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345331345331B0026LIQ3EATPWH4B20FB0NJudy110031346112000Good deal, but....I like the price for this dog food plus free shipping. It seems to have good ingredients. All very good EXCEPT my dog doesn't like it, so back to Pedigree which is also sold on Amazon. Hope this helps.
345332345332B0026LIQ3EA1PBGRP6N5RYPKMsWano0041312675200good mixerI use this to make sure my dog eats her more healthy kibble (Taste of the Wild--which I also buy from I would not feed her a diet of this, but a large tablespoon mixed in with the kibble and a bit of water makes a great meal for my somewhat fussy dog. She eats it right up!
345333345333B0002ASCR6A8WEXFRWX1ZHHGoldengate "Goldengate"0041269820800My cat loves this stuffDespite the negative reviews, I decided to go ahead and try this as it was the only catnip that was in stock on Amazon. My cat loves it and goes crazy when he smells it. The bag is resealable to keep it fresh. I didn't find any sticks or debris - it was just good pure catnip.

Definitely recommended, but your mileage may vary given that no two cats are alike! (which is why we like them...)
345334345334B0002ASCR6A3M7F4SI4XF972D. Phillips0021265328000Not What It Used To BeI have to totally agree with the people that say this isn't NEAR the quality that Cosmic Catnip used to be. My cat always went wild for this brand, but I could smell absolutely no scent & the cat completely ignored it. He's a catnip junkie, so I purchased another brand & he's happy now. This went in the garbage. It wasn't worth returning, so I just dumped it. I'm really glad I didn't spring for a larger size. "And Yes, my bag also had rough sticks in it too"
345335345335B0002ASCR6A3EBTNDCOJWWS2Dwight Anderson0011264464000She didn't like it :(After reading rave reviews about Cosmic Catnip I decided to give it a try. My cat loves Petsmart(store)brand catnip but I couldn't get to Petsmart so I decided to give this a go. She didn't respond in the slightest to it. When I sprinkled a little on the carpet she sniffed and walked away:(
I'm sure this might be a very good brand,afterall many other's have said how much their kittys enjoy it,but it wasn't the right one for "HRH" Maiza.
345336345336B001GVIT6EA1NYL1IDBBLMOJChris A.151641318896000Bold, rich coffee but not as advertisedThe coffee itself was great, and at less then $15 for over 3lb's it is a incredible bargain. The main thing you should know if you buy it though is that although it is categorized under whole bean coffee, it is ground. It is also ground extremely finely to the point that a good amount of the grounds pass straight through my Bodum Classic french press' filter. It's more suitable to be drip brewed then made in a press.

