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344071344071B008J1HO4CA1EAH433QK3L3EAlbert I. Reiner2541173657600it tkes timeI still use traditional oatmeal . When I have time 45 minutes this is my choice.
344072344072B008J1HO4CA1B6G3NG8XT42CC. L. Buckles51121207612800Poor packagingWe were really looking forward to receiving and trying the oatmeal. The 4-Pack arrived today. The box in which they were shipped was busted up in a couple of places and the postal people had to tape it up. One can was busted open and the oats were emptied out in the box. The other three cans were badly dented and the seam on one was coming open with oats leaking out. I would have expected better packing for the type cans the oats come in.

I will send another review after we've tried the oats from the surviving cans. This is a very big disappoinment and I hope future shipments will be packed better for shipping. Please advise as to what type compensation you would offer.

Hoping for better results in the future.
344073344073B008J1HO4CAZ1Z6EM4T09M8T. A. Hansen ""2651165363200OATS IS OATSThis product alternates between being available and not available. Steel cut oats from Ireland can't be much different than steel cut oats from North Dakota. Oats is oats. The can is great and because of the can I would highly reccomend buying this once and then refilling the can with cheaper local oats.
344074344074B008J1HO4CA18KCUXVDQQ54SGordon Hanson0351201564800Good StuffTasty AND nutritious; what's not to like? But what's with all the griping about the cans? Who gives a damn about cans, anyway?
344075344075B008J1HO4CA1BZV7FBRFQXAGRaj0521334880000Its just oatmeal nothing special about Irish oatThe product is good the packing is OK. one of the cans cap was open and never get 2 star rating is for price you can get the same amount of steel cut oat from milleville at less than half price. If there is any specific ingredient which I can't test then I can't help it.

344076344076B008J1HO4CA2K6WT0T6RF6XFCharles1751310342400McCANN`S Steel Cut Irish OatmealI did not buy this product. I had this Oatmeal at a buddy`s home.I can tell you this much, it is the BEST tasting Oatmeal I have ever had!!!

The reason why I have not bought this item, is because at this time I send care packages to this young Marine in Afghanistan..

I feel his needs are more important than mine.

I just wish these wars would get over with..
344077344077B008J1HO4CA28715LXBBEO0NLoyal Shopper1432112659328002 out of the 4 CANISTERS DENTED??!!!Where is the quality control with AMAZON's grocery items?!! Half of the cans I received were SEVERELY DENTED. The product looked like it belonged on a 75% clearance rack at my local market. This is simply appalling and really disappointing. I had intially signed up for the automatic delivery subscription for this item but have since cancelled it if this is indicative of the product Amazon will be sending.
344078344078B008J1HO4CA1F379UAUW6ZUWmaggiesmom "jkspiers"31121296864000DisappointedFrom reading other reviews before I bought this item, I was expecting something other than what I got. I love regular Quaker Oats; however, I had heard how much better steel cut oats were for you. I just tried them this morning and was very disappointed. If you are expecting something that qualifies for "comfort food" like regular oats do for me, then don't order this item. I was expecting something creamy and full of flavor; but I got crunchy, chewy, and bland. I kept thinking the oats would soften; so, I cooked them an additional ten minutes. They never did. I guess I'll stick with my regular oats.
344079344079B008J1HO4CAKVAOGJB9TBN5T. Pinho102511266451200Just buy it in the box, folks.The ONE-STAR in no way reflects on the oats, folks--- McCann's gets 5 stars all the way with me- it's pretty much the only breakfast item I must always have on hand (I, too, recommend the crock-pot method- and also recommend freeze-dried fruit to add in- I really like the "Sensible Foods" brands that are available here.)

The one-star rating is for the condition in which it was shipped:
I thought I'd pick up the cans of this breakfast staple to have something presentable out on the counter since I use it daily--- alas, don't bother. I've uploaded a photo of how mine arrived- others have commented on this in reviews as well. I'll probably pick up one nice tin locally instead (which is what I should have done to start with) and just go with boxed oats.
344080344080B008J1HO4CA7TQTCN8M8GH0MME0831263340800Amazon, put nutritional Label on product!I have eaten this oatmeal for many years, believing it to be the healthiest oatmeal I could buy. recently my grocery store stopped carrying it, and I bought Oat bran instead, but shopped for McCann's. Without a nutritional label I couldn't tell it's relative value. Now that I've got it, I discover it has only 3 grams of protein to 7 for oat Bran, and 3 grams of fiber to oat brans 6. I haven't opened it from the wrapping,.... can't return it.....McCANN'S Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal, 28-Ounce Tins (Pack of 4)
344081344081B008J1HO4CAAH446V2C9VDCRichard D. Mccabe "Richard"195611200009600There's always one wet blanket, isn't there?Really these are just cut up oats. They taste like rather a cross between rolled oats and farina. For my money, Quaker Oats beats it.
344082344082B008J1HO4CA5YK6WG6HWV0GLacey B "Lacey B"125511170288000Would not reccomendThis stuff takes way longer than 30 minutes to cook. Even after an hour it was so hard to chew - almost unbearable.

