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344191344191B007S0WQXEA3PU3TC56OFRSNBelinda1151346716800greatThis is great, my favorite dressing in a bottle. A little expensive but worth every dime. Now I dont have to go out and buy a salad from Olive Garden all the time.
344192344192B007S0WQXEA2BV01F023AUW1E. Bitterlich0051351209600Exactly what you think- Olive Garden's salad dressingThis salad dressing is exactly what you get when you order a salad at the Olive Garden. It's thinner than most creamy Italian dressings but it helps coat the salad evenly without overdressing it. Rated 5 stars not because it is the most delicious salad dressing I have ever had, but because it tastes exactly as you would hope.

This dressing can also be purchased directly from Olive Garden restaurants.
344193344193B007S0WQXEAQ8SOEK2M2W5EGreg Murry "Tyler"1251343779200Cheaper at Sam's ClubOlive Garden Salad Dressing is sold at Sam's Club stores for way less. Bought it there and was exactly what was at the restaurant. Love it!
344194344194B007S0WQXEA1XIOC7AIUX9I0annm0121345420800Not the same as in the restaurantThis dressing is very thin and runny and tastes nothing like in the resturants. For italian dressing it is ok, but if you are expecting the same taste, you will be disappointed.
344195344195B007S0WQXEA3DY7Y5ZJRJKU6M. Matthews0431342742400Not at all like Olive garden dressing, but OK.I was hoping it was like the olive garden's but its not, its OK and my husband likes it. Not sure I will re purchase though. Very large bottles for the price, its really a good value for those that want to try it.
344196344196B005AYC89CA2TPM6XC32QPW9M.E.'s Family6651318896000The best sunbutter ever!!!I love this stuff!!! It is so much better than any other brand we have tried. Probably because it is roasted and has sugar in it, while the other brands are mostly raw. I'm sure the raw versions are healthier, but in this case, I consider it an indulgence! Another reason that we prefer this over any other "sun-butter" is that it comes in a glass jar, while all the other sun-butters seem to come in plastic jars. I like the flavor of this even better than almond or cashew butter. When I could find the Once Again Sunflower Seed butter locally, I would stir in coconut oil and that made it even yummier!

Unfortunately my local grocery store stopped carrying it a while ago, and the shipping is rather expensive to order it direct from Once Again. I wish Amazon would start carrying it (not just through a sub-seller).

Update: I originally wrote this Feb 2011, and now Once Again is labeling their sunbutter as Gluten Free! I knew that it was GF, but I'm glad to see it on the label too! Still hoping Amazon will offer it with a Subscribe and Save option however, and bring the price down!
344197344197B005VQCZM4A14C7W3TV2L5EVCharles M4441332979200Follow-up reviewLooks like I am the first to review this item, so here goes.
From the product description are these two statements:
"Winner of the Gold Medal in the 2011 California Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition.
Country of origin: USA"
But, voila, the old switcharoo! This oil is a product of Chile, as it plainly says on the label. The oil is fine, but no more orders from this vendor for me.

