Amazon Fine Food Reviews

345597345597B001V7P00GA3CKLKGJJPNZJMD. B. Davis1151260921600Zoo Fortunes!This year was rough for our zoo...we had layoffs and closed some exhibits and some animals went to other zoos. It was hard for all of us. So I took it upon myself to lift the spirit of my fellow co-workers. I have ordered these cookies with some very specific personalized funny fortunes (like: Zookeeper Motto #9: This crap never gets old.) I plan to give them out to all my friends at work, for Christmas. I will keep you all posted...stay tuned.
345598345598B001V7P00GATTNGOVJNCWP9Bookaholic "M"0051333929600Wonderful Party Favor!I contacted the company to order a set of customized fortune cookies for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. They worked with me to quickly create the cookies and ship them to me as I had a little more than a week to go til the party. Excellent experience, cookies arrived quickly, tasted good and the fortune was exactly as the mockup had shown. Quite pleased! :)
345599345599B001V7P00GANPMYF7B9XTXUToni0051323648000The best idea for my holiday party!!!I ordered the Custom Fortune Cookies with less than a week's notice to Greenfire. Jen from Greenfire immediately contacted me and through email, we were able to get the logistics together for the delivery of the cookies for my annual holiday party. Jen was great! She really got me motivated to be very creative with the fortunes, telling me to cater them to the people that would be at my party. It was so much fun coming up with the fortunes! The cookies were delivered right on time from Seattle to New Jersey (Jen even called me to alert me of the delivery because she was actively tracking the package). Not only were the cookies packed well (only one cracked cookie!), but they tasted so fresh. These were the best fortune cookies that I have ever had. They were also a big hit at my party! Everyone loved them!!
345600345600B001V7P00GA2OYVAA444IBMKMgirla0051322006400Wonderful product and serviceCookies were perfect, they taste great, arrived on time, and the messages were printed beautifully. I am ordering them for other events!
345571345571B006C2KZMIA2O21H6UE4WBRLJ. Manchester "Super Mom Wannabe"1151336953600Great concentrated flavor, lovely bottle to displayWe LOVE this watermelon Amoretti syrup. We mostly use it with carbonated water for a nice seltzer or Italian Soda, but it is also really delicious in Lemonade. We also love the beautiful bottles this comes in. They are great for displaying right on the counter. And they already come with a pump top, so you don't have to buy one separately, which is really nice. The Amoretti syrup is more concentrated than other brands we have tried, so you don't have to use much to get good flavor. And we can enjoy a nice soda without any High fructose corn syrup and less calories than regular soda. Good stuff!
345572345572B006C2KZMIA3JP1V13TLQ01JCarol M.1151326412800Summer in a bottle!This is a cross between fresh watermelon, and watermelon candy. Its really good! Try it in some seltzer water or lemon lime soda. Yummy!
345573345573B006C2KZMIA2SWN4SQH6IJ6RSkwerl "Skwerl"0021349308800Robitussin Sodas, anyone?Let me start out by saying how sad I am to give this product a negative review. I love watermelon EVERYTHING, so I was super excited when I saw this new syrup was available. I have to say, however, that it blows my mind how the guys in Amoretti R&D actually thought this syrup tasted like anything but watermelon cough syrup. For use in Italian sodas, this is *completely* undrinkable. I've confirmed this with a few friends to make sure I wasn't just being a bitch. Others reviewers here have mentioned using this syrup in yogurt, and I did try a couple pumps in a strawberry smoothie, and the dairy did seem to help cover up the poison/medicinal overtones.
In short, I cannot recommend this flavor. If you're looking for a good watermelon syrup, try the Torani version. I'm sure Amoretti has some excellent flavors in their arsenal, but this is definitely NOT one of them.
345574345574B000QSLWYEA36ZMQWLPBX5HZjpc1151316822400Two Thumbs Up!Natural Balance Tuna with Shrimp is the only food that my male cat will eat with gusto. He is as picky as they come when it comes to canned or kibble. That being said, I give two thumbs up to Natural Balance for their Tuna and Shrimp canned recipie.
345575345575B0049SCHV4A19URH45NPLEUMLynne J. Claybaugh "ragtimegal"0051311897600Amazing CheeseThe cheese was still cool, packed well with cold packs. Took only 3 days to finish the 3 packages off. Grilled cheese sandwiches were addictive. Thanks for the quick delivery and great packaging.
345576345576B000GAZPWMA2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin2251194652800whoo-hoo !!!Mariani makes some pretty terrific, delicious dried fruit. If you like pineapple, mango, papaya--or all of the above--then this great snack is for you! The small plastic bag comes well sealed for you to take it on the road with you when you're traveling and want a quick energy boost; and the contents remain fresh until the expiration date printed on the package.

