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344131344131B008J1HO4CAHMJ65RP2SBDHMargo Palmer3311339977600Strange petroleum odor in the canLet me start off by saying that I adore McCann's Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal. I've been eating it for breakfast for years and have not had any trouble and have been ordering it through Amazon until I got this shipment of cans through the efooddepot. When I opened the first can, I smelled a strong petroleum odor and thought that maybe it was something new they were doing with the lining of the can.

I cooked up a batch and found I could taste petroleum and decided to throw it all out.

Buyer beware - I recommend that you order smaller quantities than I did (6 cans) and save your money in case the odor is in more than my 6 cans.

This is an update:
I bought some cans in a local grocery store and they smelled fine. I noted the difference in the gold color of the paint on the cans when I put them side by side with the smelly ones. See the images here: [...]
344132344132B008J1HO4CAIENELMK2AEMHSam D. Maloney "oruboris"3351295222400Hard to Find!It's hard to find the real, long cook variety of McCanns in my area, glad its available on Amazon [though yes, expensive and the shipping is high].

This traditional type yeilds an oatmeal with less of the 'sludge' than the quick cook McCanns or any of the rolled oat products. Simply superior taste and texture.

I like starting it the night before, adding whatever sounds good at the moment-- chopped apples or pears, cinnamon, maple syrup or molasses, toasted almonds or pecans, etc.

But even if you don't do it in advance, it takes no longer to cook than a lot of other breakfast foods.

Mine arrived with only one can slightly dented, sorry to hear others have had such issues.
344133344133B008J1HO4CA368SWKZUW26J0An American "An American"3351294272000All four cans perfect, expiration date 19 months from nowLses expensive than the lowest local price, all four cans arrived in perfect condition, and the "sell by" date is more than a year-and-a-half in the future. Excellent.

To those very few who received damaged cans, I suggest you contact Amazon. Their return/refund policy is among the best. Arrange for the return online, print a prepaid UPS label, and it's picked up at your house.
344134344134B008J1HO4CA2I98PD3XT8O4Pbeverly s mackey3351290988800Great ValueI buy this oatmeal at and save 50% off our local prices! Free shipping on autoship!
This oatmeal is great cooked in large quanities(8cups water/2cups oats) and then a microwaved by the bowl each morning. The most important trick with cooking is to cover the pot for 5 minutes when cooking is complete and it is taken from the stove.
344135344135B008J1HO4CA32EVMDC8OCNOIohm "okeh"3351286668800Try cooking in a rice cookerThis oatmeal has the best flavor, far better than the normal "rolled" oats. Can serve instead of rice at dinner, too.

Forget the boiling or microwave, get a Japanese style rice cooker and once you get the water amount right, it cooks up perfectly with no messy mixing.

