buy more. Buy a pack of 4 tins and save on shipping too!
343834343834B008J1HO4CA1KA5HGIZYPZCQDouglas W. Sharlow81151155686400Great OatmealThis is the best oatmeal ever - but don't order it on-line!! It takes almost a month to receive it and then the shipping and handling is outragous! Don't know how this grocery site is going to survive with the high shipping/handling costs. But...the oatmeal is absolutely GREAT!
343835343835B008J1HO4CA1CWH94XLCNV4TPatrick Bruton1151348876800Best oatmeal I've ever eatenThis is the best oatmeal I've ever eaten. It takes a long time to cook, but it's worth it. The instant McCann's is also extremely good.
343836343836B008J1HO4CA2TAF3W2HWJGPVjustacookingdad1151346284800Awesome. Plain and Simple.Have tried several of the popular Steel Cut Oats products from various manufacturers over the past couple years.

This is hands down the best we have tasted (and less expensive here on Amazon than any of the other brands we've tried so far, even some in bulk packaging). Our 8 and 9 year olds LOVE it, and ask for it every day for breakfast. They moan when we serve something else, like any cereal from a box......even those 99% sugary cereals (actually have some going stale...they won't eat it anymore!).

We cook this in a rice cooker on the porridge setting. Takes an hour...but if you plan ahead, or use the timer setting, it's so worth the wait. Creamy, but still a bit al dente. Put any fresh or dried fruit in it...along with some honey or pure maple syrup....just AWESOME.

Even the cans are pretty and want to save them for storing stuff.
343837343837B008J1HO4CA2IN8ZC835LZRWTriggermouse1151341792000AwesomeA co-worker told me about these oats so I had to try them, and they are amazing! I do a lot of long distance bicycling and I usually eat the standard Quaker Oatmeal to pad my stomach, but there is just no comparision to these!
343838343838B008J1HO4CA3NPA8WLRG3QD6M. Sink1151329868800Love itI love this oatmeal. I can't find it in the stores locally so it's wonderful to be able to buy it in a 4-can pack through Amazon. I am hooked on this oatmeal and I also have now gotten my mother hooked on it. As others have said, the cans do usually have minor dents in them from shipping but nothing that affects the product.
343839343839B008J1HO4CA1S55PW8U0F57HL. M. DeBey "L.M. DeBey"1151327968000Oatmeal for people who hate oatmealThis oatmeal has a nice nutty flavor it's rich without being mushy.
Like I said it's oatmeal for people who hate oatmeal. I find it's better
If you let sit on the stove for about an hour. My family eats at different
times so I think what they like best about this kind of oatmeal is it's just
as good reheated. This is NOT fast cooking but worth the waiting for.
343840343840B008J1HO4CA12H5EJ2WNBN2KYoung1151326844800Ohh, ohh, oatmeal.In an effort to eat more healthily, I bought McCANN's Steel Cut Oatmeal. I'm sure most of you know, that steel cut oatmeal aren't rolled and boiled, so as a result, become slightly more nutritious than its rolled oat cousins. Rolled oats are common in the instant oatmeals. But enough of history.
Now, I didn't really know how much oatmeal this would yield, but one cup yields enough for 4 large servings. As a 4-pack, I think this will probably last me a few months, easily. Maybe the only pain is that it takes half an hour to make, but it's worth it. The oats provide a nice bite and a slight crunch, but it's overall smooth. Honey is always a good thing to add for quick flavor. Fruits work just as well. If you're feeling really adventurous, and have a brulee torch on hand, you can sprinkle the top with some sugar and proceed to brulee! And of course, you can add fruit before or after the brulee for a new dimension of flavor!
Bottom line, this will fill you up, and for quite a long time.
343841343841B008J1HO4CA1HWXK4XIYEKKRichard A. Nathan1151323388800The Best OatmealI love this stuff. I first had it at a four star hotel while on vacation. I think this brand is far better than the Quaker Oats Steel Cut version and Bob's.