I really still to this day do not understand how you can buy this and like it.

Its like cooking small rocks!
344083344083B008J1HO4CA3TXJ103OQPRHSAndrew Chaplowitz293711300665600Get educated, save $Even at $6 per canister, this product is inexplicably overpriced. Let me explain why:

Intro to Oats 101--Oats, in whole form, are known as groats. In an effort to cut down on cooking time (or eating time, for those on the run, who don't have the time or patience to chew @mouthful 20-30x), oats are refined into the following:

-steel cut oats--cracked into two or more pieces
-oat flakes--flattened with an oat roller
-oatmeal--same as flakes, but parboiled
-instant oatmeal--more processed than reg. oatmeal
-oat flour--milled into dust, for baked goods or as a thickening

This product fits into the first catagory. Their claim of "guaranteed uniformity" is a coined phrase, meaning each cracked grain is the same size, a gourmet characteristic.

All this being said, I am not aware of oats from Scotland or Ireland having any magical or mystical quality, outside of marketing hype or myth. Truth be told, you could go to any health food store with a bulk bin (one sign of a conscientious health food store), buy whole oats, certified organic, for about $2 per lb., and crack your own oats with a grain mill (Corona brand, one time investment, about $70, lifetime expectancy), or in a blender. For those more ambitious, you could cook them whole, which involves soaking them overnight, then simmering for about 90 minutes. Do not be put off by the cooking time, it is unattended, with a flame deflector. Cooking becomes a chore because of prep time, not the time on the stove.
Why whole? Because any time you grind or crack a grain, there is nutrient loss and, to those open to more estoteric models, a loss of life force (a.k.a. "chi").

I did buy this product, and as connoisseur of oats, I was not impressed, did not give the same energy boost as others. Did not taste fresh, either.

Now, onto an advanced concept: if you truly want the "Rolls Royce" of oats, there is a brand called "Really Raw Oats". Why is this? Because the oats commercially available are partially steamed to protect against rancidity (oats are about 10% fat, albeit an exceptionally healthful fat). How do I know this? Because a truly raw grain will sprout. Attempts to sprout other oats have been fruitless.

The Really Raw Oats carry a price tag of about $11 per lb., but are worth it. Conversely, the product here, in my opinion, does not command the price point it seeks.

p.s. the best TASTING oats I had came out of Canada--when you dry-roasted them in a pan, it took on the aroma of vanilla--BLISS! Haven't seen them, however, since the mid 1990's. I purchased from Lynn Paterson, who was pictured in David Sergel's fine book, "Zen Shiatsu"

Bon Appeite, Good Health and Caveat Emptor

344084344084B008J1HO4CA2NHERI3W195YAnthony L. Bowers6641174348800Great Oatmeal, Poor ShippingWe eat 'slow cook' oatmeal, because it has more fiber and nutrients, so my wife is used to cooking our oatmeal longer. Most people are used to instant oatmeal which you just add hot water to. Neither slow cook or steel cut are like that. So, if you don't like taking the extra time to cook your oatmeal don't get steel cut.

The oatmeal has a geat flavor, and is very filling. It may have a completely different texture from any oatmeal you'ver ever eaten. Several people have stated that it has a nutty texture and nutty flavor, they're correct. Our whole family loves the taste.

My only complaint isn't with the oatmeal, but with Amazon's packaging. Several other buyers complained about this, so I was aware of it. They put the oatmeal in a box bigger than it needed to be and then didn't pack the oatmeal firmly. So, the cans moved around and knocked into each other during shipment. We ordered 2 (pack of 4) sets, and they were shipped separately, although they arrived one day apart. Of the 8 cans we received only 4 made it without blemish. One was badly dented, and 3 slightly dented. So, if you are getting the oatmeal in the cans with hopes of giving them as gifts, or something along those lines, be aware that you may not be able to do so.