May 24, 2012
OK, this is a follow-up review. I will give four stars this time because of the mislabeling. BUT, this is, in fact, excellent oil. Now that I know the origin and quality of this EVOO, I will repent and order another bottle. The country of Chile produces very good agricultural products, and this is one of them.
344198344198B0025UOMESAA3TGU66JK9Z3Melody M. Mitchell0051314576000Sparkling CiderI got tired of the constant need to buy or make juice. Why isn't there an easier way? I wondered, and then I went to amazon to find things and I found the Monin collection. I bought this Apple and while it doesn't go well in flat water, when mixed with sparkling water, it tastes like a light apple cider. I love it and I adore the convenience of the syrups.
344199344199B005EXGE5IA3J2ECWH1TEQXWMatthew Adrian1151348790400Chihuahua mix loves theseHe takes his mini bone into another room and eats it facing away from us. We believe he does this in order to hide it and be sure we won't take it away.
344200344200B005EXGE5IA275DMHZMRS9ZNA. Dunne1151346544000Helps keep breath freshThe medium are a good size for my 30 lb Sheltie. This is his treat after his dailly brushing and he just loves them. They do help his breath although, as another reviewer pointed out, they are not a substitute for brushing. The pantry pack is a good value.
344201344201B005EXGE5IA1001WMV1CL0XHCorey DePaul1151345334400Our dogs love them!!!We have two small Maltese and they absolutely love these treats. We often break them in half to make the box last a little longer. As far as helping their breath, they help a bit. When it comes to their dental needs their is no substitution for manually brushing their teeth.
344202344202B005EXGE5IA2Q4XCKPUKKHX3Barton A. Bean "Barton A. Bean"0051344988800Bugsy loves them!My little rescue mini poodle Bugsy loves these wonderful little chews. Small dogs like Bugsy benefit from the cleaning done with these.
344203344203B005EXGE5IA2NYSPU3ILRJGPjason0051338854400goodmy dog loves these and they really are good for thei teeth and their breath! This big bag enables them to be at a very good price and do last quite a while. Reccommend, quick shipping!
344204344204B005EXGE5IA1500F1VKV37HRDisappointed in Amazon0211344816000Package wasn't received, and both UPS and Amazon said it was the other's problemI have given my dogs these dental treats before and they are very popular with them. The package I found on Amazon was a good price for the large quantity ordered. Since now I have paid the money and never received the item, and basically have found no direct route of getting refunded, I am not happy. I will be reluctant to purchase from Amazon again because there was no way for me to get hold of them for a reimbursement. I contacted UPS and they said Amazon likes to handle these things directly. And from looking all through Amazon's website, it says to contact UPS directly. And when I try to put in for a refund, the product not arriving is never an option---and there is no phone number or way to email otherwise. I guess I am out $30 for this purchase. I am disappointed in both Amazon and UPS for their service. I think if the product arrived, I would have likely been happy with it.
344205344205B005EX6LTWA310B8OFSNA5K5Dudley Lamburt0011347580800ickNo one, not even my children liked these. They were hard and very, very chewy and lacked flavor. There were only 4 in the package, not eight like we were expecting, which was fine with me because I would have just thrown them away anyways. Just a heads up if you needed eight for something. The only positive was that they looked cute.
344206344206B0026KNQSAA21SYVGVNG8RASJennifer Sullivan1151298851200Yummy snacks!Popchips are the bomb!! I use the parmesan garlic to scoop up cottage cheese as a healthy alternative to chips and dip. My healthy eating program is saved.
344207344207B0026KNQSAAQJYXC0MPRQJLB. Perrin1151298851200Great chip that is different from the restI like the puffed nature of this chip that makes it more unique in the chip market. I ordered the Salt and Vinegar and absolutely love that flavor, hands down my favorite chip ever. I have tried the cheddar and regular flavors as well. The cheddar is about a 4/5 and the regular is about a 3/5 because I prefer strong flavors and obviously that would not be the case for the regular. The Salt and Vinegar is kind of weak compared to some regular S&V chips, but is quite flavorful and makes you wanting to come back for more.
344208344208B0026KNQSAA30NYUHEDLWI0YMiriam "Miriam"1151291852800Great Alternative to Potato ChipsI just love these chips! I was always a big fan of potato chips, but haven't had one since I discovered popchips. They are great for dipping or all alone. I am constantly re-ordering them. One note however-if you are on a low salt diet these chips are probably not for you. They are high in sodium. We go through a case every two months. If you love them it pays to join the subscribe and save program through Amazon. You save money and stay supplied!
344209344209B0026KNQSAA2NU55U9LKTB5Jdivarett1131286928000Not somthing I would craveThese tasted like potatoe stix, that we got in grade school with our lunches usually on pizza day. They were the bomb then, not so much now. Won't buy again unless I get them for cheap or free.
344210344210B0026KNQSAA225F7QFP5LIW2ccde1151286236800healthy and deliciousThese chips are great! They look almost like a flattened rice cake, but taste so much better, more like a potato chip. The bbq flavor is delicious. They are very low in fat and full of flavor. It is easy to eat an entire bag of these!
344211344211B0026KNQSAAWB39CSUQXSB3April "Lighthouse"1121286064000On the strong sideThe flavors of these are a bit on the strong side. Wish I hadn't bought so many...I thought I would love them since parmesan and garlic are two of my favorite flavors. Oh well...
344212344212B0026KNQSAA1BZEHZ038EUL2NurseLovesDeals1151284336000Love these!I love this brand of chips. By far, I like the cheddar potato the best. Second in line is the sour cream, and third is the BBQ. I recently bought 12 bags of Cheddar on Amazon!
These are much better than those baked chips out on the market (in my opinion). Oh, and an FYI, these are way better than rice cakes-people keep comparing the two and I totally disagree).
The 0.8 oz bag is perfect single size (pretty generous actually).
344213344213B0026KNQSAA8E9ZAG5Y5RKHstephchows1151283817600Like crackThese things are like crack, I can't stop eating them!! Hence why I buy them in 12 packs :)
344214344214B0026KNQSAA3W0GMJ0FYSW3JAlicia "Bonita Morenita"1151283212800Awesome healthIER snack option!I first had Popchips last week at a local deli in Miami. I was so impressed with them that I came online to find them (not even remembering the brand name) and I'm so happy that my favorite online retailer Amazon offers them. I don't necessarily want $20 worth of chips (LOL) but on the other hand, I love them so much that I do need that many so I can have half at home, and half at work (in different flavors). And I'm sure this price is much cheaper than buying them one by one at the deli I go to.

