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344311344311B0026KNQSAA1EE6LQS3OPY6RDynomiteWins "DynomiteWins"8851327536000Sweet Potato Popchip Goodness!As a kid, I scarfed bags of the Calbee Sweet Potato chips that my mom would pick up at the local Asian market. As my tastes refined in adulthood, I was less inclined to buy bags of those chips that resembled styrofoam even if I still craved their sugary sweet and salty flavor.

These Popchips Sweet Potato chips are the adult version of the snack I grew up with. There's a delicious sweet and salty mix in every bite. The chip is light and airy, without resembling a foamy rice cake and the deep orange hue is the color of a perfectly roasted sweet potato.

I've purchased a number of sweet potato chips from Amazon in the past (Both the "Terra" & "Food Should Taste Good" chips) which have all been good, but they didn't play up the sweet and salty combo quite as much as I'd like. The Terra chips are more like simple sliced sweet potatoes, oven dried and turned into chips; the Food Should Taste Good chips are like yummy, sweet potato flavored, salty tortilla chips; and these Pop Chips sweet potato chips are, well... sweet potato pop chips. If you've never had a pop chip before, the weight of an individual chip probably most resembles Baked Lays - but with a puckered, air-puffed texture.

There are 100 calories per bag. 24 bags come nicely packed in a box that you can tear open for a neat display in your pantry. I've purchased bagged chips online a number of times and have received packages where the chips were thrown into a box which was thrown into an Amazon box for shipping so by the time they got to me, all the chips were broken. Not so with this packaging, they're tightly packed so the the bags don't shift around much in shipping and the few bags we've already eaten have had no more broken chips than what we'd get from picking up a bag in the store.

