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345919345919B004TJF3BEA16JSRTTJJXKNOMac and Cheese0051338854400One happy diabeticI got one of these kcups in a sample pack a few months ago. I've been hesitant to try it as I am not the biggest cider fan. I looked up the nutritional info- 10 calories, 1 carb- if it's not sweet enough, I have Splenda. So I brew it and my kitchen starts smelling like a caramel apple. I found myself fanning the steam from the cup towards my face. My first sip was heavenly. I decided to put it over ice since it is summer and it's great cold as well. I am one happy girl right now as I keep drinking it. Try it. You'll love it.
345920345920B004TJF3BEA141W8WHW9AC3HNelly "Vision Teacher"0051338508800My favorite K Cups!! Only 10 calories!I was a bit scared to order these, because of the mixed reviews...I honestly cannot figure out how it's possible to NOT love these! They are probably my favorite K Cup beverage...AND the cheapest, to boot!

I am used to drinking artificial sweeteners (diet soda, Splenda, etc.) -- maybe some people didn't realize that these were sugar-free (i.e., people don't know how to read product titles & descriptions)? If you're used to straight-up sugar, maybe these would taste off, like people think diet soda tastes bad if they're used to regular.

As a diet soda drinker, these taste awesome to me! I seriously want to drink one or two of them every day when I get home...and by the way, it's June now, so I imagine in the winter they'd be even better. :-) I think these also taste good cold. I make them on the 10-ounce Keurig setting -- 8 ounces and they're too sweet...which is great, since I get 2 more ounces of cider.

Anyway, I'd say give them a try...they're cheap, and I think they're awesome. I guess just make sure your taste buds are used to artificial sweeteners, and you'll probably love them too!
345921345921B004TJF3BEA2VGP2U31O9YROJULXAV220051337472000absolutely deliciousi love apple cider, but this was genious to put the caramel with it. it melts in your mouth & is a warm comforting beverage. love it!
345922345922B004TJF3BEADXCZGGT1ZL1DVicki Podulka0011336435200AwfulThis is the worst apple cider I have ever drank. It sounded good--caramel apple. Does not taste anything like that. Will never purchase again & now I am stuck with these.
345923345923B004TJF3BEA27FBC56WXTH0JK. Landers0051336348800Absolutely wonderful!I ordered this product after having another brand of apple cider and needless to say I'm impressed. I will definitely order another box shortly as it's going quick! The flavor is excellent and you can taste the caramel!
345924345924B004TJF3BEA1R77V4Q207OHDUGADawg20060051335916800Tastes exactly like you imagine it will!I love this flavor! It doesn't overwhelm you with caramel or apple cider flavor. It finds a really nice middle ground that tastes exactly like you hope it will, and keeps you coming back for more!
345925345925B004TJF3BEA2BAHROD4M03TRBethany Luke0051335830400OBSESSED!!!I am absolutely OBSESSED with these k-cups. I don't want to admit to how many of these boxes I've gone through in the past few months. It's embarrasing.

The flavor is rich, sweet and tangy. It's better than any other hot cider drink I've tasted and the best part is, it's sugar-free and only 10 calories. As a treat, I like to top with fat free whipped cream -- it seems like SUCH an indulgence, but it's very low in calories!

As someone who is always watching watch I eat, I do not like to "drink" my calories if I can help it -- which is why I shy away from the other hot cider/hot chocolate/teas for my Keurig. Most clock in at around 60-80 calories, so I only have one every few days or so. I can't drink one after I do with these. See? I told you I was obsessed!

All that said, I am someone who is USED to eating/drinking artificially flavored/sugar free drinks. I'm a diet soda/Crystal Lite drinker, so the taste isn't anything "new" to me -- in fact, I don't quite understand what all the complaining is about these k-cups on here is all about.

