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344521344521B0026KNQSAA21W4RPB0G9992Kobe's Girl0051287705600deliciousthe chips are delicious. great snack to grab because the bags are small. I have all my freinds hooked on them Great alternative to regular potato chips and tastes just as good
344522344522B0026KNQSAA3GE3IO1AS3A8Emopps0051287619200popchipsAbsolutely my favorite junk food. Bought 2 cases which were to last a couple months...yea right.
344543344543B0026KNQSAA1Y85QHQ2TAYI2Guitar Guy "GG"0051284681600Yummy!Okay, I'm a popchip addict, the first step is admitting there's a problem. I first tried them when they were served to me instead of chips in a deli in NYC. I kept the bag and found them on Amazon and started buying them by the case. Not as salty as regular chips, they also have considerably less grease, more of a tasty rice cake experience than a greasy Lay's chip. I have bought cases of the single-serve bags, and end up giving them to friends and coworkers, who turn around and order them for themselves. Yeah, they are good.
344523344523B0026KNQSAA2JFRJPWWPFYE3Cesar Trujillo "Cesar"0041287446400saltya little too salty for me but tasty. I hope my taste buds aren't just acting up. They were a large portion though. That surprised me.
344524344524B0026KNQSAA1FS3GMCEMFB2QSara0021287446400Am i the only one who these give gas?and they definitely do, being as i tried out this whole 24 pack. They taste alright and not too much fat or calories but i dont know why but they give me gas!! At first I was confused but then I realised when I ate them is when Id later stink up the room. Never again!
344544344544B0026KNQSAA1MOSL8Z26PB1CEarl Schube0051284336000Fantastic tasting healthy or not!These chips are great for snacking regarless that they are healthy! They don't taste like health food but they are. I love the vinegar and sea salt the best. My only complaint is that the bags are large but the amount of actual product is slim, I always wanted more of them.
344525344525B0026KNQSAA1N12WODE6NBRJRaghav Chadha0021287360000Too much vinegarI bought these chips looking at its sale rank as one of the most sold chips on Unfortunately, I was highly disappointed. Way too much vinegar and they aren't like regular potato chips, some weird "pops".
344545344545B0026KNQSAAT9TCGPTWO5ZYSusan M. Keller0051284249600yummy!Sweet potato popchips are awesome! They're a little like a kettle corn where you have the salty and the sweet. Yummy!
344526344526B0026KNQSAA2NO1TXXS9T0EEBruteNStones2241312761600Great, tons of salt though.If you suffer high blood pressure these MAY cause you to have issues, I don't mess around when I say it. So be forewarned, while I am young and don't have any blood pressure issues I know others that have. So keep this in mind that the salt content is a little extreme.

The chips are good, not potatoe-y tasting, though. Taste like a pringle feels like a starchy corn chip.

And here is some information about their newly added flavor, Jalapeno, I have received the ingredient list for everybody here to examine before purchasing since it is currently hard to find..