Zojirushi NS-LAC05 Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer, Stainless Steel
344136344136B008J1HO4CA1FI5RUHER30USlove-r-oats3351254355200Really Good StuffLook, if you want great oat meal, this is the stuff. It's not the sloppy, gooey, half chewed stuff you think of as oat meal from your childhood. It's nutty and chewey and tasty. It takes a little time to cook, but anything worthwhile takes a little time. You won't find it cheaper anywhere else. If you want good oatmeal, with the health benefits that go with it, try McCann's. Add some brown sugar, golden raisens, butter and cream to it and you'll lose half the health benefits but be happier for it. Bon appetit!
344137344137B008J1HO4CA3KD33MUR0KH62Dawn3351182902400It doesn't get better then this. Make a huge pot, eat for a week!!I use my pressure cooker to make a huge pot of this in about 20 minutes. I use a half milk/half water mixture to cook, add some vanilla extract, bring it to a simmer, add the oats to the mix, and cover the pressure cooker. Let it go about 15 minutes, take it off the fire and let the pressure die down. I then take out the amount we are ready to eat that day and add raisins and a bit of equal, splenda or brown sugar-depending upon who is eating....YUMMM. I then put the rest in a giant container in the fridge, and each day of the week, I just have to microwave whatever we want to eat, add raisins and a bit of milk, something to sweeten it a bit and enjoy. Sometimes, I add fruit, cinnamon whatever I happen to have in the house ...A great way to start the day with very minimal cleanup and work on the busy weekdays.
344138344138B008J1HO4CA3OJJCAZYPU9HBB. A. Burch "mzlady"2251330300800aaamazing.....This is amazing oatmeal.... I fix a pot full once a week.
and reheat a portion daily in microwave for 1-2 mins.
add a bit of sugar free hazelnut flavored half and half
and it is soooo good....and healthy, low calorie, and low
fat..... now you just can't beat that...
344139344139B008J1HO4CA2R7SJ36BB2TM5kckayc2251327536000love these oatsLove the oats. Saving the cans... I put the oats in containers quicker to open. I cook these in a slow cooker crockette overnight... 1/2 c oats, sprinkle of salt, 2 cups of water and a tablespoon or so of butter. Stir it all up in the morning and divvy it up between two bowls. Some sweetener and fat-free half and half along with a couple pieces of whole wheat toast make me a very happy person. I've tried the other steel-cut oats but keep coming back to McCann's.
344140344140B008J1HO4CA2LJJLSIT8PWICDonald E. Bowman "DB"2251325808000Very TastyMy wife has never enjoyed oatmeal - unless it was made into a cookie. But she really likes these Irish Oats. Me too.

The tin is cool looking but you need a tool (Church Key or knife) to open it. Can not open it with just your fingers.
344141344141B008J1HO4CA33J2VWP9HXDU9J. Lesley "(Judy)"2251324944000Outstanding!I love the taste and the texture of these steel cut oats, but they can be somewhat of a labor of love to prepare. It can take about 35 minutes to cook them from start to finish, with lots of stirring of the pot and keeping track of exactly how the heat is regulated on your stove. I have made them the "long" way many times. The taste is absolutely wonderful and the texture is quite pleasing. I have also soaked the oats in water overnight and then cooked them the next morning which reduces the cooking time to about 10 minutes for me. Still the same wonderful taste, but this method loses quite a lot of the whole grain sensation in the mouth.

I was in the market for a rice cooker and while investigating them I noticed that some have a setting for porridge. When I made my choice of the Panasonic SR-DE103 rice cooker it was partially because I wanted to use it to cook these oats. The only drawback is that the rice cooker will only cook two servings at a time because the oats foam and bubble up so much during cooking. Any more than two servings and they will be bubbling out of the steam vent of the cooker! It also takes one hour to cook those two servings, but I can be off doing other things while the cooker takes care of the oats. The oats cooked in the rice cooker have the same taste and texture as those cooked for the 35 minute method on the stove.

This product is delightful. I do add a tiny pinch of salt during the cooking time. They are wonderful with either white sugar, brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, butter, or just completely unadorned. And, which is very important, a serving of these steel cut oats stick with me and I don't find myself wanting to eat a second breakfast two hours later. One serving lasts until lunch time and beyond (if I'm really busy). Any leftovers also keep well in a bowl in the refrigerator and warm up nicely in the microwave. Just an all around great product.
344142344142B008J1HO4CA1EHO6H9CJT7ISA reviewer from Washington DC2251323129600Cooking timeSo, I've been a heavy user of this oatmeal. I don't know how many would agree with me, but I find a 30 min cooking time unnecessary. I cook it on the stovetop for 17-18 min after coming to a boil. It is done. But you have to use a bit less water too - use about 3x water instead of 4x.

I really like the extra texture that this short cooking provides. If you find it a bit hard at first, leave it stading for a couple of minutes and it will soften more. Ever since I've found I don't have to spend 30 minutes to obtain great taste, it saved so much time! Try it!