A great way to make it, adapted from Cook's Illustrated:

1. Melt one tablespoon of butter in a pan and add one DRY cup of oatmeal.
2. Then add it to two cups of water and one cup of milk that have been simmering.
3. Towards the end of cooking, around 30 minutes in, add 1/4 teaspoon of salt.
4. Cook for about 45 minutes. Add additional water or milk if needed and serve.
5. I usually double the recipe when i'm cooking for the family.
343842343842B008J1HO4CA18SUFFOGG8YK7Senor Mysterioso1151323129600For the oatmeal conoisseurIf you are used to microwaving your Quaker oatmeal and pouring a packet of powder that is mildly like apples and cinnamon into the bowl, then this might not be the oatmeal for you. It has things like texture and a flavor of its own going for it. This is a man's breakfast, not a child's. It's thick, it's hearty and it tastes fine without a bunch of sugar, syrup or fruit, although I must admit, I am partial to adding fruit. Bananas are nice. This tin is an excellent value. If you go to Whole Foods or a similar shopping establishment to buy your Mc Cann's, you are not getting the most out of your breakfast dollar. Buy your Mc Cann's in bulk! You're going to want plenty of it around!
343843343843B008J1HO4CA2EI6Z21ZCZQRCO. Pemberton1151322352000Not the cheapest....I used to buy this stuff in the nice McCanns' cans. But you can get the exact same stuff much cheaper. As of Nov 2011 the Amazon price works out at around $3.70/lb. (4 x 28oz cans for $26). I have found you can get steelcut oatmeal from a grocery store that has dried goods in bins (Sprouts Market in Los Angeles CA in my case) for $0.99/lb.
343844343844B008J1HO4CAZBTV0BGQ1DF2sujay11151313625600The best steel cut oatmealI didn't even know that there were 2 types of oats, the rolled oats and the steel cut oats till I saw Dr. Oz show.His advise was to eat only the steel cut oats. so I ordered these from amazon.Me and my wife liked the taste and texture a lot. You can easily tell the difference between these and the rolled ones. The steel cut oats have a nutty texture, are more tastier and more filling.They taste best with buttermilk.
343845343845B008J1HO4CA3SE38BEE9L0RVCountryeers1151309564800SubstanceThis is my favorite breakfast. The oatmeal that is readily available in the store has been cooked, pressed and dried three times. This is a true whole grain. It takes a while to cook, which is why I make enough for the week on Sunday. This breakfast is hearty, chewy and, unlike your morning corn flakes, it has substance when you eat it. My favorite way to eat is is with milk, brown sugar and strawberries. If you are a texture person and do not like rice, you will probably not like this cereal.
343846343846B008J1HO4CA1T16G87I5P6DEThe Clarkes1151306281600Love this steel-cut oatmeal!As someone who is 60+, I remembered enjoying steel-cut oats as a child and thought that it was a product that was long-gone from the food fact, I remember it was difficult for my mother to find it even back then. I was surprised to see it offered at Amazon and decided to try it. It has the same dense, crunchy texture I remembered and a great flavor. In addition to eating it with some sort of sweetning (brown sugar, maple syrup, etc.) and milk, we also make it as a 'hash' where we mix prepared steel-cut oats with pork sausage and then saute patties. I also enjoy it simply with butter,salt, and pepper. As you can tell, I love it and recommend it!
343847343847B008J1HO4CAPCHA8715XQOID. Cockburn1151299542400good for your bodybelieve it or not, oatmeal does lower your cholesterol level. I did not like the idea or taste of oatmeal before, but i have grown to like it. Out of all the brands, this is my favorite. Its so rich and nutty although it takes longer to cook than the 1 minute ones. I usually add some blueberries or soy milk in my bowl of oatmeal. It just makes me feel so healthy every morning and feels like it's a great start of the day. You will see your cholesterol level drop after a little while, just like i did.
343848343848B008J1HO4CAIFNAGTFUYPD0Pauline Singer "topdog"1141297900800exceptional oatmealBoth my husband and I love the taste of this oatmeal. A nutty flavor with wonderful texture. I never realized how bland some oatmeal was until I tried this brand. This is a long cooking oatmeal but worth the wait. I think that precooked oatmeal has too many nutritients removed in the process. If you want fiber in your diet, this is one of the best sources available and low calorie if don't add in butter or cream. I always make a big pot of it so it lasts the week. I add jam or preserves for sweetness and sometimes maple syrup or honey. Fresh fruit when in season really is great or spices for a change. Since we use it daily, the 28 ounce tins are the most economical especially if on sale.
343849343849B008J1HO4CAATK1838TNNURHelen1151297814400Best Oat Meal I've Ever TastedMcCann's Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal makes a really great breakfast. It's taste, texture are far superior to any brand I've ever had. It's hardy, nutritious, versatile every day. For Sunday breakfast hard to beat, I recommend starting off with a steaming bowl with your choice of flavorings (if desired, it's good by itself)--you can add some brown sugar, maple flavoring, blueberries, chopped apple, apricots, cranberries, banana or whatever (it's good with everything). Serve it with orange, apple, grape, cranberry or some juice and coffee or tea. Follow with English muffins, bagels or toast, favorite type of eggs, sausage or bacon and fresh fruit, and I'll guarantee, you'll swear you'll have a gourmet meal. I order it by the case regularly.
343850343850B008J1HO4CA3MWJXZ0H56D4Omschatelaine1141293667200I like McCann's Steel Cut but...The Amazon price is higher than I can find it in my local stores but I do have the convenience of having it delivered to my door. The downside to that, however, is that the cans often arrive damaged. In my last order, every can had deep dents.