You can't beat the price -- I'm on the subscribe 'n save plan but I am already ordering more frequently than that because I drink these k-cups like a fish!
345926345926B004TJF3BEA9NFECDYD6Y1CAlfred0051335484800Great StuffThe product is great!! The price was even greater. I used the Cider Cups at work, had to have some, searched on line, and as usual, found the best price through Amazon. Thanks.
345927345927B004TJF3BEA2020KL55SYZ4UPaula E. Williams0051334534400I'm addicted to this!I love Grove Square Spiced Apple Cider Cups (single serve cup for Keurig K-Cup brewers). I am not a coffee drinker like my husband and wanted to try something more than just hot chocolate with his Keurig. I thought I would try the Spiced Apple and love it. The bonus to this product is that it is SUGAR FREE. I highly recommend this-- winter or summer.
345928345928B004TJF3BEA3DW1BRVOGP1KJtxmom30051333756800Soo yummyTaste exactly like a Caramel Apple. I love after my day sitting & relaxing & enjoying a cup of this amazing hot drink. But if u want it cold it has how u can make it with directions on box
345929345929B004TJF3BEA1TSHTUAUQML52Tamara J Davis0011333324800strong aftertasteSmells great and at first taste is pretty good but it has an aftertaste that makes it not worth drinking.
345930345930B004TJF3BEA3QVP3B2VVJ9T0B. Fitzpatrick "BAFXF"0011332633600Tastes Like ChemicalsI was very disappointed. I love good cider, having grown up and gone to the mill each year. I like most grocery store cider as well. This stuff was really bad, tasted to me like raw chemicals. Went through 4 or 5 people who spit it out directly. Not my machine, they liked the tea and coffee and even ran hot water between to see if that was it.
345901345901B001QY75DEA1C19WLTO01L95R. Klein2251293926400High Quality Pecan ProductI looked high and low during the holiday season to find roasted/salted pecans halves for my holiday cooking. This was a great find - it is great quality pecans - pricing on this item is very good. Great Product.
345902345902B001QY75DEA25859OH3FS3AQJulie2251244419200Perfect!!!!!These taste great!!!! I mix then with raisins and put them in my lunch. They dont come any better than these.
345903345903B001QY75DEA2PS8MR5RNJ7X6Nora A. Williams1141330300800Good buyFor me, these have a bit TOO MUCH salt, and I think the shipping is a little high. Also, not the finest or freshest pecans I've ever received, but overall, the pricing is excellent, they are very tasty and I'm buying them for the third time! We love them just by themselves and in salads, particularly.
345904345904B001QY75DEA1YKM4J4NF9NA6Pleased Customer1151326758400Perfect PecansIt's hard to find just pecans vs. mixed nuts, so I ordered these based on the good reviews left by other Amazon customers. I am not disapointed - These are some of the best pecans out there. They have the perfect amount of salt and oil. I will definitely order these again.
345905345905B001QY75DEA1WF48LBUXLURPRobwilt1151294099200A plusI ordered these pecans for Xmas and it was really the best. Good thing I ordered the 30oz because the kids were going down on them faster than I was. I will be ordering this item again.
345906345906B00182M02KA2A1XYSB692L6JPatricia "A Reader"1131297382400F O R B I D D E N.......C H E E S E.....??????FONTINA VAL D'AOSTA cheese, sold by IGOURMET, is a tasty, raw-milk cheese. It is NOT the most tasty cheese I have ever had, (that place being rserved for Royal Port de Salut cheese, with Royal Havarti cheese being a close second.) But this fontina val d'aosta cheese IS tasty, especially when allowed to stand out of the refrigerator and on the table for a while.

This is a firm cheese, but it cuts easily with a sharp knife. The (I hope!), edible rind of this cheese has a nice, somewhat smoother flavour, and is of a texture comparable to bread with a very slightly-more-than-normal hardness, but still delicious and edible, nontheless. The cheese itself has a nice, but very mild flavour, and even though the ingredients do not list "liquid smoke", or anything smoked, in the ingredients, the very faintest of smoky flavour does come through -- at least to me. It tastes a like very lightly-flavoured Swiss cheese.

The ingredients listed for this cheese are simple: Unpasteurized milk, Rennet, Salt. The salt flavour is NOT apparent in the flavour -- but if you eat enough of this cheese, you will get very thirsty, which is a sure sign of salt in anything!

Unpasteurized, (or "raw") milk cheeses might -- if some at the "august and SO very learned" FDA have their way -- become illegal in the USA(!) Or so I have read on the Internet. This is the reason I bought this, and another type of unpasteurized cheese. I've never had unpasteurized cheese before -- so I wanted to sample it before it becomes illegal! Those "wonderful" fuss-budgets at the Federal Food and Drug Administration, (FDA), seeming are SO concerned about the welfare of the American people, that they fail to notice that unpasteurized cheese....and unpasteurized milk.....when carefully made, under sanitary conditions, does NOT kill anyone! I can personally attest to drinking (legal!) raw milk....which did not taste differently, as I remember, from pasteurized milk. Only it's supposed to have more nutrition. It stands to reason that, if unpasteurized cheese did kill people, much of France, (where Louis Pasteur was born!), and the rest of Europe, would probably be dead by now. But they aren't! Will unpasteurized milk and cheese kill only Americans, but not Europeans, then? Or is this just one more way our "beloved" Federal Government wants to impress their power over the rest of us -- their consituents, who voted these "PUBLIC SERVANTS", of ours, into office. (Will Rogers said that he wanted to "go down to Washington and see how our HIRED HELP is doing." And, in all reality, that IS what these "powerful" people really are...!)

