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345091345091B0076MLL12A1Q3VZH3TP8DFNJanice G. Brown0051323302400hot cocoaFor the price I think the cocoa cups are very good. I will order them again. They are nice to have in the house for the grand children and the holidays
345092345092B0076MLL12A2X9G1DQ4T28ZN8 Eyes0051323216000Great productGreat tasting product and is much better than other cocoas I have tasted in this type of single serve. Job well dont grove square!
345093345093B0076MLL12A221IYGUANAAL2Cheryl L. Clark0051323216000Hot Cocoa Anyone?This is the best cocoa ever. It beats out anything you can buy in the store. Sometimes
I just mix it in my coffee and it's wonderful. Highly recommend.
345094345094B0076MLL12AAPW5YIE2JSYESarah B.0041323043200Yummy!It's a pretty good sub for the coffee shop version. No mess and the S&S price is great! I like that the box has perforations to remove part of the side so that it functions as a dispenser.
345095345095B0076MLL12A1FRUPO6DSTXE1M. Adams0031322784000Not bad, but same taste as powder packs at grocery storeI like it ok, but it isn't anything great. I have a hot water tap and it is just as easy for me to make the powder packs at home at a fraction of the cost. I'll go back to that method and save my $$ for coffee.
345096345096B0076MLL12A32EI3R8L7D8SUdoctorg13 "doctorg13"0041322784000Very Good for the priceThis is actually better than I expected when I paid less than 50 cents each. We usually use a packet mix and hot water from the brewer. This is much easier and the taste is comparable. If you are very particular you may not like this but for something quick, sweet, chocolate flavored and warm for around 50 cents it is worth a try. I would not buy it at the regular price that some retailers ask.
345097345097B0076MLL12A13T0V3LHOTHDLE. Treants "tree"0041322697600Best Dark Cocoa so fatGetting really good cocoa out of a K-cup is not easy but this is much better than the others I have tried. Still a little wattery, but at 60 calories it is a nice treat. very rich flavor - not as good as the real thing, bit I am not drinking it in a Berlin Chocolate shop either. Put your slippers on, sit in front of the fireplace with your sweetie, and enjoy!

60 cal (20 fat) -- 2g fat sat -- 11 carb -- 6g sugar -- <1g fiber
345098345098B0076MLL12ASDUD9CJFK9GTg. sailor0051322611200wow!This hot chocolate is great am so glad I doubled the order ,you can not miss with this .Now I have quick hot chocolate for the kids and grandkids
345099345099B0076MLL12A2M4TSFND0HXIGNancy Drew20021322611200Not GoodThis is much too watery. It tastes very much like the tasteless hot cocoa one gets out of a vending machine. After receiving the box and reading the list of ingredients, I've decided not to order again. This product if definitely not worth the money.
345100345100B0076MLL12A1BCSEDVL0Q0GNHoward Engle0051322611200Grove Square K-cupsWe recieved the product on time and in excellent shape. It tastes good and meets our expectations. Thanks for the excellent service.
345101345101B0076MLL12A2BBL4VQ0BU7KYKenneth K. Rivera0041322524800Pretty good - not as bad as others are saying.Funny thing - I bought some of these K-cups several weeks ago based on the strength of the reviews at that time. I just got them last week and have had a few cups since then. I'm using 8 ounces of water to prepare the cocoa. I thought they tasted pretty good - reasonably chocolaty and smooth.

They were sweet, but not overly so, and the richness made me check the calorie count on the box. 60 calories - hey, not too bad! It wasn't until now that I came back to place a review and I read the most recent reviews from others did I realize they use artificial sweetener. Honestly, if I hadn't read it I would have never known - I didn't detect anything that gave me the hint when I drank it.

I think if you like a quick cocoa on the run you'll be happy enough with these K-cups. Are they as good as a Swiss Miss packet from Costco? Maybe not, but in my office I don't want to deal with getting powder on the counters and needing a spoon to get things mixed. You'll sacrifice a little for the convenience, but to me it's well worth it.
345102345102B0076MLL12A39LJ0F8VQBLXN09GalantDriver0031322524800Mixed ReviewsUnfortunately, I am conflicted with my purchase.

