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344161344161B0043Q3LH6AHW2PTEKO1J31M. Miller "Twinmom"1151324252800great with coffeeThe vanilla adds a subtle flavor to your coffee which is very welcomed for us! We've been trying to find a great tasting a alternative to the highly processed flavored creamers that we have spent so many years loving and this product plus half and half is the winner :)
344162344162B0025VFFGQA3BFG3A2LP4DH9D. Chin0021332374400My son did not likeMy son did not like the flavor. Unfortunately I have 90 left and don't want to give them away as I don't think they are very good. As a plus my son decided to eat veggies at school without dip.
344163344163B0025VFFGQA1SLIH5P6O7TCMMtn Dog0011325203200Nasty! Don't waste your money.I made the mistake of buying these because our son loves to eat raw vegetables if he can dip them in Ranch Dressing. I hoped these would improve the lunch he takes to school. Big mistake. The dressing in these packages looks curdled and separated and the flavor is bad. We just lost ground in trying to get him to eat more veggies and I wasted $25.
344164344164B000GREOA4A18L1CVUIQRE9LMary McKinney "PRINCESS MERI"3351184976000WONDERFUL !Surprisingly, this spaghetti tastes
just like the regular non-organic,
only fresher!

A wonderful find as many organic
products do not stand up to their
non-organic counterparts.

Definitely a keeper for a very
picky past junk food family!
344165344165B004M8M54AA2ZPUBQNOEB4I3ctrl-brk3341306713600Fun drink, but expensiveThe taste instantly reminded me of my last cruise, sitting on the pool deck and drinking a fruity alcoholic "drink of the day". Basically, it tastes good and is not hard to get down or anything like that. The first time I tried it like a shooter, literally shooting the whole thing. That was a mistake, I think it is better to just sip it three to four times instead.

As for the energy boost, I think the 1-shot a day idea isn't going to do much to boost your energy level. But if you take three or four of them a day, then yes I can see it giving you a boost. Unfortunately you also need to apply for a bank loan to be able to afford it.
344166344166B004M8M54AA1PMB1JB05J9EHsnow&1151324252800Jumpstart your Day
344167344167B004M8M54AA38PFPV6U27404Shara A. Neff0011334620800Disgusting tasteI just got this at Costco, so I'm fairly certain it's not past its date. I tried a tiny bit and it tasted like rancid butter popcorn - this is the closest flavor idea I can think of. I've put it in the fridge to see if maybe the flavor is better when it's cold, but I don't have high hopes.

Sad, because I love essentially everything else Jamba. I was looking forward to a fruity little pick me up.
344168344168B004M8M54AA20PMQBGGJNYXTWheel & Deal "Rich"0041324425600I pronounce it a success!I'm not one to imbibe things that I can't pronounce, because they're usually made with lots of artificial chemical ingredients -- but this "Cupuacu" is merely a Portuguese word for an antioxidant-rich Brazilian fruit. For vitality and endurance, I pronounce it a success!

It provides a natural boost like chocolate (40mg caffeine), but it tastes like a combo of coconut, mango and tangy tropical fruits. A shot a day gives you 100% daily value of B6 and B12, yet has only 20 calories.
344169344169B004M8M54AAP8D74QD9LUULL. Steiner0051324339200Unique delicuous tasteI opened my first bottle, and poured an ounce into the included "shot glass". It is thick and a murky color. I wasn't sure what to think, but it smelled ok, so I took a sip. It was so different, definitely manogo-y, but also had another flavor I couldn't place. Then it came to me, it tasted a bit like chocolate. When I read the label, it said that cupuacu is a "cousin" of chocolate, so that explains it! If it wasn't so expensive, I would have poured a glass and added a few ice cubes. I have been drinking my little shot in the middle of the afternoon for a little pickup, due to natural caffeine and for a little sweet treat. This drink supplies antioxidants as well as 100% of vitamins B6 and B12 with nothing artificial and no added sugar, a great product!
344170344170B004M8M54AA3F5MMTXRTE0ECDebraZ0041323907200Interesting CombinationWhen I first tried this shot, I was surprised by the bitter initial taste. The aftertaste, though, has a very nice mango flavor. I did feel more awake without feeling jittery. I don't think that it will replace my coffee, but it might be a great thing for an afternoon pick me up.
344171344171B004M8M54AA2BZYGB9XMLBN4Judy Ingle "bookiej"0021323734400Well It's A Booster Shot with MangoNot for me. Taste is pretty Couldn't taste any mango in it.

