Amazon Fine Food Reviews

345811345811B003GAS35AA3FAEOVF3FRLRFpatentfl0011281830400Food arrived in poor conditionThe chocolate on the bars was whitened, and the bars were dry and stale. I returned the bars.
345828345828B002VZWG1SA31UXGZPQYRXE2RVN1151273363200Dog loves them!My dog LOVES these bones. I haven't used them long enough to see if they will have a positive effect on tartar on his teeth, but breaking these bones down requires a lot of gnawing which in turn should be effective for tartar control. I love that they contain minimal ingredients and I know EXACTLY what my do is eating when I give him one of these bones.
345812345812B003GAS35AA6O4GOUPWVX96Turbobuick860021279843200Bland filler barThese bars don't necessarily taste bad, but they don't taste good either. Bland filler is all I can think. Not sweet, not salty, not even crunchy.... not much of anything. If maintaining your health requires this kind of food item, then that would be the only reason to buy it.
345829345829B002VZWG1SANL1YJ6L3EGIFMarge in Charge "missmmargie"0051330992000excellent productMy groomer turned me on to these for teeth cleaning. My 2 shih-tzu's LOVE them! They go nuts when I reach for the bag. one a day is recommended, however, at this price x 2, that can't happen. This is the best price on line, even cheaper if you sign up for auto delivery.
345813345813B003GAS35AANEWJCONYWKKSKS0051279411200Long-term Advocate and ConsumerAs a person with celiac disease and passionate about my fitness levels, I have been a loyal consumer of Think Thin bars for many years. They have a fabulous website and information about the founder. [...] Not only is the flavor fabulous, the protein high and the sugars 0, they are committed to continuous improvement of more products, more flavors and competitive pricing. I would recommend this bar for children, adults who want a great source of protein and those with limitations in eating. Sometimes I buy from Amazon and sometimes I buy direct from ThinkThin, both have never failed in quality product delivery.
345830345830B002VZWG1SAYVU55XJK4S9PA. McDonald0041313971200Great Product!These are wonderful for our dog's teeth, ingredients are nutritious and she really loves them. It's hard to find products anymore that work and have these kind of ingredients that are actually good for our pets. The only reason I don't give them 5 stars is because of the price.
345814345814B003GAS35AAQ5LSVU3KC0TVLinda K. Shamonsky "s"1231279843200Not so goodThe flavors sound better than they taste. They are okay for a quick snack and there is nothing else but a waste of money.
345831345831B002VZWG1SAUJ8T411NDT7Urobert e lynch III0051301011200great treat for the moneyMy dog loves these treats...She actully expects them...she likes them so much she goes and sits where there at everyday and looks at them quickly...then back at you until she gets one treat i've ever found too that doesn't cause my dog to corn or wheat...great product.
345815345815B003GAS35AA2ZSYQPJ8QNHSDCutie Patootie1511278892800Complete FRAUD!I had purchased the White Chocolate bars (which tasted awful) and decided to give them another chance and purchased this "7-pound box" of assorted flavors to give them a try. What I received was the stated quantity, however the items only totalled 4 pounds. I was completely dissatisfied because - based on cost per pound - I was assuming I would get much more for my money than I actually did. I refuse to buy from this company again...and I even have an autistic son! This company should not be allowed to sell on Amazon. VERY unhappy customer...AGAIN!
345832345832B004G5GOVYA1NLOUFVQ1NG8LAl0051320364800Outstanding!Great addition to almost any meat dish! We find this is particularly effewctive in enhancing the flavor of pork tenderloin!
345833345833B003312TIYA1ND0SUVPYHYBVKula Gal0031334966400Okay mixture of chewsMy dogs enjoyed most of the assortment of chews in this bag, but I would probably opt the next time for buying the chews separately that they really enjoyed. It was a good way to try an assortment of chews. The chew they liked the least were the huge bones, and there were at least 2 in them. The did enjoy the Barky barks, rollies, and a few pizzle pieces.
345834345834B003312TIYA1OISEFUCWNQL1Lacie0241346803200Great...For All Size DogsThese are great IF you have friends who allow there dogs to chew bones and such you most of the time get some bully chews that are spiral up but where damage in a machine of some sort and you do get intact bully chews or sticks almost always but they are better for a small dogs cause my larger dogs could choke my cat actually also love the small almost shredded like and or damaged bully sticks you will also get a very large bone every time I have purchased one if you have the 2 lbs bag you get 2 or more small items and 1 big bone you get pig ears snouts and hoofs on a few good finds but thats all I can NAME cause some things I have NO clue what they are but they are always natural I DO NOT USE THE CHICKEN on rare times I have gotton some I throw it away they have had cut back and are getting CHICKEN FROM CHINA which killed and or injured 1 million dogs and cats.
345835345835B000OCSAI8A3R392GSBHJZYIMati H. Fuller5551226880000mmmmmMaltesers!First of all lets clear one thing up, "these are NOT Whoppers" Whoppers are chocolate-coated malted milk balls produced by The Hershey Company, and are horrible, like most Hershey chocolate.
"Maltesers", are manufactured by Mars, Inc. (who make excellent chocolate) and consist of a spherical malt honeycomb centre, surrounded by smooth milk chocolate. Very popular in UK since the 1930s These are my kids favorites (and mine) when we can get them.
Try some this Christmas!
345836345836B000OCSAI8A1FUTKDUSAZ2DMBambious0011323475200false given pictureI dont recommend them at all, the package that arrives doesnt worth that amount of money and it took a bit longer than it should. the portion of the chocolate is too little
345837345837B002QTXS5CA3M8R4JD1SIS76'MaryLou Cheatham "The Collard Patch"7751214438400Yummy CookiesPlanters Peanut Butter Cookie Crisps 100 Calorie Packs, 6-Count Boxes (Pack of 6). These cookies are so tasty! I love the peanut taste and the crispness. A one-hundred calorie pack is just enough to get started having fun eating them, but then the limitation of the size of the package helps me put the brakes on. Probably the most important part of weight control is portion control.