Although the final product was quite good, 4 stars. The quality of the delivery is why they lost an additional star. I opened the Amazon box to find that there was hot chocolate powder coming out of the Grove Square packaging. I opened it to find that 2 of the K-Cups weren't sealed properly on top and were spilling into the box. I inspected both the Amazon package and the Grove Square both of which had no visible exterior damage.

I was disappointed with both Grove Square for the quality of their product and as a result I am not sure I would buy this product again.
345103345103B0076MLL12A2KMFRF5XD7LEOMary Currie0051322524800Hot ChocolateEverything about the order went great, the Hot Chocolate is very good. I will be ordering this again probaly soon.
345104345104B0076MLL12AHFD3EZH5LHDWMitsue Ferguson0031322438400A little thinThe flavor of this cocoa is good, but I found that it was a little too watered down with the normal amount to water. The second cup was better when I used less water.
345105345105B0076MLL12A2XJA5P36MLOG7JZ0041322179200JZI am amazed how well these little cups taste. These Kcups taste very well. This hot chocolate taste great and are ready in one minute.
345106345106B0076MLL12A3HTC2BDLNGNQLfierydream0051321488000Much better and less expensive than that ordered from Keurig!I recently purchased a Keurig and I bought the Cafe Escapes dark chocolate cocoa from their site, and it was not chocolately and had a strange aftertaste. I saw the Grove Square brand and thought I would give it a try since I got 36 kcups for less than the 24 from Keurig. I received my purchase yesterday and immediately opened it up to try it. The cocoa actually has sugar in it and the chocolately flavor is much better than the Cafe Escapes. I will be ordering this one again, and I hope my guest will drink the other kind to get rid of it!
345107345107B0076MLL12A3U41ZL33SS92PKevin Nicholls "jaded, aging hipster"6621322438400At least it wasn't expensive.With Green Mountain Hot Cocoa being perpetually out of stock in the winter, I thought I'd give the cheaper Grove Square brand a shot.

Since the K-Cup patents are starting to sunset, Grove Square is one of the first "unofficial" producers of "we can't legally call these K-Cups but they work in your Keurig(R)(TM) coffee maker" pods, and I thought that I'd be getting the same overall quality, without the licensing fees tacked on to the price.

Well... I was right about Grove Square being cheaper. But I think that's the nicest I can be.

As others have pointed out, there's a definite "diet" or "Splenda" aftertaste. This hadn't been reviewed yet when I bought it, so I didn't see the warnings from others, and re-checked the ingredients several times to make sure.

"Well... it's got 60 calories, which seems a bit lower than Green Mountain, but a bit high for something that diet-conscious people would want." and the ingredient list didn't seem to point to obvious "diet" sweeteners.

The overall taste is kind of like someone dropped a sugar-free Tootsie Roll in your hot water, using the normal cup setting. Going one size down didn't seem to improve much, beyond making a weak chocolate flavor sweeter - but that just meant a heavier shot of low-calorie sweetener to the taste buds.

The way I see it, I saved about $5 by going with this brand. On the other hand, now I've got 20 of these cups left that are probably going in the trash if I can't sucker someone... er... please my discerning guests... with a few cups.

If you drink diet soft drinks by choice, you're probably going to like this.
345108345108B0076MLL12A2H2Z1KG1YXMY1T. Kirkpatrick5551322006400Surprisingly Good!We have tried many of the different hot cocoa k-cups...everything always tasted so watered down, even when using the smallest setting on the machine. However, this brand...even at the medium cup setting, tasted fantastic. I highly recommend Grove Square. I haven't tried any of their other products, but I would be inclined to now based on this cocoa.
345109345109B0076MLL12A3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"5551321401600Really Good Hot Cocoa - Highly RecommendedThese Grove Square Hot Cocoa flavors are by far the best tasting we have found for the Keurig. We took a chance on these due to the high review ratings and it was a pleasant surprise that all three flavors are really good.