Edit: Apparently is categorized properly under ground now.
345337345337B001GVIT6EA1EW1SXZRW02J4Krish A. Lalu "Krish"182051276992000Excellent tasting coffeeI've been drinking Kronung since 1999 when I was stationed in Germany. It has a wonderful taste that is distinct and tastes premium. My friends would beg for coffee whenever they came over. Usually I buy it at the DECA Commissaries but they were out this time and I cannot drink another brand at home. Now I live in the coffee capital, Seattle, and they don't have anything that can compare to Kronung. If you are curious, give it a try and you will be hooked.
345338345338B001GVIT6EA2CEFY1LCAA3H3CoffeeLover9951318464000GREAT KaffeA friend gave me a bag of this German coffee to try, and I loved it! That was a year ago, and I have been ordering it from Amazon and drinking it ever since! It's the best, it really is. I love the way it smells and tastes, so flavorful. And as the Germans would say ... Das ist sehr gut!
345339345339B001GVIT6EA2PKOL7RVV0WFOAnnaB5551301011200A FavoriteI hadn't tasted Jacobs Kronug in Germany like so many here and was wondering if I'd enjoy the taste as much as my fellow reviewers. This coffee *is* absolutely fantastic, and I high recommend it.
345340345340B001GVIT6EAV71JMGA4VSBIK. L. Miller "ordinary person"7851276992000Best coffee ever!The coffee is smooth, not acidic or bitter like most American coffee, it's ground finer than American coffee also so it's trial and error until you get it perfect. The caffeine doesn't make me jittery like other coffees do which is a bonus for me. It's perfect as a breakfast or dessert coffee as it pairs well with food.
345341345341B001GVIT6EA1JDKVO1SQK45ED. Wells4451317254400Strong & SmoothWe use a Keurig machine and the re-usable filter cup. This coffee is a finer grind which makes it perfect for the Keurig. Strong flavor without bitterness. Will continue to purchase through the sub & save program. Packaging was great with no problems.
345342345342B001GVIT6EAVF37Z7R023GVPetra Densborn4451309564800best coffee deali am recommending this coffee deal to all my friends. i have a subscription for the 3pack to be sent once a month, free shipping for less than $18....this is only $6 per 500gr of coffee....compared to the specialty coffees in the stores this is a steal......starbucks coffees cost as much as $10 for a 12oz bag.....(these here are 17.6oz each) and anyone who ever spend time in europe and had german coffee will never touch the american stuff again......thank you very much amazon for selling this!
345343345343B001GVIT6EADI3HAWD97RZHMartha Jerrim "Mommy J"3351322265600JacobsI love Jacobs coffee, I got hooked on it while living in Germany. The suscribe feature is wonderful, the coffee just shows up when I need it and it is so much less expensive than buying through any local import shop!
345344345344B001GVIT6EA28R6K8YU4IISNManuela Espinosa-Gartzke "Mespinosa"3351320883200Coffee ReviewAddicted to this coffee - best price I have found! 100% satisfied with order, shipment and product. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
345345345345B001GVIT6EA2LWH1O3WXZXHDRichard W.3351319241600Wow!I am always a little unsure about getting coffee online, but this was wonderful. I look forward every day to my cup (or two or three...) in the mornings.
345346345346B001GVIT6EA1IBEDPPRC7YETsteve422211325203200whole bean grind yourself soooo much better than this.I quit coffee some months ago due to atrial fib. but the great sale price & rave reviews seduced me. One morning of this stuff & I'm twice as quit now. Don't let the reviews fool you, this is Folgers quality. If you are a whole bean kind of person this stuff is a disappointment. Upside is I can happily go back to abstinence, for a couple more months anyway.
345347345347B001GVIT6EA18YVG8O3Z25W9Oana2251319846400AMAZING as alwaysThis is the BEST coffee I can find here in the US. Not like all the other overburnt crap around, it has distinct flavor and amazing taste. I had actually given up on coffee for the past three years, but now I'm back. I was SO happy when I discovered that Amazon sells it. Thank you Amazon.
345348345348B001GVIT6EA27Y4OEC9MD9PAGeorge Wey2251319500800Jacobs Kronung CoffeeJacobs Kronung Ground Coffee comes in stay fresh vacuum packs. Great aroma and flavor. Anytime coffee at a reasonable price compared to local stores.
345349345349B001GVIT6EA2JPBC58LX0HHLBonnie Schmidt "AmeliaIsl"2251319500800The Best Coffee Available and at the Best PriceI have been drinking this coffee for years since living in Germany back in the 80's and I cannot say enough about its flavor. I have tried every main American coffee brand known and NOTHING comes close to Jacobs. Also, this is a new low price for Amazon and I am stocking up. I just cannot believe how inexpensive it is. My husband just returned from two weeks in Germany and told me that the coffee is cheaper here than there - amazing!
345350345350B001GVIT6EA17NHWX33YQJKIDavey-O2251319414400Smooth and FlavoriciousReally like this coffee. At this price point, it might be the best coffee you can get on Amazon or almost anywhere. I mean, look at the price per cheap. If you love a good cup o' joe, and it's so much a part of your life that you realize you need to save a few bucks, because you're drinking up too much money and your love for coffee is such that you're OK with something less than the very best, then this coffee is my go-to recommendation for you. If you're made of cash, there's a very famous local roaster who will knock your socks off starting at $1.70/oz. There are local roasters everywhere who will give you an awesome bag of beans for about $1/oz. But for less than 30 cents/oz, you can get some perfectly good Kronung and be satisfied each morning, while also saving some figurative beans.

