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345301345301B000OUY4T4A1SULLKZ53OJ74Viv-a-liv0051286755200Excellent ProductI have been using this supplement for almost 1 year and have had more energy and overall health benefits then I would have expected. Recently while traveling, I forgot to bring my Fruta Vita and immediately noticed a difference in my energy levels and the 3pm crash. I couldn't wait to get back home and resume my supplement routine. My husband is now also a fan. He used to stop at the supermarket regularly to purchase Red Bull or Monster energy drinks which are loaded with unhealthy sugars, caffeine, and artificial ingredients. He now takes 2 tablespoons before work and no longer drinks coffee. The bottle is large and lasts a long time. I will be purchasing again.
345302345302B000OUY4T4AJD7WYRQRUSC7Theresa Robinson0051273622400I take 4 oz per day and it kicks right in i dont get tired at alli have lots of energy all day long. I take 4 oz per day in the morning along with my diabetic meds a low dose aspirin and my breakfast. i made a mistake of taking 2 cups of this every day and i had such of a horrid headache. so please test the amount of ounces you can take by taking 1 oz today and then taking 2 oz tomorrow that is how i did it.
345303345303B00023T3IAA3QNQQKJTL76H0buru buru piggu686951243036800you'll never think of mayonnaise the same way again after trying KewpieI never liked mayonnaise until I went to Japan, where I gained a new respect and appreciation for the condiment. The reason? Japanese mayo is different. And it tastes better.

Before that, I was only familiar with standard American supermarket varieties like Hellman's and Kraft, and the idea of putting them on things like leaf salads and fries wasn't particularly appealing.

Kewpie, though the ingredients are similar, has a pronounced tanginess that balances the rich creamy texture, making it ideal as a mainline topping for a wide variety of foods. They go great on fries (Belgian style), leaf salads, and grilled meats. Japanese people put mayo on a lot of things, including okonomiyaki, takoyaki, yakitori, even pizza.

There is something decidedly fun about the squirt nozzle. It is much more convenient than American jar mayos that you have to scoop out and then plop onto the food in a big glob. The bottle itself is shaped like a pastry bag, with an opening about the diameter of a strand of cooked spaghetti. This allows you to squirt mayo with precision over your food, letting you control its distribution as well as design. Food I had in Japan often came with cross-hatched mayo patterns, like the pattern you see on the bag. If you remove the cap, the inner opening is star shaped, allowing for more decorating fun if you have kids.

It is far superior to Kraft Mayo Real Mayonnaise, 18-Ounce Easy Squeeze Bottles, which come in an overly-rigid bottle with a horizontal slot that easily introduces air into the bottle as it re-inflates for the next squeeze, causing frequent splatter. Mayo also clings to the bottle's side and I have to give it a good hard jerk to get enough dislodged for another squeeze. Kewpie doesn't have this problem. It is soft and pliable like a toothpaste tube. Splattering is never an issue and the free-flowing consistency of the mayo formulation makes getting it all out quite easy. The bottle is also transparent and devoid of any stickers and labels, making it easy to see how much is left, and its tapered design channels the mayo into the opening.

Nutrition values are similar to American mayo. 100 calories per tablespoon (90 from fat), 20mg cholesterol, 100mg sodium. It does not contain any preservatives or artificial additives besides MSG. Kewpie is made in Japan, not in US subsidiary factories, so this is a true taste of a Japanese favorite. Give it a try and see why this is loved by so many people in Japan and Japanese food lovers the world over.
345304345304B00023T3IAA3NRYCO70CBUGVDesert Mama424351189728000A must-have for dynamite sauceI purchase this mayonnaise regularly, usually more than one bottle at a time. I use it for making Japanese dynamite sauce, although it is very nice in sandwiches as well. This mayonnaise has a flat taste to it, and is not at all sweetened like American-style mayonnaise.