Happy snacking!
344312344312B0026KNQSAAJ697JMP88D2Zcynsational4431301875200Pop Chips rock!!!!I love Pop Chips and had been odering the variety pack. However, there were some flavors in the variety pack that I didn't particularly care for, so I decided to branch out. This is my first time trying this flavor. While okay, they are not as good as I had originally thought. I'm working my way through them, but will probably not order this flavor in the future.
344313344313B0026KNQSAA1DN8OM1DDSFUCC Bismuth "CatB; CroquetCreative/HypFoods"4441273708800Tasty, but NOT hypoallergenic!We love the plain PopChips (seasoned with salt only). These salt & pepper chips are very spicy, so you only want to buy these if you REALLY like that black pepper burn. Also, there IS enough GLUTEN in the product to cause a reaction IF YOU ARE "ALLERGIC" TO GLUTEN. I found that eating them once in a while was not a big deal, but eating them frequently truly was/is a problem for me. They taste GOOD, but be careful if you have food allergies. Just sayin'...
344314344314B0026KNQSAA25BDPF8J9WA21K. Kitcharayothin4421245801600DecentThese have a great crunch and it's great that it's low fat. However, it's way too salty. 280mg per serving is more than twice the amount of regular flavor chips like Lays. The cheddar and sour cream and onion flavor is delicious but also way too salty and too much sodium for my taste buds or health.
344315344315B0026KNQSAAAHWRCMGPJ0BJCodi3351302134400AmazingI am 15 years old and these chips are the best i have ever had in my entire life so if you're thinking of getting healthier chips for you're kids and or teens these are the way to go my favorite are the seasalt and vinegar but original and bbq are really good too
344316344316B0026KNQSAA2SD28L9WSYJ5Itwg "twg"0011336435200Naturally nastyI don't care if they're natural and not fried. The taste is odd and the texture is like packing material.
344317344317B0026KNQSAA276HH2U6WYDY0Ellie0051336176000Salt and Vinegar addictI'm not particularly health conscious, but when the general store on campus only had salt and vinegar (my favorite chip flavor) in the popchips brand, I figured I'd give these a try. To say that I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. The texture, which is between a chip and a rice cake, is a bit thicker than usual but has a very satisfying crunch. It also helps the chips to keep from crumbling too easily. The sea salt and vinegar flavor is the perfect combination of salty and tangy, and while these are quite filling, I don't fill sick after I binge on a whole bag the way I would with ordinary chips. I never liked baked chips much (the texture was just off for me) but I think I might actually prefer these to ordinary potato chips.
344318344318B0026KNQSAAUAW0H12CVY73BarbCF "brush and floss!"0051335225600We do the POPchip happy dance!When the case arrives, my kids do the POPchips dance! Love this flavor best of all. Everyone at home and work devour the case in a matter of days!
344319344319B0026KNQSAA2LMM2BUM4TUROScottyboy0031334534400Popchip failThese popchips both taste and smell horrible. I was very let down as I enjoy most if not all the various flavors that popchips have to offer... besides this flavor. The smell is actually so awful that it kills it from the start. If you could manage to eat them after that, well good on you. As for me I am dissatisfied with this flavor in specific. I would still recommend popchips as a whole.
344320344320B0026KNQSAAC8C9PT59CDW1M.A.R.0051333756800Love these chipsI was sick of spending $1.25 per bag from our vending machine at work, and just don't have the self control to buy a big bag & ration it out. I was thrilled I found these on Amazon as are so much cheaper to buy in bulk, and since individually wrapped keeps me in check for portion control. I love this flavor & now I'm stocked up for a few weeks, & will definately order more when I've eaten these.
344321344321B0026KNQSAA1SH80WOLE0OUPM. Cathlina0051333670400Great crunchThese Pop Chips are a great snack. The perfect size portion, 100 calories, and very tasty. There are more chips in each bag than one would expect. I like all of the favors too!
344322344322B0026KNQSAA1LI5CQBK3CPSXbigg ace "bigg ace"0051332979200good taste, low calorie, good portionThis is my 2nd time purchasing a box of these. I'm impressed with the taste, their low calories, and the decent portion size. Would definitely recommend these to people.
344323344323B0026KNQSAA30HBST3NRIV0FAhnie0051332720000Delicious...I love PopChip Products in general. Having a sweet potato variety debut w especially welcome. I love sweet potatoes and chips made from them. Excellent flavor and texture.
344324344324B0026KNQSAAUGXZ6WTKYEKOSmooth 6.750051332460800Great crunchy BBQ chip...Not quite an ounce...100 calories...great taste and texture...huge fan of BBQ chips but this stands in quite nicely. Trick will be to stop at one bag. Highly recommend well as Pirates Booty and Vita Tops...trifecta of snacks that go great with my mission to eat healthy. Now if they could only make a great substitute for peanut M & M's. Maybe it's better that they don't.
344325344325B0026KNQSAA318IDAWJ9ZYAYAriaceliz "changosdaughter"0031331942400Ehhh...I love sweet potatoes. They are a nutritional powerhouse and great for diabetics. I eat them in a variety of dishes to stay lean and fit. I also love chips. Imagine my dismay when I thought the best of both worlds (sweet potato chips ) ended up tasting not much like either of those things. I ate three bags on different days and on an empty stomach just to make sure I wasn't mistaken. Not even my pit bull would touch these (he's a bit of a snob though). These just sit on the cupboard (on death-row) awaiting their expiration date .
344326344326B0026KNQSAA2EDZH51XHFA9BRobert P. Beveridge "xterminal"0041331769600Once you've got the texture down, good stuff.(Three times I've tried to post a review of these and it never goes through... forgive my abruptness.)

Popchips? As in, potato chips puffed like popcorn? You got it, bub. Surprising lightness to them--much more so than expected, which allows the taste of the toppings (in this case, chili lime) to seem supercharged. This can be a good thing or not, depending on how sensitive your tongue is. Also, the texture is passing strange at first. Takes a bit of getting used to, but once you're used to it, you'll be popping these like, well, popcorn.
344327344327B0026KNQSAA3AIHN7XBD816PKathryn Waldrup0051331769600PopchipsMy husband and I just love them. They are crispy, dry, and full of seasoning and taste, rather than oil.
344328344328B0026KNQSAA2YAUQ0FM06GO3Elissaszoo0051331769600Yummy!Order arrived on time and in great condition (no squished box). First time trying this flavor of their product, YUMMY! Have lots of water on hand, spicy!
344329344329B0026KNQSAA6QWDMDGLXX5YPatty Ben "Gadget girl"0031331683200Great idea, but hold the salt please!!These chips are a great idea! Nice potato flavor with a satisfying crunch. But . . . . waaaaaay tooooo salty. I literally had to blow off the salt to be able to taste any potato flavor! I've tried the 'sour cream and onion' flavor, and that was fine. Just too much salt on the 'regular' flavor.
344330344330B0026KNQSAAS1RPAY2NAPAQMarti Lindsey Hanson "Marti Lindsey Hanson"0051331596800excellent taste, healthy tooThese chips are as good as any potato chip you might find, taste-wise...even better than most...and no guilt--these are healthy!
344331344331B0026KNQSAA1EGZYG8PC51U5D. Wilson "SonRisedInTheEast"0041331510400Not sure if I'd call them "healthy"...But healthier than most of the other snacks I cram into my mouth(and that's gotta be worth something right?). They taste good too! Kinda sweet, kinda salty. They're made with sweet potatoes so it makes sense. Another interesting Popchips feature is that they are "popped"(hence the name, again, makes sense) rather than fried or baked... gives it an oriental rice snack kind of consistency. All in all very pleased with these, give them a try for yourself, whether a health nut or not(a .8 oz bag of these is about 1/3rd the fat and half the rest of the nutrition facts numbers of a full oz of Lays for the record).
344332344332B0026KNQSAA324A25PC1DFMFDarryl K. Clark "pywakkit"0041331164800a light flavorful alternative for a chipthe idea of a chip alternative may be unconstitutional to some. but not when you have something like a bag of pop chips!