344546344546B0026KNQSAA2ZEFDVX4X5TPXThomas A. Roberts "tomrgalvtx"0041284163200always something new and differentIf you like potato chips, then, you must try these. They are different but you will know what you have. Seems to be totally greaseless and very crunchy and tasty.I intend to get the other flavors in the near future.
344547344547B0026KNQSAA3ADBYBYDD0GHWK Anderson "Kathy"0051284076800great substitute for my favorite potato chipjust a quick note to let people know this is an excellent tasting, low calorie chip and love ordering these individual sized bags. I'm a 10-year plus Weight Watcher still maintaining my weight loss, and thanks to products like these that do not taste at all like "diet" food, I can enjoy all my slight problem, my husband loves them too, and so now we have to order more!! :-)
344527344527B0026KNQSAA1UTHTRTTVF7W8Bookbabe142251298851200GREATEST SNACK TO KEEP WEIGHT OFF!!!As any dieter knows, it is difficult to give up one's favorite snacks, especially if you crave salty, crispy chips. I have kept 40 pounds off for 2 years, and these Popchips have been my go to snack; in fact I EAT THEM EVERY DAY!! They fill my craving for salty chips for very few calories. One small bag does it for me. I like the original, but the other flavors are also good! Without these, I may have had to eat regular chips and had difficulty keeping my weight off. Popchips are a dieter's dream!
344548344548B0026KNQSAA2PF3ZG1OBOIPGWatch Collector0041283817600tasty, but very saltyI am a salty snack person, but this is over the top salty. The chip is flavorful, and it is not greasy (just as you would expect). I did not hate them, but I will not be buying any more.
344549344549B0026KNQSAA2KQY2NLA4N9X6sorian 10051283731200gotta love emthese pop chips rock, better than baked or fried.Crunchy,salty,100 cal. who could ask for more? I usually buy a box of 24 a month. Definitely worth it. Weight watchers- 2 pts.These are my favorite snacks.
344550344550B0026KNQSAA2U3W2PBPO5YQG. T. Frick "GT"0041283558400A tasty snack without the bad stuff.....However the first thing to note about these is your going to be hammered with a strong garlic/onion after taste. And your significant other will remind you of this the next day. lol...But not hydro oils or fructose corn syrup or other stuff that should no longer be in any of our snacks are NOT in these. I have replaced the regular potato chips,"even the baked ones" with these. I think they're better. Going to try the sea salted vinegar ones as well as the plains. Will report following. (Id give these a 4.5 if I could)
***One other thing to note;if you have soft skin in your mouth these may scratch it up.
344528344528B0026KNQSAA2UEO5XR3598GIRich K2251296691200YUMMY, YUMMY a little bit of love for your TummyHey!! these things taste good. At first I thought they would be like Pringles," which I don't care for " but they are not. Hard to explain since I don't know what to compare them too. I guess I would call them light and fluffy and yet nice and crisp with a great natural flavor.

These have taken some of the guilt out of eating this type of snack for me. I love potato chips but they are loaded with lots of unhealthy things. I'm not saying these are healthy, just a lot less unhealthy than chips.

For starters these are all natural with very little fat and fairly low in carbs for a food of this type. My sugar is high but I feel comfortable eating these in moderation since the carbs are lower than chips.

I originally bought the variety pack so I could try them all, and I liked them all although somewhat partial to the Cheddar. It's just a matter of what mood I am in as to which one I'll choose.
Unfortunately they are a bit pricy if you don't get them on sale. I just wish these came in a larger bag as opposed to the individual servings which are always more expensive.

Everyone has a different idea of good, so this is something you are going to have to try for yourself to decide.
344529344529B0026KNQSAA3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman2251293321600Extraordinary ChipsPopchips are no ordinary chips. What's in them is as good as what's not in them.
No preservatives. No artificial flavors. No saturated fat. No gluten ingredients.
Popchips are thicker than ordinary chips. They're crunchy ,zesty, tasty, and not overly salty. I like that there's no greasy residue on my hands after eating some.

The chips are uniform in size, strong enough to dip, and small enough to make double dipping unnecessary.
After sampling these for the first time, I'm looking forward to enjoying these great tasting and satisfying chips again.
344530344530B0026KNQSAA3F8AMXZFG76OYBrenda Persson2251280102400Love these chipsThese chips have a great flavor. My husband loves these and they work great in a healthy diet.
344531344531B0026KNQSAAWTKTZE0YCLOGEDToile2251279929600For Chip LoversI love potato chips and when I go at it I always eat more than I should. A whole bag of chips can be more than 1000 calories and 80 grams of fat. Pop chips are a partial solution. They are very tasty, crunchy and satisfy my chip urge. A whole bag of chips (3 servings) is 360 calories and 12 grams of fat. These chips are not fried but they taste very good. Try em.
344532344532B0026KNQSAA2GPJR489OIH42sb-lynn2251277510400So much better than "baked" chipsAbout 3 months ago I stayed at a hotel in Los Angeles and these chips were in the room, offered comp to hotel guests. I am not sure I would've tried them otherwise, but I am glad I did and now I'm addicted. I am a thin person so it's all about the taste for me, calories are not an issue. I've never really liked the taste of greasy chips, but baked chips seemed so bland. These chips are the best and you should give them a try. They are tasty and not greasy. My personal favorite is the original potato flavor, but they are all pretty good.