The product is tops but the packaging is a little odd. The mayonnaise itself comes in a squeeze bottle, and the squeeze bottle is packaged in the red-printed cellophane bag you see in the picture. Well, when you remove the bottle from the cellophane bag, you are left with a plain bottle, with no markings on it whatsoever. You will know what is in the squeeze bottle, but others won't, so you just need to communicate that to anybody that has access to your refrigerator.

A nice little bonus is that the cap on the squeeze bottle has a rosette tip, so you can make fancy little mayonnaise decorations straight out of the bottle if the occasion arises.
345305345305B00023T3IAA389YTFOE1JJ9SMarianne Escobedo293051113264000My Husband loves this Mayonaise!!!It really has an excellent flavor. Most of the Japanese people I have asked prefer it over any other brand. If you want Japanese Mayonaise, this it the best.
345306345306B00023T3IAANTJ60TOT08ELH. Haymond "Maretaranquilis"181851251417600Amazing!Who knew that mayonnaise could be so very, very yummy! I don't know how they do it, but they make it so very good! Now I understand why in Japan it is popular to put mayonnaise on everything - including pizza.
I love to put some of this mayo in a bowl, add some shoyu (soy sauce) and use it for a veggie dip. Everyone loves it and it is a great way to get folks to eat more veggies. Try it with small chunks of raw green cabbage!!!!
345307345307B00023T3IAA3SFBS7I5AR06YKY161651272326400You can tell the difference!!I love Kewpie Mayonnaise!!!
It just tastes much better than other brands!

One of the secrets for the rich taste comes from how they use eggs.
Kewpie only uses the yellow (this concentrates the taste of eggs)
while American brands like Kraft use both the yellow and white (this weakens the taste of eggs).

If you try Kewpie and compare it with other brands,
you can tell the difference between Kewpie and other brands.
You will realize that you can actually identify the taste of eggs with Kewpie.
This is by far the best mayonnaise in the world!!
345308345308B00023T3IAA38Z88YE2AKP6NPeggy161651247184000Best mayo of all!We lived four years in Japan and love Japanese food. Was so happy to find this on Amazon as it's the only mayo we use. It makes yummy potato salad. We boil potatoes in a large pot, drain water, pour on some Japanese rice wine vinegar, add some finely sliced onion, cover and let this sit for a while. When it's cooled a bit, we add chopped hard boiled eggs, some salt and pepper, a bit of Frenches mustard, and Kewpie mayo. We prefer the potatoes in our potato salad to be more creamy than chunky, so tend to cook the potatoes a bit longer and stir everything together adding more mayo til it's the consistency we like. This way is similar to what one buys in Japan. Kewpie mayo also makes great deviled eggs!
345309345309B00023T3IAAJT0M8EN7F0QZtweedy121251272153600The best mayo in the world.This is the best mayonnaise. Everybody likes my tuna salad when I use Kewpie Mayonnaise. It is also good on your sushi roll. The convination with Say sause is so good and your sushi will melt in your mouth.
345310345310B00023T3IAA1IKYBTMNI3R5WD. Paz "Demonica"111151247702400Yummie!This mayo is tops! Just right on many traditional Japanese dishes such as Takoyaki or Okonomiyaki...also perfect on pizza, burgers, even steamed veggies! I bought mine at the asianfoodgrocer site for around $7 including shipping; my Takoyaki never had it so good!
345311345311B00023T3IAA2B8GXSCB1R05TZack Davisson202351213747200Just tastes betterI always used to hate mayonnaise, and couldn't imagine using it as a regular condiment. Turns out I just hated American mayonnaise.

Japanese mayonnaise is made with rice vinegar and a spice called ajinomoto, which gives it a hint of the flavor called umami. Umami is a special flavor, found mainly in Asian cooking, that can be detected by the human tounge outside the four basic tastes of sweetness, sourness, bitterness and saltiness. Japanese mayonnaise is much better for cooking, especially for making salad dressings. That hint of umami makes all the difference.