All things considered I would buy the steel cut oatmeal again.
344085344085B008J1HO4CA37FMUX0BW954LBmat "bmat"6651258156800I use a small crockpotI use a small crockpot (about a quart size) and fill it with water within an inch and a half of the top, then add about 3/4 cup of the oats and a dash of salt, a handful of raisins, and a half teaspoon of cinnamon. I cook it about 5-6 hours. (Overnight is a little too long.) So I cook it during the day, put it in a container, and reheat a serving in a bowl in the microwave in the morning. The advantage of this method is that you don't need to watch or stir while the oats are cooking since they don't stick to the bottom of the crockpot.
344086344086B008J1HO4CA1DQ7O8ZAC8PQPB. Aguirre6631233619200not sure if I would order againI was impressed with the product the only concern I had was the experation date. I would like to see that the experation date was not so close to the date I purchased it. Not sure if I would order this again simply for this reason.
344087344087B008J1HO4CA39DH7DIO1YFH2A. Brennan5551196294400Delicious and healthfulTwo health articles I read recently recommended eating steel cut oats. After some research I came across the John McCann brand at Amazon which turned out to be a stroke of luck. It is truly delicious and I'm delighted that I signed up for a regular supply.
After cooking the recommended way for a few days I tried the suggestion made by another reviewer of boiling the four cups of water (I use two cups of water and two of low-fat milk - wonderful!) the night before, stirring the cup of oats in, putting a lid on and placing it in the refrigerator to 'cook' overnight. IT WORKS (thanks Amazon for reviews!) - though I prefer to leave it sitting out for an hour or so to cook in its own heat and then place it in the fridge before going to bed. Next morning all you have to do is heat on the stove or in the microwave (takes seconds!)and you've got a delicious, healthful breakfast with minimal effort.
344088344088B008J1HO4CA68QRPWFN8XYIH. Brown5551168646400Scrumptious!A friend of mine recommended McCann's. I ordered it up and have been enjoying it every weekend for months. Firm texture with a pleasantly nutty taste. Don't overcook, though, or you will have a soggy mass. I put leftovers in the fridge and reheat portions in the mocrowave, after adding a little water. Works just fine.
344089344089B008J1HO4CA3N9DT3WMTLCTDjunkie5551160611200the real deali have tasted the instant oatmeal and i didnt like it . This is so much better tasting with a lot more texture and bite to it. Try it and you will never go back to the rolled oats again.
344090344090B008J1HO4CA5M2J3LCV30WWOld West Traditions5541303948800Don't be put off by the "slow cooked" title -- it can be fastForget the other tricks -- steel cut oats is something that could have been tailor-made to pre-prepare in the era of refrigeration. About once a week or so in the evening when I'm in the kitchen cooking something else anyway, I partially cook up a pot of oats (I've always used McCanns, which is great, and I'm going to try some from the local health food store out of the bin -- I'll then decide whether to switch.)

Anyway, 4 cups of water brought to a boil, 1 cup of oats added and simmered until the oats are just starting to get a little chewy, then turn off the heat and let it sit to cool. Some extra cooking and softening will take place while it is cooling, but you want to leave them pretty chewy. Then, into a sealed plasticware container in the fridge. The amount of tending that is needed is minimal during this process -- just occasional stirring to keep it from sticking until the heat is turned off.

Each morning, I scoop out what I want (for me, 2/3 of a cup), add a little water, stir it up, and microwave for just under a minute and a half. Sprinkle on some cinnamon and freshly cut up fruit and raw slivered nuts. and you have about as healthy a breakfast item as you could want -- no more than a 2-3 minutes of morning prep time. High fiber, complex carbs, no gluten, low calorie, and it stays with you all morning.

Once you get into this routine, you'll wonder why you ever touched instant or quick oatmeal, or any rolled oats for that matter. You'll learn to adjust how long you want the initial cook to be, how much water to add before microwaving, and how long to microwave depending on how soft you want the final bowl of oats to be, depending on your personal taste. I feel more satisfied with a chewy oatmeal and think it tastes better a little undercooked, but to each his own.

Only downside preventing 5 stars? McCann's is a bit expensive compared to bulk steel-cut oats that is available to many, but a can goes a long ways, and is certainly cheap compared to most unhealthy "quick" breakfast foods. Compare for yourself with what is in the bins at your local organic stores and decide for yourself if the extra price is worth it, but if you haven't eaten steel cut oats yet you owe it to yourself to try it. Also, I've lived places where McCann's was the only steel-cut oats that could be found at the local grocer, so in a choice between McCanns and a cereal other than steel cut oats, -- spend the money.

