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344228344228B0026KNQSAACLXVZB7Y2YVKJulie A. Manor1151274313600Super Good!!These are my favorite of all the popchips I have had so far. I can't find them in stores, so I order them, and you should too!!
344229344229B0026KNQSAA1E8EJBUPY3ZACD. Pratt1151273276800PopChips have ruined other chips for me!I <3 Popchips...maybe a little TOO much! I was devastated when COSTCO stopped selling them, but that subsided once I found them by the case on I have subscription of 1 box per month and often contemplate increasing that order.

BBQ is the BEST!
344230344230B0026KNQSAA3MGT5S849R28TK. Putnam1151273017600Best "healthy" salt and vinegar chip out thereI am always on the hunt for a good lower fat salt and vinegar chip and I have to say, it is a very hard thing to find! I actually wrote to Pringles once and asked if they had any plans to make a reduced fat salt and vinegar my disappointment, they said no. For whatever reason, the big label brands (Lays, Pringles, etc.) have not made a reduced fat or baked salt and vinegar chip. I have no idea why - salt and vinegar chip lovers are very devoted to their favorite flavor (as illustrated by me actually desperately writing to Pringles!). Anyway, I gave this brand a try and I am really happy with it. It has a nice strong flavor and a light crispy crunch. It have tried the Salt and Vinegar Pirate's Booty, which was ok, but more like a cheese puff and the flavor was a little strange. I have tried a couple baked salt and vinegar chips from small brands and they were all disgusting in flavor and texture. This is the only way to go that I have found so far. I would recommend it.

Yes, I know, I appear to be obsessed with S&V is a little scary.
344232344232B0026KNQSAA33GQBSE33361TPixiedust1131272585600good taste, a little too saltyThese chips are unusual and they do "grow" on you. The taste is most like shoestring potatoes, of which I am boderline addicted. I would order these again, but they are just too salty for my taste. I ordered the plain, so I don't know if the other flavors are also salty.
344233344233B0026KNQSAA18G81WS4Q6MK2Catherine Ward1151272585600nice 100-calorie snackThese are very delicious, not quite the standard potato chip and not quite popcorn. The kind I tried, salt/pepper, only only 100 calories per serving, little fat (no trans/saturated fat), and less sodium that I expected, about 10% of your daily value.

If you like chips, you'll probably like these. A little different, but also familiar. Worth a try.
344234344234B0026KNQSAA1V7ZYRVRGT9F5C. Gallamore "Weight Watcher Winner"1151271376000AwesomeThese Pop Chips are incredible. They taste so much better than baked chips and the quantity you get for 2 points is so much more. I buy the variety case and love them all!
344235344235B0026KNQSAA27DYCAP844HOKB. Greer "Flo Gro"1141271203200Love 'emI love these salt and pepper flavored Popchips. The bag size is perfect for a snack. I love them in the afternoon when I get home from work, or at lunch with a sandwich. Of course since they are "salt and pepper", there's a lot of salt. I have to watch my sodium intake and it limits the number of bags I can eat. Also, I would like to see the salt and pepper flavor included in the variety box instead of the vinegar, which I don't like at all. Tastes too strong of vinegar. Would be great for someone who absolutely loves vinegar. It would also be nice if you could create your own variety box with the flavors you most prefer. It does get a little boring eating 24 bags the same flavor.
344221344221B0026KNQSAA1X0XLQUVQYEA1Heather Hawk1151277251200PopChips are the best!As a Weight Watcher, PopChips really satisfy that need for chips with a sandwich for low points and good taste. I also love the single serve bags for portion control.
344222344222B0026KNQSAA34TOR2YU15I7WSusan J. Henry "cyclist"1141277164800Delicious!BBQ Pop Chips are a delicious tasting healthier chip than many on the market. They are light and full of flavor. The 3 oz bags are a great size to have. I would recommend them to anyone.
344223344223B0026KNQSAA3UGP58DZSNPIYDavid G. Young1151277164800snack food loverThis chip taste great. If you're watching your weight you can't beat the calorie count for a bag. Great low calorie snack food that I have to hide from my 16 year old son because he can eat a case in about three days!
344224344224B0026KNQSAA1LSLFFPMMLG6VD. Chung1141276128000Good chips with an occasional bad aftertasteThese chips are good. Knowing that they're not as bad for you will make you eat more of them - very dangerous. Most of the time, the chips tasted quite good, but every now and then I'd get one with this somewhat bitter aftertaste that wasn't very pleasant. Besides that, I would definitely buy these again.
344225344225B0026KNQSAA2LJJ4482V9LAWSunnyBeachLife1151275696000Best flavor, hands down of Popchips is barbeque!!I bought a multi-box of flavors but this was the absolute best flavor (IMHO) in there so it's the one I'll comment on. Spicy, sweet, flavorful, fun, crispy, lower fat than chips, I loved it. I'll be buying more but only of this flavor. The other flavors weren't so great (salt & pepper and cheddar aren't too bad) but this one rocked.
344226344226B0026KNQSAAI2MRYH16GQ6ZO. Lee "We love because he first loved us"1141274572800BBQ- Tasty...but wish it was less salty.I got BBQ Popchips (3 oz- 12) during Amazon promotion, and the price came down to $14. These taste good, I just wish it was less salty. I would certainly purchase them if they came out with less salty version.
344227344227B0026KNQSAASIMCC20UVK58R Shackleford1151274400000Great Chips Less FatI eat chips almost every day and decided I wanted to find something that tastes as good but is lighter on unnecessary fat than regular types of chips. I bought a case of Popchips BBQ. These are satisfying and taste great. They don't taste exactly like any full fat chip products I've had mainly because they're not greasy at all, but they have a nice BBQ potato chip flavor. These are thick, crunchy, and light. I first bought the .8 oz bags and this serving size is on the small side for me with lunch (would probably be alright for a snack). 3 of the .8 oz bags works for me which of course bumps up the fat intake, but considering the same volume of "regular" chips has much more fat it is a significant fat decrease overall which is what I was looking for. I find the 3 ounce bags to be perfect. Even eating all 3 ounces works out to significantly less fat and calories than eating the same volume of other chips. This makes Popchips very satisfying to me, and I have bought many cases through Amazon.