Kewpie brand is the most popular brand of Japanese mayonnaise, and so it is a bit of a comfort food like Heinz ketchup is to Americans. Aside from tasting great, it is just nice to see the familiar bottle sitting in the fridge, knowing you can pull it out at any time and make your tacoyaki taste just that much better.
345312345312B00023T3IAA1SCD2NYTIAQTYBu-Chan111251160092800Surprisingly VersatileMayonnaise is something I usually associate with salads, (read boring rubbish here, in my opinion). However, I have been surprised just how much it is used in Japanese food.

Although you can use it with normal salads, I have also enjoyed it very much with takoyaki, (octopus dumplings in a ball shape). It also mixes well with other sauces, such as with Japanese barbeque and so on. Even dipping things like chips, (health food, really!), for a snack works.

It is a bit different to other types, but it is very nice with a pleasant and creamy taste to it. Recommended!
345313345313B00023T3IAA34GCU92C2U43BAsk Mr. Ed91051271289600Like "Best Foods" only better.Rich and creamy, you wouldn't think it's a product of Asia if you didn't see the package. A bit expensive compared to our western brands but very delicious.
345314345314B00023T3IAAT53SEYDV85ZUAllen Larson "THX1138"3341310083200TastyI use this for sandwiches, salads, and of course sushi. Great stuff. Love the ook on someones face when they try to guess whats different about that ham and cheese.
345315345315B00023T3IAA3NID9D9WMIV01Louie Arrighi "Lou da Joo"2251290211200Popcorn and Kewpie Length:: 0:26 Mins

345316345316B00023T3IAATVDL7PQG26WEK. Conrad1151336953600Way better than American mayo.Best Mayo I've ever had. It's so creamy and delicious, and not gelatinous like American mayo is. There's a delicious tang to it, and it is really balanced in flavor.
345317345317B00023T3IAAEHPDO1PG6P9ULow2531323302400I Expected BetterBy all these positive reviews I was expecting some magical mayonnaise taste but in reality it just tastes like mayonnaise.
It does have MSG in it, I didn't care, I'm not allergic to it so it doesn't matter.

I'll stick to Hellmanns real.
345318345318B00023T3IAA14U6JXPWUYG02SWT "Bargain Shopper"3741282867200Good PeopleMy shipment did not arrive on the date that I expected BUT these people sent me a very apologetic email and offered to make it right for me. I was so impressed with their customer service that I declined their offer to give me something to change my initial review. Their explanation for the delivery delay was totally satisfactory to me and I would not hesitate to order from them in the future. By the way, the product was exactly what I expected and I could not be happier.
345319345319B00023T3IAA1ZQI0ZOZ2AON9Honest Reviewer "James A. Dobson"81631316995200BEWARE: Hidden Ingredients Include Soybean Oil and MSGI took a chance on this mayonnaise, hoping that it would not contain soy oil --- because the ingredients are not listed in the description of this product. So much to my dismay, I found out after the mayonnaise arrived that it does indeed contain soy oil --- and worse, it contains MSG.

The product may, in fact, be wonderful for some people. But you should be aware that this product contains soybean oil and MSG --- which some people, cannot tolerate for medical reasons.

Downgraded to three stars for hiding the ingredients.

The ingredients only show up on the cello wrapper and do not appear on the plastic container itself. So here is a the list of the ingredients so thoughtful buyers can make an intelligent decision without guessing or having to take a chance:

***** Ingredients: Vegetable Oil (Canola Oil, Soybean Oil), Egg Yolk, Vinegar, Salt, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Spice, Natural Flavor, Contains Egg. *****
345320345320B00023T3IAA25DMZULPFMQRBPigumon45921272672000Not really mayoIf you like real mayonnaise, you're not going to like this. This is more of a flavored oil "mayo". Might as well get Miracle Whip.

Really, it's a different taste and texture, it's just not Mayonnaise.