I think the flavor is that Northern European mellow coffee taste (think Ikea coffee), but stronger and more flavorful, while still maintaining a low level of acidity. If you like your coffee with a bit of bite or sting, then this is not for you. My other cheap coffee alternatives are the 8 O'Clock Columbian and the Yuban dark, but this Kronung, at least right now, beats both. I use an Aeropress, a Delonghi espresso machine, and a Bunn or Cuisinart drip. Honestly, I say skip those occasional sales on big name brands. If you're cost-conscious enough to perk up to a sale, then know that even after the discount, they're still not better tasting nor cheaper than this Kronung.
345351345351B001GVIT6EA3OLLKWNHTTXNarmymommy1151323216000jacobs coffeeI started drinking coffee in germany when my dad was stationed there. Luckily after we left we were able to continue to get jacobs on post. The only problem is sometimes they're out of stock so were would always buy n bulk to make sure we wouldn't run out.
The vacuum seal bricks makes all the difference. Other coffee u buy that isn't vacuumed seal doesn't stay fresh. If u r a true coffee drinker and like a smooth flavor and great taste without the burnt taste then this is the coffee for you.
345352345352B001GVIT6EA1DXGH2ICD87Yaroberts1151318464000LOVE THIS COFFEE!!!!My company is German-owned and I discovered this coffee on a business trip to Krefeld. I love this coffee so much that I've gone to a grocery store near my hotel to buy Jacobs and stuffed my luggage for the trip home. SO glad to know that I can now get it in the US and Amazon's subscription makes it totally easy. I can now have this incredible coffee delivered right to my door every three months...and I won't have to worry about leaving extra room in my suitcase on my next trip to Germany!
345353345353B001GVIT6EA23RZ9J7TBGH6CTeressa K. Shoreland1151318204800Jacob's Kronung CoffeeI've been drinking this coffee since I lived in Germany, and I'm thrilled to find it at such a good price on Amazon!
345354345354B001GVIT6EA2T71TNID2N401C. Wenger "bodyworker student"1151317168000Grew up on this coffee!!!!I love Jacobs Kroenung. Having been born and raised in Germany I was so happy to find this coffee at at such a great price:)
345355345355B001GVIT6EA4DUKJZV5CKP2selective1151310947200Umm Coffee!The Jacobs coffee was delivered quickly and without damage to the packages. Fresh coffee. I am unuble to find this in the stores and to see it online was a nice surprise.
345356345356B001GVIT6EA54GEMB5YLQ1V11151306627200Great coffee for great coffee drinkers.I purchased this coffee for some people who "only drink great coffee" and they universally loved it. I drink my fair share of coffee too and have to say that this is some of my favorite stuff now. Definitely not brown swill.
345357345357B001GVIT6EADVMEQOCNA70QMarius O. Fratila "frantro"1151278979200THE BEST!Got hooked on this about 10 years ago and can't get rid of this "addiction" despite numerous decaf attempts...
345358345358B001GVIT6EA3KUT0KMWU9IGOha-evolution1151272758400My favorite coffeeI first had this coffee years ago while serving in the Army in Germany. It was the best I had tried then and it is still the best now. Strong and smooth - a superb blend for real coffee lovers.
345359345359B001GVIT6EA1VJS5J9RWVQ5KPuff n Fluff* ®™ "Puff*"3451306108800Interesting Extra Fine Ground CoffeeA package of coffee that's LARGER than 1 pound, imagine that! And you get 3 of those nice large bags in your order. Plus the price is extremely reasonable especially for an import.

The first thing I noted about this coffee is that it is very tightly vacuum sealed - no air in the bag.
When you open the bag you get a lovely waft of fresh ground coffee.

The coffee itself is ground extra fine to what is very much like a powder, quite dark in color and even though ground to that gauge is nice and moist with an acceptable amount of oiliness.

The extra fine grind makes using a paper filter a necessity - you can use a gold tone filter but it will clog with grounds so must be scrubbed after use and you will, most likely, find grounds in the bottom of your pot.

No matter what coffee we brew in our auto drip pot we start the brewing process and then pause it for a short time allowing the grounds to 'bloom' and then restart the brewing until completion.

We have found that this coffee as most of the Made in Germany coffees we've tried has a slight acidity and an earthy undertone in the flavor. Not a negative if that appeals to you. We enjoy it after dinner but prefer a lighter roasted bean for our morning cups.

As with any coffee, liking this coffee very much or disliking it comes down to personal taste.

At the price it's certainly worth trying.
345360345360B001GVIT6EA192B2YS00J2ZGR. Swain "coffee adict"3451274140800CoffeeExactly what I expected when I ordered this product. This coffee is so much better than anything you can find anywhere else.

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