I am a serious chip lover but am always looking for healthier alternatives. I love that these chips are low in calorie/fat but taste 10X better than baked chips. There's something about a need for salt n crunch that baked chips don't solve for me. I've found most of them to be bland, flat, weird, cracker-like. As soon as you put one of these chips in your mouth you'll realize that they're not lightweights at all. I love the salt/vinegar and was very surprised that they don't lack flavor or taste less salty/vinegar(y) than their high calorie counterparts. The crunch of the chip reminds me of a ligther alternative to a kettle chip or the General Mills chips, Bugle. I am such a fan, and now that I've found these chips on Amazon, I don't plan to buy any other kind.
344215344215B0026KNQSAA2HYHT45PHNIIGAramat "Aramat"1151283040000Great ChipOur local TJ's used to carry these, but no more. There's a Costco 30 miles away, but that seems too far to travel for a bag of chips. I finally did the subscribe & save to get them on a more regular basis.

I like these chips very much, they have good texture & flavor. They hold up to dip as well. I've tried the salt & vineger and the cheese flavors, but plain is still my favorite.
344216344216B0026KNQSAA3EPAMKME1UAXZSLA1151282521600Yum!!!!I love these chips. I am on the subscribe and save and get a case every two months, but have to order more often because i eat a bag with my lunch every day. they are very tasty and great for a snack if you are on weight watchers! give them a try!
344217344217B0026KNQSAA2I18AO597DSDIDavid Pearlman "sound fanatic"1141280707200A lower calorie alternative to standard chips: 120 calories/oz. A bit flavorless in native state but good when flavoredThe eternal dieter's quest: A replacement for oily, fatty, and oh-so-addictive real potato chips. Sure, you can get the baked versions, but they lack a bit in both the crunch and flavor categories. And they cost a lot.

So the quest continues. I got a case of these PopChips, cheddar flavor, through Amazon, inspired by a good sale and thoughts of "there must be something better".

The first thing I noticed was the calorie count: A substantial 3oz bag of these chips (a lunch bag is 1oz) has only 360 calories (120 calories per "serving"), of which 35 are fat calories. Those are better numbers than tradition potato chips, which run around 160 calories for a 1oz serving, and which get 80-90 of those calories from fat. (Calorie counts can vary dramatically upward depending on the chips, but these numbers are typical). Better--and this is where the calories don't tell the whole story--a 1 oz serving feels larger, because these PopChips are puffed larger.

But don't let that word "puff" scare you. They DO have a major non puffy tasting solid crunch to them. The flavor is also pretty good and the best part: Look Ma, no orange crap on my hands! That's a big plus for a cheddar flavored chip...Take that Cheetos!

I liked the cheddar ones so much, I ordered the BBQ ones as well, and they're even better tasting (IMHO).

One thing to note: These are low(er) fat, low(er) calories, but not low sodium. A 1oz portion has 290mg of sodium (12% of the recommended daily intake for a normal person). If you are on a salt restricted diet, or if you don't like salt, think twice...

On the whole, these are good, tasty, and most importantly, satisfying, while at the same time less caloric (and much less fatty) than standard potato chips. They are saltier than many would prefer, but presuming you are not on a salt restricted diet, they'll be OK. As a bonus, they are supposed "all natural". Personally, I don't care about that last point, but it's certainly not a bad thing!

One last thing: You will find some diets that claim it's not the calories, it's the source of the calories. Hogwash. It IS the calories. No chip is diet worthy in big quantities. Consider the calories and your total caloric intake, and make the personal decision whether these make sense.

Try them yourself...Amazon offers a sampler package with multiple varieties, and that might be the best way to sample them.
344218344218B0026KNQSAA37L02WUJKP8QKD. Hendren "Grammy02456710"1151279497600Super YummyI love these chips! They are lower in fat but better in taste that most other chips. The price is right too at the case price.
344219344219B0026KNQSAAXCV06BLF17RZJill1151277596800These are great!I had never seen these chips before so I ordered the cheddar and sour cream and onion. They were on special and it was a great value. I love the individual bags, and the cheddar are my favorite. They are definitely better than baked chips.

After I bought these I saw the larger bags at Stop and Shop, but I will keep getting the individual size from Amazon.
344220344220B0026KNQSAA10VDLEO35I25Fferrethouse "ferrethouse"1151277424000PopchipsLove the Popchips. Less calories then regular chips, so you can eat more. Cheddar kinda tastes like a white cheddar to me.

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