The cookies have 3 grams fat, 0 mg Cholesterol, and 2 Weight Watchers points.
345838345838B002QTXS5CA2HQ8RTAJYEUJONeal J. Pollock77311569824003.5* snack for a non-chocophileIt's very nice that the company put 100 calories packages out--great marketing idea. They taste okay to me. A bit subtle on the chocolate IHMO. Mostly they're lightly-flavored, chocolate, wheat crackers. They have very little nutritional value but over 39% sugar. The 100 calories is achieved by a very light product--it doesn't weigh much. So, 100 calories sounds great--but only if you eat but one package. Not easy to do if you're hungry. Still, it's a convenient snack to put in a backpack, lunch box, carry-on (now that they don't feed you much when you fly), etc. with less calories than most alternatives. Could also tide you over between meals. Still, I'd personally prefer something a bit healthier. But that's why there's chocolate & vanilla--oops, they left out the vanilla!
345839345839B002QTXS5CA2N17DHJPYFXGIDolmer "USMC family"5551201564800Peanut Butter CookiesI enjoy them a lot and so does my son. I have to say that this kind is one of my favorites. It is full of peanut butter flavor that you forget that it is only 100 cals. As for the amount you get in the bag, it is more than I expecting so I was very happy.
345840345840B002QTXS5CA2PSIP48R289X0K. Towles4441179360000Good buyI enjoy the Peanut Butter Cookie Crisp, but they are definitely a departure from the originals. Still my son LOVES them so for this reason I still give it four stars.
345816345816B008I6V5YIA2IIJNQR8UMVSDProud Mommy0051349136000Perfect!They were shipped super fast! The color was exactly what I wanted! Could not be more pleased with this product.
345817345817B004Z2SIXUAPIMFEKR17RL5tarheel fan2251322697600amoretti almond syrupI have used several of the Amoretti products. The almond when combined with their mango smoothie, their fat free coconut & fat free half and half make for an EXCELLENT smoothie. Many easy to use recipes are on their web site. I truly think these are high end gourmet products....I had this drink while on a tropical vacation, returned home and I am able to make the same drink----each one takes me it!!
345818345818B004Z2SIXUA31BD4RXCON7QOMichael A. Duvernois2351329264000Actually made with natural flavors!This isn't cheap, but unlike the other easily available orgeat syrups, this one actually has genuine almond flavor. It works well in a Mai Tai (following the original recipes). Highly recommended for that purpose.
345819345819B004Z2SIXUA1NHSKWQNROEP6S. Bejster0051349568000YummmmmMy daughter got me hooked on the steamed milk at the coffee shop and I just HAD to learn how to make it. I purchased this syrup and it works perfectly. While researching how to make it, I ran across a couple of places that said to use three squirts of the Torani syrup. With this syrup, I found that was too much. I used just two (with about a cup of milk) and it was perfect.

