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345452345452B000LKTGMCA39PUPTNFPYXH5strangelittlegirl "strangelittlegirl"0041199836800better than the national brandOrganic, tasty, not much else to say about these cookies except that they are delicious and I love putting them in desserts, or eating them alone. My only complaint is that the boxes are kind of small compared to the national brand, but taste and health factor make up for it. Will buy again.
345453345453B000LKTGMCA1EB7EHSBTP4QXRick Or Jayme Rudolph "book hound"0051197331200Great cookiesMy family really likes these cookies. They are so crunchy and good. I love the fact that they are organic and taste good too. They are a little dryer tasting than regular vanilla wafers.
345454345454B000LKTGMCA31L1IZ94UJBQMmk2451234224000Great cookieThese have a great flavor, stronger than some other brands and they are crispy without being too hard.
345455345455B000LKTGMCA2HJVE5UDNW3FODebra K. Singer0151291334400best ginger snapsthese are the best ginger snaps that we have ever tasted, we only eat organic, natural foods and rarely eat sweets but these are wonderful cookies and most of the ingrediants are ok.
345456345456B000LKTGMCA1U7RWHQX3W141H. J. Groves "Heather Jo"0151289952000Can't keep these away from my husband!!I've taken our family organic over the past year. In order to get family "buy in" I decided my approach would be to start with sweets ;) These types of cookies are ones that my husband likes so I got the organic version to see if he would like them. Well...we're still organic! Not only did he like them, he didn't even notice. He still hoards them and insists they are only "his". I enjoy them as do our 3 kids. The only problem is we go through a case in no time!
345457345457B000LKTGMCA2XDRDXPO68ZIZKimberly Norberto "mystampstore"0151227830400iced oatmeal cookiesthese cookies are great! we all love them, even the kids. good ingredients, great taste, and they melt on your tongue.
345458345458B000LKTGMCA3DC79H5389WBHBonnie Brown "music lover"0151212969600CookiesCountry Choice Organic Ginger Snaps Snacking Cookies, 8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)
Great tasting cookies good price
345459345459B000LKTGMCA3NPY616ONREVJRyan1331244505600four stars for the cookies, two for the packagingThese cookies were quite delicious, and reminded me of those my grandmother used to bake for me when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I only got to taste them in very little bits, as every box was crushed and the cookies inside were broken into small bits and crumbs...I suspect this is a result of poor shipping/packaging on Amazon's behalf.
345460345460B000LKTGMCA2PNOU7NXB1JE4Peggy "pab920"13412413952004 stars since organicIf these had not been organic I'd only given 2 stars. I'm used to eating Nature's Path organic ginger spice cookies which is the one I'm using to compare. The NP ones have a stronger ginger flavor which I prefer. The crunch factor (hardness) is about the same. The price point is the biggest factor. The NP at $32 w/o coupon for 12 9 ox. boxes are approx.4.75 pound (the last case I bought had a coupon so were $22 or 3.26/lb). These are about 6.50/lb. at Amazon's current price. I probably won't buy these again as I'll stick w/ Nature's Path. That said, I did give this brand's chocolate mint cookies 5 stars and I do plan on purchasing those again as well as trying their chocolate chip and oatmeal cranberry.
345461345461B000LKTGMCA2RN5EQC3F75PJMichele Poche1351238457600AwsomeI have been looking for an Organic Kosher cookie to replace "nilla Wafers", this cookie hit the spot. They are a different consistency than wafers, a little bit harder, but much more delicious. My kids loved them and so do I.
345462345462B000LKTGMCA583F1SRHI178Michelle Timothy "Michelle"1351232150400Great TasteEveryone in my house loves these cookies, even my sister who is not into "healthy foods"
