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People, please read labels....
345208345208B0076MLL12A2A4HGFGKO6BKPCasperina "Casperina"5721323129600Weird after taste, sugar substitutethere is a taste of sugar substitute, the aftertaste turns me off, I've even tried using a little bit of milk in the mug before hand to hide the taste. It didn't, so i'm just using Swiss miss powder and a little milk to make it a creamier hot chocolate before using using my keurig.
345209345209B0076MLL12A37WXCXM9DXE4UA. Meyers4611322611200Stay away from artificial sweeatnersIf anyone knows of one that does not have it, please let me know! It definitely isn't very strong, but I coulod handle it if it didn't have the artificial sweetener aftertaste.This has artificial sweetener (sucorse) just like the other hot chocolates out there.
345210345210B0076MLL12A3VIMB8ETZSZH0Jenna Moore2311331510400Good taste, bad productI enjoyed these k-cups when I used them. They tasted pretty good. However, I quickly noticed that my Keurig brewer began to have problems after I started using these and other Grove Square k-cups. Even when I would brew other cups, I would get half-brewed cups of coffee, smaller cups, and other issues. I cleaned the brewer, following all the instructions and tips in the manual. The issues came up again as soon as I used these k-cups. What I discovered is that the Grove Square k-cups were gunking up my brewer badly. I had to clean out every part of the brewer completely, including the brewer basket area, the water reservoir, and the internal mechanism. After completing the entire cleaning process two more times my brewer got back to normal. I won't order any Grove Square products again.
345181345181B0076MLL12ALD467ZEFBPDFDenDen "Dennis"1151329696000GREAT Cocoa for the price.Lets face it, $11 isn't going to get you the most succulent chocolate in the world. But it does give you a GREAT everyday cocoa in a 6oz brew. Great to mix with a coffee for an instant mocha, and no sugar needed! Kids will LOVE it. VERY happy with this purchase. Will keep this in my pantry always!
345182345182B0076MLL12ANFLCTZSKMZ3OCarol F1151329609600I love this Hot Chocolate!I have searched for hot chocolate for my Keurig, but couldn't find any that were economical to purchase. I found this at a decent price, and was I glad! My husband absolutely loves this hot chocolate and says it reminds him of his childhood. Try it - you'll like it!
345183345183B0076MLL12A15U64VGUV6RBFS. Carlson1151329264000Hot chocolate in secondsMy brother owns a Keurig one cup coffee maker, which is an amazing device. I, however, don't drink coffee. When I came across these Hot Cocoa K-cups, I took a chance. They're incredibly good, and it gives me a chance to share a hot drink with the coffee crowd without having to boil water or milk. This 24-pack is priced well against the coffee K-cups as well.
345184345184B0076MLL12AU8V0SKOUD6ODClothed in Grace1111328486400Downright awful!I have never tasted such a poor excuse for a cocoa drink. It has such a bad aftertaste that I checked the box to see if I ordered sugarfree by mistake! I will toss this and chalk it up to a loss but if you are reading this, dont buy this brand. Its downright awful!
345185345185B0076MLL12A1GMAEKVDZ8AUMH. Pettigrew1121328313600not as good as Cafe EscapesWe bought both brands to try and found this one with much less chocolate taste then Cafe Escapes dark chocolate. It was also thinner in consistency. Won't buy again
345186345186B0076MLL12AGRFBK902RY80M. Tomaszewski "cleojo42"1141327017600This ISN"T Sugar FreeI ordered this because so many people were saying that it was sugar free. It's not. The first ingredient is "SUGAR". It's too much of a pain to return, so I'll keep it and drink it (because it's a pretty good K-cup hot chocolate). I will think twice about ordering it again though. I'd really like to get what I ordered.
345187345187B0076MLL12A359CWRWFITN00Yogagirl1121326412800Artificially SweetWe bought this to replace our Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Cocoa. They are less expensive- but you get what you pay for. This cocoa is watery brown sugar water with an aftertaste. I do not recommend it.Grove Square Hot Cocoa Cups, Dark,Single Serve Cup for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count
345188345188B0076MLL12AG7D7ZIJHJUVOscmccarty1111326326400Very DisapointedI love hot chocolate and was very excited to find a variety pack, however, these are gross. Horrible after taste, my kids dont even like them. Now I have 3 boxes of the stuff that no one will drink. Very disapointed.
345189345189B0076MLL12A24V5CL0EW0ZVYJaime P. Sigillo1111326326400Had much higher hopes!I was very excited to get some hot chocolate cups for my Keurig and even happier there was a variety pack. I read the reviews and even there were some negative ones, I went with it anyways.
I tried the milk chocolate. It has such a weird taste to it. But I gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried another later that night. Same weird aftertaste. I asked my husband to try it to make sure my taste buds weren't off. He commented that it had a "hot plastic-y" aftertaste to it. Not even worth drinking. Too bad I have 34 more cups that will go to waste.
345190345190B0076MLL12A3Q307658TBYCRShirley A Sluskonis1151326326400GreatBest K-cup hot cocoa on the market, bar none. Would not be without it in the house, especially with the winter months coming.
345191345191B0076MLL12A2I6ST0W7Z0H7SAS1111326153600YUCK!!! Artifical sweetenerAs a hot chocolate lover, I was verrrrry disappointed when I tried this product. I first had the peppermint (disgusting) and then tried the dark chocolate (a little better). The problem is that you can REALLY taste the artifical sweetener. I am a diet soda drinker, so I don't have a problem with artifical sweetener. It's just that the taste was so strong in these hot chocolates that it overpowered the chocolate taste. I definitely will NOT buy again.... I would not recommend these to anyone.