they have lots of flavor and lots of crunch. they hold their own next to a sandwich. if you eat them too fast the array of spices can get in your nose and make you sneeze. so sit back and enjoy each bite!
344333344333B0026KNQSAAXE7T4A3Y8DPBM. Fahey0051331078400Perfect 100 cal Packs!I LOVE salt and vinegar flavors. Always ordered the chips when picking up lunch, but now I know these are waiting for me at home. They satisfy the craving without the guilt!
344334344334B0026KNQSAA3IQJMA8MMNINJL S0051330992000REALLY GOOD!My teenage daughter and all of her friends keep eating these. They are really tasty and the chili lime is my personal favorite. It's a good thing that they send a whole case because my daughter says her friends are hooked!
344335344335B0026KNQSAA2XB5P29LJ8Y6SSusan Royce "K9 handler/Lab lover"0051330992000Addictive!Wasn't sure how these would taste - after an initial "hmm, interesting" my mouth said "yummy". The rest is history. And they might even be good for me.

Unfortunately couldn't find them on Amazon when I tried to reorder (in this size anyway) ...
344336344336B0026KNQSAAVA84OR6FRCUQDeal Grabber "paulldvd"0051330992000Tasty Snack!These are a great tasting snack. And the size of the bag is perfect for controlling how much you eat. I could eat a lot more than the amount in the bag as they are very tasty. I just wish the price would go back to what I originally paid.
344337344337B0026KNQSAA2NOW4U7W3F7RIrpv0051330905600Favorite!These are our favorite chips now. No frying (bad) and No baking (no taste). Certainly the chips are tasty either alone or with Rice dishes. I did not even know they had sweet potato flavor until recently. Will be trying it soon. so many flavors and they were not even in the race few years ago. Health consciousness is definitely viral. Definitely recommend this brand.
344338344338B0026KNQSAA3IUW081KXD3PEpixels and bits0051330905600Love the original - not so much the jalapeno or the sweet potato.We've re-ordered the original potato Popchips several times since we first tried them. They are perfect for snackers who crave salty crunchy things more than sweets. There's only 100 calories per bag and you actually get enough to feel satisfied. We've tried the sweet potato and jalapeno flavors with less desirable results. They taste too manufactured to us - the flavor is too intense. We much prefer the basic original chip that remind us so much of Munchos. They are nicely salty and have a great crunch. They would make great crunchy toppings in recipes as opposed to breadcrumbs though I haven't tried anything beyond slipping a few onto my turkey sandwiches. (Right, like you've never done it.)
344339344339B0026KNQSAA3W1CGYF7JKOKRMark Twain0031330387200they are ok!i usually love spicy chips... but somehow don't find these appealing... next time i think i will try the plain ones first! these are light and crunchy...
344340344340B0026KNQSAA350NHMBGYXEDPC. Lee0021330300800so disappointingI love sweet potato and especially sweet potato chips. When I tried the original popchips, I was surprised by how good the taste and texture was, so I bought this in bulk, thinking it would be excellent because of the company and because I love sweet potatoes of course.
I was wrong.

For some reason, the sweet potato chip they've created tastes like cardboard despite having the same texture (cross between rice cake and chip), added with a dash of salt. That's it. I can't describe it any other way than a "bland blah taste with salt"

I wish I had gotten the parmesean garlic or the original instead.

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