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344036344036B008J1HO4CA1RE4GU6S5ZF52Ariella Vaccarino creator of "Voice Lessons T...0051186012800SO Yummy and good for youOK, so it takes longer than the instant kind, but it is so good for you. I always feel that I am starting my families day off write with these steel cut oats. No one fights me at the breakfast table when it comes to eating this. Great on a cold morning. Yummy, I mix vanilla soy milk into it.
344037344037B008J1HO4CA3NST76OWSYSKKDanny N. Atkins0051185235200McCann's Traditional oatmealIf cooked by directions this is excellent tasting oatmeal and it is so healthy to eat it.
344038344038B008J1HO4CA2HF2VDKX6MN0MStephen Leahy0041185148800You can't go back!Warning: Once you have this oatmeal, you cannot eat any other. Be careful, because you will find yourself waiting impatiently to cook the finest oatmeal in the world.
344039344039B008J1HO4CA2YWRWSLEJRM92Pennsylvania Reader0051184544000SuperlativeMcCann's is absolutely the best oatmeal available. The packaging is brilliant; the tin keeps the oats fresh until you open it. I eat this all winter. I've been able to buy it in every town and city in which I've lived until now. I won't eat four tins in a year, but because of the packaging, each will stay fresh until I need it.
344040344040B008J1HO4CA2CE64VNS52CJEOdiseph "Odi"0051184544000worth the waitWhile not so quick as 3 minute oatmeal, the wait is worth it, in my opinion. This was how oatmeal was meant to be enjoyed. I will never go back to the boxed variety. The texture is appealing and the taste has a slight hint of nutty flavor. Such a shame I had not tried this many years ago. I didn't know what I had been missing.
344011344011B008J1HO4CA1PS3WD8WQ3VHWRenee7751182470400Irish porridgeI just ate my first bowl of Irish porridge, as the can refers to it. It was chewy, nutty, dense, filling and delicious, just like all the reviews said it would be. It was easy to cook, the directions on the can advise to boil 4 cups of water and then add 1 cup of oatmeal. Simmer for 30 minutes exactly and it turns out perfect and serves 4, with 150 calories per serving. Each can contains 20 servings. Storing 4 cans was not an issue, considering each 28 ounce can is about as big as a quart of paint. My only gripe is that all the cans I received are badly dented, but if that's the trade off for the bargain price and convenience of purchasing from Amazon, I can deal with it.
344012344012B008J1HO4CACAXV4V8PBCE3Texas Rose "Roseanna"0051202428800Great stuff!If you've never eaten steel cut oatmeal, you are in for a surprise. This does not look like the Quaker products you may have been raised on, but it is wonderful. I kept reading in multiple sources how steel cut oats were better for our health, so I tried this product. It is great. Yes, it takes longer to cook, but it is well worth the wait. One of the best ways to cook this is to substitute apple juice for 1/2 of the water and then cook. Excellent!
344013344013B008J1HO4CA2ZSQUM221KJ2AD. Kelly0051202342400The best oatmeal!I just wanted to include a hint to this oatmeal to make it easier to cook. I put my one serving size (1/4 cup) of dry oatmeal with a cup of water and put it in my mini crock pot. On high it takes about an hour- but I can leave it unattended. If you do more servings it takes about an hour and a half on high.
344014344014B008J1HO4CA2JLCCA5NUTZ5XP. Wood0051201824000Don't like oatmeal?? You HAVE to try this stuff!I'm a health nut. I run about 30-45 miles a week, lots of training and eat has healthy as I can. I've tried for years to choke down Quaker's rolled oats...uggghh..I know it's good for you but yuck...I hate oatmeal. But, I found this stuff a Trader Joe's one day and thought I'd give it a try. IT IS AMAZING! It's definitely the texture/nutty flavor, unlike the typical rolled oats from Quakers. I used to drink a protein shake for breakfast every's quickly been replaced by 1/4 cup of steel oats + frozen berrries + protein powder + touch of brown sugar...fantastic stuff.
344015344015B008J1HO4CABKBY0WDJX9QKBrett S. Upton "Balthazar3n"0041201478400Tastes good, more fillingI have an upcoming trip and wanted a large quantity of oatmeal. McCain's tastes better than most, especially toasted, and the price was excellent. Using the cook-the-night-before method recommended on McCain's website I can have oatmeal ready in the morning with very little fuel or bother.
344016344016B008J1HO4CA2K3J2X8KDY47NJewelry Lover "me"0051201392000GREAT texture and quality!Yes, this is good old fashioned porridge. Order it in the UK and this is what you'll get. It's oatmeal - NOT oats! I throw a big handful of raisins in the pot while this is cooking and it adds to the taste. When it's cooked, I add diced apples, walnuts, milk or yogurt, and sometimes a tiny spoonful of sugar for a breakfast that keeps me full and satisfied all morning. If you are eating this as it comes right out of the can, you're eating the same oats that horses eat and even they like molasses with it!
You can 't get a better breakfast - cook it the night before and warm in the microwave if you don't have 45 minutes in the am! It's great warmed up.
ps. ordered this when it was on sale - and every can but one came dented! What a shame because the cans are quite nicely made and great for storing other things after the oatmeal is gone.
344017344017B008J1HO4CA2L68GWZ0J1TYGIce Cream Man "Ice cream"0051201046400Delicious and nutritiousI normally do not eat oatmeal. I ordered this when there was a promotion, and to say the least, I absolutely love it. It is whole grain (You can tell because its partially crunchy when full cooked), it regulates my hunger for hours, and last but not least, it has improved my regularity.