345463345463B000LKTGMCA583F1SRHI178Michelle Timothy "Michelle"0251232150400Great Vanilla WafersI love these vanilla wafer cookies ... very tasty and sweet. They don't taste exactly like original vanilla wafers and the texture is more hard than original wafers but they are still great.
345464345464B000LKTGMCA2C6DBDL5LHVCYMichael G. Smith "larsbud"0521242864000Used To Be Great, But No More!!These cookies used to be great, but alas, no more!! I bought two cases (12 boxes) of the ones with an expiration date of "OCT 11 09 B" from Amazon recently. When I received them I found only two to three whole cookies per box, the rest were broken in multiple pieces. I had previously had this problem with the "OCT 11 09 B" cookies that I purchased from Kroger and Whole Foods. Two problems that I noticed right away: 1) the natural ginger snap cracks are two deep and the whole cookies that are present break with very little force, and 2) the cookie boxes rather than being stacked vetically in the case taking advantage of the stucture of each box to protect the cookies, are layed flat on top of one another. Therefore, just stacking cases on top of one another crushes the cookies. When I called the company and pointed out these problems, they blamed Amazon's mishandling of the cases as the cause of so many broken cookies. They promised to reimburse me but I only received coupons to replace one of the two problem cases. If the broken cookie pieces had not tasted so good and if they had not been organic, this rating would have been a "1".
345465345465B004B9COVEA2L90B946XB3SVM1151299456000new option for dogs with food allergiesFinally, an option for dogs with food allergies that doesn't include potatoes on the ingredient list! There is a venison food from another company that doesn't contain potatoes, but at over $100 for 30lbs, feeding a 65lb dog would cost a fortune! Nutrisca has good ingredients, no grains, and is reasonably priced. Also, my dog loves it, but he's a golden and would eat anything!
345466345466B000SAPVLAAS0SPE5TEM74ZElizabeth Kingsley0031286928000Weak spearment flavorI drink spearment tea for medicianal purposes and this one serves the purpose. One bag makes one weak cup of tea. I really don't care for the taste of spearment tea and so the weaker taste suits me fine. There is a slight hint of honey, but after drinking this tea for 4 months and 3 boxes I still don't taste any orange or spice. My mother and daughter have both tried the tea and said they liked the flavor. If you like a strong spearment flavor this tea will be too weak for you.
345467345467B005CMADK8AROMAIE68SNUBAJeanne3351330819200Excellent productAfter seeing Dr. Oz giving this antioxidant rave reviews because it lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, fights infections and fights cancer, I had to try it. After using it (2 tablespoons per day) my doctor recommended that I now can take 1 pill every other day (rather than the 4 per day I had been taking). I mix 2 Tablespoons with 2 Tablespoons of greek yogurt,2 tablespoons uncooked oatmeal, a few pecans and a dash of cinnamon for breakfast. It's delicious and good for you.
345468345468B005CMADK8A3LJ29AIUB94JKSpecial K0051350172800Delicious with Swedish MeatballsI've heard that this is a traditional item to serve with Swedish Meatballs, and we tried it a few months ago. It was fantastic. This is a little more tart than I expected, but it's great on toast also. The Amazon prices here aren't really that competitive if you're buying four 14.5 oz or more at a time compared to places like Zabars onine, especially after coupons, but that's no reflection on the product - it's GREAT.
345469345469B005JD3M5IAXQXYA8HG540IJessica LeRoy0051331424000These treats look good enough to eat!I bought these cookies for my very picky dog and he absolutely loves them! They don't have a harsh odor like some dog treats have... they actually look and smell like ginger snap cookies. If I had them out on the table my boyfriend would probably eat them. :)