345192345192B0076MLL12A1LEEQYWYSEVUKShannon D. Pinder1121325030400It's not the greatestI'm an avid hot chocolate drinker, and this is just doesn't measure up. It reminds me of the sugar free Swiss Miss. No matter what size you set your cup on, it's just missing that cocoa flavor. Maybe the dark chocolate would be better. I personally like the Cafe Escapes Milk Chocolate better!

I bought a 24 pack, and then I was able to find it at my local grocery store, so I bought another one. Now, I'm stuck with the 24 pack.
345193345193B0076MLL12A3W3VAVEJVN2OSElizabeth Crasten1141324684800Grove Square Hot Cocoa cupsThis is a very mild hot cocoa. Perfect for those winter evenings or even good in the morning instead of coffee. We love it anytime. Next time I will try the dark chocolate.
345194345194B0076MLL12A3D9XTM4L39OJNjames1111324252800taste and smells like rubbertaste nothing like how cocoa should taste, i'll never touch this again, i'll be trying the swiss miss cocoa maybe better luck
345195345195B0076MLL12AVOFW4IP3ZVC9Nancy "mamabear"1151323993600yummyThis is very good hot chocolate, creamy and tasty. All of the flavors are good, my favorite is the peppermint. I wish the peppermint was available on its own, not in the variety pack. My son and I also like to add peppermint flavored marshmallows, for an extra shot of peppermint taste. In my opinion, better than the Swiss Miss K-cups.
345196345196B0076MLL12A26CPDPXCQLIVPAmeri_star1141323993600Nice tasting cocoaThe hot cocoa does have a sugar substitute in it, but as far as I could tell, wasn't strong enough to leave that bitter aftertaste you get when they put a lot of it in the ingredients. If you have a very very sophisticated palate perhaps you could taste it a little, but it doesn't take away from the taste of the cocoa, so as far as I'm concerned it wasn't an issue. I would say this is on par with the type of cocoa you'd get in a coffee machine, which is fine, because I don't hate coffee machine cocoa. I have only tried the peppermint so far, and it tasted like peppermint... what can I say? That's what it's supposed to taste like.
345197345197B0076MLL12A2ALSH7ZYSVPK3dopey621151323907200Love it!We enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with our Keurig machine and used to have Cafe Escapes as our favorite. When I saw the Grove Square brand at such a great price, I thought I'd give it a try. We love it - it is now our favorite brand. I will be back for more!
345198345198B0076MLL12A37V4MEAMIWDOOJohn A. B. "Coach"1151322956800Great productHad never heard of this brand before, however the price was right for ordering. Turns out the family likes this better than the Swiss Miss K-cups we had been using. Will continue to buy, will continue to use. Don't forget to buy the mini-marshmallows at the store!
345199345199B0076MLL12A15TBVXE822S7Dkathy allen1151322870400Hot Cocoa k cupsMy Husband said it tastes wonderful!! Just like you would get in a restaurant....creamy and flavorful! Hightly Recommends this product!
345200345200B0076MLL12AJ7HUF3TQ892GK. Gray1131322524800Has sucralose :(This has artificial sweetener just like the other hot chocolates out there. If anyone knows of one that does not have it, please let me know! It definitely isn't very strong, but I coulod handle it if it didn't have the artificial sweetener aftertaste.
345201345201B0076MLL12AQ0XBKK46LOUHChris G. Ward1151322438400Great Hot ChocolateThis hot chocolate is very good and flavorful. Compared to other hot chocolate that we have tried it is cheaper and we would recommend.
345202345202B0076MLL12A3V3UBAWP3FUTPC. Grange "NYCTrain"1131322438400Chocolately -- but too sweet . . .Everyone has their own preferences, I know -- I actually liked the flavor, but my wife tried it and couldn't stand how sweet it was. To each his/her own, I guess. But, now that I'VE had a second cup, I tend to agree -- very sweet.
345203345203B0076MLL12ATVAXMCSYVATXM. Ellis "Superchop728"1131321920000OK product...good for priceI bought this becaue they were $9.99 for the 24 pack. I could try them for .50/cup. Other in the store were almost $1/cup. Overall they are ok/good but you need to run a hot water flush throuhg you maschine afetr each use or there is a potential to have the residue gunk up you drain area.
345204345204B0076MLL12A1SPFZ5BOIMIXRGracia K. Brailey "music lovr"1141321833600VERY PLEASED!!This is a great assortment and price...I only give it 4 stars because the peppermint is very weak in peppermint, so I add extract. Nice cocoa flavor to all, tho. Reminds me of "homemade"
345205345205B0076MLL12A5AJKFDNSA4J5Marjorie Richmond1151321833600Yummy!!Best one in K cups todate not watery like several of the others I have tried. Will now join the subscribe and save group!Grove Square Hot Cocoa Cups Variety Pack, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers, 12-Count (Pack of 3)
345206345206B0076MLL12A16BZEC45QNMCAP. L. Watkins "Shoppamania"1141320624000HOT COCOAWell the product was good and the taste is great. The convenience was excellent and the delivery was quick. So what's not to love? The darn things tend to clog up my machine. Never ever happens with coffee. May one could run hot water after each serving to prevent the clog. Otherwise an excellent product.

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