Highly recommended. I don't normally review food products but these were so good I wanted to share.
344533344533B0026KNQSAA3UEVIEUHPYG9IValentine2241276819200tasty, but pricey. but beware the shipping!I tried these chips looking for a healthy snack and they are quite tasty. The packing/shipping however leaves a lot to be desired. My box came completely smashed up and all the bags are crushed, with only about 1/4 of the chips in each bag actually intact. The rest are crumbs and dust. VERY disappointed in the packaging. There should be a box within a box and some type of packing peanuts.
344534344534B0026KNQSAAOB4R397Z9F5CSC Houston2251269475200The Barbecue are my favorite chips!!!PopChips are the best potato chips I have ever had, hands down. The BBQ flavor is strong and tangy. The calories and fat are very low. No frying, so the chips are very healthy - at least for a chip. You can satisfy that salt and crunch craving with these, no problem. But they are truly addicting - I could only find them sporadically in my local grocery (HEB and Randalls both sold them, at least for a time), but once I found them here on Amazon, I started ordering them by the case and get to save money to boot. These chips are not like regular chips - the texture is different, I assume from the "popping," but once you taste them, you will become addicted, too! One of my all-time favorite snack foods!!
344535344535B0026KNQSAA4YE5PF9QQMSODeborah J. Christian2251252454400wowThe garlic are good but the vinegar and salt are the best. I am so addicted I signed up for the bi-monthly shipments. If you like vinegar and salt potato chips you will love these.
344536344536B0026KNQSAA369XPXR47NQPZCore0051287360000Delicious BBQ ChipsGreat tasting BBQ Chips. Going to buy more.

At first, looking at the size of the bags, and just thinking about the concept of "Popped chips" I was on the fence. Glad I finally made up my mind.

My only complaint is, that these bags are so small. I want to purchase a regular size bag. Maybe a box of six or something. Because if you buy in bulk you save. Having to buy a box of 24... all that extra packaging is going to cost you.
344537344537B0026KNQSAA2OYA2I41LL5Y2Howard Fan0051287360000An Excellent, Tasty HEALTHY Chip!I've been eating these chips for a couple years now and I LOVE THEM! They are wayyyy healthier than a regular potato chip, and they are wayyyy tastier than a baked chip.

I highly recommend these chips to anyone!

If you haven't tried them, you should!! You'll love 'em!
344538344538B0026KNQSAAIQZWUEP9WOEIN. Martinez "Fit Lady"0051286668800SO YUMMYYou can never go wrong with Popchips if you're looking for a healthy AND tasty snack. The best BBQ chips ever!
344539344539B0026KNQSAA151KAVXT75W4ITracy0051286582400Yum!I love, love, love the Salt & Pepper Popchips. Have to order them in the individual bags or I will eat the whole thing!! Thank goodness for portion control :-) 1 bag is only 2 points on WW.
344540344540B0026KNQSAA1LZG70DVLC8U1Elandra "Elandra"0051285113600Salt & Pepper Popchips are the BEST!!!I love this product. I like some of the other flavors, but this one is the very best. Like mashed potatoes in a chip...and it's hard not to eat the whole bag. And let me tell you, if you do that at least they are healthier than the other options. I couldn't find my favorite flavor in my area though. I found the other flavors (sour cream & onion, cheddar, barbeque & original), but not my favorite. So I went this route & couldn't be happier. Yum! But these are MY chips...get your own. :-)
344541344541B0026KNQSAA70V6PZL3M9SHjustMe0041285113600some flavors are greatI bought the variety box of Popchips and some flavors are really great and others are not. I loved the sour cream and onion, original, and salt and vinegar. Was not a fan of the bbq (kind of bitter), salt and pepper (too peppery), and the cheddar (not a fan of cheddar flavored stuff). I would definitely buy the sour cream and onion and original flavored ones again! So crispy and crunchy and great chip-like flavor. They remind me of regular pringles but with more crunch and flavor!
344542344542B0026KNQSAA2KQQXBHO47G3KS. Randon0041284854400Crisp and tastyThese chips are sooooo much better than regular potato chips because they seem to be fat-free yet they carry a lot of flavor. The only problem is I tend to eat too many if I don't portion them out.

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