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344121344121B008J1HO4CA3TF4UNSA9UDQSType_faster_goal6751307318400Delicious, nutritious and sooo good.Homemakers on a tight budget, take note.
My little secrets for super, tasty and very economical breakfasts.
Take one egg, beat it well in a simple stainless bowl, thoroughly coat a portion (1 cup) of oatmeal. Using a large fry pan, with a little dab of earl, on medium to high heat, CONTINUOUSLY stir fry kernels until they are separate. Three to ten minutes, depending on the heat output of your stove.
To make it toothy, I add only a tad over 3 cups of water. Ten minutes on the lowest heat (covered) and let it sit a few hours left to cool down. No point enriching the utility company and/or spoiling good food by making your fridge work past its capacity.
Important. Do not stir at all, period, basta, etc.
Having done so, creates a bit of a nice toothy textured meal.
Overnight in the icebox. Formula can be safely doubled for larger broods.
Garnish with maple syrup, honey, fruit etc. Use your imagination.
I generally stopped using white sugar almost 40 years ago. Although I am not an academic, and ain't gotten any degrees, empirically, it appears to me that white sugar avoidance does NOT kill you, it may even possibly be good for you. Use your good judgement and lead by example.
An exotic and excellent treat for children of all ages.
Heads and tails better than anything "Quaker".
BTW: This is the same way I prepare another of my favorite breakfast treats which should appeal to any good cook, namely , buckwheat (kasha).
A final comment, using Amazon auto reorder, this has to be one of the best and cheapest ways to provide a proper breakfast.
Enjoy and prosper.
344122344122B008J1HO4CA3NA8FPEO9KGTBLynn6731195171200Best oatmeal ever!!!I love the oatmeal. Very Fast Delievery. The cans came in dented though,it's hard to give dented cans for a gift.
344123344123B008J1HO4CALPWIFWELNQZ7Philip Ferrara "Food Lover and cook"3351235606400Great Oatmeal from Ireland Mc CannsMc Canns Irish Oatmeal Steel Cut Wow what a taste so smooth and sweet. I love Oatmeal but htis one is Great!!!!!! When I first started eating it I was Only Pouring hot water over it, I was used to instant {awful stuff}It was too crunchy then I read the label and found it had to be cooked for 30 min. wow was it delicious. Philip
344124344124B008J1HO4CALJMYYRC6NB9TJanice M. Hansen3351226793600restaurant style oatmeal in your homeOur family began a search for this oatmeal after having it served at a lovely, popular hotel. It was not until later that we all shared the fact that we loved it so much, but by then we were home. Many phone calls later, we discovered the name, and found it on Amazon.
Now that we have begun to use it, there are so many ways to use it besides the typical boring sounding oatmeal. Try it in breads, make it for a healthy desert, fruit adds lovely touches and the creaminess is one of it's hot points. You can use any kind of milk, soybean milk and the wonderful tasting almond milk. Yes, for those of you demanding instant oatmeal, have at it. But, it seems obvious McCann's is a healthier choice all around, so the extra time is worth it. We make large batches at night, cool it and refrigerate it in tupperware for an easy breakfast to heat in the microwave.
There is the unique rich nutty flavor, very fresh tasting. It is packaged in an attractive old fashioned can that I like as it is resistant to moths and pantry pests. My husband uses the empty cans for all sorts of organizational projects in the garage. Please give it a try, and then explore the way you like it best.
344125344125B008J1HO4CA10AFVU66A79Y1R. Cipriani "Flo"3351224806400The Best Oatmeal itI have been making this for a number of years. I love because it tastes like something and not wall paper paste AND it sticks with you. You are not hungry later in the morning after a nice bowl of steel cut oats.
I learned how to make this in my Rice COOKER and I have great oats nearly every day. Love them
344126344126B008J1HO4CA16HN843RMFXKFJo Lori Drake "Jo Lori"3351212883200Delicious and easyMcCann's is by far the best oatmeal out there. It's very easy to prepare using a wide-mouth thermos. I just put the oats and boiling water in the thermos the night before, and breakfast is hot and ready when I get up. Even if you don't like instant oatmeal, you will like McCann's.
344127344127B008J1HO4CA2FD1921TYZS5TBenedict "Benedict"3351212624000Great and here is an easy way to cook itI love this oatmeal. My complaint over the years was the time it took to cook.