Dark Chocolate - My favorite, very good even on the "large" cup setting
Milk Chocolate - Excellent on the "small" cup and good on the "large" cup setting
Peppermint - Everyone likes this one, on either cup size setting

These do contain Sucralose in addition to sugar, I don't notice the taste but my wife does (but she still likes them).

Highly Recommended! We tried these in the smaller variety pack, Grove Square Hot Cocoa Cups Variety Pack, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers, 12-Count (Pack of 3)

345110345110B0076MLL12AJGYCN2DJ7NBXDR7811325462400Too much artificial sweetnerThis tastes terrible... Like putting aritficial sweetener in already sweet hot chocolate. The best I have tried so far is Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate K-Cups. Don't think they are sold on Amazon yet...
345111345111B0076MLL12A21VRPTG99PC3KDianne F Simonini121521323216000The description does not mention that it is sugar-freeHad I known this cocoa was sugar-free, I would not have purchased it. I realize that this will not bother some people, but I really don't like the aftertaste of fake sugar. In the interest of fairness, this did not seem to trouble my nephew! Just update the description.
345112345112B0076MLL12A1ISS4F3IRVTS0Morton Family91121322179200Why does this have sucralose?My whole family(7 people) tasted all 3 flavors and they are sickly sweet. Very disappointed that product has sucralose. I wouldn't buy it again
345113345113B0076MLL12AWJXWD0EMKIUVT. B. H. "The Bargain Hunter"4421325203200Too sweet, too weakUsing 8 oz water as the directions state made the cocoa much too weak. It was like hot water with a few drops of chocolate syrup. Using 6 oz made the cocoa much too sweet, and still too weak in the chocolate department. It uses sucralose as a sweetener, which gives it a very intensely sweet flavor. This may not be a problem for those who like very sweet things or don't mind the taste of sucralose. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people.
345114345114B0076MLL12A14LL0MTTB8T3CB. Meyers4451323993600Best Hot Cocoa for KeurigPerhaps not your Grandma's cup of Hot Chocolate, but for the Keurig, it's the best out there. And what makes it a sweeter deal you get 3 packs for the typical price of 1 K-Cup box, take note it's a Pack of 3, so a total of 36 k-cups.

I suggest only using the small cup setting to prevent it from being watered down too much, but decide for yourself!
345115345115B0076MLL12A1YU3SAW0XHQIYK. J. Smith4451321833600Surprisingly Good.Truthfully, I wasn't expecting too much with this, but thought I would give it a try for something different for my Keurig. I have to say, that I was pleasantly surprised at how good this is. My favorite is the dark chocolate, but the peppermint is very good as well. I am not a real milk chocolate fan, but I mixed it with some coffee for a mocha and it was very good. I would definitely purchase this again.
345116345116B0076MLL12A2F56CRL29D7QNmoycegirl6741319760000Best Hot Cocoa for KeurigAs you know finding a hot chocolate that taste great and is brewed on the keurig is a big challenge. Well this hot chocolate is quite good. The flavor is rich and the hot chocolate has some creaminess to it. I made it for my daughter and toped it off with whipped cream and she loved it. Will be drinking lots of this on now that it is begining to get colder.
345117345117B0076MLL12AG08SJC4G3PYMath Girl0041321315200not perfect but better than the restalthough this isn't a perfect cup of cocoa, it's far superior to the others that i have tried. i will order this again.
345118345118B0076MLL12ANHG53RB9Q537SEB0051321142400Excellent hot cocoa!!!This is by far the best K-cup hot cocoa we have tried. It has a nice rich flavor and with the added convenience of a K-cup, it is easy to have a cup anytime you like. Highly recommend!
345119345119B0076MLL12A1J0H6L8PTVNH7sxbaughsx30051321142400FantasticOut of all of the hot chocolate kcups that I have tried this is by far the best one. Not weird aftertaste, and not watered down. Tastes amazing and priced fairly, what more could you ask for?
345120345120B0076MLL12AKY1ISIZP5DIUSue "ausuep"0051320710400Delicious!These k-cups are just what my son wanted! The price was excellent and the flavor is rich. I would recommend these to anyone wanting a good cup of instant hot cocoa.

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