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345271345271B001GVIT6YA3BQ1L37C8A91Glark chartier1151299196800Outstanding smooth coffeeWe try a lot of different coffees, but this one has been, by far, one of the very best! It is full bodied, yet smooth with no harshness at all. Youcould call it a true Liquid Comfort Food!
345281345281B003OB0KSYA2YB7DLC3FOR7WPamela V ""MS V""6751298332800Satisfying Snack in Minutes!Maruchan Instant Lunch Ramen Noodles with Vegetables provides a hot, satisfying snack in 3 minutes! Each unit comes in it's own container. Just add boiling water to dry contents inside, re-close lid and 3 minutes later you have a hot soup ready to eat!

This product is not the healthiest thing you might find yourself snacking on, but is certainly not the worst either. The worst thing in this cup of soup is the 59% sodium, which is actually quite a lot of sodium compared to most packaged foods. More sodium, even, than packaged macaroni & cheese, which packs a whole lotta sodium - 41%!

So this isn't the kind of thing you want to eat all the time, and seriously do not expect this item to have enough nutrients to keep a body healthy, by eating it as your only item for meals. I recommend this as a snack item only, and only a few times a week.

As a snack-item only, this soup is very tasty and satisfying - and simple enough to make that anyone able to heat & pour boiling water can have a warm, substantial snack!
345282345282B003OB0KSYAFLIYF8H1F9JENadine K. Walker "DenasAmazon"0051350864000QuickA decent lunch. High sodium limits eating them everyday... I would... but for a quick, hot, filling lunch. I'm in
345272345272B001GVIT6YA309Z97RKGJM8TAUDREY1141293753600european coffeeDEC. 31ST, 2010
THANK YOU FOR SELLING THIS GERMAN COFFEE (tschibo) on your internet.
345283345283B003OB0KSYA26L2QOWMF5E3WKristina0051347321600great!arrived within 4 days, packaged fine, it's just like the normal chicken flavored cups, no extra veggies (so i dont know why it says chicken vegetable) but its cheaper than the chicken ones on amazon, i recommend ordering this if you like the chicken
345284345284B003OB0KSYA3CGELDUCUTLY0itssoocold0041346457600easy mealQuick easy snack. A bit salty, however still pretty good. Good price and fast delivery!

