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344431344431B0026KNQSAA2Y16WV77MR90EBored in Toledo0051315612800Tasty little chipsPop Chips are quite unique. They are unlike any other potato chip I've ever tasted. Not greasy and not overly salty. Easily better than regular potato chips. I'm officially addicted to Pop Chips.
344432344432B0026KNQSAA1YU54XZFZLMKKBarbara J. Hart0041315612800PopchipsI love these; a low calorie way to get that "barbeque potato chip" taste. Still somewhat high in sodium, but healthier than regular chips. You really do get that barbeque potato chip taste! If you are trying to eat healtier or lose weight this may satisfy your "potato chip craving". I really like the barbeque flavor. Great single serving for portion control. (It's easy to eat too many chips without knowing it!)
344433344433B0026KNQSAALL9XFM0Q1N4EMonopoly J0051315353600A Great Alternative to Regular ChipsPopchips are really a great snack and not just an alternative to regular chips but a full on replacement as far as I'm concerned. The taste and texture are great for the Jalapeno ones. I hate greasy fried chips and often switch the baked version of any chips. Now I have another choice...POPPED! If you like flavored chips and you want something crunchy with a great taste then you owe it to your self to try a bag of Potato Popchips!
344434344434B0026KNQSAA3MJ7AYX57YD6G2sexy2b500041315267200PopChipsThis is a great product for those attempting to loose weight. I currently participating in Weight Watches, they have a product that is similar but with less taste. I prefer the popchips because of the flavor and it counts for the same amount of points in Weight Watchers.

Thank you.
344435344435B0026KNQSAAW9WCSUD5PG48B. Pier "Art Fan"0051315180800Delicious alternative (all but the Sweet Potato variety)I really like these. They are 3 points plus points on Weight Watchers and are much cheaper than the WW branded BBQ chips. My favorite flavor is the salt and pepper.

They created new flavors and I enjoy most of them. However, the Sweet Potato Popchips are now my least favorite Popchips. The flavor and texture just didn't translate well to the Popchips style chips. They tasted odd, almost burnt. Salt and Black Pepper as well as Cheddar remain my favorites.
344436344436B0026KNQSAA1YTNORSB6OG0SMarcia Goldman0041314921600bbq chips through amazonChips were fresh and securely packaged. It was not cost effective to pay retail and have to wait for delivery. Where was the advantage...other than to compensate for poor distribution throughout their stores? I like the chips (especially the cheese) and will continue to buy them. They are very pricy, so I will by them when I see them.
344437344437B0026KNQSAAVABPJCKE2MR5spal0041314921600Popchips Jalapeno flavorI bought a case of jalapeno chips as I love that flavor. This product is good but does not taste like the other jalapeno chips on the market (Lays, Ms.Vickie). I am now used to this flavor and eat it as it is healthy but wish it had that addicting jalapeno flavor that the other ones on the market have.
344438344438B0026KNQSAA1G74BYJHWBMAKJesse Vance0051314316800Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Chip EnjoyI have always enjoyed this flavor of popchip and they are highly addictive. Which makes the money saving 24 pack such a deal. The problem with the the 3 oz. is that you eat them until your in a coma and the rest go stale. The 1 oz. allows you to stop sooner without wasting good food. I don't like the extra bags to through away but the 3 oz wastes food and money. I actually found that at the time I purchased these the 24 x 1 pack here was cheaper than the 12 x 3 pack. My only hope would be that they introduce a larger resealable for less. These chips with their simple salt and pepper flavour go with almost everything. So enjoy. Bonn Appetite!
344439344439B0026KNQSAAG48H6T24B364Elisa J. Vega-burns "Ejvb918"0051313625600Love these chipsThese chips are a great treat when you're trying to stay away from conventional fried snacks. The product arrived in perfect condition and freshness despite the challenges of shipping such a delicate product.
344440344440B0026KNQSAA1J2N3VCR69KNYshoregirl19500051313539200love themthese are the best i go to weigh watchers and they are hard to find in the stores and they taste so good, i have a bag a day, and they are only 3 points for the whole bag
344441344441B0026KNQSAA3DACPR8D87FBKPatricia Murphy "Gizmo"0041313280000Pop WowThese are just as good as the Weight Watcher chips and easier to get. Great flavor and only 3 points. I will be buying more when I run out
344442344442B0026KNQSAA39LYTYBAYWWJBlinda0051313280000excellentThese chips are the best. Better than regular potato chips. So good in fact I am going to order more
344443344443B0026KNQSAA2O7EQPGUWFS7HLinda0021312934400Taste good - but not as good at Weight Watchers BrandThese pop chips are satisfying and good for a snack, but not what I expected. They do not taste as good, crisp or as light as the Weight Watchers brand that is so hard to find in stock. I wish Amazon could carry the actual Weight Watcher's Brand chips - They are the best snack out there.
344444344444B0026KNQSAA1NYT53G77JTJ3Mochamom "Mochamon"0051312848000Good Chips - Better for You!Saw these chips about 9 months ago and bought the BBQ at a Giant store in their organic section.
These chips are light but tasty and have a good BBQ flavor.
Of course they aren't Herr's or Lays but a good for you substitute. These chips are popped like pop corn. The package explains the process.
Trader's Joe's, sells their version for $1.99 a dollar less than Giant but I swear they are the same chips with different names.
Try them.
344445344445B0026KNQSAAJFXMVJTGGHTYWade Osborne "Wade Osborne"0041312761600great chipsPop Chips are the best chips I've had that are low calorie. The originals are my favorite but the Sea Salt and Vinegar are very very good also.
344446344446B0026KNQSAA5FBD6P261CZLM. Richards0051312243200These are amazing!I've tried all the flavors but the Original is by far my favorite. Ordered these through the Popchips website and it routed me to Amazon. So delicious and at 100 calories for the snack size bags...I can finally eat chips without the guilt! No shipping costs so runs right around a dollar a bag. LOVE THESE!!!

