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343861343861B008J1HO4CA2LCFN48LV1NIJian Xu1141242864000McCann's Oatmeal is perfect for my rice cookerAfter reading reviews online, I bought this product. On my Zojirushi rice cooker, I set a morning timer for cooking Oatmeal porridge. It's just what I wanted for my breakfast. The only imperfection is there is a slight stale smell when opening each can. but wiil be gone few days later.
343862343862B008J1HO4CAA2YUXOB664KBNancy Romero "dog breeder"1151239926400GREAT BREAKFAST STARTS HERETexture is 100% better than rolled oats if not overcooked! Well worth the cooking time for sure, great extra nutty taste if you toast the cut oats in a dry skillet before using!

I definately recommend this product to anyone who wants to eat healthy and enjoy your meal in the process.

You could soak the oats before going to bed in the appropriate amount of water for a shorter cooking time in the morning but I don't care for the texture when prepared that way; to close to that of rolled oats if you get my drift.
343863343863B008J1HO4CA1MHI2RJAE5BBJMelinda C.1151238284800The Best OatmealI bought a 4-pack of this oatmeal for a reason; it's worth it. The flavor is so rich and nutty. The texture is perfect. If you like oatmeal, buy this - it's also a great value!
343864343864B008J1HO4CA1UM2G5NCD6U2ZK. Saya-Braide "NiJah Yankee"1151236038400Slooow CookingI'll be honest, if you want a quick breakfast don't purchase this oatmeal. But, if you have time to spare or don't mind waiting for some "good eats", this is the oatmeal for you.

Step 1. pour some milk into a sauce pan; Step 2. add a dash of salt [or salt to taste]; Step 3. add oatmeal, making sure it stays covered by milk; Step 4. turn on stove to low heat [not too low but definitely not too high, as you don't want the milk to evaporate/dry out leaving you with tough oats in pan] and cover pan; Step 5. do some little cleaning to built up appetite making sure to ck on progress periodically; Step 6. add more milk if oats are still too tough and let it simmer for a little while longer; Step 7. get your ladle/just pour directing into a bowl add a few raisins/cranberries/your favorite dried fruit and ENJOY!
343865343865B008J1HO4CA1UHRO5G9YXNE0M. Marinich "DBAStu"1151231632000If you like oatmeal,you have to try McCann. Every morning starts off with a bowl of this traditional steel cut oatmeal that takes thirty minutes to cook. It is so delicious. Buying it from Amazon is convenient and easy and I can get it just before I run out. Buying this oatmeal is a no-brainer.
343866343866B008J1HO4CA3SB9SW0R9M6KPronald gorham1141231200000Will buy againThe McCann's 4 pack Steel Cut Oatmeal is a very good deal. But a better job is needed to be done in its shipping package, all four cans was dented a lttle.McCANN'S Steel Cut Oatmeal, Traditional, 28-Ounce Tins (Pack of 4)
343867343867B008J1HO4CA3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle1151214352000Add Drambuie and brown sugar and you've got oatmeal for adultsOur family began ordering McCann's steel cut oatmeal more than a year ago through Amazon's Subscribe & Save program.

We have a family breakfast of this oatmeal every Sunday, adding frozen berries, or a tablespoon of brown sugar and an ounce of Drambuie to the cooking pot. We'll prepare this oatmeal for breakfast during the week as well but leave out the Drambuie.

The texture and nutty flavor of this oatmeal sets it apart from anything else we've experienced. Until a friend recommended McCann's to our family, we'd only stocked various brands of instant oatmeal. Breakfast had been perfunctory with oatmeal as just another option among cereal bars and yogurt.

We highly recommend McCann's Steel Cut Oatmeal. The convenience and price offered through Amazon's Subscribe & Save program are added bonus.
343868343868B008J1HO4CA1R2GZ8IMNWX4UE. VanTrabert1151213833600OatmealI have been eating this for quite some time and the supermarket stopped carrying it, so I was thrilled to find it on Amazon. I will continue to order this product when I need it.
It tastes excellent and it has lowered my Cholesterol!
343889343889B008J1HO4CA2XRRDO1V4AMEPWok King3441237939200Taste, Flavor,Time, and ValueRecently I've substituted steel cut oats for our cereal of choice after years of eating rolled oats (both regular and quick cook). I've tried McCanns and Country Choice, and since there are many reviews already posted, I'll slant mine based on Taste (mouth), Flavor (nose), Preparation, and Value.