Unrelatedely, the price on Amazon has not become competitive enough to order 4 cans, even with the 15% discount. WF have lowered their prices and I now buy it there.
344143344143B008J1HO4CA2OH0NP4WKZO1NKent Slocum2251313020800"new" oatmeal gotr hungry HoosiersWe have loved Quaker Oats for years and years, and will not cast any negative words bout it. Always ready to try something new, we ordered the McCann's Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal and are not disappointed. The oatmeal has wonderful flavor, is mouth-satisfyingly chewy, and like the old friend Quaker Oats, sticks to the ribs. You can't rush it ... it takes a good 30 minutes to cook, but it is worth the wait. Read the contatiner for a short cut. We've since cut the recipe in half giving just enough for the both of us. (the full recipe is four servings) A hearty recommendation for this project.
344144344144B008J1HO4CA1Q8QT6GOH6SEXLakegirl2251311465600Delicious, healthy, easy to prepare, versatileAfter many years of eating Quaker Oats, I purchased McCann's and haven't looked back. I didn't know such a modest dish could taste so incredibly good. On Sunday nights I use the short cut method (on the side of the can)which requires one minute of cooking and then storage in the fridge until the following morning. I cook a medium pot which lasts us all week. Just heat them up for about 10 minutes on low (or microwave on medium high) and you have the best oatmeal on the planet. I frequently charge it up with dried cranberries, fresh frozen blueberries, strawberries, chunks of apple and cinnamon and even chopped nuts, sunflower seeds and ground flax seeds. This oatmeal is not mushy but neither is it hard. The texture is chewy and the flavor is awesome. My husband and I are hooked and keep our cupboard well stocked with this healthy breakfast food. We even eat it as a light snack at night with a bit of maple syrup when we crave something sweet. For anyone who loves oatmeal, this is the one to try.
344145344145B008J1HO4CA1QTDF8OIYTPZUMichael R. Ezell2251291766400Steel Cut: A Cut AboveIf you're an oatmeal love, you owe it to yourself to try Steel Cut oatmeal. McCann's is an excellent choice. It comes in air-tight cans that keeps everything fresh. You can make regular oatmeal or porridge. This stuff even tastes good without embellishments like milk, fruit or honey. Great choice!
344146344146B008J1HO4CA1Q1NU8TVO96QFSilvia2251291507200Yummy oatmeal and so good for youI bought this on a lightning deal sale at Amazon.