So like the other reviewers, if you hate real mayo, try this or Miracle Whip.
345321345321B001EQ4O38A1NS17JWSTQ1CWColeen Krajniak1151288569600great coffeeMy husband and I originally saw this coffee on TV and thought we try it. I found it for less on Amazon and ordered it. I now order it very regularly as it has become our favorite coffee. My sister and husband are using it, as they enjoyed it when they were staying with us. I would highly recommend this coffee if you want a smooth, flavorfully coffee that doesn't bite back.
345322345322B001EQ4O38ARRF4I98K0BQ6B. Washburn1151259452800Incredible CoffeeeI used to live in Watertown, WI where this company is located. I fell in love with their coffee 10yrs ago, and my fondness for it hasn't lightened in the least. When I go home to visit family in WI a pound of this coffee is always in my bag on the trip back. It can be purchased directly from the website, but this is a better deal. All their coffee is superb.
345323345323B001EQ4O38A2K2QO98UM5ZMVMicah1151245888000Best Coffee for the PriceThis is the only coffee that we order. If you haven't tried Berres Brothers then you are definitely missing out!
345324345324B001EQ4O38APKSXO2JYRYV9Prophetic_Joe1151237161600Favorite DecafI simply love this coffee, nice solid flavor with some butterscotch notes. Great for making a nice latte or cappuccino late at night. I have seriously become addicted to this.
345325345325B001EQ4O38A15WP8GVOPBU9Imooster30051325289600Nice change of pace coffee flavorThis makes the kitchen smell wonderful while it's brewing, and we have been enjoying the flavor. It's especially nice around the holiday season.
345326345326B001EQ4O38A308X7ETJZNSASJava Queen0051323820800AddictiveThis is the BEST coffee I've ever had and I'm pretty picky. The flavor and aroma is outstanding. It makes you want to eat the beans right out of the bag. It's my go-to coffee on the weekend when I just want to relax. The flavor is not real weak or perfumy like some others. You won't be disappointed. I'm reordering now. My daughter got me hooked. Give it a try!
345327345327B001EQ4O38A1CO5ORHMAECLHcp from Michigan0051312243200Berres Brothers Flavored CoffeeOnce you try the buttery, caramelly (is that a word??!!) flavor of the Berres Brothers Highlander Grogg coffee, you will be hooked! Highlander Grogg is actually a Scottish whiskey; this coffee emulates the flavor of that brew!

Ordering was easy (although I would have preferred GROUND instead of whole bean) and delivery timely. I have ordered multiple bags in the past, and will continue to order my Berres Brothers coffee through Amazon.

345328345328B001EQ4O38A26LX5ITR09I3Charles Hunter0051298332800Delicious Coffee!I don't typically drink flavored coffee. One of the few flavored coffees I do enjoy is Santa's White Christmas, from Barnie's. It's delicious, but since Starbuck's bought out most of the Barnie's locations, it's not as easy to find.

I tried Highlander Grogg after seeing Berres Brothers coffee highlighted on "Unwrapped" on The Food Network. It sounded good so I ordered some. I have to say, it is every bit as delicious as Santa's White Christmas. This is Berres Brothers' top seller, and I can see why! A delicious blend of caramel, butterscotch and hazelnut... It's perfect!

I'm now on my second three-pack, and I definitely will be ordering more!
345329345329B000PL69A4AQGLLL5A6PQQCBill L. Matthews0021345939200Why Did I Buy This?Don't bother. Stick with pasta! I'm not upset with Amazon. Just upset with myself for buying the product. Once cooked, the product tastes like what I imagine a mouthful of sawdust would taste like. Not pleasant!
345330345330B001D04BMEA133A448QTU7XEvelyn0051335916800my four legged friends opinionI really like Whisker Lichin's treat, my mouth waters just thinking about the treats My mother gives it to me every morning after she gets dressed for the day. I love her for getting it for me.

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