I rate Taste (nutty and chewy) and Flavor (pleasant aroma) a dead heat (5*). I also looked at the Nutrition Labels of McCanns, Country Choice, and Quaker's rolled oats, both regular and instant. List included calories, total fats, carbs, fiber, and protein and all were virtually identical from a nutritional standpoint

Preparation. I've cooked all types of oatmeal via stove top but have not used the microwave. However, for the steel cut oats I also used a rice cooker, a Zojirushi model that had the capability for making porridge (this is the setting you want to use for steel cut oats), and this model had a timer that could be set in advance to finish cooking at a predetermined time. Although use of the rice cooker still requires a passage of time, actual cooking is automatic, whereas using the stovetop required at least 25-30 minutes of simmering and close supervision to prevent scorching. (Of course, rolled oats takes less time.)

Value: McCann's oats comes in a very attractive and elegant metal container (28 oz) and stresses the fact that it's Irish in origin whereas Country Choice comes in a cardboard container(30 oz) similar to the rolled oats type and boasts the fact that it is home grown (Minnesota) and is certified "organic." It should be noted that McCann also packages its steel cut oats in a cardboard box (16 oz). If you make your purchase via Amazon (current prices) and disregard the shipping expense, the per ounce cost is: McCann's 28 oz container cost 20.6 cents, McCann's 16 oz container cost 19.13 cents, and Country Choice cost 11.27 cents.

Since my personal evaluation finds both products even in Taste and Flavor, and both have similar cooking methodologies, my FIVE STAR choice is for the home grown, organic certified Country Choice which also a big budget saver.
343869343869B008J1HO4CA7W4NAP2YGR2JnotRobert1151213660800best oatmeal!We've eaten all brands of oatmeal for years, McCanns Steel Cut Oatmeal is the best product I have found. Cooked according to directions, it has a chewy texture, nutty flavor, and is satisfying. I prefer it without extra sweetener. My microwave simmer cycle brings liquid to a boil and then reduces power to simmer for time set. Using the microwave, I don't worry about scorching or burning. Use a large bowl to allow for oatmeal and water to come to a boil but not spill over. If it boils over, it is a mess. I prepare it first thing in the morning and ready to eat in 20-30 minutes. Amazon price has been competitive.
343870343870B008J1HO4CAN78AONQ8F6HAR. Gough1151213488000I love this oatmeali bought it at my local grocer on a whim. had never heard of it but I like oatmeal and it looked diffrent. I've been buying it ever sence. I like the flavor and the texture (not mush like rolled oats). But my daughter (who is 11) thinks it's the most disgusting thing there is and can't stand the texture she says it's "crunchy". But my boys (who are 2.5 and 4.5 always ask for 2nd's when I make it. So, as with any food item, it's all a matter of taste.

I don't mind the extra time it takes to make this. But with a family of 5 no breakfast is fast and this actually is faster for me than eggs & sausage, pancakes or french toast.

I like it jus with milk and brown sugar.
343871343871B008J1HO4CA3V8CNHVMM8O7MWilliam M. Screen "datakix"1151210723200Best oat meal on the marketI've eaten oat meal just about everyday for the last 5 years and this brand is the best I've tasted. I normally eat Quaker Oats because it's more economical, but I'll buy a can of McCann's once a year because it's so good.
343872343872B008J1HO4CA1ZSJNSRZCNCS1CJ "C"1151206835200WOW! Irish Steel Cut Only!I saw all of the rave reviews here and decided to give steel cut oats a try. But, i tried a cheaper, non-irish brand. It was ok, but nothing special. About a month later, I saw the Mccann's for $4.99 and gave them a try. Unlike the non-irish oats i tried, you can taste these. These are simply amazing. Buying a cheaper, non-irish variety is a waste of money. Nothing beats these. Amazing and the best tasting oats available.
343873343873B008J1HO4CA1J5HIF41ENSMZAdam Wood1151201046400First cooked oatmeal that I've ever likedI'm going to sound like a broken record, but this oatmeal is great. I have always shivered at the thought of cooked oatmeal because I just find cooked Quaker oats to be nauseating (love them in cookies, but not cooked by themselves). My parents eat oatmeal all of the time, but I just couldn't stomach the thought of it. However, this stuff was part of a promotion, and people wrote that it doesn't taste like Quaker, so I gave it a shot. I'm so glad that I did, because they are right! This stuff is fantastic. To me, it's texture and taste are soooo much better than what I've had in the past. Like the reviewer before me, I added some agave nectar and really liked the combination.