I previously purchased the roast beef flavor and liked it better.
345285345285B003OB0KSYA3QGF4Q1WA5T38William Bors0051346025600Bill's ReviewVery reasonable and they are delicious and very convenient. I got them for my daughter for her school lunches, she loves them! I will continue to keep buying them!
345273345273B001GVIT6YA1V5TIY01GEVJTKatzen0051346544000TchiboAfter living in Germany I much prefer Tchibo over other coffee brands and purchase it when traveling abroad. I only wish they would start marketing the product at stores in the U.S.
345286345286B003OB0KSYA2H2LJCQ5DJ5K3rc "Adopt a shelter pet PetFinder."1251344729600So Delcious I Bought 2.These are yummy, as expected from prior experience with Maruchan. Good for work, take with you on trips to eat in hotel rooms, just needs hot water. Love them. Also good to have on hand in case of zombie apocalypse. Long shelf life which is good in case you have to wait out til all the zombies are taken care of.
345274345274B001GVIT6YA1KEIIW32S1EJ8Sarah7770051322438400the best german coffeethis coffee every day makes our day and we can only say.... buy it and try it on you own .... its good with german christstollen ... enjoy and merry christmas
345275345275B001GVIT6YA3PYS2H1XORK78Mary Kay Davidson0051293321600Best CoffeeI think this is the best tasting coffee ever, use a french press add cream and you are in Latte heaven.
345276345276B001GVIT6YA1WBA9HEKNIZHQG. EDWARDS0051278201600fkabelleThis is a wonderful coffe. Very rich but not at all bitter or tasting over roasted. Very smooth while retaining rich flavor. The ordering process is reasonably easy and delivery is quick even with the less expensive shipping.
345277345277B0032EZ5VAA1TCDA19DRCPLFA Charlie Brown0031350518400Not worth the timeI love hot sauce and I'm a big fan of the Pain is good line, I have The, Pain is good, the X bottle, 2 others, one of the main drawbacks to this particular good diva hot sauce is that it needs to be refrigerated, and personally it seems to have a rather musty attic type taste.
345278345278B002M07EUKA1ZSIX1V00N0SAAbby0021301961600Meh.I got this dressing because I was hoping it would be similar to the popular Goddess dressing (this one has basically the same ingredients, but no added oil). When the six glass bottles arrived in a cardboard box with no padding, one of the bottles was completely crushed and the contents were spilled over the other five (still sealed and intact) bottles. So the packaging's not great, but moreover the taste is quite unlike the Goddess dressing. Even if you don't compare it to the Goddess dressing, it's still disappointing. I wouldn't recommend it.
345279345279B001KWFK0CA3U139EU4OP03AEuropa Blue0051349308800Yummy Cookies!Kelsen Danish Butter Cookies Christmas Thanksgiving Holiday Cookie Gift Present Four 1 Pound Tins. I purchased these cookies for my daughters HHHS Red Brigade Band's, Christmas in September Ice Cream Social/ Wreath Sales Kick-off. These cookies are delicious and were enjoyed by many.
345280345280B001KWFK0CA1QXKOI9UVIZKWMorgan0421292457600Tacky Art on Tin (Not as Pictured)I ordered these cookie tins as gifts. The art on the tin was nothing like what was pictured on Amazon's product listing. The pictures are these saccharine, simpering images of little girls, just too tacky to give out as presents. Now to try to figure out how to send these back.
345287345287B002H99Q52A1GM2T1LLAX8TFBarbara A. Murphy2251324252800sushi saucei was looking for the sauce you get at the restaraunt - and this is it- dont think ill need so much - but i will happily try to use it all
345288345288B000OB4ESYA2DV48TSVVVO6VJesus is my Savior3321215388800Not my favorite white chocolate...Very attractive packaging, lots of almonds, order arrived in a very timely fashion. However this white chocolate was disappointing. The flavor suggested they were trying to make up for this not being dark or milk chocolate by adding way too much sugar. Kept tasting it trying to find that signature white chocolate consistancy and flavor... disappointing. Hershey's white has a better consistancy and flavor. Too bad.
345289345289B000OB4ESYA3PS3CMB1LS4IPherbie0051284163200White Almond BArkJust as described and was great in my recipe for a nut cluster type cookie.
345290345290B000FVZHOSA2IE93MWA9YTIVYolanda Coulaz "YC"3351175731200Great ProductThese crackers are the best I've found, and my husband has tried them all. I'm the organic nut and I've slowly been converting him from conventional to organic. I'll compromise, but he won't, so whatever organic products I give him have to be as good as or better than what he's accustomed to, and Late July crackers fit the bill.
345291345291B000FVZHOSA1SYLII0808HD6M. Allen Greenbaum4551164153600Bunch of MunchThese delicious mini-crackers are small enough to grab a satisfying handful. Yep, it's got all the organic requisites, organically-fed cows whose lips never taste hormones or antibiotics (well, maybe these are injected, I don't know), and the crackers contain non-hydrogenated, trans-fat free organic palm oil.

The taste is mild but you can taste the cheddar, and the texture is more flakey than hard or brittle. If you grab 30 crackers (one ounce, there are 5ounces, or 150 crackers per box), you'll get 310 mg of sodium, or 13% of the Recommended Daily Value (RDV) for a 2,000 calorie diet. Now that's by any means low-sodium, but you can easily eat half of that and feel you've had a snack. Per 30 crackers, there are 4.5 grams (g) oftotal fat, of which 1.5 are saturated, and none are trans fat. Total carbohydrates are 19g, including less than 1g of sugar, but also less than 1g of dietary fiber. Hey, noone said this is health food, but compare this to what you're snacking on now (and that cheese gives it 3g of protein).

