Amazon Fine Food Reviews

344617344617B0026KNQSAA2JBZHQVQF7MV0Sherry0051248220800Addictive!I really like these. One reviewer mentioned they have soy in them. The last ingredient in them is soy lecithin (emulsifier)which is in many store bought foods. It is not a soy product though. I have to keep my soy intake down because I have Lupus but these do not bother me. They are quite salty and on the rare occasion when I made a pig of myself and ate the whole bag it made my tongue sore. They are really good though. I bought mine at Trader Joe's but am delighted to find them now at Amazon (for only 11 cents more a bag) as it is a pain to go shopping and have to get my wheelchair in and out of the car. I plan to order some right now.A great alternative to greasy regular potato chips.
344618344618B0026KNQSAA22IF292KOC9IPDolly DeAnda "Dolly"0041247875200YUMMY:)We ordered a case of these without never having tried them before and were pleasantly surprised...They have a distinct flavor and are VERY ADDICTING!!! The only down thing I can say is that when you open the package there is only around 1/2 of a bag and they are gone before you know it~
344619344619B0026KNQSAA339MEP4QVOSA2P. Hanse0051247702400Great chipsGreat potato taste and crunch with so much less fat than regular chips. The order arrived promptly and in good condition.
344620344620B0026KNQSAA2ZOGTU89HT0XKMichael J. Cresci "Mikeylikesit"0051247529600Love this flavor Popchip!Another great tasting popchip flavor! Popchips are one of the best snack foods available these days.
344621344621B0026KNQSAAL0MLF4AINGY3R. Guieb "Rosiebud320"0051247184000These Rock!I am trying to lose a few pounds and am on Weight Watchers, these are the best chips around. I love potatoes and can not keep them out of my diet, these are tasty and low in fat and not drenched in oil. My boyfriend who is not on a diet also enjoys these chips! YUM
344622344622B0026KNQSAAHEA5TAENPASKA. Sankaranarayanan "BCBG=love"0051247184000A dieting woman's dream snack!!!!!!!!!These chips are awesome, simply awesome! I purchased a 24pk order of popchips from amazon a few months ago (Original flavour) and I absolutely fell in love!!! It's the only low-fat chip that gave me the same "crunch" as my favourite (super unhealthy) alternative - Kettle chips. I just ordered these last week, and my oh my, I think this is my favourite flavour now! Since I'm vegetarian, the BBQ flavour doesnt appeal to me, but I'm dying to try the Garlic Parm & Sour Cream and Onion... and OH, the cheddar ones are on their way.. can't wait :D... POPCHIPS ROCK and are a part of my daily 3pm snack routine :D
344623344623B0026KNQSAA13K3ZLWAWN1EIyogagirl "grrrl"0041246579200Very good substituteWell the main thing here is that you are trading oil for starch. I found that it had a slightly funny taste at first, but the salt and vinegar flavors are true to form so its a very workable substitute for oily chips. When I eat chips I tend to eat them for the salty flavor, not the oil.
344624344624B0026KNQSAAGMLN3EA0K8S7Pop Chip Fan0051243987200Great! Very Peppery!I like the strong pepper flavor and just like the other POP chips that I have tried they are always nice and crispy!
344611344611B0026KNQSAA81CMMA3GHAHCE. Contento "Lacey"0041250380800Diet SecretThis is my diet secret> I needed soething salty and crunchy in my bag of tricks to help keep me on my diet, I love these things! Even if I eat a whole large bag it's still about 300 calories! I like all the flavors and I really like the samll snack size bags. I couldn't get them anywhere but on AMAZON!
344625344625B0026KNQSAAQPPJX9X21XT0SusieB "Movie lover"0051242432000They are greatI saw them advertised in the Weight Watcher magazine and gave them a try. I love them. Tasty and crunchy. I've ordered more.
344626344626B0026KNQSAA1TOAY6N7WO95TD. Snider0041240704000Good snacking optionI picked up a bag of these in NYC and ate them on the train home. I liked the flavor a lot, and the fact that they have less guilt in them than other options like potato chips. When I got home, I could not find these in CT, so I bought a case on Amazon. I have shared several of the bags with friends and everyone loves them. I highly recommend these chips (if you must have chips, that is!!!)
344612344612B0026KNQSAA1UASXJKH475MVJ. Withers0051249516800As far as diet foods go, it's definitely 5 star!We received a sampler package from Amazon that had several flavors....cheddar, bbq, sour cream/onion, plain, salt and pepper, and also the salt and vinegar.