All four of my tins arrived crushed, and I mean crushed. However, Amazon very promptly filled another order of them for me as a replacement. Another example of excellent service by Amazon!
343874343874B008J1HO4CA1GFH8GPDEX518Sara Bee 13211151200268800No better breakfast, no better oatmealI use the 30 minute method. My routine: put the water on to boil, brush teeth, put the oats in the boiling water, stir, lower heat to almost low, shower, blow hair dry, start coffee, stir oats, dress, put the oats in a bowl, put cold water in the pan, eat the oats and drink the coffee, wash the bowl and pan. These oats are SO good, you don't need to add ANYTHING, not salt, not dairy, not spice, not fruit, not nuts. Eat slowly, savor each bite. Your taste buds will love you, your tummy will love you, your gut will love you, your heart will love you.
343890343890B008J1HO4CA1Z3T1I7MCY96NChristine Swiridoff3451232668800Fantastic product and priceThis makes the best oatmeal, full of flavor and nutrients. Steel cut oatmeal is not for everyone, including those in my family who are fans of Cream of Wheat. But for those who like to have something with texture, McCann's is excellent: nutty, slightly chewy, and filling enough for a real breakfast that will carry one through to lunch.

The cooking time is longer than more processed oats, but those are, well, processed, lacking the nutrition, texture, and flavor of steel cut oats. Others have posted their favorite cooking methods, so one can see that there are several ways to make this faster. I make up a whole batch, which makes four cups, eat one serving fresh and store the rest in the frig. All it takes is 90 seconds in the microwave with a little soy milk, or whatever you prefer, and it's hot and creamy for the fastest breakfast. Great with no sweetener or with one's favorite (brown sugar, real maple syrup, artificial sweetener, honey), with fruit and nuts, with cream, milk, soymilk (in my case), or nothing. It'll stand up to just about anything or, for purists, on its own.