I solved this with a fancy rice cooker, which actually has a setting for oatmeal. El perfecto!

344128344128B008J1HO4CA2ETQ56N3DW3EJ. W. Zimmerman3341212278400Good but....This is very good oatmeal... if you have the luxury of an extra half-hour of time in the morning. Better option is the McCann's Quick and Easy item... same oats, just cut finer to quick faster. I use a small rice cooker to cook oatmeal... great way to cook oatmeal.
344129344129B008J1HO4CA16O43LYNKRSWIJames D. Richards3351195344000Great tasteGave this a try and really like it. Now all of my family
likes it. Intend to keep using this product.
344130344130B008J1HO4CAAD53V45KF2VLKerry T. Givens "One out of five doctors"3351172016000The way oatmeal was meant to be: sensual, not pastyYou will look at instant oatmeal with scorn and disgust once you have enjoyed slow-cooked steel cut oats. There is nothing especially magical about the McCann version of this---you can get steel cut oats in bulk in practically any store that sells organic cereals and grains---but this brand remains my nostalgic favorite since I was introduced to these in childhood. Cooks beautifully in about 20 minutes without stirring or intervention of any kind if you use a double boiler. Or better yet, load it into a programmable rice cooker the night before. The nutty, chewy texture is essential to the experience, and in that regard, the double boiler approach delivers a somewhat crunchier end result than my rice cooker, which creates a softer, more porridge-like oatmeal, due to the longer presoak and cooking time involved with the night-before approach.

The cans keep quite a long time unopened---at least a year or two if the freshness dates are to be believed--- but I find the grains start to taste a littel stale or musty if you keep an open can more than a month or two.
344101344101B008J1HO4CA1X4YZBRIDI89Wmabuck "MA"4451198540800Where has this oatmeal been all my life?John McCann's steel cut Irish oatmeal does not have an equal in the oatmeal market. Even the "fancy" tin it comes in with all of the gold trimmings shouts "I'm the BEST". One taste of the rich nuttiness & chewiness of this porridge will convince you to ban rolled oats, especially the instant varieties, from your household. There is nothing instant about this product; it does take time to boil water, add the oats & cook for 30 minutes. The flip side is you can make a batch once a week & eat from it for several days by reheating a portion in the truly is worth the effort.
344102344102B008J1HO4CA1RPTVW5VEOSIMichael J. Edelman4451174608000Wonderful- if you have the time!I love oatmeal, and I really love McCann's- it has that nutty flavor you just don't find in quick oats. My morning schedule means I can't eat it every day, but I do enjoy it on weekends.