Full ingredients and nutritional information may be found at, but other good stuff includes organic wheat flour, organic whey, sea salt, and organic evaporated cane juice. Nothing artificial, no corn syrup, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, and they're both Kosher and Lacto Vegetarian (gotta make sure there's no meat in your crackers...). If that's not enough, "Late July" is independently owned and family operated.

Mainly, though, it's the light taste, the organic ingredients, and that enticing small size you can grab by the fistful. Full information at the above-mentioned website.
345292345292B000FVZHOSA72FUDMDPC60WKP0031350777600Crackers are 75% burnt.I'm not sure whether these are factory seconds or what, but I was very dissatisfied to find that every single box was primarily burned crackers. Most were dark brown and tasted awful. Very disappointed. :(
345293345293B000FVZHOSA3K8O10XJHHLIFArlene M. Benjamin "StudentofLife"0051329350400Better SnackI really enjoy these crackers, which are USDA green labeled organic. At least I know they aren't loaded with very questionable ingredients.
345294345294B000FVZHOSA3LZ9ZN8OFWPNTpbmizzou0051326067200Better (and better for you) than Cheez-ItsI have loved Cheez-Its since I was a kid and was very skeptical that an organic cheese cracker could taste as good. Well, these taste as good if not better and are organic and, although I did not compare the nutritional information, they seem less oily. The only problem is, they are just as addictive, so buyer beware.
345295345295B000FVZHOSA3PYKDJ8T1KZGXKimberly Chandler "Kimberly"0041254787200Love the textureI love the texture of these crackers and the cheese flavor, but I gave it four stars opposed to five because they were quite salty. Too salty for my taste, but once I start to eat them it's hard to stop (kind of like the oh so good potato chip). I would enjoy them much better and would buy them more frequently if they could loose about half of the sodium content.
345296345296B000FVZHOSA1DJVO6EWC95CDD. Tabakov "Shopaholic"00512448512005 Stars for OrganicsThe amount provided is just too much for my baby to finish in 2 years. But he loves it when we travel. The labeled ingredients sound great and the crackers are tasty.
345297345297B000FVZHOSA3FY1N4L2VI3NSSpike Likes0051176163200Great Snack or Treat for Entire FamilyI bought a case of these for my son - he's a toddler - and my husband and I have wound up snacking on them too. I think it's sort of hard to come up with a large assortment of quick-n-easy, 100% organic, nutritionally alright snacks these days in a super busy household and the Late July products make it simple.
345298345298B000FVZHOSA1UL6FN61D12M8Yuxiang Tang "ibooks"1221273795200got some poorly formed crackersWe liked this product and so bought bulks from Amazon. This was our second box of 12. Now we find quite some crackers are in clumps which are not fully baked due to their size. These days machines should have automatic senors that can reject the poorly formed crackers. It makes me wonder the condition of the factory and how organic products are qualified.
345299345299B004A6PEP6A1H24HM7PL45RGR. Ong0121345852800Pineapple lovers will be disappointedIf you're looking for the thick chunks of dried pineapple this is not the product to get. I picked up a bag of these from my local Trader Joe's because I didn't know any better and was extremely disappointed. If I was to describe what these dried pineapples were like I would say they are like thinly sliced cores of pineapples that did not fully mature and instead of discarding them the farmers found a way to salvage them by renaming them "baby" pineapples. However, baby pineapples are indeed a real variation of pineapples. But like I said, if you're looking for thick pineapple chunks, don't look here. Also if you have a Trader Joe's near you and you really want to try them, just get a bag for $4.
345300345300B000OUY4T4AOEVYUN6QGDUXM. Avila3351207612800Excellent Product Helped my mom control her Diabetes & other!This product helped my mother control her Diabetes and alergies & gave her energy all day long. My mother is a Dyalisis patient kedney failure and this product has change her mood and now has more energy. I also take the product and has helped me loose weight,energy,especially helped me with my P.M.S. menstrual cycle Excellent product.

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