Now I can have a nice warm steamed almond milk while relaxing in the evening.
345820345820B004Z2SIXUA3JGOPRCOEFGN2Lyndsie0041347667200Nice and thickVery good quality syrup. Nice and thick, doesn't splash all over when I pump into my coffee. Flavor is like almond cookies. Not my favorite flavor but that's personal preference. This syrup is very good.
345821345821B004Z2SIXUA1DB4JRJYUSPDCE. Stouch "estouch"0051347408000amazing. much better than toranithis is a really great line of flavors. I'm really happy with this brand. I have 6 of the torani and they are like water and don't taste that good. these are like coffee house flavors in my house. its amazing. i want to get them all now. the white chocolate and pumpkin are great too.
345822345822B004Z2SIXUA4NE5J8TCP4QBSusan M. Sackrison0051341964800Soooo YummyThis is top notch Almond Syrup. We put it in Lemonade and Strawberries. Great for many uses.
Also use in baking recipes.
345823345823B004Z2SIXUA1249YEXRTFIV2Will R.1231332288000Not orgeat... [UPDATE][Update: Within a day of leaving my initial review I received a call from the company regarding my feedback. Best customer service I've ever experienced, and overall great quality product, just not a traditional orgeat.]

I purchased this syrup expecting a normal orgeat syrup. While this is an almond syrup, it does not taste like other orgeat, and does not make nearly as good of a mai tai. It's a good almond syrup, just not what I was expecting.
345824345824B001SAZOWKATLLQ1PFOSED3bmc19630051340064000Best Sweet and Sour sauce EVER!I have tried nearly every sweet and sour sauce on the market and this one is by far the BEST! Unfortunately, the stores in my area have recently stopped stocking this item and I'm devastated! So, now I will just buy it by the case because it WILL get used! Thank God for Amazon!
345825345825B002VZWG1SAT2EWBW7JS4GAV. Alvord5551237420800Dogs Love it! And it's Good for Them, too.My dog would eat these all day long if he could. He loves them. Gets all bouncy and happy when he sees me getting one out for him. They only last about 6-8 minutes, but I have a large dog who is a healthy chewer. I feel good giving him this treat because of the ingredients, and because it's made in the USA! Recommended, though a bit pricey. I love my dog, so he's worth the cost.
345826345826B002VZWG1SA1QLQCJVGCQPP0Brock Rumer2241293840000good for occupying for short periodsThese are a good edible chew that keep my extreme chewer busy for a decent amount of time. Do they calm? I'm not so sure. But I'll continue to buy them.
345827345827B002VZWG1SACUBCS87M4CDSS. Mannix "Clariney"1151292371200My dogs' love these!!!My dogs' absolutely loves these. -And I love the fact that they are not Rawhide, but still last them a while. They are pricey, though--so always wait until they are on sale.

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