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344796344796B002HFQSESA375BAYCBNR8VBRuby Ellen0051317168000Makes excellent iced teaI love this stuff iced. I put it in bottles with some Splenda and take it to work. Very refreshing.
344797344797B0007SVD9MA1OB5L3WMHJAD9Christopher Culver3321218153600Disappointingly inconsistent with earlier flavours, and quite chemicalish in tasteWhen I was growing up in the United States in the mid-1990s, the advent of Altoids from across the Atlantic was a fortuitous time, bringing me and my friends a peppermint that was "curiously strong" due to its high concentrate of peppermint oil, naturally flavored, and unlike anything that we had tasted before. After I moved abroad, Altoids became one of the brands I missed most. Recently, a relative sent me a pack of the fairly new Wintergreen flavor, and I find it very disappointing.

The problem with the Wintergreen flavour Altoids is that they taste like toothpaste and bear little resemblance to the very natural and intense flavor of the original offerings. I can imagine that Callard & Bowser, now owned by Wrigley's, are trying to attract a buyer who is fond of Wrigley's Winterfresh gum, but who wants a dissolving mint instead. I imagine that your enjoyment of Wintergreen Altoids is going to be based entirely on what you think of Winterfresh.
344798344798B0007SVD9MATDTM14U5KFVTKeith Hough1111227312000They changed the flavor and it is not good.I've been ordering cases of Altoids for years now and they have always been great. Apparently they recently changed the styling of the tin (embossed lettering and points at the corners of the gold border) and with it they changed the flavoring and texture of the mints themselves. The mints are in my opinion horrible compared to the old style. I will probably give them away or just toss them they are so bad. The flavor is now so heavy and toothpaste / Winterfresh like it is unbearable. Don't get me wrong, I like Colgate toothpaste and Winterfresh gum just fine, but it's like they decided it was a good idea to cram half a pack of Winterfresh flavor into a single mint. Grose. And to make it worse the rough texture of the mint dissipates quickly and your soon left with basically a hard candy style mint. Will never buy them again unless they change them back to the old style. Very sad indeed.
344799344799B0007SVD9MAJ6YNB7RTZ1BHBoard Gamer "F.R.E."0011296345600The new altered flavor of altoids wintergreen mints=GROSS.Altoids wintergreen mints were once my favorite flavor of altoids. They had a clean, refreshing, decidedly strong rush of pure mint flavor. For years I enjoyed the intense, clean sweet flavor, as I bit into them. Unfortunately, Wrigleys (the new owners) have altered the flavor (more artificial ingredients?) and added blue artificial color to them. The mints now taste like cheap toothpaste, that leaves an unpleasant chemical aftertaste in your mouth. These once delightful mints are now ghastly! Let's hope the Wrigley's people with the uneducated palates don't mess with the Peppermint Altoids!
344800344800B0007SVD9MA8CT2FDCZI2BTAlma Atkinson0051294704000Great mintsThese mints are the favorite of everyone in our household. very good taste. long lasting flavor. handy tin when empty. would recommend to anyone.
344801344801B0007SVD9MA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"0251230249600Very Strong MintsThis flavor of ALTOIDS is especially good, although, my little "curious" cat "Princess" does not agree. While opening the packet, she heard the crackling of the wrapping and raced across the bed to see what I was doing. That was until I actually released the little tins from the wrapping. When I showed her the mints, she jumped across the bed backwards.

That was funny, but what was even more funny was when dropped a mint on the floor (by accident) and she went dashing to see what this new fun object had to offer. She was about 5 inches away when again she "sprang backwards."

While I was rather amused, I realized that even cats think this product is "shockingly strong." I think this flavor is even stronger than the peppermint and cinnamon. It clears your head and awakens you to life, no doubt.

This is one of the few mints I'll eat, even though it has sugar. They are just too good to pass up and are just 10 calories. Much stronger than ordinary mints! They are even worth reviewing!

Ingredients: sugar, artificial flavor, gum Arabic, gelatin, corn syrup, natural flavor