Heads up (mid-2011): Unfortunately the price has gone up significantly for these chips through Amazon, causing me to cancel my subscribe & save subscriptions. Popchips have popped up in local stores for significantly less per ounce. I love the convenience of the portioned bags and subscription but it's hard to justify paying double for the same product.

The flavors are pretty straight forward but here's my thoughts...
Original flavor: Tastes like a plain potato chip minus the grease. Not my favorite flavor, but good for what it is. This flavor would probably be good with some kind of dip.
Chedder: Cheddar quickly became tied with BBQ for my favorite. Like BBQ the cheddar flavor is very strong. Great chips.
Salt & Pepper: Very strong pepper. To enjoy these you have to really like pepper. I like them, but they're not a favorite.
Sea Salt & Vinegar: I'm not a fan of vinegar, but strangely I enjoy this flavor. They're indeed salty with a fairly strong vinegar flavor.
344236344236B0026KNQSAA3FF3R1V94EPN4troys981151271203200Pop Chips are awesomeTaste is similar to regular potato chips but without the guilt of eating something so bad for you. They make a great snack. Bags are a little lite but if you eat a couple of bags it should satisfy.
344237344237B0026KNQSAA2MG3HG6VSII0OS. Bradford1151271030400DELISH!!These chips are absolutely incredible!!! They are so good and so flavorful!! My favorite is the barbecue flavor! The best part, they are ALL NATURAL!! Definitely will purchase these again!!!
344238344238B0026KNQSAAGKJOW98X5KGBMommy of one almost-perfect boy1151270166400Delicious.Wow, I'm impressed. These are delicious. They cure your carb cravings and are much better for you than traditional carb-binging snacks!
344239344239B0026KNQSAA39YC26934SAG9Glenn M. Mehalek1151269302400Most delicious chips ever!I have gained weight *not telling you how much* over the months and am putting myself on a diet. These chips have saved me from gorging on the bad stuff becaue of their taste. This product is not only healthy, but it actually tastes the best out of all of my other possible options. Frito Lay is the thing of the past, because Pop Chips are in! I strongly recommend this to anybody trying to maintain or lose weight, because with snacks like this, you can keep the love handles off! Thank you, Pop Chips for a successful diet! Go to [...] for any more info on how they are made.
344240344240B0026KNQSAA2GSNLOLNOZWMMBud1141269216000Great for those watching their weightThese chips are tasty, crunchy, and best of all, they are reduced in calories and fat. I think for about half or so of the calories etc of a regular bag of chips you get all of the taste of regular potato chips.
344241344241B0026KNQSAA1PZO2HQFTLHC7Mary L. Runnion1151269043200Pop Chips Original ChipsThese are the best chips I have eaten. They are popped instead of fried or baked which makes them easier on the weight column.