I have an Amazon subscription for McCann's steel cut oats, so I've gotten many, many cans of it over the years. A few of them (out of dozens of cans) might have been slightly dented, as a couple of reviewers noted, but only very slightly dented, not more than one might find in the grocery store. The can is solid and has a sealed inner lining, which has always been intact. I've never had one taste stale, as one reviewer mentioned, and I've stocked up on the stuff and had it around for many months. Others have written about the nutritional reasons to go for steel cut oats, and Amazon's prices are great, several dollars cheaper than I can get it in my small town. Plus, it is gluten free, for those with this dietary concern.
343875343875B008J1HO4CA139O66R7A0QMVChipper Skipper1151194480000Good Stuff in a handy canThe oatmeal is super. The can is quite handy when empty for a variety of things. We cook it for about twenty minutes which is a bit less time than recommended, but the crunchy feel is, to us, a better one than when cooked for a longer time. Once you have this you will not be eathing much of the quick oats.
343876343876B008J1HO4CA3M9CKLK3O6M81Vaunda L. Myrick "Amazon Fan"1141192665600Steel Cut OatmealMc Cann's Steel Irish Oatmeal, 28 oz Not only is this product recommended by nutritionists, but it is tasty also. Great way to get fiber. Takes a while to cook it, but worth the wait. I usually cook more than I need and microwave it the next day. Great with brown sugar, milk and or raisens.
343877343877B008J1HO4CA1MK38SN2WE0WUR. Miller1151189036800You'll never go back to the instant stuffI am positively lukewarm toward oatmeal the way it is usually prepared: the prepackaged freeze-dried hyper-processed powder steeped for 30 seconds in hot water. This stuff is different. It has a deeper taste and an interesting texture. My sister, after years of singing the praises of steel-cut, finally got me to try it (in a hotel breakfast bar, of all places). That was last winter, and I've had it every weekend since.
343878343878B008J1HO4CA3GX7EVYDJZTWJShamus O'Reilly1151184716800My Favorite OatmealMcCann's steel cut oatmeal is the real deal. Unlike most products which have a plastic or paper container, McCann's still comes in an easy to open tin which a person can use for many things after the oats are long gone. The oatmeal is not for a person in a hurry as you need almost 30 minutes to prepare. But the cooked oatmeal is well worth waiting for. Unlike rolled oatmeal which to me makes a mushy product which I won't eat, steel cut oats actually retain some of their shape after being cooked. Since I've started eating oatmeal regularly, my total cholesterol has dropped 20 points! McCann's steel cut oatmeal have a long shelf life, so I'm not afraid of buying a 4-pack or even two 4-packs when they are on special. I've seen one can go for over $6 in some special food markets. Enjoy!
343880343880B008J1HO4CA2QKUHM3IECBYHF. Dempsey1151179100800McCann's OatmealMcCann's steel cut oatmeal is the best. I seriously think I'm addicted to it. It does take 30 minutes to cook but well worth it. I make up a double batch that last about 5 mornings.
343881343881B008J1HO4CA3CD8FWY7TRPB1J. King "nutrition nut"1151175558400Awesome oatmealI highly recommend McCann's Steel Cut Oatmeal to anyone who wants to combine a great tasting oatmeal with high nutritional value as well! Not only that, but the price I found here at Amazon is actually very reasonable compared to other websites.
343882343882B008J1HO4CA26MVHARQARD43Deborah "Debbie Fabbro"1151173312000The Very Best OatmealYou haven't had oatmeal, until you've had this oatmeal. Superb taste and texture, It's the best. And this is the best price.
343883343883B008J1HO4CA1Q196YH525NW1K. Osborne1151170892800breakfastI think this is a great way to begin each day. My husband starts it in the slow cooker each night before bed and in the morning I have a great breakfast.
343884343884B008J1HO4CA3H8F2MTNTTSZXT. Sholl1151170806400It's all I eat for breakfast now!Easy to prepare (especially if you soak overnight), very filling, and great with cinnamon. It's become my standard breakfast. Finally, I love that it comes from Ireland!
343885343885B008J1HO4CARBDGTK6U5NLIThere is power in persistence "Helen"1151168473600Great product, great price and great, fast devliery.McCanns Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal is difficult to find in stores in my area.

As followers of Dr. Michael Roizen, M.D. and Dr.Mehmet C. Oz, M.D., my family eats this and only this every morning.It's great with bananas, berries, apples or just plain

I would like to see it produced in larger quanties.

Took a while to get used to, but now it's an established practice. Follow the suggested cooking instructions. Takes a little more time, but well worth it.
343886343886B008J1HO4CA1S465MTD726ABBonnie L. Macy "Lake Lady Boo"1151168300800Steel cut oatsThese take longer to cook but are worth the time. Steel cut oats have a different flavor sort of nutty. Shipping was fast. Even the kids that do not like oats enjoyed these.
343887343887B008J1HO4CA10MZIIH79L70MJosie L. Seacrist1151168300800Yummy! And way less expensive than the local grocery store.This oatmeal is great. It is a lot more flavorful than typical oatmeal. I heard about it on Oprah and gave it a try from our local store, but paid a lot for it. I saw I could get it from Amazon in bigger bulk but much less per can in the end, so I stocked up. I save the leftover cans as decoration for my kitchen. They look like something you'd get from an old five and dime store and I love that.
343888343888B008J1HO4CA2WAP3D72BH75CS. "strap"1151167004800Steel Cut is the way to goThis is some excellent oatmeal! Steel cut is the way to go--more flavorful and healthier than your Quaker rolled oats. Preparation is simple as need to go instant. Just start cooking your oatmeal when you wake up, by the time you shave and shower, you're ready for some wholesome oatmealy goodness!

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