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345721345721B000ED9L9EA2XR3JNKBZITS1Phillip1151322611200Great ProductI had been eating another brand of oat bran for 11 years, and I decided to try this. I am very impressed. Highest recommendation.
345722345722B000ED9L9EA254MREUEDE89RDogmother1151319068800Best oatmealBob's Red Mill Organic Oat Bran Hot cereal is the best oatmeal ever. It is easy to cook, on the stove or microwave. But best of all, is the taste it is yummy and good for you. Excellent product.
345723345723B000ED9L9EA1QOP8LFCV63WCLisa Davis1151317772800Excellent tasteThis is my first time trying oat bran and I loved it. I cooked in water and added cinnamon and brown sugar. This will be my new breakfast food. An added bonus is that it's good for you. I will definitely be ordering it again.
345724345724B000ED9L9EA3LYUBGR3F5GRRtkayp1151309824000Oat BranThis is a delicious product that I would never have known about until I needed it for a special diet. As a hot breakfast cereal, it is smooth and creamy and takes very little time to make. It is filling and last a long time.
345725345725B000ED9L9EA2QOS6ZMJEF21VHJ "1151306281600
345726345726B000ED9L9EA3AKUO7F4CNITRmbsf1151303344000Good StuffVery good oatmeal. It is microwavable. I add raisins and walnuts and eat it for breakfast almost every day. I recommend it over any other microwaveable or instant oatmeal.
345727345727B000ED9L9EA19T1POOX17XZVdmc3451321488000Dukan Star CastmemberI've been on the Dukan diet (Stabilization phase now) for several months - this is my go-to oat bran that the diet requires daily. I mix it with hot skim milk, sweetener, and cinnamon for a nice hot cereal/diet dessert. Bob's Red Mill has consistently delivered superior products for my household.
345728345728B000ED9L9EA1G39CW6KX7DMWW. Squyres6941307577600Hot cereal for breakfastEasy to make and very filling. Nutritious, healthy and versatile. Goes well with fresh or dried fruits. I like a little brown sugar and cinnamon. I couldn't find it in the stores around here, so I'm glad Amazon had some.
345729345729B000ED9L9EATW0ZY70GL0HDJ. Carlin2351299542400great product outstanding priceI've been eating oat bran for health reasons for quite a while. Buying this product through Amazon is saving me quite a bit of money.
345730345730B000ED9L9EA2NNW157X302E1GPereira2351278201600Totally recommendI've recently bought this oat cereal cause buying them at the supermarket was getting too expensive, since I basically eat it everyday. I personally don't bake it. I like to eat it together with my cereal, generally granola. It tastes really good (this oat, so don't expect much of its taste), although not the most appropriate since it's not old-fashioned oats. Being almost like a powder it sometimes sticks to the bowl and makes it a little annoying to bring them back together with the milk and the cereal. I'll probably be buying this product again, since it's cheap for how much you get of it.
345731345731B000ED9L9EA3CSJNM7QIBGUBNaga Parsa0031351036800It's ok, not that greatI heard the other having nuts is better than this. I have order the other now.

It's ok but not that great.
345732345732B000ED9L9EA7PML4593XQ9GSammy P0051350691200Great product. Essential for Dukaners!As an integral part to all phases of the Dukan diet, oat bran is essential in our household. We eat this quality product religiously every morning. Either mixed in with yogurt or as a hot cereal. At 3 tablespoons per day at either Consolidation or Stabilization phases the convenient 4-pack is easily depleted. With Amazon's prompt shipping, we just re-order when the last bag has been opened, and always have this healthy life staple on hand.
345733345733B000ED9L9EA2M6CYFQV42NXmvpro10051350691200Good and healthyHave used this product in the past and enjoy it. The cooler weather is when I consume this. Really like it!
345734345734B000ED9L9EA1HKQ45T3D4JJ6amazonfan0051350604800Grains are freshBob's Red Mill products never let me down. By ordering the oats from the grain always seems fresher than I can buy in my local stores. I am Canadian and have a U.S. Mail Box where I pick up the orders. I think the border guards think I'm feeding a horse I order such large quantities of oats from Bob's Red Mill.
345735345735B000ED9L9EAS905IHXQJL2Matlantic-city0051350345600Greeeeeeeeeeat!!!Great stuff. We like adding some raisins and honey for natural sweetness. Ordered 1 from iherb first to see if I liked it for $3 + I received $10 off my $40 order and free shipping (think $5 off for less than $40) when I used the code
345736345736B000ED9L9EA1R1HW4C4OEBRNFelina0051350345600My Absolute Favorite Hot CerealI eat this cereal most mornings in the winter. I love the creamy, smooth texture. I make it with almond milk and cinnamon. It cooks up perfect in the microwave every time. Added benefit - it's rich in fiber. I definitely recommend it.
345737345737B000ED9L9EA2QR7P24SGKUR8Emy1112130051350345600Great productThis oat bran is a staple in our home we eat it for breakfast daily. We have tried 3 other brands but this is our favorite
345738345738B000ED9L9EA3A9ILQT11NMC0Smiles4food0051350172800Just can't get enough...I absolutely love this product. Plus, it's good for you too! I find the price on Amazon better than the groceries stores. You can't go wrong...either way you win! The flavor is great alone or you can add whatever you like. I eat it for breakfast every morning, which is the most important meal of the day. (so don't skip it)I have it with maple syrup or yogurt...YUM...I love this stuff and just can't get enough of it! I highly recommend it.
345739345739B000ED9L9EA3KWPEX0IKLHZCMary D0051350086400What's Not To Love?This is so amazingly good, nutritious, super fast and easy to prepare, and the price is right. I'm a diehard "steel cut oats" fan, but this is SO much faster to prepare anytime of day or night. I add whole flaxseed to mine right before eating, which gives it a wonderful nutty crunch, substantial texture and extra health benefits. Sometimes I pour a bit of Premier Whey Protein drink (vanilla, premixed, easy to use, available at Costco and/or Sam's) for more complete nutrition, sometimes a bit of fruit. Really LOVE this stuff! It's hard NOT to overdo it.