Ok, I freaking love these, have I mentioned that? I had to subscribe to make sure I always have them around to snack on. Totally addicted, thanks Popchips! :)
344447344447B0026KNQSAA1O3ONM1MJM7EMC. Marsteller "Cafreen"0051311638400Reminds me of MUNCHOSLove original flavor PopChips, it reminds me so much of Munchos. I love that there is a healthier alternative that actually truly tastes good! BBQ flavor is excellent too. Although I love salt and vinegar chips, I wasn't crazy about their version. The sour cream and onion and the cheddar were also so-so. Out of all the flavors, original is my favorite. You don't feel you're compromising anything with this alternative chip. Way to go PopChips!
344448344448B0026KNQSAA2YTE8OTJRPWTMDog Lover0051309478400Yummy low cal chipI ordered a box of 24 of the variety pack of these after trying a couple of different flavors from my cafeteria at work. This is a really great alternative to chips and they are really flavorful. I typically take a sandwich to work everyday and was buying a small bag of pretzels or baked chips in the cafeteria. I found these and they have the same texture as a chip, but have fewer calories and taste better. After trying the variety pack, I really love the BBQ flavor the best. My husband really loves the sea salt and vinegar flavor. I do enjoy the cheddar potato as well, but we are subscribing to receive the BBQ and the salt and vinegar on a periodic basis since those are our favorites. The original is rather plain, the parmesan and garlic is very garlicky, the salt and pepper is OK, but I'm just not a huge pepper fan so I'm probably not a good judge. I really don't enjoy the sour cream and onion which is interesting because I do enjoy that flavor with other chips.