I drank 1 ounce, and that was 1 ounce too much.

Will not try again.

Do enjoy the other products/juices in the Jamba Juice category. As stated in my other reviews, they were delicious.

This is just not for me.
344172344172B004M8M54AA28B0QVIRY1I5Bamr0041323648000Tasty little pick me upThis is a tasty (sort of mango/coconut) drink. You only take a shot and it gives you a little boost of caffeine. (It was in the fridge and my husband drank a glass without knowing about the caffiene content and was up unitl 1 a.m., so beware!). If you use as directed, a nice little pick me up.
344173344173B004M8M54AAW02QL6H5NSDAstef426780031323648000Tropical EnergyI really liked the ingredients of this drink and the taste reminds me of the tropical islands. The mango taste is strong and flavorful and the shot is easy to take in the morning for a great way to start the day. The drink is thick and almost smoothie like, but has a great tropical taste. It gave me a little energy to start the day and had a refreshing taste.
344174344174B004M8M54AA19T1POOX17XZVdmc0041321488000Vitatlity shotAnytime I am flagging, I take a capful of this vitality shot. It has a nice pick-me-up effect, but without the shakiness that coffee often provides. It is not as strong as coffee, which makes it perfect for a mid-day boost when you don't need a full jump-start.
344175344175B004M8M54AAK5YM1O9ZAX63rcatty0051318291200goodbye coffee!Well, I love coffee too much to let it go all the way but one shot of this and I'm powered up and ready to go! Tastes great and full of beneficial vitamins and nutrients.
344176344176B004M8M54AA139SQWRZDRVVsteeler70051311984000Fantastic, it makes you fell AmazingThis is all that, i cant believe the difference in energy in only a week of using this product and the other two booster drinks. I think that Jamba Juice and pepsi have an amazing product. 5 energetic stars for me!!!!
344177344177B004M8M54AA20713QKOYN8X2MidnightRunner1211323475200Ugh, this stuff looks and tastes nasty, could be I got a bad batch?Ok, I bought this from the Amazon warehouse so it is possible that it was not stored properly (well within date though), however I have nothing to compare it to but the pic on the label, and it is a bit darker than that and more brown. That said this stuff looks and tastes nasty (I tried a bit before dumping it). It is hard to tell sometimes with fruity energy drinks, but I am pretty sure this would not be something most people would want to drink, more like hold your nose and chug it. Given all the glowing reviews I have to wonder if I got a bad batch or Amazon did not store it well. I will try and post a pic of the stuff so maybe somebody who has bought it at the store can say if it looks different.

Update - Amazon came though with a refund on this which I am grateful for. I am pretty sure that the batch I received was either stored improperly or was just not right given all the positive reviews, but it is something to watch out for. Note that I ordered from the Amazon Warehouse deals site.
344178344178B004M8M54AA15ZAO7D1H5ESLauren41951306195200ENERGIZE! <3
344179344179B000PBXJYIA1SBR4FFW5FJRPJohn H. Marvin, Madison, WI - Broadway devotee0051258848000TIP TOP TOPPINGAn excellent topping for bread pudding, ice cream, or a flan. A great syrup for that extra touch.
344180344180B000PBXJYIA2HKU4SOT0CWG9Susan C. Wolfe "Nutty Librarian"0051254355200Love this syrup!I use this syrup in teas, coffee and hot chocolate! It is a good product!
344181344181B001FA1IHSA37PV5GMP2ILJCAmanda Richards151541209254400Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade vs. Tang FruitionComparing this Kool-Aid mix
with Tang's "Fruitrition"
You'll find it won't measure up
with the nutrition

But it tastes so much better
and the color's blue
Thirst-quenching and fun
that's this Kool-Aid brew

Carbs, sodium and sugar
No caffeine, no fat
Some vitamin C
and not much at that

But there's no escaping
that new Tang tastes bad
with chemical sweeteners
it's really so sad

At the end of it all
I care about taste
So I'm drinking the blue
And to heck with my waist.