Even cooking just one humble little Tablespoon of this (in 1/4 cup water) in the microwave works well, is super-fast, and a satisfying meal or snack when adding flaxseed or a high-protein whey drink to it.

All that, plus its extremely versatile--use it raw, or make muffins, add to baked goods, soups or stews,
345740345740B000ED9L9EA2IPQRFC7NBIT1foodrew0051349308800Oatmeal that makes you want to wake up to eat breakfastFirst, I think the instructions that they give you on how to make the oatmeal ("Oat Bran if you wanna get technical on me") in the microwave is bogus because it exploded on me pretty massively while it was heating up in the microwave.But, that's not really what matters.

This oatmeal is definitely healthier tasting than the Quaker Oatmeal that I eat on a normal basis. I'm already fully convinced to switch over and though it kind of tastes like Grits, I some how like it a lot. The texture is a lot softer than other oatmeals and I think the Fiber per serving is 7g, which is pretty dang good.

I will continue to get this oatmeal until something better comes along.
345741345741B000ED9L9EA22L1A8LGZT7Q1DMR0051348272000DeliciousThis is truly delicious; and it's quick and easy to prepare. I make it with water, almond milk, sugar, salt, cinnamon and vanilla. Then I top it with strawberries, raisins or slices of banana.

Years ago I used to order an oat cereal from a gourmet shop that tasted very similar to this. I had tried to duplicate it but nothing came close until I found this oat bran. I love the smooth texture. It tastes like oatmeal and a bran muffin rolled into one.
345742345742B000ED9L9EA30DQLRKIG05YAAdam M. Lippert0051348012800HeavenlyHow did I go 32 years without this in my life? I mix it with thawed strawberries (the kind that come frozen in syrup) and it's like eating a healthy strawberry shortcake for breakfast. I love that the company is employee-owned too
345743345743B000ED9L9EA186NOZW7YYOX2Wurk Indad0051347840000Go for it.I know, oat bran doesn't sound appealing. Trust me, you'll like it. This stuff is creamy like grits, but has a lot of fiber.
I have it with maple syrup, pinch of salt, milk, walnuts, and raisins/fresh apples. Just throw everything into the microwave and heat until the milk bubbles up.
Note that as it cools, it will get thicker. So, experiment and add a bit more milk before heating to keep it runnier.

Better than oatmeal!
345744345744B000ED9L9EA2JONFA0X7CZZ9Bommakanti0051347667200BEST. CEREAL. EVER.Recipe:
1/3 Cereal - 1/2 cup
1 cup milk
1/2 - 1 table spoon honey

Makes it best cereal I ever had.
345745345745B000ED9L9EA237PBBYVC5ERWILady0051347667200Great! Cook up a bunch at once.Great flavor, cooks up quick. I cook up 9 servings in a large saucepan (using 2¼ c. of oat bran and 7 c. of water), then I pour it into an 8" square pan. Let it cool down, then cover it and store it in the fridge. Once it's chilled, I cut it into 9 servings (3 rows x 3 rows), and then I can easily remove one serving at a time to reheat in the microwave. Cook once, eat for 9 days!
345746345746B000ED9L9EA38HF3TRVGVL49Philip0051347321600A delicious alternative to apple jacksSometimes, although almost heretical to say, I get tired of apple jacks every morning for breakfast. On those days, I'll usually turn to some form of oatmeal or cream of wheat. Organic oat bran is quite delicious. It reminds me of the days when we'd go to visit grandma and she'd have a hot bowl of mush for us (i think it was this stuff). Really good.

My wife doesn't like the steel cut oats because the texture is too lumpy. This oatmeal is much smoother and she loves it.
345747345747B000ED9L9EAH4VBTC3M4X2XEsha0051347148800My kids love it!Microwave it on low heat for 3 minutes - Milk + Oatmeal. Enjoy with cranberries/ strawberries. Good amount of fiber and nutrition.
345748345748B000ED9L9EA3PYIKPXP1L0YIShap0051345593600I love this stuff - So does my wife and baby!This organic oat bran is a hit in our house. Quite simply, it tastes great with a dash of cinamon, keeps you full all while being one of the healthiest foods you can possible eat. Even our two year old boy loves it.
345749345749B000ED9L9EA14SOH001RRCJCPoca0051344297600Yum!Its organic, its healthy, and it tastes great! Me and my bf tried different ways to eat it (brown sugar, syrup, banana's etc) and our fav way to eat it is just like McDonalds makes theirs lol. With apples, raisins, and brown sugar.
345750345750B000ED9L9EAIT1QSUS3A68Wljarnold20000051344211200Love this stuff!!I love this both cooked on the stove for two minutes or added dry to my yogurt for breakfast. I like the nutty taste. I am so glad that has made it available through "Subscribe and Save" program as well. The price is definitely the best I have ever seen and I am assured that I always have it on hand when I need it.

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