I normally don't spend more than 15 minutes preparing breakfast but cooking this oatmeal for 30 minutes is well worth it. I love the texture and flavor and this is much better than the Quaker Oats you buy at Vons or Ralphs. I don't add any salt or honey in my oatmeal. I eat it plain and I love it.
344147344147B008J1HO4CA3J27JU6VCEQ3WMartie R. Guay2251290038400Best OatmealI like all oatmeals, old fashioned & quick But these steel cut oats are by far the best, Well worth the extra time it takes to cook them. Would recommend
344148344148B008J1HO4CA7QYQFPZ2PYXPVincent Maestas2241287878400McCann in a canThe only real downside is that you have to plan ahead. It has to cook for about 30 min. Its has a harty texture, it does not taste anything like the typical oatmeal that I have found in stores., really good. I eat this oatmeal almost every morning for my breakfast. This is the BEST Oatmeal I ever Tried. Absolutely yummy. I cook my oatmeal according to the direction, listed on the can, You make it with 4 cups of water, bring to a boil and 1 cup of oatmeal. When I added the oatmeal to the boiling water, you stir, let get a bit thick, than I place a lid on the pot of oatmeal to steam it for a while longer.
344149344149B008J1HO4CA1IN5SDS0SHN6OLinda Glennon "Happy Kneena"2251287100800Great Oatmeal Takes TimeWe are very pleased to be able to purchase this online as our local store has closed due to the economy. Though it takes a tad longer to cook than conventional oatmeals it is well worth the time. The taste is superior and the health benefits out way everything. We just cook up twice as much as we want for the week and then portion it out in the morning. We keep what isn't eaten in a container in the frige. It is just as tasty on the last day as it is on the day it was cooked. Reheating is a breeze in the microwave.
344150344150B008J1HO4CA3FAX4LNQAYG23M. G. Hall ""internet shopper""2251285027200rich tasting oatmealPurchased steel cut oatmeal over traditional oatmeal for the greater health benefits. Surprisingly rich taste over regular oatmeal
344151344151B008J1HO4CA1WGMSNDLRLCHYJudy2251276128000product fine - cans not so/rataing for product and packingI would never buy dented cans at the store and if I ever did they would be at a lower price. all 4 cans were dented. not so bad as it would have an impact on the product inside but still dented. I feel that maybe they are seconds and maybe that is why the price. however they should tell you that so you can have the option of buying or not.I cannot find steel cut oatmeal ( in regular stores)McCANN'S Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal, 28-Ounce Tins (Pack of 4) so that is why I bought it here. I really do love it and it is so good for you.
344152344152B008J1HO4CA2YUB91VYD3HCXMobileman2251273363200Great product, cook in a rice cooker on porridge settingI eat this every day, and cook it in an induction rice cooker so that it comes out perfect with no worry about timing...can even set to be ready at a time in the morning. Adding frozen fruit of any type towards the end of the cycle is all you need for sweetness..Cherries, blueberries, mangoes..whatever and raisins are good too. I find the price varies greatly by retail store, but whole foods sells it for 4.99 every day which is less than here on Amazon unless you get the repeat delivery cycle. Life changing breakfast!
344153344153B001J67XQSAIYUWQQL62U9XRoxy Drew0051342569600Birthday SnacksMy brother absolutely adored the snacks:)Thank you so much.Arrived fast and promptly.Very pleased with purchase.
Nice to have ingredients to make a cake,also.
344154344154B001J67XQSAFOXC8AJKBTZUBlaine N0051322438400Mom loved it..Could not make it to Mom's Birthday, so I sent this to her, and it just tickled her so much.She just loved all the treats.
344155344155B001J67XQSA1OKWXP27GFV80Gwen Zarnoch0041320451200Better than flowersI sent this to my son in college for his birthday and he really liked the different snacks and the great box. Way better than flowers, especially for boys.
344156344156B0002UKNZKA10IJEOBOPIDR9Dotty Mcadams0051294444800Great KonaWe love the coffee. We bought the french press grind. Very good flavor and aroma. This company has good service and prices.
344157344157B001IZIEJAA6KL17KKN0A5LK. Harper2251310947200Hint of Tamari soy sauce makes them addictive!I love these Tamari Almonds, and even my picky eater husband likes them. It has hint of rich Tamari soy sauce flavor that is not too salty or overwhelming. It's hard to stop eating them once you start! It's an added bonus that it's organic too.
344158344158B0007OVWOWA2NOZB6VZCTOI4Robert I. Hedges1151138492800I've Struck Gold!This is one big box of gum. I remember Gold Mine gum from years ago. I always liked the fact that it came in small, irregular "nuggets" similar to real gold. It was always the coolest gum to buy as a kid because it came in unique little sacks with drawstrings.

Well, good news, retro candy lovers! It is still here. This is an enormous and heavy box full of 24 satchels of Gold Mine gum. Not only is it still fun, it's still delicious. It's relatively expensive for gum, but for an occasional treat or to introduce it to a new generation, I highly recommend this product.
344159344159B0043Q3LH6AOQI1LEWYMSDAKim101111299715200Slightly bitterAlthough I am a big fan of the regular sweet tree coconut palm sugar, I felt the vanilla variety had a very bitter taste. Did not enjoy it at all and will stick to the regular stuff!
344160344160B0043Q3LH6ADWVI3I0UJB6ODianne Lee "DianneL"1141337212800Coconut Palm Sugar - maybeI'm not sure it is so great that I bought Coconut Palm Sugar. Since then, my weight has begun CLIMBING ! I listened to Dr Oz but I'm wondering whether he just talks us into something then lets us buy it and "leaves." I haven't changed but I cannot get my weight down. Anybody have comments?

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