The dried fruit has no fat nor does it have cholesterol. The sodium content is low but you do have to watch out for the sugar--30 grams of it per serving, and there are four servings in this tiny six ounce package. If sugar is a health concern for you I would avoid eating this snack.

Otherwise, this is fantastically tasty and very pleasant. There is also a slight "sweet and sour" effect from the rather sweet pineapple and the tangy mango dried bits of fruit. The papaya is also very sweet.

I highly recommend this fine dried fruit to anyone who wants a snack food or something they can eat fast when they're on the run and they just want a little energy sugar boost. It's also nice to serve to guests as well.

345577345577B000GAZPWMA27EALHY3HX2M6D. Zemskyy1151302134400Great candy alternativeGreat tasting fruit snack. As others have commented, it is somewhat on the sweet side, but it is still better than corn syrup and hydrogenated oil filled candy bars. Sweet and sour (lime juice on papaya is genius!) for a good kick and fine texture. Perfect companion to a shot of espresso (I know, thought coffee and fruit is weird until I tried). Amazon price seems on the high side, local grocery store has it cheaper.
345578345578B000GAZPWMA3KKZYRX1CJDIKBoolySpark0051296345600Add It!This mix has all the things we like, but we also like the Costco Fruit Mix. So we add a package or two of this mix to the big Costco bag as it is consumed.
Best of both!
345579345579B000GAZPWMA1ODOGXEYECQQ8Nuknuk0041245369600Delicious SnacksDelicious snacks. Packed in sturdy resealable bags.

Here are some nutrition facts: 4 servings per bag. 140 calories / 11% carbo / 4% sodium / 24g sugar / 4% fiber per serving. No fats and cholesterol, "nada".

It is a little sweet for my taste, but I can't stop and can finish it in one sitting.
345580345580B0015P9794A1CPVKN0GH70IBMaggies mom0051266624000Dog treatsMy dogs love these treats. It does help to keep their breath smelling better.
Would difinitely recommend these to other dog owners
345581345581B000OZJYIKA2QSQAXI09Y3HShandymrs5631306713600Not coconut powderI ordered this product because the description says it is coconut powder. This is not a powder at all. It is finely shredded coconut which will be great for smoothies and baking. However, I am looking for powder as a milk substitute, or to added to my coffee since I am lactose intolerant. I was very disappointed because I now have 5 pounds of not "coconut powder." I am not disappointed with the taste of this coconut powder, it is just that I cannot use it as a powder. Maybe I am missing as how to use this finely shredded coconut as a milk substitute powder. Any suggestions?
345582345582B0001NLOV0A3P6QTGU4E4JN9Anne Birch0011264809600Bad NutsWe have bought Hazelnut scones before and they were really good. The last time we ordered them, the nuts were rancid, so we won't be buying any more packages. Sorry!!
345583345583B003FCZP9QA1MDO8RZCZ40B0ilbob0051340755200basic mustardI used to get the generic kind, but lately the grocery store has been selling the 20 oz French's mustard for less then the generic on a per ounce basis. It is a good mustard. Not that much better than generic, but it seems a little smoother, and just a hair tastier.