A few years ago, visiting relatives in Canada, I came upon a packet of "Sweet N Low" artificial sweetener. Reading on the label that it contained CYCLAMATE, I threw it away -- because, in the USA, cyclamates have not been legal for at least 20 years, and I didn't want to injest anything that old. Then I rememberered -cyclamates are STILL LEGAL IN CANADA. Do cyclamates, then, kill Americans and not Canadians? Or is this just another power-play by American "Food and Drug" officials? It is all very confusing and disillusioning to someone born and bred in the (seemingly?) "land of the brave, and home of the free". Or is that actually, "the land of the slave, and the home of the thief?"

At any rate, I do hope our beloved FDA will never make unpasteurized cheese, such as this "Fontine Val d'Aosta", Italian cheese, illegal.
It's only cheese, true -- but if they take away our freedom to eat unpasteurized cheese....what next will they take away. this IS Italian cheese.....maybe the Mafia DOES have a few good purposes, after all?
345907345907B004TJF3BEA300N84W5T734Zginackri "ginackri"0051345852800Wonderful decaffeinated alternative. Delicious and a Great value!I love this apple cider for a sweet treat without any sugar or guilt.
Wonderful in the fall or winter. Much better for me than a real caramel apple or pie.
It is a great decaffeinated alternative to tea or coffee and kids love it.
It is very sweet, but I use extra water for a larger cup.
I have also opened it up and used it to cook with.
The mix inside does not brew, just rehydrates, which allows me to use it at work without a Kurieg.
345908345908B004TJF3BEA2OQ775SI58DPNVRGirl "Michelle H"0011345248000Contains Nutrisweet!Warning -- this product contains nutrisweet, which I and may others are allergic to -- they don't say it on the amazon website so be careful!!!
345909345909B004TJF3BEA2AV8N5KIC6SQ1kcpenny0051344470400Grove Square Cider Cups Keurig K-CupDelicious apple flavor, low calorie drink. Love these for a "cup at a time" treat. No caffeine so great in the evenings!
345910345910B004TJF3BEAB094YABX21WQJ. Gregg0051343174400ether you like it or you don't every one has different tastesthis cider tastes & smells pretty good but not the best I've ever had. its very sweet brewed on 8oz but still pretty good when brewed on 10oz is less sweet and a little watery but still tastes ok I like it. its hard to rate this because everyone has different tastes so its ether you like it or you don't. in the meantime I will be buying this again unless I find a better kind.
345911345911B004TJF3BEA3RQYPFPM58CKPNorah Rice0041342915200Sweet treat!I really like cider so ordered this as a change and loved it! Flavor allot strong than the cider...a sweet sugar free treat. I will purchase again.
345912345912B004TJF3BEASJKKI1EHIYWPMichael J. Yadron0051342742400Excellent CiderGrove Square Spiced Apple Cider Sugar Free is really excellent. The taste is very good, even when making the largest cup possible, and there is no bad aftertaste. The price is right as well.
345913345913B004TJF3BEA1FLSJ55U6ZADQjo.b0051341446400DeliciuosWow this stuff is delicious, very sweet-can't believe its sugar free!!I love to have a cup before bed when I get a sweet craving-way less calories than a slice of cake!
345914345914B004TJF3BEA1GXIM3SAFFL4TF. L. Chandler0041341446400Obviously a matter of tasteJust had my first cup and I think it is tasty. Good but not outstanding.

I have to think most of the one stars are people who just don't care for artificial sweetener or they are expecting Vermont quality fresh squeezed cider.

It is a decent product if you have realistic expectation and are accustomed to artificial sweetener.
345915345915B004TJF3BEA21KWF3S9WU6S3ronald salyers0051341014400caramel apple cideri had every where for this item,then i decided to check on amazon.i found it and i ordered the product.great price and it arrived in a few days.great way to order any thing.
345916345916B004TJF3BEARDC7Z3J9GOK3sdon860051340064000delicious!It took me awhile to decide to order because of all the reviews, but I am so glad I did. This is one of my new favorites. I will definitely be keeping this one in stock!
345917345917B004TJF3BEA35QRUSGHDD8ZRParadise0011339804800Tastes very badMy kids and I tried it...had to throw the whole box away. It is sickeningly sweet and gives you an aftertaste that you know the "sugar" is synthetic. So so icky!
345918345918B004TJF3BEA2W27A5ROHS4CRruth russo0051339372800excellent drink !!I have enjoyed the apple drink very much, especially on cold afternoons, or a late evening "snack". I still drink it but not as often in hot weather. I find that ordering it by the 3-box amount is very convenient.

Thanks for carrying it.

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