Kool-Aid Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade (listed first) / Tang Fruition
Calories: 70 / 40
Sodium: 5 mg / None
Carbs: 17 g / 9 g
Sugar: 17 g / 9 g
Vitamin C: 10% / 100%
Vitamin A: Nope / 10%
Riboflavin: Nada / 10%
Vitamin B6: Zip / 10%
Vitamin E: Ooops! / 10%
Niacin: Huh? / 10%
To make 8 Quarts: 20 oz / 12.3 oz


1. I get my daily nutrition from other sources.
2. Too bad about that aftertaste, Tang

Amanda Richards, April 27, 2008
344182344182B001FA1IHSA10XSZPQKJUCRLShannon Lacorte "Wraith Refugee"3351197504000Awesome product!Great stuff, love the flavor. It's really original, refreshing and new! I also love the color, it's a beautiful blue!
344183344183B001FA1IHSA30UWBHC4QL4JTS. Robison0051313712000Great Value, Great PriceThis is, hands down, my favorite Kool-Aid flavor. Getting this in a pack of six, therefore, for such a decent price as compared to supermarket prices is definitely a value-buy. In addition to that, the containers are packaged neatly and securely, making this a definite must-buy for your money's worth!
344184344184B001FA1IHSA2YDADGLCOYSVFAngela Sgambati0051312848000The sooner the betterI was so excited when my order actually came 2/3 days earlier then i expected, all 6 containers in tacked, i know that sounds weird since it was just an order of Kool Aid mix but my friends have been looking all over for this specific flavor for a long
344185344185B001IZI4M2AGVUSM5XUEVN2Pamela A. Fitzpatrick "Pamela"1151277337600Great product, great priceI love to add extract flavors to pancake mix and other predictable baked/cooked items. I'm done paying grocery store prices for these things, so once again Amazon comes through. Shelf life is forever, so multiple items won't go bad.
344186344186B001IZI4M2A15LI24XAWS8RAM. Furlong "sunshine"0051344729600GREAT ORANGE TASTEI bought a 2oz bottle of this at my local whole food's store, for $5.39. I've recently been experimenting with baking my own cupcakes. I'd found a good cupcake book with lots of nice frostings.

Presented by Southern Living Big Book of Cupcakes: 150 Brilliantly Delicious Dreamcakes

After I bought this at the store, I found the same orange Flavorganics extract here for $21.96. I realized what a good deal I'd got at my local store, I went back and bought two more bottles!

Last week I made a batch of gingerbread cupcakes, from my new cupcake book, I've been making them quite often because they're so delicious. I'd been using a frosting I made with cream cheese, butter and powdered sugar. I decided to use some of this orange extract, I also used a tiny amount of red and yellow food coloring gel, the color turned out great.

I wasn't sure how much of this orange essence to use as I'd only ever used almond and vanilla essences before and I never needed much. I kept putting a couple of drops in at a time, I used more than I expected. Next time I'm going to use more drops at a time.

I'm very happy with the orange taste, it tastes just like real oranges, but come to think of it, It does come from oranges, so it's not such a surprise!
344187344187B000VBVZRKA1MY2L3LC45C6TLiz Olson0051328745600Awesome!I love this rub. It has a rich earthy taste that is wonderful on ribs. Rub it on the ribs, then place them on slabs of onion, put about a cup of beer in the pan, cover with foil and roast slowly for several hours. Awesome! I acn't find this in the stores anymore. Thank goodness for Amazon! I've also used it on beef, chicken, and pork. It's a pantry staple.
344188344188B007S0WQXEA14UG1SPDBSUPN. Watson "Nik-a-weez"6651342310400Expensive but worth it!We live in an area where Olive Garden is not available. After many years of longing for easy access, I decided to take the plunge and try these out. THEY ARE THE REALY DEAL! You'll be satisfied with this purchase.
344189344189B007S0WQXEA13PIJM5FGQR6Hcrazydaisy225551345248000Love this stuff!To the dumb reviewer that said it doesn't taste like olive gardens IS OLIVE GARDEN HOUSE DRESSING! This isn't some knock-off So yeah its identical. And I love it! Our local Olive Garden actually sells it too.
344190344190B007S0WQXEA36ERVFRVLWKLQmonica m1151349049600olive garden dressingGreat taste.....VERY similar to actual dressing at restaurant chain. i would definitely buy it again. my daughter enjoys it with her salad and requests it more than any other kind of dressing

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