This is basically the only grain I eat. Another caveat -- I've never bought it through Amazon, but I would imagine that the quality is going to be very uniform for this product regardless of source.
344091344091B008J1HO4CAEPEYS74CE6KIDaniel Esmond5551293494400Steel cut where have you been all my life?Like many people, I grew up eating Oatmeal for breakfast some days, especially during the winter months. My memories of it were not terribly fond though, as it was always soupy and weak. We always had to dump on the brown sugar or maple syrup to give it any flavor whatsoever.

I continued to buy instant oatmeal through college and into adulthood, but would always use far less water than called for on the package, mainly just to give it some texture. I thought that was the best oatmeal could get.

Then one day someone made me a bowl of steel cut oatmeal, and it was seriously like Oatmeal reinvented! For one it looks nothing like rolled oats--instead of flat little flakes these are like little pellets. When cooked, steel cut oatmeal gets an awesome "al dente" consistency that is both smooth and chewy. But more importantly, steel cut oatmeal has a wonderful rich flavor I've never tasted in rolled oats. I find that with this I only add a very minimal amount of sweetener (usually maple syrup but honey also works). Sometimes I add some cranberries or fresh blueberries if I have them, but it is perfectly delicious sans extras.

Yes, it takes preparation, but it's the best use of my rice cooker I've found (ironically I use it more for oatmeal than I do for rice!). I just pour in the oatmeal and water the night before, set the cooker to porridge mode and set the timer for whatever time I want to eat. In the morning, I wake up to the wonderful smell of the cooking oats and by the time I'm dressed and ready for breakfast, they're all ready to go.

I can't recommend these highly enough. They're really good tasting, yet good for you. Hard to beat that!
344092344092B008J1HO4CATXEN0FJLA6OUslinky5551278201600mmmmmmmmI make it overnight in the slow cooker. 2 cups oatmeal (always steel cut!), about a cup of dried fruit, a little salt (1/2 teaspoon or so), and 8 cups of water. I start it at bedtime and it's ready in the morning. I freeze it in 1 cup bowls and have oatmeal for a week.
344093344093B008J1HO4CA1JFXOFDRZ9CFQMarge Teilhaber "marge201"5551258588800Healthy and deliciousI've read many places and heard Dr. Oz say that the only oatmeal that really has the health benefits is steel cut oats. I just love this stuff. I make a large amount and eat it cold all week. I use 8 cups of water, 1/2 cup non-fat dry milk, mix it, bring to a boil, and then dump in 2 cups of the oats. Stand by the pot and keep stirring so it doesn't overflow the pot or stick to the bottom. I love the flavor and the sort of crunch. It would also be good with dried cranberries and some walnuts or slivered almonds. It's a few pennies cheaper at Trader Joe but they don't always have it. I've been eating it every day and thoroughly love it.

After a few batches, I have perfected this stovetop technique for steel-cut oats:
1. boil 4 cups of water in a pot on the stove
(optional: 1/2 cup non-fat dry milk to up the calcium)
2. add 1 1/2 cups of steel-cut oats
3. bring to rolling boil again
4. cover tightly and let it keep boiling for a few seconds
5. turn off flame and forget about it.

It doesn't take too long, under 1/2 hour I think but not sure, and the water is totally absorbed and you have the perfect combination of creamy/chewy steel-cut oats.

You get enough for quite a few servings; not sure how many. 10 maybe??

Nothing stuck to the bottom of the pot. What a delight.

Much better than standing over the pot and stirring and much better than cooking in a slow cooker.

(Learned this on egullet!)
344094344094B008J1HO4CA2LEVKA3U6CXX7David McCune "self-deprecating and proud of it"5551224806400Who knew there was such a thing as premium oatmeal?This was a splurge purchase. My wife knows that I occasionally will go on a health kick and eat oatmeal for breakfast. She got me this almost as a gag. I was very happily surprised by the quality.

First, I like the retro packaging. It looks like I'm going to have something "old school" for breakfast, from an era when my dad says that Grape-Nuts would "almost break your teeth". It's silly, but the esthetics of food do play a big role in how much we enjoy it.