So bottom line, great chip, great alternative to other chip options. Low calorie, low fat, and the subscription option is really convenient since I can't seem to find the individual bag option at any store in my area.
344449344449B0026KNQSAA3GMF3G8MB8BQRDSR "music fan"0051308614400Delicious!I love Pop Chips! I've only tried the "regular" ones so far. Enjoy getting them for less from Amazon with a subscription. Everyone I've shared them with has really enjoyed them. If you haven't tried them, you're missing out on a delicious, low fat and low calorie snack that tastes decadent.
344450344450B0026KNQSAA3NJ7NZL6M3ARMamaT0051308355200Great for DietersGreat for Dieters. Better taste than baked chips. I like these with the regular pop chips for good flavor. Just right on saltiness. Target carries them also but not all flavors.
344451344451B0026KNQSAA2E3PDH1EWALPHTuscanGal0051308355200Pop Chips - Wow!A friend told me about the Pop Chips and how great they were, so I ordered a case of 3 different flavors to share at the office. With only 100 calories per bag, they make a great mid-afternoon snack!
344452344452B0026KNQSAA27KU9B6VPQNZAQuilting Cat Mom0051308268800BBQ Pop Chips are yummy and convenient!I love the BBQ Pop Chips. They have a little zip to the flavor and are better than most BBQ chips. The individual bags are great for taking them with you and watching your portion size. I love the convenience of the auto-ship program. I never run out.
344453344453B0026KNQSAA2KSMEP917LEW7Mommadot0051307750400Can't get enough of these!!Barbecue has to be the absolute BEST variety of Popchips. (I've tried them all.) They're so good they're addictive but won't derail your diet. I'd give them TEN stars if I could!!
344454344454B0026KNQSAAHS0PKJQWMM73Vtec260051307059200Great SnackWe really like this relatively healthy snack. We actually use it primarily for our 1yr old son after comparing ingredients and nutrition info with specific for toddler snacks. Popchips actually compare as well or better than many snacks for toddlers so we went with this.
344455344455B0026KNQSAA2FPXXL23GYEK4misspossible0051306627200Pop goes the chipsThese chips are really the best alternative to regular chips. They are crunchy and delicious and satisfy that chip craving without the calorie count.
344456344456B0026KNQSAA2CU0WYTQHTFFLSadie Delaney "Dog Lover"0051305331200Send wrong itemsI love these, but Amazon sent me the wrong flavors. Received the box today, opened it, and they sent an assorted box instead of the salt & vinegar only. Went on to my account at to let them know and Amazon said I "could not take any action" because I "hadn't received the shipment yet." Then what is this box in front of me????? Anyway, I need the chips for a party in two days, so guess I am stuck with the assorted box. 5 stars for the salt & b=vinegar chips, but 1 star to amazon for the screw-up.
344457344457B0026KNQSAA20KXGXD42I45ELH0051304812800cheddar popchipsCheddar cheese popchips have 3 to 4 grams of fat and taste better than the real thing! Highly recommended.
344458344458B0026KNQSAA1508YUDOCR066Victor L. Castagnoli0051304380800Awesome chipsThese chips taste great, are are not nearly as bad for you as regular chips. I don't know anyone who has not like them.
344459344459B0026KNQSAA3BBC8E7QT7N9IP. Harding0041304380800the garlic parmesan pop chipsIf you really love lots of garlic, you will love these. I like garlic but these have too much.....the garlic overrides the taste of parmesan so they might just as well call these garlic chips. You will have the garlic taste in your mouth for a looooong time.
In spite of that, I do love the pop chips especially the barbeque(which is strong but good) and the cheddar. I also like the plain but only when I have already eaten something spicy. The other varieties aren't bad either. I like these chips because they also help my cravings and I can eat them and have been able to lose weight which I really have needed to do. Although more expensive than traditional chips, I look at it as a trade off for a more healthy lifestyle.
I only gave a 4 because of the overly garlic "parmesan garlic" pop chips. Otherwise I would have given a 5.
344460344460B0026KNQSAA33ODUX6596NW3AmandaGal0051303948800OMG! These Are GoodI normally HATE fake chips. I don't even really like real chips, but if I'm having a chip, I don't want any of those taro, cassava whatevertheheck kind of chips. They border on disgusting. I was tentative to try these when I got them.

I was surprised. These chips are thick, airy and wonderful. The BBQ flavor is the closest I've had to "real" BBQ chips. I could eat a whole bag.

I wouldn't call them a healthy snack, but they are more healthy than regular chips and quite enjoyable. I can't believe I like a fake chip!

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