Love them, love them.
344242344242B0026KNQSAA2WNWQQX8Q3JEGSanjay Srivastava1131269043200Too salty...I love the taste of pop-chips but, I think it is a little too salty. The manufacturer for some reason decided that it looked,tasted too healthy and decided to add extra salt to appeal to a broad audience.
I think they woul've been better served keeping the salt content low.

I would recommend the barbecue flavor which doesn't suffer from the same problem. the worst I think is the sour-cream (or something like that) flavor. This one is ok.
344243344243B0026KNQSAA215WH6RUDUCMPShilom1151268438400Tasty!We all have our vices, mine has always been chips. Specifically, Bettermade BBQ chips, so as I'm trying to eat healthier I've tried to find a replacement for that craving. I decided to give the popchips a try, thinking if they were at least okay I could replace my cravings for them. They are better than okay! These little guys are full of flavor and crunch! And not to sound like a pig, but I could eat a half a bag of Bettermade in one sitting, but these little 8 oz bags, even though they are small, they fill me up! I was shocked! I am not kidding, I am eating healthier, giving in to my craving, and getting full from one small bag. You cannot go wrong with these, even my kids love them! I am thrilled to have found a healthy alternative to fatty chips!
344244344244B0026KNQSAAFTG2156EB5S7Patrick Murphy "maverick"1151268092800Pop ChipsThese are great chips. Came in one box, and we have been working our way through them. Fresh, and the 3 oz. bags are a great size.
344245344245B0026KNQSAA2YB7DLC3FOR7WPamela V ""MS V""1151266451200Addictive!I purchased the variety pack based on other reviews and was quite pleased. I am pretty choosy about snacks and food in general, and these crunchy, tasty, chips exceeded my expectations.

I especially enjoyed the cheese flavor. I would order these again.
344246344246B0026KNQSAA2CXLQXPUJRRMXDavid DelPozzi1151266364800Best BBQ chip on the market today, they POP with flavor!I just love these chips! The BBQ are by far my Favorite. The BBQ flavor is a little sweet with a hint of smokiness, very addictive. They are light and as far as junk food goes they are healthy..'er than your regular chip. They do not leave your fingers greasy or any oily / greasy feel or taste in your mouth. That is because they are hot air popped and not fried. I almost ate the whole bag on my first taste; by the way it was the huge Costco size bag, twice the size of their large bags. With in two days I was back at Costco to by another bag. Like I said I just love these chips!
344247344247B0026KNQSAA25IYR6TECWEBTB. Brazel1151265760000L O V E these chipsCan not find them locally yet. Much better than baked!! Only 100 calories per bag. Get the variety pack so you can decide which you like best. I think the vinegar salt, sour cream onion, and the barb-q are the best. Shipping is very fast.
344248344248B0026KNQSAA23A0ERHVM4HS6Stingaree1151265760000Add me as another convert to these chips!After reading the reviews I decided to take advantage of the special Amazon was offering. Wow! Excellent chip and of course you can enjoy it more knowing it has no cholesterol or saturated fat. Fortunately the bags are small which helps you control your calorie intake. But, they are highly addictive. I have only tried the regular, but I will definitely be ordering some of the other flavors later on. I recommend that every one try them, although at regular price they are quite expensive.
344249344249B0026KNQSAA368F99UPGPP4RL. Eckford1121264550400Not my favoriteI love Popchips. However, I did not like this flavor at all. The garlic flavor was too intense.
344250344250B0026KNQSAA31Q59TUS9T6H0Marla Brugger1151264291200AMAZING!Can't believe they are only 100 calories a bag and pack so much flavor! Tried them in NYC last week and of course can't find them where I live but thanks to I can get them whenever I want and at a great price too! The single bags were selling in NYC for $1.29 to $1.50 a bag. It's a lot cheaper buying the 24 pack here!
Looking forward to trying the other flavors, but so far Salt & Pepper are my favorite!

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