If you don't mind the 30 minute cook time, this stuff is worth a try. I make a batch and keep it in the refrigerator for a few days, so I only have to cook it a few times per week.

It is great with Smart Balance and Agave nectar sweetener, which by the way is a sweetener with a low glycemic index so it will not spike your blood glucose - good for diabetics and non-diabetics.

344018344018B008J1HO4CAIOS8LKXR4AKYTangela Stanley "musical maniac"0051200787200The very best oatmeal!I am not a fan of oatmeal. At least not the cooked variety of processed oats. I do care about my health, however and I know that oats are very good for heart health and many other things. I first encountered the term steel cut oats in an article and immediately rushed out to buy some, hoping for a miracle. Well, my husband fell in love with them. I still sat on the fence...I later discovered the McCann's in the grocery and the price was a real eye-opener (8.00 US) per can, but I splurged. We have never looked back. The quality is perfect. I can even eat them now and enjoy them. The price at Amazon is the absolute best. I am thinking of subscribing! McCann's rules!
344019344019B008J1HO4CA15PDUBBBDA61KAnneM "Anne McGill"0051200268800the very best oatmealThe fact that I'm willing to cook oatmeal for 30 minutes in the morning is an indication of how good this stuff is. We buy 4-6 tins every two weeks and there are only two of us at home.

It's rich nutty texture tastes great on it's own. I add a little brown sugar and sometimes a little cinnamon and nutmeg, although it certainly can stand on its own. I don't add any milk, I don't think it needs it, but my husband likes his with milk.

I wish I had discovered this in my youth. I had hot cereal and eggs and toast every morning before school. If this were the cereal, we could have skipped the eggs and toast. The great thing about this, is that you are filled up and because it is natural, you are not hungry for hours. No matter how hard you work, this keeps you going until lunch.