What I love most is that they are made from all natural ingredients.

I highly recommend buying these treats for your dog!
345470345470B003FZXB4OAXFMZN2C6XL7VSharonbbacon1151276041600finally the real thingGrowing up in France I became used to home made mayonaise. I learned to love aioli. This product is really good. It tastes like home made. Really really nice. cvtutu
345471345471B0013BHEMWA3N9L0DM3QFCVZsandra king0041350086400love this coffeeThis coffee has a very smooth flavor, not overbearing like a lot of other coffees.Will be ordering more very soon.I will also be ordering this coffee for gifts.
345472345472B003NQUQRAA26EL6HQW6SJZ4Michael Larson0051328313600M. LarsonWe tried these "candy bars" in Hawaii. They are about as healthy as a candy bar can get. They do not have any refined sugar in them. They are not really sweet, but they are satisfying. My wife and I would share one (they are pretty big) and be satisfied. They are really tasty. Coming back to the main land we have not been able to find them. So we are excited to find them on Amazon.
345473345473B0002DK4LAA1QTI1MLL3RONBTMSOD "TMSOD"0051349136000Dogs like them enough to come into the house to get themThe dogs like them enough to finish their business quickly and come right back into the house for their reward, one Natural Choice Chop. Now all I have to do is train them to clean up the garden after their visit.
345474345474B0002DK4LAA3IXMFF7SJGBHPAmazon Shopper0051345593600Natural Choice Chops - 60 ozGood quality product and 60 oz at a reasonable price. My dogs love them; they are just the right crispness and tasty. Bought a box of Blue Dog biscuits which were like rock and had to through them out. These bones are easy to break so that when you're playing fetch, one bone will give your dog a reward for several fetches.
345475345475B0043CDTXGATXK57ITV47U7Jen1111323993600Not as described.I ordered a bag of the Soft Peppermint Candy from Stewart Candy Company. On the back of the bag it says: they do not mark their all natural candy with a color stripe to identify the different flavors. They identify their flavors on the individual candy wrappers. They have 5 different flavors....keep in mind I ordered peppermint. When I opened the bag there were about 40-50 individually wrapped mints, of the 40-50, about 10 were marked peppermint, the others were in a plain wrapper. I opened one of the peppermint marked candies and sure enough it was peppermint. I then opened one of the "mystery" mints and found that it was one of their Honey mints.
It turned out that most of the bag was in fact the Honey mints. I contacted the Stewart Candy Company and explained the issue, they sent me a replacement bag of peppermints. I opened the replacement bag and the whole bag is marked peppermint. I am wondering if the first bag was in fact mess up's or 2nd's. But I am pleased that Stewart Candy took the time to make it right.
345476345476B0043CDTXGA17VWSC36TXQR3VoteThemOut0031346371200Plain White - No Red StripesThe package shows wonderful, red-striped candies. I opened it up, and it's full of individually wrapped, PLAIN WHITE candies. No miracle that they're "all-natural." They taste fine, but for all-natural, red-striped candy canes or bite-size peppermints look for TruSweets or Pure Fun brands. (They were for stocking stuffers - sure glad I opened them before Christmas rolled around!) Oh - by the way, the title says "soft" peppermint candy. The texture is like those little pastel pillow-shaped mints. Again, they taste fine.
345477345477B0043CDTXGAM71JIFY00NKJrainbow160041345075200Soft and Honey SweetThe soft honey candy by Stewart really surprised me because I wasn't too sure what to expect, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. These are all natural, individually wrapped candies that are sweetened with honey so they are not too sugary; they soften as you suck on them and they are soft enough to chew without worry of hurting a tooth. I keep some in my purse in case I need a little something in my mouth when I'm out and they taste great because they are not too sweet but sweet enough to enjoy. Their all natural status make them fine for sharing with children. It's a great treat whether it's shared in the office, your home, or your purse. Enjoy!
345478345478B0043CDTXGA2OTHVTCOMOCOSKalli Potter0041333411200No corn syrup!I was a little hesitant to order these as I'm trying to avoid corn syrup and the company does not seem to have an ingredients list for their products anywhere. But I took a chance and ordered it. For those of you who like to know the ingredients of something before you put it in your mouth, here it is -

Sugar, Natural Citric Acid, Natural Orange Flavor

Yep, that's it. They're a bit smaller than Bob's Peppermint Balls and a touch softer. No coloring, so they look rather plain, but a nice orange flavor to them. I'm now inclined to try the other flavors and am hoping that they are all corn-syrup-free...

I'm not sure I would recommend these for children, though - the size is such that I would worry about choking. Doesn't mean you can't indulge your adult sweet tooth, though!
345479345479B00020QRM8A2WOHPXK3K0JVATruth Sith Advisor "Sage"2251256601600Love it!This has a great sweetness that I didn't find bitter at all. I especially found it good in blender smoothies and cold drinks mixes like kool-aid. Initially, I hated that it didn't mix into cold beverages well, which can be a problem with all powdered stevia products. I've found it is easiest to get around by mixing any powdered stevia with a tiny bit of hot water at the bottom of your cup or pitcher, then add room temperature or cool water, drink mix, ice and enjoy.
345480345480B00020QRM8A213PRXRSO0RPELizzie1121254268800powder steviaI did not care for this product, it had a very strong, unpleasant aftertaste. I did not taste that with the liquid stevia.
345451345451B000LKTGMCA2HN8JOLKRTMNWD. Croker "Trev"2351200182400The Icing on the!Sweet, not crispy or too chewy, these cookies are some of the best iced oatmeal cookies that I have ever tasted. Similar in taste to Mothers(tm) Iced Oatmeal cookies only not as stiff and they don't taste like plastic.

For all of you Vegans out there: I am not sure if the cookies are completely Vegan. These cookies are not listed on their site as being Vegan but I could not find any animal derived ingredients (aside from the mysterious "Natural Flavors"). You can find more information on their site: [...]

Overall these cookies taste excellent! They truly are the icing on the cookie!

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