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344551344551B0026KNQSAA1JV0ROYWBB8JEserenity0051283472000The Very Best ChipsThis is my third order of Popchips. My husband and I both love them, and he takes a bag in lunch nearly every day. I shared them with coworkers, also, and they thought they were great. You won't be disappointed.
344552344552B0026KNQSAA2MVSBOOTQOMSSswais0051283385600The Barbeque Popchips Are Awesome!I first tried a small bag of the Barbeque Popchips on a business trip in California. They were so good I bought several extra bags and brought them home with me for my kids to try (9 and 10 year olds). They liked them so much, I ordered a 24 pack online so they could have one in their lunch each day. My kids shared these chips with their friends at lunch and told me that everyone loved them! All their friends wanted to know where we got them from!
344553344553B0026KNQSAA2I9IRYIQM8XJKMark0041283299200Healthy and tasty!I have tried original, BBQ and salt and vinegar. They all they good, the BBQ is the most flavorful. The salt and vinegar is a bit off, and it kind of has that "hmm this taste like health food". Which the BBQ doesn't have that effect at all. Though I'm still happy with my purchase. I have always been a fan of Popchips and always recommend my friends and family to eat this instead of their fried trans fatty chips.
344554344554B0026KNQSAA1AB6ZIKH3GRN6merandrachsmom0051283212800Low Fat??These are really good and they don't taste like diet food at all! My kids love them in their lunchbox.
344555344555B0026KNQSAA8D0C9SK4ZXTQEmile Von Smith "Deal finder"0051283212800YUM!No, these do not taste exactly like potato chips, they taste kind of like diet-food. But not in a bad way. They are by far the BEST alternative to potato chips. Waaayyy better than those "baked" potato chips.
344556344556B0026KNQSAA3H0GW48UJ37RANicholas Varichak0051283126400Awesomethese are great
they are healthy snacks and they taste great and they feel like a cheese puff in your mouth i love it
344557344557B0026KNQSAA2D6TW1QVEX2M1reeds0051283126400great chipsI loved these chips. Even my teenager loved these things. I only got the Salt and Pepper in my first order, but I have now ordered a variety package. I am really looking forward to trying the others.
344558344558B0026KNQSAA3J0J4DXDMQTINAvidReader0051281657600Not for everyone!I absolutely LOVE popchips! So far, I have tried the plain (really don't like these - no flavor at all), BBQ (very nice, rather sweet - I do like these) and Salt & Pepper (by FAR my favorite). The Salt & Pepper are VERY peppery. More Pepper than Salt, but I really enjoy the savory bite these have. I really enjoy the texture of these as well. Of course I really enjoy rice cakes as well and these are similar in taste "weight" but the texture is more like maybe a thick (yet still light) Munchos, or maybe like a flattened out pork rind. Like I said however, these are not for everyone. My husband really doesn't like them much. So far he only sort-of likes the Salt & Pepper. I would suggest going on PopChips website and see where they are sold locally, around me they are sold at Target Stores.
344559344559B0026KNQSAA3OSEN3UPE7369RoRo0051281398400Pop Chips are GREAT!!!!I have tried all of the flavors and they are all good. However, my absolute favorites are the salt & pepper and the original. They are really great - and as a greasy hands!!
344560344560B0026KNQSAAG956QOSJ4QU8Shoppaholic0041281312000Warning: will cause bad breathe (but oh, so delicious)These chips are very very good. The flavoring on them is the perfect bbq flavor. Unfortunately they leave you with terrible breath (maybe don't eat them before going in for a kiss or talking in someone's face!).

They have an odd crisp that's unsettling at first, but if you give it a try, you get used to it, and will most likely enjoy it. You eat them expecting that crunch of a potato chip, but are greeted by something more airy. It's a pretty unique texture that's not much like what I've eaten before.

They are not baked or fried, but popped. Which means less calories and fat. They also seem to have the ability to fill me up even though the bag is small (smaller than most I think). So that is a double win.

I'd highly recommend trying these in store before investing in a big box of these unless you are adventurous (or generous enough to give away if they displease you)...but DO try them!
344561344561B0026KNQSAA14OUJJJQZ3BG2YzGals0051280880000Sour Cream & Onion are the best!I just went to order a box from here and they say 3-6 weeks??????? Ok, now everyone knows how good they are. We need faster production please :) These are the best flavor by far. Can't wait for the Jalapeno to come out. YUM!!!
344562344562B0026KNQSAA2QB72NT6HE6WASarah0051278806400LOVE these chips!I was lucky to have ordered chips on a Virgin America flight and was so excited to see them on Amazon! They are light and crispy and they do not have MSG or anything bad in them. They only have about 100 calories per bag and around 3 grams of fat. I love them! If you are a chip lover, try them!
344563344563B0026KNQSAA2VSDBNRYGVWKHappy Clicker0051277078400Best Chips everI love these chips. They are crunchy and they don't crumble in to little pieces in the bag. I truely believe that Barbeque Popchips taste better than any other Barbeque chips on the market.
344564344564B0026KNQSAA1I4DHEVGUDWH1M. A. Wind "Old Edge"0051269561600Fabulous Pop ChipsThis manufacturer is wonderful and follows up with their clients. It is really appreciated. They have a great variety to choose from. I would recommend this company to everyone.
344565344565B0026KNQSAADUBPCAHDRCARK. Byrnes0051269216000Pop Chips are the BESTGreat Price, Fast Shipping and these are the best chips with better ingredients and less calories than most snack foods-- plus they taste like real chips!
344566344566B0026KNQSAA2HKGQ3OBD6Q23D. Yang0051268006400Much better than I thoughtI only had the BBQ flavor since the variety pack was OOS at the time I ordered. This was the first time I ate these and they are much better than I expected. I read the reviews and saw that it got a lot of praises, but still skeptical since people's taste buds aren't the same. Once I received it, tried a bag and these are great. They aren't greasy at all and pack a lot of flavor. I rather eat these whenever I feel like I need a snack than original potatoes chips or something that's a bit greasy.