Most of us grew up on rolled oats, or instant oatmeal, and as a consequience, most of us have never tasted the real thing. And there's a huge difference. It's like comparing instant coffee with brewed coffee, or minute rice with real steamed rice. Trust me, if you've never had real, traditional, steel-cut oatmeal- well, you've never had oatmeal.
344103344103B008J1HO4CA2ZXZWBVIR7HADRandi L. Macdonald "CaliPoutine~"4451167782400The best steel cut oats.This is the best steal cut oats. Sure, you can buy cheaper "bulk" oats at the health food store, but they wont be Irish oats. These are the best and so good for you. I add 1tbls of brown sugar and that is just enought to enhance the flavor. My spouse adds a tbls of peanut butter for an extra boose of protein. I love McCann's , totally worth the price.
344104344104B008J1HO4CA2W60CY9RS05NET. Holley4451161129600Calcium boost, too!I use a double boiler and decrease the liquid to groats ratio to 3:1, using low-fat milk. That way, I provide additional calcium for my wife, the oatmeal is creamy and as long as I initially used enough water in the bottom boiler, I don't have to worry about burning the oatmeal. This method takes about an hour for the milk to completely absorb, and leaves the nutty taste and texture intact. Adding cinnamon and vanilla eliminates the need for additional sweetner.
344105344105B008J1HO4CA3TNM3C9ENUCFWA.M.Boughey "Poetmaster"4451288915200Robust and fillingGrowing up in England porridge or "porage" if you came from Scotland was a staple food in our house, especially in winter, and although I never liked the traditional made with water and salt version, sugar or syrup were always an alternative for a healthy and filling (and warming breakfast)
Most oatmeal available here in the USA (including the instant microwave stuff) is a pretty stodgy, slimy affair, that even though it tastes OK for the most part, is a mile removed from this McCann's steel cut Oatmeal.
This stuff is far more granular (so you use less) robust, and tasty, almost a nutty kind of grape nuts texture that is flavorful and nutricious, as well as filling, with only the addition of some sugar or sweetener to personal taste.
I purchased 4, 28 ounce tins on a Gold Box deal, but even at full price, they are not as expensive as they may appear, given the price of most other breakfast cereals today, especially the high price "organic" tagged ones.
It does take about 30 minutes to make, so a lot of people will not like that compared to the convenience of "instant" oatmeal, but I see that some reviewers have some tips for shorter cook times with a microwave.
For me, I like the idea of the tin instructions if you don't have 30 minutes in the morning.
Bring 4 cups of water to the boil per one cup of oatmeal in a saucepan, remove from heat, cover and cool and put in the refrigerator overnight, then cook in the morning for about 9 minutes on stovetop. This actually makes the finished article a little softer than fresh made, but still great in taste and texture.
The above measures are for about 4 servings (3 if like me, you have extra!) and I only add 4 teaspoons (one per serving) to the mix of raw cane sugar while cooking for a nice grainy but little sweeter taste.
A no doubt 5 star review for probably the best tasting and healthiest oatmeal (or porridge) I have tasted. Try some!
344106344106B008J1HO4CA3GGSBEA22HWSQCarla C. Kerr4451285977600McCann's Steel Cut Irish OatmealThis is a wonderful product once you learn how to cook it. As a matter of fact, I am right now heating up the remainder of a three day supply. It gets better each day and I highly recommend making a larger batch and reheating it each morning. I add milk each time I reheat it and I originally cook it in skim milk rather than water. I use the short cut method on the can and it seems to work best. I tried the longer method and it just takes too long. We love the texture and the fact that there isn't any flaky pieces like in regular oatmeal that you can't eat. As for cost, actually it is quite reasonable compared to the other oatmeal in stores.
344107344107B008J1HO4CA8A6YNMC1T3YXE. Michele Way4451280448000Try Cooking it OvernightI tried steel-cut oatmeal for the first time this week and I am hooked! I'll never go back to regular oatmeal again! I cook mine overnight in the slow cooker using a variation of Alton Brown's Overnight Oatmeal recipe, substituting raisins for the figs just because I like them better. My slow cooker tends to run hot so I put the temperature to "warm" overnight and then crank it up to "low" about an hour before serving (just enough time to have coffee and read the morning paper!). My family devoured it and asked for more! Pretty good for folks who don't normally even eat breakfast!

344108344108B008J1HO4CA1P29Z4E5L22I8M. Davidson "opera, concert movie maven"4451257033600It truly is the world's bestj oatmeal, healthy, steel cut and tasty!I love this brand of steel cut oatmeal and so happy to have found it online. My doctor that treats me for hypertension recommended this as a daily breakfast item! She is a clinical and research doctor and told me that she ate a bowl of McCanns steel cut every morning. She emphasied not to get the instant or quick cooking McCanns (eventhough it is far superior to other brands of same product) but rather the original in the can item here. I cook it in advance place in a closed container in the refrigerator and just take out as needed, it stays wonderful this way up to four or five days even a week when refrigerated!
Plus news of all news.... it is awesome for energy... I am not hungry mid morning and because I am satiated from the natural steel cut oats... I am not tempted by high sugar items!!!
344109344109B008J1HO4CA22ML4R2ZHBN3FTivette4451238198400The BEST oatmeal, like a dessert for breakfast!This is the BEST oatmeal anywhere on the planet! I found a quick and easy way to cook it for those that like lots of fruit. I use a 'fuzzy logic" rice cooker on the porridge setting (2 hrs.) but set my kitchen timer for only 25 minutes--which is all it takes to cook as it is a sealed rice cooker that steams the contents as it cooks. I use 1/2 of a rice cup measurer of oatmeal, 3/4 of a regular liquid measuring cup of water, 3/4 of a reg. liquid measuring cup of either cranberry, apple or pomegranate juice, then slice up a whole apple, add some dried cranberries, goji berries or other dried fruit and set the rice cooker. 25 minutes later when the oatmeal is done, I add walnuts--and perhaps more fresh fruit if you like. The fruit juice is sweet enough not to need sugar or any other sweetener! It is truly like a very healthy dessert for breakfast!
344110344110B008J1HO4CA106T2I1NKYNDUAnami Bremer4451233532800Hardy Morning Goodness!I've always enjoyed oatmeal for breakfast, but when I purchased my Sanyo Rice Cooker, it had a porridge setting, so I bought McCann's Steel Cut Oatmeal to try it out. So much more flavorful than regular oatmeal!