~The Rebecca Review
344802344802B0029JDUO8A262J5CLDNAW54Erika6631279584000good flavor, but crumblyI bought these to help my afternoon sweet cravings that had gotten out of control. I love chocolate, so I was hopeful. They have a nice, mild chocolate mint flavor, but they are very crumbly. I'd prefer a firmer candy.
344803344803B0029JDUO8A18CQ3TU9MISJYLW Raboys8931276473600pretty good itemI would give this product 5 stars for the fact that it's made in the US & not China, like so many Xylitol products. However I wasn't too fond of the chocolate flavor, and I'm a chocoholic. I preferred the berry flavor as far as being refreshing, but that is just a personal taste matter. Bottom line: this is a quality product at a reasonable price, compared to so many of the other "dry mouth" specialty products.
344804344804B0029JDUO8A3Q5XRYYBQQHX8Covered In Harmony "undeserving servant of Ch...1151334534400Yummy and GREAT for chocolate cravingsI have long been a fan of ricochet mints (though they changed their name to xyla recently, apparently). With the name change came a change in texture. They used to be pretty soft and easily fell apart. Now they're a little firmer, almost the texture of smarties though after they've been in your mouth a while if you suck on them and push hard on them with your tongue they still break apart (keep in mind it's basically pressed xylitol). They're very yummy and it's great to be able to eat three or four of them and turn my nose up at the chocolate ice cream. I'll take 1 calorie a piece over 300 calories a bowl any day :-)
344805344805B0029JDUO8A3F34HE66GD4WAMarilyn Stulken0051351123200Hope they never stop making these.I hope they never stop making these Coco Mints, or their Licorice Mints. I use xylitol gum and candies a lot, and I get awfully tired of the choices of cinnamon-fruit-mint-fruit-cinnamon-fruit-mint-fruit-cinnamon. . . offered elsewhere. I like the fact that these are made of simple real ingredients: xylitol, cocoa powder, and peppermint oil. The fact that they crumble a bit never bothered me. When I finish off a tin, I dump the sugar at the bottom into my coffee.
344806344806B0029JDUO8A3KPRKS4YSOZWNAll Rater0021341792000Soft and crumblyPositive: All natural ingredients, organic cocoa, tastes good, xylitol, good chocolate flavor

Negative: needs to be hard mints, crumbly like a vitamin

I will not buy again. How hard is it to make it hard mints. I think they are trying to copy altoids, but managed to make it much more crumbly.
344807344807B0029JDUO8A8CZQM9DB1NQJP. Firth0111312329600Not really a mintIf you're expecting a nice, hard candy to slowly dissolve in your mouth, while bathing your teeth in healthy Xylitol, this ISN'T it!
The "mints" I received have a mottled brown-and-white color. They were double-saran-wrapped, so I can't see how they could have absorbed any moisture. But they have the consistency of a Rice Krispy (yes...ONE rice krispy). You can't suck on them at all...they just disintegrate in your mouth in a few seconds.
As a result, one stays in your mouth about 5 seconds, and you don't get that clean, fresh taste (as you would with Smints, for example) at all.

Very disappointing.
If this batch was defective, I hope the manufacturer contacts me with replacements.
344808344808B004G90L0AA2XKMETFFZ8WMFCooking Enthusiast0051321056000The Only BouillonI've been cooking with Vegetable Oxo Bouillon Cubes for a number of years. It's the only bouillon cube worth using! My grown sons order their own, as do several friends who asked what I did to make my soups and stews so flavorful. It's also a wonderful 'food' to have around when someone in the house is ill. My only complaint is the high cost of shipping. Maybe Amazon can solve this problem.
344809344809B001BMDQHAA2LE4EX1IGHV5YR. Matty5631254096000It's okay...Healthy gets 3 stars, but loses 2 stars b/c there's lots of sugar (check the nutritional info) and raisins are a bit hard/chewy.
344810344810B001BMDQHAA1DBJOKC4410SZDawnB "milady42"0011348617600Bring back old formula - new formula is horrible!I just got off the phone with Health Valley to complain about the new formula. It tastes nothing like the old, which was delicious. The new formula flakes taste like cardboard. Now I'm hunting everywhere for boxes of the old formula before they are gone from the store shelves. I do not recommend this product.
344811344811B001BMDQHAA3VMNS5C72R1PFCorkky0011343865600This new formula in the white box is terrible.This used to be my favorite cereal, but since they changed to this new formula in the white box (old formula came in a golden/light green box) it is terrible. This new formula has a gritty hard dry texture, does not stay crunchy in milk like the old formula, and it taste artificially sweet. The old formula had a great malty, honey like flavor and stayed crunchy in milk longer. I would go out of my way to buy it, special ordering it in cases from my health food store because they didn't carry this one at the store and it's so hard to find cereals without wheat. But now with this new formula ... forget it, I will no longer be buying it. Health Valley ruined a good thing!
344812344812B001BMDQHAA1QL0LPBVIOB2RCitrus Hills0051309737600Start the day with flavor and fiber.This is the ultimate organic healthy cereal. Put fresh fruit on top of it and sprinkle it with a little whey protein powder and you have a fabulous start to your day!
344813344813B001BMDQHAA2BWJE33YXG4LS. Miller0051289865600Organic Oat Bran FlakesQuality Organic Oat Bran Flakes and raisins at an low price. These flakes have the best texture and taste compared to other brands that taste like saw-dust. This product is very hard to find at any local market or health store so I buy them on and am a member of the convenient 2-day shipping plan!
344814344814B001BMDQHAA3ROH2Q6CEMEUUC. Scott0041265760000Rock Hard Raisins!We really liked the flavor of the cereal! The raisins are very hard and chewey, though. This cereal would be perfect if they just left out the raisins.
344815344815B000CDMZS0A2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin1151195948800wonderful teaLipton Decaffeinated Tea is the perfect thing to drink when you want a soothing hot--or cold--beverage. It works wonders to combat laryngitis as well. Moreover, the tea bags contain decaffeinated tea which means you'll never lose a night's sleep to this tea! SMILE

Moreover, there are no additives nor are there preservatives. You can use these tea bags a very long time after you bought them in a store or here at online.