I've already received our first shipment of just the vinegar version. These are a good salty fix without the calories...and each proportioned pouch is satisfying in one sitting. I would've liked to try the garlic parm but it wasn't included.

Our #1 is salt and vinegar and #2 would probably be the salt and pepper.
344627344627B0026KNQSAA2I971PPYPP61FJessie L. Maske "Jessie"0051240185600POPchipsThese are awesome, the problem would be limiting oneself to a single serving. My husband is on a gluten free diet and these are by far the best chips we have found. The other varieties of the POPChips are bland and not as tasty, we keep coming back for more of the delicious Barbeque.
344628344628B0026KNQSAAGV6IFM1ICPDHD. J. Timperlake0051239580800Love These Chips!!!!Purchased these by the case since they are so hard to find in my local store. Also enlisted in the auto delivery program. The only problem is by purchasing them 12 at a time - they are always in the house and tempting me. Will never go back to regular chips again.
344613344613B0026KNQSAA15337TKVGZSBTcarla45150051249516800Love these chips--Happy to see them on Amzaon.These BBQ chips are crisp, well-spiced, & satisfying. I don't eat as many of these at 1 sitting as I do with regular (Lay's) BBQ chips.
We were buying these at Costco for a short while. The problem with Costco is that when items become very popular, their bulk cost goes up & Costco moves on to carry something else. Not even Central Market (TX) carries these! Thanks goodness for Amazon. I am signing up for the automatic re-ordering program!
344614344614B0026KNQSAAL8TKSMZJZDOSJen0051249344000Yummy!I just tried popchips for the first time and they were great! I immediately went online to find them and order more. Only 100 calories in the .8 ounce bag - makes for a great afternoon snack at the office.
344629344629B0026KNQSAA3M798YYM8TSQGJudy0051236988800Similar to MunchosDiscovering I have a yeast allergy meant I had to quit eating Munchos--a childhood favorite. Hurray!! These are very similar and just as good. :)
344630344630B0026KNQSAA2TS39A4PLC2UQrobsmom0051234224000RobsmomThese popchips(original flavor)are great tasting, low in fat, and a snack that is satisfying. With free shipping and handling with amazon prime they are now at a price I will order and reorder. With my son's food allergies I am so happy they contain all allowable ingredients!! Thanks Amazon.
344631344631B0026KNQSAAX668BUQRHI7Cstephie0041229385600These are delicious!I love these Barbecue flavored Pop Chips. They're crunchy, loaded with spicy Barbecue flavor, and highly addicting. Beware... you're going to want more! After trying these you'll find it hard to believe they're pretty healthy. Go to their website and see for yourself (not every product page lists ingredients, it's worth checking it out). I'll definitely be buying more of these.

4 stars instead of 5 because although they're absolutely delicious, they're also inconsistent. One bag has different textured chips (and coating variances, mainly color difference) from another. That's fine with me but it's just a a little off putting.
344615344615B0026KNQSAA14NQD4RHMM542Samantha Anderson0051249344000Fantastic!I have tried every variety of Popchips and this one is by far my favorite. The pepper gives it just the right amount of spice. If you love your food to have a little kick to it, then you will love these chips!
344632344632B0026KNQSAA1VXTRVD6NI8Y6Disney Fan "Thoroughly Hooked"0051229040000Great Snack!we love Pop Chips, but they ceased being available in our area. So I was happy to find them available on Amazon with FREE SHIPPING! These are yummy and also a healthy choice! Can't beat a deal like that!
344616344616B0026KNQSAAI5SDO9RUZKVONatalie0051248998400THE BARBEQUE FLAVOR IS GREAT!!!These POPCHIPS are fantastic!!! I tried them at Target, on Sunday and I was hooked. I bought one bag. I came back on Monday evening, and they were sold out!!! I had to go to another store. The barbeque is my favorite!!! My kids enjoy them. I have everyone at my job eating them also. They are a little pricey at the grocery store, but I have to have them on a daily basis!!
344633344633B0026KNQSAAJ6GK0GEB3OANick0051227398400great chipsMy parents were visiting us in Las Vegas from the east coast. I was at my favorite grocery store and as we passed the chips I said "you have to try these chips, (my wife and I have been hooked for some time now) my mother said that she doesn't buy chips since they are too greasy. I said I promise you will love these. When we got home I opened the bag and handed it to them. They loved them. When they returned home I got a call from my parents telling me they went to every healthy store around and no one sells them. I sent a case to their home since you can not get them on the east coast and they are almost finished with them. Time to order another case. BEST CHIPS EVER. We keep many bags in the house.
344634344634B0026KNQSAA1ONCPHCQIWQN7Georgia D. Simms0051226793600Pop ChipsLower in calories and great taste. I like them just as much as the regular greasy chips. It's nice to have a great tasting healthy alternative.
344635344635B0026KNQSAA5LQNB1ZPDO5IA. Myers0051226275200great chipsBest chips I've ever eaten but you should sell them in 11 to 15 oz bags.
344636344636B0026KNQSAAGPA9FDHI49E5Dances With Words "Kate"2251239667200Unbelievable - healthy and incredibly tastyYUM - what can I say. I am a sucker for BBQ chips and these really taste delicious, especially for something that is good for you. I agree that they leave you wanting more, so beware. ;-) So yummy!
344637344637B0026KNQSAA3GGQC9BRC6ABKBrandi L. Booth "b"2251239235200Amazing Chips!These chips are really good. Crisp and delicious. My favorite flavor is the salt and pepper, my second in the garlic parm, but they were all good. (I'm not even a fan of BBQ anything, but the BBQ chips were alright).

