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345931345931B004TJF3BEA4D2848CCTRK2Leigh0011332288000Not for us...Like many of the reviews here this household agrees that the taste of this sugar free cider is horrible. Don't know if it's the heat with the artificial sweetner or what but it's horrible. We tried it hot and over ice. Either way it's horrible. We are a household that drinks plenty of diet soda too so it isn't that we aren't used to artificial sweetner either.
345932345932B004TJF3BEA2K019DAXG5EZ2L. Carlson0021331769600disappointed in itI felt this would be a nice thing to try as my husband is diabetic, however, I was very disappointed in the flavor of it. I think it was the caramel added that I objected to. To me it had a "harsh" taste and was unpleasant.
345933345933B004TJF3BEA26XY3MCW5XBWQGetThatWeekStuffOutaHere0021331510400You get what you pay for.I was excited to get this and had high hopes. I've been pretty disappointed with anything not coffee. I found the taste of this strange for Cider. While it isn't terrible, it isn't good either.

I think it is just the artificial taste that got me. It is a bitter sweet taste that wasn't all that appealing to me.

I tried 3 different settings for this. The smallest setting was down right bad. The medium and small-medium are alright.
345934345934B004TJF3BEA216M5IUOGUXUIJeff H.0051330646400Great for a diabeticAs someone who is used to artificial sweeteners, I have to say that these were exactly what I hoped for. Are they a little extra sweet? Sure. But let's be honest, I haven't had real apple cider in years and this was close enough for me. If you're watching your blood sugar and would like a non-coffee/tea treat for your keurig, I recommend these. The caramel ones are decent too, although they are stronger than these in my opinion. A single 24 pack is a fairly reasonable price, try it out for yourself.
345935345935B004TJF3BEA15241PN72QVC4Crimson Doc0011330560000Too SweetThe sweetener used in this over powers the flavor. It has a decent aroma but the closest approximation of taste I could give it is hot apple juice with extra sugar. It may appeal to someone that likes very sweet drinks without the calories. I enjoyed Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider and was hoping this would be a caramel flavored, less calorie laden, version but was sorely disappointed.
345936345936B004TJF3BEA25JKMQB4EGILRTpancoe0011330473600Bad tasteNot nearly as good tasting as the other kcup ciders I've had. My girlfriend hated it too. They are going to find the garbage can.
345937345937B004TJF3BEAVVX9GQZ7400Glipiddoc0011330300800Too weak to tasteDissatisfied with the lack of taste. Try another brand. I think I ordered this brand in error. Yuk does not begin to describe this flavour.
345938345938B004TJF3BEAFPAD4BJ3TIZ3alphaB0021330041600surgar free surprisethe spices apple flavor would be so much better if it had not been a sugar free product. that small detail was not listed in the description of this cider. I really don't like the taste of artifcle sweeteners. tart is always better that sickly sweet.
345939345939B004TJF3BEAULET4HDGGF3XB. Dupee0011330041600DO NOT BUY!!!!!I'm not a picky eater but this is by far the worst tasting thing I have every had (and I've had Moxie). It has a bitter taste almost like warm pennies and the flavor stays in your mouth. I couldn't even finish the cup and don't plan on using any of the others. Not only does it taste bad but the smell itself as bad as the flavor. I would not recommend this product!
345940345940B004TJF3BEA2S51184I1EY1DAwesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0051329868800It's delicious!I've read lots of negative reviews about this, people saying it has a bad aftertaste and an artificial flavor taste. I was pretty skeptical buying it, but I'm definitely glad I did. I love it! I'm not even a big 'apple cider' person, but it really is fantastic.
345941345941B004TJF3BEA2070E4VNJNOVQJ. Trader0051329782400No SorbitolLove it, this company makes instant K-cups, which means you can open them and pour into a cup of cold water, most tasty, and they make good popcycles. Best of all not made with sorbitol, made with aspartame.
345942345942B004TJF3BEA1SD2XW3FDVW20Alison Marthe0021329436800TERRIBLE!I drink a lot of sugar-free beverages, but these are TERRIBLE. When you brew the cup, it smells like melted butter and the taste is not good at all. I wouldn't waste your money.
345943345943B004TJF3BEABLT8ZX71M06JKateC0051329436800OutstandingIn December 2011, my husband and I visited Colonial Williamsburg VA. Their cider is absolutely fantastic and I just loved it. I thought I would never find anything like it at home. When I saw this product, I thought perhaps it might be similiar and I wasn't mistaken. It is so great. Drinking it brings back the memories of a wonderful vacation to Williamsburg.
345944345944B004TJF3BEA3LXOMANBRFQJGsuaimhneas150011329350400Ew!I buy little powdered cider packets at the store by the hot chocolate and occasionally simmer my own hot cider. My Grove Square Caramel Apple Cider was the third K-Cup I tried (I just got my machine for Valentine's Day). I figured it should be used at a lower water setting so I went with 8. It smelled great while brewing but tasted AWFUL!!! I now have 23 K-Cups I need to find a home for.
345945345945B004TJF3BEA27YKN5IIUEILYMom F0041329177600really strong flavorWhen I made the first cup, I was not sure about the taste. It is more caramel than apple flavored and seemed a bit too sweet. But after making it again, it was more like having a dessert! Now I am enjoying it. There are so few sugar-free k-cups available with the various fancy things, so I appreciate finding this.
I made another cup of this drink today and I chose the largest size cup to brew in my Breville k-cup brew machine. That was a good thing, as the flavor was not so highly intense. It was most enjoyable when the flavor was not as concentrated.
Next, I will try using the "iced drink" setting and see if this flavor is good when done as an iced beverage.
345946345946B004TJF3BEA3JUSMDG84GCYIConcho "Sci-Fi buff"0051329091200Great Taste!!Nothing like a cup of apple cider on a cold day. Smooth taste and the caramel just adds a touch of sweetness.
345947345947B004TJF3BEA39VP9FCRWMKW4Stacey9880051328832000Very Good!!I was a little unsure about purchasing this because of all the bad reviews. I then realized the product was very cheap in price and I kept telling myself "You get what you pay for". After a few days of debating, I finally decided to purchase it, and I am so glad I did. It is very sweet and a little bitter, but what else would you expect from something that is caramel apple? In my opinion, it has a nice rich flavor, without the artifical or chemical tastes.
345948345948B004TJF3BEA3Q4SHXFGYGF0Omarjala0051328832000Best spiced apple cider for Keurig Yum!All of us love this hot apple cider brewed on a 10 oz setting with a cinnamon stick or two in the cup. It tastes like hot apple cider and has 0 calories, great for diabetics, and it has Vitamin C. Other hot apple ciders have no Vitamin C so why not have a little something extra? I drink in the evening and after working outside in the cold. I plan to buy more to make sure I have enough on hand thru the spring/summer.
345949345949B004TJF3BEA2FCNM0DKHX8XMDSNP0051328659200Very goodVery good when prepared as directed. Not too strong and only ten calories. The price is much more reasonable than other similar items.
345950345950B004TJF3BEAF6YV6HKCM3TArnkelkoo0031328572800sugar freeDid not realize this was sugar free, must have missed that in description. I will give it to someone. disappointed!
345951345951B004TJF3BEA29CBOGHV264ZXHeidi0011328486400not very good!I just don't like the taste...Other people might!? I won't buy it again...Sorry :( I think I thought it was going to be a flavored coffee.But not.
345952345952B004TJF3BEA1O299KDNQMPDYLois0051328400000sugar free hot cider cups, carmel appleThis is a fabulous sugar free choice. I love it. Everytime I have the sugar free carmel apple cider, using my keurig, I have to double check the box to make sure it is sugar free. Try this you will love it.Grove Square Sugar Free Hot Cider Cups, Caramel Apple, Single Serve Cup for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count
345953345953B004TJF3BEABB49O4UE39DLAnna Logan0011327968000ProblemCider had a great taste and I was so happy to be able to purchase sugar-free k-cups...however, when I opened the box, two of the cups had puncture marks already in them, rendering them unusable. I took my chances and used the rest of the k-cups (after inspecting them) but was upset, knowing that this product I had purchased had been tampered with.
345954345954B004TJF3BEA2JHNURL0TED4Qmonty99 "montoyat99"0051327795200Apple Cider K-cupsI like Apple Cider and I can have more than one of these for far less calories (10) than the normal cider (80). In fact, I can drink two in the evening as I'm relaxing and I do not have to worry about the calories.