Either way, these are great. Go to their website and see if you can find a vendor near you. Buy a bag to try out and if you love it, just keep getting more from your retail store or buy 'em cheaper here on Amazon!
344567344567B0026KNQSAA2YD0LGCAG5CVCCrocLover0051267660800Great SnackI love Pop Chips! They are similar to a regular potatoe chip, but lighter though just as crunchy!! I say give them a try -- they are definitely worth it!
344568344568B0026KNQSAA1FKWEOT07D3CDM. Hurne0041266969600My wife and I love these!My wife loves these, and we can't wait for them to go on sale again. Recommended!
344569344569B0026KNQSAAEU9NQ5EDBW91solbnblwka0041266451200Great introduction to these chipsOkay, I personally loved how these chips taste. They are super crunchy and flavorful. I chose to take away one star because the Sea Salt & Vinegar flavor was way too salty. BBQ was my favorite. Next time I order, I am getting just the BBQ. They taste just like the greasy unhealthier versions made by other brands. The Cheddar was good but you can tell it was a healthy version of this flavor chips. The rest of the flavors I would say taste as they normally do, nothing special or out of the typical range of those flavors.
344570344570B0026KNQSAA668DPP6GDYX5ladybug56124 "Carol"0051266364800The best of the bestI don't feel guilty about eating these chips. They are the best of the best and I have ordered more. There is a great variety to choose from and enjoy.
344571344571B0026KNQSAA2GSNLOLNOZWMMBud0041265760000Excellent SnackIf you are looking for a really good snack with relatively few calories, this is the one for you. Tastes good, is relatively good for you when compared with other potato chip snacks and ordering them from Amazon makes them easy to keep on hand.
344572344572B0026KNQSAA22JHOEDZED75EA Greyhound on the Go0051265587200Popchips are healthy and yummyPopchips are quite yummy and 5-star product! They have the baked potatoe crisps' texture, but the mini rice cakes' thickness and size. The are healthier than most snack foods, especially in the single serving packs. My favorite flavors are the BBQ, Cheddar, and Orginal. However, all the varieties are worth a tasty and worth a try.

344573344573B0026KNQSAACM6X1Q9R2K81MedTech20090051265414400Amazing snackCan't say enough about these chips. They are only 3 Weight watchers points and are very satisfying. Hard to believe they are healthy. I like the portion control of single serve bags for myself and they are quick to pack in a lunch. One of these bags is a lot more filling than a small bag of chips and taste even better. I also bought the 3 ounce bags since my entire family loves these. Try these once and you will be hooked.
344574344574B0026KNQSAA1NT3FKIAYQEX1J. Talbert0051265241600These things are sooooo addictiveThese things are great. I have tried most of the flavors and each one is great. When you open your first bag and put a popchip in your mouth and start eating it, it has a very different texture than you would expect, At-least for me, I did not know what to expect for the texture, and the first few I ate I was I was not sure if I would like it, but then the flavors started to do a happy dance in my mouth, and I got use to the texture and now I cannot get enough of these. They are very addictive, like a legal drug.. They are filling, low in calories and fat. They are my new favorite chips.

I recommend going to the website and sending the company an email to let them know what you think of the chips. They are excited to hear what you think and may send you some coupons just for emailing them.

If you have never tried these, do it, they are worth it. This variety pack is worth it, good price, great chips. I am eating a bag of bbq while I write this and have a bag of plain popchips waiting for me later. For a chip like this, I didn't have high expectations for the plain chips. Some low fat chips and foods that don't have seasoning taste bland and not work it, not these, even the plain chips have great flavor.
344575344575B0026KNQSAA1EW5PGSWL1F5CM. Gerard0051265068800Love the BBQ flavorI dislike most "diet" snacks -- like baked potato chips. But the barbecue pop chips taste as good or better than most non-diet snacks. I did not care for the vinegar and salt & pepper varieties -- and haven't tried the others yet -- but the BBQ chips are great. I make sure I always have these in the house.
344576344576B0026KNQSAA19GPSMV31Q33CSweetGirly "Gymnut"0051264982400Surprisingly Good with so little fat!These are Phenomenal! They taste as close to a full fat chip as possible, I was so surprised. Thank you so much pop-chips!
344577344577B0026KNQSAA1FOUC0WQXV2UGJeff "Jeff"0041264636800my son has to have themPop Chips are hard to find in the original flavor. So I ordered a whole case. Too bad that they are gone already! My son loves them.
344578344578B0026KNQSAA2HWZ7WHTE0U2DDr.C0051264464000The best!These are some of the most delicious snacks that I have tasted!It is amazing that the serving size is comparable to regular chips but only 100 calories.
344579344579B0026KNQSAA3CJYR9MUXMVFMFashionable RN0051264464000Yummo!This is a great tasting product for 100calories and you actually get quite a few chips in the bag. Salt and vinegar are my favorites. The plain taste like Munchos. Will definitely buy again!
344580344580B0026KNQSAA15Z6Z51Q85AOASpazvan0051264464000My 1 guilty pleasurePopchips is the chip of the century! I love them all but the original is the best! I wish they would make them sodium free though!

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