So it gets 5 stars from me.
345584345584B003FCZP9QA93LBTV617ZVCJJ2007 "Blessed & Highly Favored!!"0051306108800Love It~I grew up with this yellow mustard classic. I love the fact that the ingredients panel has remained virtually unchanged for over 50 years! Pure mustard taste and consistency. "If it works, don't fix it."
345585345585B003FCZP9QA1ZK5P0EOE727FDenise M. Everett "writergirl"0051296950400Good MustardI like this mustard because it is plain and simple not to spicy or tangy for sandwhiches or other things. I have eaten this mustard for a long time and like it.
345586345586B001EO7J0UA1ODE883UHWZTMKnitty2231320969600Perfectly fineI haven't eaten other canned oysters before, but I've had plenty of raw oysters and fresh, cooked oysters. These aren't as good as the fresh stuff, of course, but they're perfectly fine for using in most dishes. Briny as they should be, decent size, with no grit.
345587345587B001EO7J0UAT7OLPRV1H2VLJenn11011256342400Farmed Oysters : (Not what I was looking for, I don't want farmed seafood...who knows what "by-products" they are fed.
345588345588B001EPQ4BEA2MV9ZMFWW5XQCCatpurring1151333843200GourmetThis glaze can be used in so many ways. We like it as an addition to a salad just drizzle it over the salad and enjoy. It is also great to liven up a plate of sliced veggies like cucumbers and tomatoes. Love it love it
345589345589B001EPQ4BEA1M7UYNRJRY8IPNatalie Davin0051315785600LOVE!!This is a great product. Everytime I use it I get RAVE reviews on my food. I have already used 3 out of 4 bottles
345590345590B001TORU1IA2DEVK26KLMQWDMichael Kadaner0051349568000Same as in EuropeFor those who used to drink coffee in Europe, but for some reasons doesn't like Lavazza. :) In a sense, it's the best mass-market Arabica product. I was really glad to find it on Amazon in the U.S.
345591345591B004E464O4A1YQQ0N414V9UHD. Berry1151330473600Love/hateThese were purchased as a gift. The recipient LOVED them and told me they certainly were worth whatever inflated price I had paid for them. At the same time, she told me she had to fight the tempation to eat the whole bag when she first opened them and she'd smite me if I bought her any more.
345592345592B001V7P00GAYPIR6M6FMD4CEmilymujer3351290211200The Party Hit!These cookies were sooo much fun! I ordered the pre-wrapped cookies for a graduation party. Each had a distinct fortune--some funny, some serious, some heartfelt...coming up with the fortunes were a lot of fun, too. The greenfire people were awesome and even had some suggestions for fun fortunes. They were a fun way to get people talking to each other because everyone wanted to know what the others' fortunes were :-) The cookies even arrived early, thank you very much. This is a unique and memorable party favor. I will be ordering more. Oh, almost forgot--several people commented how good they tasted.
345593345593B001V7P00GA20W8WOINFTABSMadelon S. Jonas2251330819200Zhen Bang! ~ Freakin Awesome!Another birthday means another order for fortune cookies from Greenfire. This has become an annual tradition in our family. Our son picks a theme and the experts at Greenfire come up with awesome looking fortunes to give to his friends. I have also used the cookies as gifts for colleagues as well as clients and they think they not only look cool but they are yummy too. I love the fact that we get to be creative and different at a reasonable price. Perhaps even better than the actual cookies -- the staff at Greenfire. Always accommodating and easy to work with. I am not just a customer - I am a part of the team.
345594345594B001V7P00GACVIFN2QCTHOGJ. Lundgren2251312329600An amazing experience!From the first spark of an idea to the delivery of the finished product, this was a professionally perfect process. I wanted special fortunes for my granddaughter's wedding but my original idea did not pan out. The advice I received from Jen sparked all kinds of new and better ideas for fortunes. We came up with a mixture of quotes on love and marriage, interspersed with random silliness...a perfect blend for this couple. The design was handled with artistic and creative genius. I received the cookies yesterday and they are fresh and very tasty...nothing like the stale restaurant stuff. I can't praise Greenfire enough. Worth every penny.
345595345595B001V7P00GA1K6U0X0K56M27Kim1151309824000Great service, Great taste, Great fun!I am involved in a youth theatre program. We ordered fortune cookies as a way to promote our upcoming production, Thoroughly Modern Millie. The castmembers passed the cookies out while walking in our 4th of July parade. The "fortune" was an announcement of our show. People were excited to receive something different from the candy typically passed out at parades. We had a great response and the children had fun with promoting the musical in such a unique and tasty way! I highly recommend Greenfire for the wonderful service and great product.
345596345596B001V7P00GA2WTH03FNKBT0Wanonymous1151292371200Look forward to ordering againI ordered fortune cookies for a business training event. They were a hit with the team that received them and gave the message of the training added impact. Greenfire was a hit with me. They were fast. Communication was thorough and every commitment was exceeded. The fortune cookies taste good as well. I'll be using Greenfire again and will recommend them highly.

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