As for the cooking, I usually make many servings at a time and store in the fridge. This way there is only one pot to wash and a two minute wait for it to warm up in the microwave.
343851343851B008J1HO4CA5JHEYMHU3CQVPrickett1141292025600McCasnns oatmealThis product is really nice with fruit or raisins. I like to load it up with dried raisins or cranberries and then I am set for the morning. The flavor and consistency is predictably nice. If you are an oatmeal fan that needs a solid breakfast then you will probably really like this product.
343852343852B008J1HO4CA2OJUDF5UTNNOCJan-micahel "jt"1151290816000GreatTakes time to cook properly but when you do, it has a great nutty texture and rewards you with long lasting energy. Ever since I have used this, I have not gone back to more processed 'rolled' oats.
343853343853B008J1HO4CA3G4U9CDGR8UOUC. Caswell1151289606400Good for you and great tasteDecided to try the steel coat oat meal for health benifits and was really impressed with taste and texture. The oats come in a steel can, which is different. If you like oatmeal this will be a treat. It takes longer to cook, but well worth the wait.
343854343854B008J1HO4CA38CD0Y84A85V7Robert J. E. Bradley1151282089600Oatmeal Heaven!Not only is this, hands down, the BEST oats we have EVER had...the identical product is for sale in our local market for THREE DOLLARS MORE per can.

While even that is not too much for the quality, your price is much more attractive to "income challenged" elders. Thank you, Amazon, for the product...and for the price!
343855343855B008J1HO4CA3H00JXVDUYF2YKhassie Opii "Khassie Opii"1151275609600Fantastic oatmeal!I hate the glue-like consistency of rolled oats, and even the pulverized flavored oats with tons of sugar are pretty nasty to me. I love the texture of steel cut oats, and McCann's is one of the better brands (not all steel cut oats are the same). They taste great and are easy to prepare, either by using a rice cooker, slow cooker/crockpot, or preparing the night before by boiling half the required liquid, adding the oats, then cover and remove from the stove and let it sit overnight. Add a little more liquid if needed the next day, nuke in the microwave and its good to go! Try adding peanut butter and cocoa powder with one packet of Splenda per serving, dried fruit, cinnamon and brown sugar, or even a spoon of canned pie filling such as apple or cherry.