McCann's has rough cut bits of whole oats that cook into a hardy bowl of goodness that really stays with you through the morning. Very satisfying. I'll be keeping this on hand from now on!
344111344111B008J1HO4CAIV0OKU39R64KMariRuthie4451226793600Wowee, Yum!!This oatmeal is so delicious, and the texture is awesome. The downside: once you try this you'll never want that 'instant' oatmeal garbage ever again! I have a small slowcooker: I like to put in 1 cup of the oats and 4 cups of water, and then I put it on low to cook overnight. It's ready for me when I get up in the morning, and I have extra for later! For flavorings, I like to add a little salt, butter, cinnamon and sugar.

What amazes me most is that it keeps me satisfied for so long. With other oatmeals, I'd be hungry again within a couple of hours, or worse: still hungry when I finsh the bowl. When I eat a bowl of this oatmeal, I'm good until lunch time, easily.

And it's perfect winter comfort food!!
344112344112B008J1HO4CASVM83NPUSLQNM. Cartisano4451215388800Give it a chance, it grows on youMcCann's has a very different taste and texture than Quaker instant oats or other quick oat products, but it will grow on you. It takes a few more minutes to make, so a little planning is required if you're an up & go kind of morning person, but it's worth it. It's quite filling. The tin cans are neat. My first order arrived with one can popped-open and the oatmeal spilled into the box, but Amazon sent a new can, actually four new cans, at no charge. And in many reorders I've never had that problem again. Why shop anywhere else!
344113344113B008J1HO4CA26W0IBCA27D1KChris Hawkins4451198627200Slow and inconvenient still the best...I had been eating McCann's Quick & Easy (5-minute) oatmeal for some time, and it is really good. I was mistakenly sent a batch of the traditional stuff (30 minutes), and I have to say it is quite a bit better. So there you are. I have found that by adjusting my routine it is not so difficult to give it the 30 minutes. I won't be ordering the 5-minute stuff any more. Highly recommended...
344114344114B008J1HO4CA34ANDVRYAMU1JRobbie Roberts4451195516800True PorridgeMcCann's Steel Cut oat meal is the best. With the steel cut you get a nuttier flavor. It's filling and the fiber in the steel cut doesn't cause that bloating gas feeling. It doesn't have the oat flakes you find in regular oatmeal and at first glance you'll wonder why they call it oatmeal, but this is the real thing.
Since you have to cook it for 30 minutes (enjoy the aroma)you can make a big batch ahead and just heat with milk as you need it. I cook a weeks worth and just take out my morning portion, add skim milk and microwave for two minutes. Add honey and you have the best porridge you'll ever taste. The price is right too. If it was good enough for the Chicago's World Fair in 1893 (Columbian Exposition), it's good enough for me.
344115344115B008J1HO4CA17XGV6KSZW10XPaul R. Trautman4451195171200ALMOST AS EASY AS INSTANT OATSTraditional oatmeal is an acquired taste which more people are acquiring because of the health benefit. McCann's is the easiest to find and to my taste the best. (Quaker has put out a steelcut product which is not bad).