I love this stuff and will buy it forever.
344020344020B008J1HO4CA2BGKZHY20G55WTrixie0051200182400Overjoyed with this OatmealThis oatmeal may cost more than Quaker, but it's worth it. Texture and flavor is the best I've ever tasted. I've bought this before at my local health food store for $7.99, so Amazon has a better price.
344021344021B008J1HO4CA7N48X3MMGC46A. Berger0051200096000This stuff is greatI love this oatmeal. If you want to capture the nutty texture, I'd recommend undercooking the stuff a bit (cook it for 20-25 min, instead of 30 min). I add some nutmeg and cinnamon, along with brown sugar & it's fantastic! I take breakfast leftovers with me to work & eat it as a snack during the day (this helps keep me away from the donuts).
Oh, and another thing- go to the mccann's web site- they've got interesting recipes that you'd otherwise never think of, such as a savory oatmeal rissoto, which, I'd imagine, would work really well with this type of oatmeal.
344022344022B008J1HO4CA3K1ZTUOPREC1GW. Farrell0051199664000SC OatmealI thoroughly enjoy how I feel after a good bowl of this oatmeal.I boil it a couple of minutes and then let cool,the day before. It stays in the refrigerator for an overnight soak and swell. Twenty minutes simmering the
next day and then..for me..I season with unprocessed salt/minerals and a
little pour of apple cider vinegar. Mixed together, I find the dish delicious and a 3 times a week uplift meal.
344023344023B008J1HO4CAR3HNMTI2TV87William G. Wallace0051199059200Two thumbs up.. try it you will like it.I guess I did not know what real oatmeal tasted like. What a change from the mass marketed precooked and prechewed brands. The flavor and texture is outstanding. We have even tried it uncooked sprinkled on yogurt and love it.If you like oatmeal give this a try and you wont go back to the instant. The packaging is very nice and maks a nice gift basket item.
344024344024B008J1HO4CA11WIT5FAIXTNKSusan0051198627200the kids love itThe children love this. It takes over 30 minutes to cook. So make extra and put in the fridge to microwave later on.
344025344025B008J1HO4CA16NMSZQYGND02spudmcc "spudmcc"0051198368000Great Taste!One of the best I've tasted! Takes a bit longer to make but worth the effort!
344026344026B008J1HO4CA377IGU7KZH80LRoy W. Latham0041195430400Good stuffAlso known as pinhead oatmeal. It has more texture than the rolled oats use for American-style oatmeal, and I much prefer that. Nifty reusable can. I'd give it five stars except that I cannot get that excited over oatmeal of any sort.
344027344027B008J1HO4CA1ZQI0ZOZ2AON9Honest Reviewer "James A. Dobson"0051195430400Outstanding! Best Steel Cut Oatmeal Anywhere!If you are looking for the absolute best steel cut oatmeal --- then your search is over. This product is head and shoulders above anything else you can find. Outstanding quality, flavor, and texture!
344028344028B008J1HO4CA249XWXFYXHJHWmahatma kane jeeves0051192579200The Rolls Royce of OatmealThis is the finest oatmeal you can buy. All you need is twenty minutes and the ability to boil water. It's a little nutty, with great texture. Add whatever you like, although for you purists, nothing extra is necessary.
344029344029B008J1HO4CA1OXRPZH05457PKara CK "Kara"0051191715200Fabulous!!!!!!!Once you taste this oatmeal, you will NEVER go back to another brand! I like to make it the night before and let it sit in the fridge overnight, so the flavors of brown sugar and cinnamon (that I add) marinate and it softens just a bit. It is wonderful this way! My whole family is HOOKED!
344030344030B008J1HO4CAZTMF75Z1M76QDonna Davis "school counselor"0051190851200Great oatmealThis is excellent steel cut oatmeal and a great buy compared to the supermarkets. Thanks to for offering such great products and great bargains.
344031344031B008J1HO4CA12EXOVDVBRYT1Alan Lezak0051190764800If you haven't tried steel cut oatmealAlthough it takes a good half hour to prepare, it is well worth the wait. There is no comparison between processed oats and this product. It ends up with the consistency of a porridge or a thick barley soup. Besides being healthy for you, it carries me through six or seven hours without any hunger.
344032344032B008J1HO4CAZK3MFON11G4CMary J. Bilik0051190764800Delicious McCann's OatmealMcCann's steel cut oatmeal is a delicious and nutritious way to start the day. My husband and I have eaten McCann's oatmeal as a special treat on every weekend of our wonderful marriage. While it takes about 20 minutes to cook, it is more than worth the time to have a smooth, creamy bowl of steaming authentic oatmeal. Sprinkle on some raisins and brown sugar, with a touch of milk (or better yet, cream) and you are on your way to culinary heaven! The body and slightly nutty taste of McCann's oatmeal are far superior to any instant brand; no cardboard taste here. It's the real thing and a treat to treasure!
344033344033B008J1HO4CA3TAQELXZY9CRXLeah Gustavson0051189468800The Best oatmealThis Oatmeal McCann's Steel Cut Oatmeal, Traditional, 28-Ounce Tins (Pack of 4) is well worth the 30 minute cook time. It is rich and nutty and makes for a great good carb breakfast that will stick with you better than your favorite bagel or muffin. Try it ... once you do you'll never go back to the instant or quick cooking paste that tries to pass for oatmeal.
344034344034B008J1HO4CA2MQLNTU4SZRY5Jennifer L. Walls "genuinely jen"0051188950400The best oats EVER!McCann's Steel Cut Oatmeal is by far the best oatmeal I've ever had. It is nutty flavored and the texture is superb! I like the fact that it is steep cut and not overly processed as well. Our family will not eat any other type of oats!
344035344035B008J1HO4CA24NAGV7RF3QB4R. J. Zacharie0051186185600McCann's Steel Cut Oatmeal, TraditionalSimply the best!
Nutty taste that separates Steel cut from the rest. Try it once -

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