If you're used to drinking drinks flavored with aspartame, then these will be just fine! My husband doesn't like them because of the artificial flavoring. And he also doesn't have to worry about his weight like I do. So I bought two kinds of apple cider and neither of us touch the other's cider.
345955345955B004TJF3BEA228DFJJYPZAMHsteelersluvr0011327795200AWFUL!!This cider was absolutely terrible! I couldn't even give the remaining kcups away! The taste is extremely fake and not worth the money!
345956345956B004TJF3BEALDAF4VVLFRHPPatricia L. Brouillette0041327708800It is good, but I prefer it sweeter.This is nice if you like it not so sweet, but I am the type that prefers my apple cider on the sweeter side. It is nice that I can make one cup as needed, or many if I have friends over.
345957345957B004TJF3BEA19NO9O8WL2QV1L. Paz0041327708800More like warm apple juice with cinammonIt's ok, but it is very different from the apple cider that comes in the green and red cup from other brand.

It smells funny due to the artificail sweetner, but after a while the smell goes away. It tastes more like warm apple juice than cider.
345958345958B004TJF3BEA2OKT0N3T99WSFMom2seven "VLM"0051327190400We loved it!We really enjoyed this and could not beat the price anywhere! I would highly recommend this to anybody who enjoys cider.
345959345959B004TJF3BEA1TT2HXSCA4XS2FAR AWAY0051326931200Awesomely DeliciousWe love this Carmel Apple Cider. We are customers for life. It is so light, not a lot of calories and very delicious.
345960345960B004TJF3BEA33GZXDA4Q2JY0Theresa L. Boyette0051326844800A daily necessity!This is the ONLY apple cider Kcup I'll use, so buying three boxes at a time is common. There's no comparison to the others on the market. Transaction was quick and hassle free.

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