Others have mentioned problems with the packaging and receiving dented cans, but I think Amazon has fixed that problem. My 4 cans came shrink-wrapped together, along with a sturdy cardboard bottom. That was inside a larger box with a bunch of air pillows for padding, so the cans are completely unblemished.
343856343856B008J1HO4CA28464LEXC2XC8John L. Ferring1151270598400Best oatmeal everThis is a repeat order for me on this wonderful product. I never really cared for oatmeal until I tried Mccann's Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal. When cooking this product, I put in some chopped walnuts and raisins, to really enhance a great meal any time of day.
343857343857B008J1HO4CAJ5STKPE5EJMBDonna Seibring "Proud grandma"1151267488000Fantastic OatmealI HATE regular oatmeal. This stuff is so good I eat it every single day. I make a pot and keep it in the fridge until I want some, add milk, cinnamon and brown sugar and it is out of this world!
343858343858B008J1HO4CAKU18EGFF6G02The Man1151262304000Healthy Oats-Great TasteI initially bought a can of this steel cut oat from a local retailer and loved it. Subsequently I bought another can from a local party store and it tasted stale and bitter. Needless to say that I tossed it into the trash. Later I went online and found it on Amazon marketplace from DAB Nutrition and ordered a pack of four.

I never liked rolled oats but once I discovered the steel cut oats I got hooked. I cook mine in my Zojirushi Induction Rice Cooker Zojirushi NP-HBC18 10-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer with Induction Heating System, Stainless Steel. I use 4 parts water to I part Oat plus a drop of Extra virgin Olive Oil to avoid sticky residue on the cover. Alternatively I use 2 parts "Original Rice Dream" plus 2 parts water to 1 part Oat. Substitute the word "part" with the word "Cup". I put the mixture in the Rice Cooker and select the Porridge cycle and in 1 hr 7 Mins the cooker would play a beautiful melody to signify that breakfast is ready. You can use the timer setting on the cooker too but it may have a little 'leftover' or 'overcooked' grain taste to it in the morning. This is why I do not like the taste of the so-called "GABA Brown Rice". But if you have to leave for work early morning then timer cooking may be a way to go. If you like your oats thick then use 3 parts water to 1 part Oat. Once the Oat is done what you put into it depends on how health conscious you are as well as the limit of your imagination. Toss in a few dried dates or cherries, how about a spoonful of wheat germ or flax seed? Be creative and your body would thank you for it. I do not cook my oats on stove or in the micro wave. Always buy fresh Oats.
343859343859B008J1HO4CA1CEK492SE3GWPDavid Aldrich-Thorpe "Dave"1151260835200Better than Oatmeal!Oatmeal has always been a favorite of mine and one day heard that Martha Stewart recommended trying the Cut Irish Oatmeal. I did and was amazed to notice a difference in the texture, the flavor was very distinct, and after a bowl of the McCann's Irish oatmeal you are very satisfied. Great with fresh fruit on it and even holds up to adding brown sugar. These cans make great gifts to those that appreciate the "best".
This is my second time purchasing this product from Amazon and will continue. We live in a very small town and this food item is not available locally.
343860343860B008J1HO4CAE4PE48Q2794ITax Accountant "Tax Accountant"1151252886400Delicious, wholesome product-- and the tins are great for knick knacks!This is some of the most delicious oatmeal I have ever tasted. It is an all-natural product and the oatmeal is REAL. Unlike the weird flavor you get from "Quick Oats", this product tastes delicious with no aftertaste.

In a week, I was more regular (lots of good fiber), and the oatmeal is very filling and delicious with honey and milk. You can cook it in a slow cooker with plenty of water and get a creamy soup-consistency (I like my oatmeal less thick and more like a porridge). If you make a big batch, you can add a little water and heat it up in the microwave. Although it's fantastic when it's fresh right off the stove.

Highly recommended!

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