Still, packaging wouldn't mean anything if the taste wasn't there. Happily, these oats have more texture and flavor than any others I have eaten. Will the taste blow you away? Well, truthfully, no. You could argue that "tastiest oatmeal" is kind of like being "tallest dwarf" or "smartest stooge". This is also not a product to consider if you are feeding three teenagers on a budget. What I would say is that if you like oatmeal and don't mind spending a bit more for quality, at least consider treating yourself to a can.
344095344095B008J1HO4CAGYW97ZSBIAQUalan_in_la "alan_in_la"5551214784000The Best - Though I've Found an Acceptable AlternativeMcCann's steel cut is the best, no question about it, but when the price increased to more than 22 cents an ounce, I decided to try Trader Joe's Country Choice steel cut oats ($2.99 for a 30 oz. can - 10 cents an ounce). These oats aren't quite as good as McCann's, but they're pretty darn close in these times of austerity. If you have a Trader Joe's nearby, give them a try.
344096344096B008J1HO4CA3A1EMJ4C28WGOClark A. Mitchell5541212796800The oatmeal equivalent of grape-nutsMcCann's Irish oatmeal is quite different than traditional rolled oats in both texture and flavor. Note that it takes a half hour to cook, so it is not a good choice for workdays. I prefer normal rolled oats, but this is a nice change occasionally. It is very dense, similar to al dente pasta in texture; it is the equivalent of grape-nuts for oatmeal. On a per pound basis, it is more expensive than rolled oats.

Cracker Barrel's oatmeal is similar to McCann's. Recommend you try it there before purchasing.
344097344097B008J1HO4CA3O2QKH6YIA8PYK. Kilsdonk5541202860800Convenient way to cook it...This oatmeal is very good, no doubt, but I don't buy it here at Amazon because the price is too high. It is $4.99 a can at Whole Foods. If your price is higher than Whole Foods, you know you need to revisit it!

But, there is something available at Amazon that will make cooking the oatmeal a breeze, especially on weekdays, this little, Proctor Silex 1.5 quart slow cooker! There are several different sources for it here on Amazon.

Proctor Silex 33015 1.5-Quart Round Slow Cooker

I think this is the best very small pot because it has more than one temp setting and runs true to temp.

Put 1 cup of the steel cut oats + 4 cups of water in the crock, set it to "low" and go to bed. When you wake up, you'll have perfectly cooked oatmeal without standing over the stove. It makes between 2-4 servings depending on how much oatmeal you can eat at a sitting! We get 4 out of it with two grownups and to kids. Another plus is that you can keep the oatmeal warm in this pot for quite a while, accommodating a family where everyone doesn't get up at the same time.
344098344098B008J1HO4CA2SHQDMSR0MDAIS. Flynn5551171843200S Flynn (New Mexico, USA)I love this product for it's taste and nutritional benefits. Since I eat it almost every morning, I usually cook up 4 servings at a time. Four cups water, 1 cup McCann's Steelcut Oatmeal, 1/4 cup Cranraisins, 1/4 golden raisins. I cook it for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. I then pour it into a square pyrex dish, cover, refrigerate. When it is fully cold, I cut it into 4 section. Each morning, I'm able to pull out one section, chop it up a bit, add Vanilla Soy Milk, and microwave for 2 minutes (depending on microwave power). Before eating I add 1/4 cup raw oatbran, a dash of cinnamon and enjoy. I highly recommend McCann's Steel Cut Oatmeal.
344099344099B008J1HO4CA3QOBM06U2LIH1David H. Boyle "David H Boyle"4451229990400Irish Oatmean is 50% of my diet.True ... I eat only twice a day, at noon and again at around 6:00 PM, and the noon meal is always a very big bowl of Irish Oatmeal. Have been on this diet for about a year and am doing just fine ... was in something of a panic lately when the local stores ran out and did not seem interested in ordering more ... this is really something, when you have to explain to the store buyer what Irish Oatmeal is ... anyways, now that I've subscribed to Amazon's monthly oatmeal fix, all is right with the world :)
344100344100B008J1HO4CA1NWCJE2XIGVA3J. C. Rowe "musician"4451220745600oatmeal 4 cholesterol reductionAdvised by my Dr. to eat oatmeal every day to help reduce cholesterol, I quickly learned to hate the oatmeal I grew up with. Sitting in a bistro in Old Town Alexandria, VA I ordered "steel cut" oatmeal for breakfast. WOW, now that tasted good enough to investigate. I found McCanns' was available in a couple of stores there for a premium price, stocked up, and learned how to prepare it. A quick visit to the McCann website gave me some shortcuts on prep (it is NOT instant oatmeal), and some more surfing found me at amazon, where the price is right. A bowl of this grain filled with fresh berries starts my morning, I love the unique flavor when properly prepared, and my cholesterol is down.

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