The drawback is cooking, it takes a long time to cook. My grandmother used to cook it in a doubleboiler overnight.

There is an easy way. The night before put 1/4 cup of oats to each cup of water in a saucepan, add salt, bring to a boil stirring occasionally. Turn off heat from anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds after reaching a boil, cover. In the morning it is ready to eat, you can heat it in microwave or on the stove or eat it room temperature.
344116344116B008J1HO4CA22D40DCDOMQ4MAnnette Walker4451184457600Great StuffMy 3-year old asks me to make this nearly every Saturday morning. We all love it. I have no problem with the 30-minute cooking time. Just start the pot of water boiling first thing after wandering into the kitchen. Do your usual other morning tasks while it cooks. Before you know it it, oatmeal is done.

This porridge has been our little Saturday morning tradition for more than a year ever since we read Good Morning, Little Fox which involves a mom cooking porridge. Amazon's price for this item is much better than any of my local grocery stores' prices.

We add a little milk and either brown sugar or fresh or dried fruit. It's summer now so we put slices of fresh ripe peaches in the bottom of the bowl before adding the hot oatmeal and a little milk. It does not have to be over-sweetened to make it taste good. I had no problems with the tins being shipped that was reported by several other reviewers.
344117344117B008J1HO4CA3B2YMRNGQPSX1Jane M. Vasiliou4451173484800Yum Yum YumI love this oatmeal for many reasons but the the best are the taste and the chew factor. You really feel like you are eating a meal. I make a batch of this twice a week. I cook it only 20 minutes and then I add 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1&1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon stir and put a cover on it and let it sit for 15 minutes or so, off the heat, to finish. This also helps so it doesn't stick to the pan. No comparison to Quaker oats. So healthful and yummy. I am on Weight Watchers and 1 cup of cooked oatmeal with 1/2 cup 1% milk, 1/8th oz. almonds (3 chopped), 2 dried apricots chopped, and 1 Tablespoon dried cranberries = 4 delicious filling points.
344118344118B008J1HO4CA2H3NT05MUUIHRandal F. Moon "moon dog"4451172102400Some Good Eatin!I generally like oatmeal. Did an Amazon search and came up with this product and bought some just to try. This stuff is GREAT. I tried the crock-pot overnite receipies as well as the stove top. IMHO, the stove top method is by far the best. If you like, add in some dried cranberries or raisins towards the end of the cooking process. I prefer mine serverd with a little brown sugar and some 2% milk. BTW the leftovers hold up nicely and reheat well in the microwave.
344119344119B008J1HO4CA1E7AIEUMWTQNQPaula4451167955200Tasty oatmealThe flavor and texture of this oatmeal is different from rolled oats. It's nuttier and the oats are still somewhat chewy after cooking. I agree with the reviewer who likes both ... depending on the weather or mood.

You do have to follow the directions on the can ... it takes about 35 -40 minutes on the stove. It has to be watched at first so it doesn't boil over, but as others have said, it's worth the effort. I've tried the microwave, but it doesn't work there because it boils over even on low setting in a very high dish. Old fashioned rolled oats cook up swell in the m.w. - 3 minutes on high.

Highly recommended! The tin is terrific and will be useful for other treasures.
344120344120B008J1HO4CA3PMM0NFVEJGK9Megan "Bad at Nicknames"4451166400000Best Oatmeal I've FoundMcCann's deffinatly deserves all of the awards it has won, plus it has adorable packaging. That great tin is practacle too, most oatmeal comes in cardboard boxes that are easy for pantry pests to get into, but not this sturdy well sealing tin.

If you are in a rush, this may not be the oatmeal for you, buy McCann's instant instead. But if you have the stirring time deffinatly buy the original. It takes a little while to cook, but it is evenly cut so it cooks evenly, unlike some of the other brands I've tried. One of the things I love about this oatmeal is all the wonderfull ways you can flavor it. To get you started there are basic cooking instructions on the can. This oatmeal is healthier for you, it has a relatively low glycemic index, plus it has naturaly accuring protien, perfect for a carb junky like me. Make a big batch and save some for reheating on mornings when you have less time.

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