Yes, you can serve this tea iced with lemon; but I normally find it most useful for those nasty winter months when I inevitably catch a miserable cold. I boil water; I add the tea bag and then I let it steep for a few minutes. I add milk and one packet of "sweet and low" and it's absolutely delicious!

You can use a tea bag twice if you wish but after two uses the tea bag has probably served its' "tour of duty."

Overall, this is a fine quality tea that will not over stimulate you with caffeine. It is an aromatic hot beverage for when you have a cold and it also makes a delicious iced tea drink on a baking hot summer's day. Pick some up and try it--you will not be disappointed.
344816344816B000IZABLUA286LOQGOYEZWHtruth seeker "truth seeker"111151225584000best bang for your buckno doubt, after trying most honeys, this is the best (although everyones tastes may vary). two things set it apart from the next best one on the market, "really raw honey":
-firm texture

if you want a softer honey with the propolis (wax and some other pollen granules that are full of nutrition) go with the 'really raw' brand. keep in mind, though, that its not organic and may have pollen from GE crops.
344817344817B000IZABLUA2I3ZPGFLQ1AP6MeWorry?Gal9941193356800Sweet Deal...The taste of this product is great and the creamy consistency was surprisingly spreadable. That has always been a problem with honeys that crystallize. The whole family loves it. I wish it came in a larger size. Having said that, I would love to get a hold of a raw honey with the bits of honeycomb in it. That would be pure honey heaven.
344818344818B000IZABLUA3FBOUQQWKO2T2RumbleSis162 "RumbleSis"6651262822400Best raw honey yet!!This is by far the best tasting raw honey I have ever tried!! It simply melts in your mouth leaving a sweet mild taste!! I use it on toast, and in coffee and hot tea.
344819344819B000IZABLUA2NO3EILK77VXNCATS4451328572800Wonderful product of nature!I recently had abdominal surgery. My Dr. told me to purchase a high quality all natural unheated, raw honey to apply to the incision after sutures were removed. I did my research on the best brands, and found this. I was irritated , red and swollen when sutures and steri strips were removed. I started applying honey daily and covering with a sanitary napkin. Within 2 days, the swelling and redness were completely gone!!! This natural healing product is amazing, and it never goes bad....I highly recommend Y.S. organic honey to anyone needing a wonderful skin healer!! It is also delicious in hot tea by the way!
344820344820B000IZABLUA32DF6ADBAPPQ8Kangkang Wang4451283644800In love with my raw honeyThis is the first time that I've tried raw honey and I like this product! The texture is firm and the taste is great. Besides, it's among the best prices you can find there for raw honey since it's usually quite expensive.
344791344791B001EO7DFGA3EFALG5HYI4WNGary Denton "Liberal Anti-Authoritarian"0031325721600Meh...With all the good reviews and an Amazon coupon I purchased this and the enchilada soup mix both to try and give as small Christmas gifts. Cooked it in the crock-pot today with some veggie fake chicken strips and the flavor and vegetables really did nothing. I hope it is because it didn't quite come to a full boil in the crock pot. Next one I will highly doctor with more vegetables and Rotel and let it come to a complete boil before putting it on low. It is nice and thick.
344792344792B001EO7DFGAIZKHI4FS7RKSChris G0041324598400surprisingly good for a mixWe purchased several varieties of soup mixes, including this one, the Country Collection Spuds ' Chives Potato Soup, 11-Ounce. Bags (Pack of 4) and the Leonard Mountain Italian Wedding Soup, 10-Ounce. Bags (Pack of 4). We have tried them all and have been pleasantly surprised. They are quite good for soups that come from a mix. We dress them up a bit by adding veggies or chicken, but overall, the flavor is good and we have been happy with them as a quick lunch or dinner option.
344793344793B001SAQ4VKA36UYHOQIIJCLNW. J. Bayer II "Witold"0051288828800What a HOT MUSTARD should be!Kosciusko Spicy Brown Mustard is what a hot mustard should be. It is spicy hot and flavorful. This Polish mustard is a natural with Polish kielbasa, but it goes well with any American or German sausage. I use it in recipes that call for Dijon mustard too. Try it, you'll like it.

My only complaint here is that the price is too high and then you need to add shipping. It should be about $2.50/9 oz. jar.
344794344794B0019L8I58A1H73NW4DTNR1OAmazon Woman0021343865600Severely overpriced.I had to drive a bit of a distance to a Chinese market but it was worth it. The same same amount sold here for nearly $50 is available for about $9 at 99 Ranch Market (Los Angeles). Yes, it's not "heirloom" but what's really the difference? It certainly ain't organic... It all cooks up just the same.
344795344795B002HFQSESATJ5CEU7ESAO9Steffanie Countryman0051328486400Refreshing and lightI start my day with a cup of this tea every morning. Light and refreshing it cleanses the palette. No bitter after taste but a light minty flavor. One of my favorite green teas.

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