Only 110 calories for a small bag. Not to bad if i say so myself.
344638344638B0026KNQSAA1PAGHECG401K1Chel Micheline "Chel Micheline"2251222992000ADDICTIVEAfter years of being addicted to Smart Puffs, as soon as I tried these Sea Salt & Vinegar chips, I was an instant convert.

They are light, crispy, and perfectly salty and vinegar-y.

I think they taste amazing, however, my husband can't eat these chips because they make his eyes water. I *love* vinegar (I could drink the stuff if it wouldn't kill my stomach) so I don't understand how he's not obsessed with these chips (he likes the BBQ the best...). I guess if you're sensitive to vinegar-y tastes, this may not be the chip to you.

However, if you LOVE Vinegar, like I do, these chips will pretty much take over your life as your favorite food. I sneak them all day. And they aren't terribly bad for you (12 grams of fat in a large bag), so if you overindulge, you won't have to add an extra mile to your workout the next day. However, you will get a raw tongue.

My only complaint is that some of the bags are a little overcooked, and the chips are a light brown instead of golden colored. But they still taste the same, and are far and above any other Salt-and-Vinegar chip I have ever tried, including the ones that are terribly bad for you.
344639344639B0026KNQSAA1XKPUN6WTKQM2Pauly "dvd guy"2251212451200Popchips are the BESTPopchips are so much better than, say, potato chips with about 1/10th the calories and fat. I have tried the variety case and absolutely love all the flavors. Instead of chips and dip, I now have popchips plain or with fat-free dip or salsa and still loose weight eating something that I truly enjoy!!! Popchips are the best tasting 120 calorie snack on the market. It truly does replace your craving for salty, high fat potato chips, doritos, fritos, etc. You may be amazed when you try these popchips!!
344640344640B0026KNQSAAZBEOADXPY11WChristabel4511328227200THESE HAVE CHANGED....AND NOT FOR THE BETTER!Let me start by saying that I have purchased Popchips for several years. I was even on Amazon autoship for 2 boxes every 2 months because we enjoyed them so much. That being said, I have been very disappointed with the last 2 shipments received. The barbeque had little to no seasoning on both boxes of both shipments. Not to.mention that the bags are now half filled with air. The bad thing about this is that both shipments came from different plants. I was so dissapointed with this last batch that I attempted to return them, but Amazon does not accept food returns. I have canceled both autoships and I won't buy them again until I am assured that this problem has been corrected. LISTEN UP POPCHIPS: YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS WANT THE PRODUCT THAT WE ARE ACCUSTOMED TO CONSUMMING. IF I WANTED ORIGINAL FLAVOR CHIPS I WOULD HAVE ORDERED THEM. I WANT MY BARBEQUE CHIPS TO TASTE LIKE BARBEQUE. YOU HAVE LOST A VERY LOYAL CUSTOMER WITH YOUR COST CUTTING EFFORTS :(

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