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345991345991B004TJF3BEA1SB8BYLENJX1ZStan0051324598400Apple CiderThis product is awesome and the price is not too high for it's quality. Taste as good or better than the same apple sider of other brands. I have had to subcribe for automatic delivery, in addition to a few single orders for relatives.
345992345992B004TJF3BEA17V6UX8Q7VU79LOC "AZCook"0051324339200All year round enjoymentI've always liked cider but it's only available where I live in the fall. These little cups let me enjoy cider whenever I want. Usually I use a large mug and brew once to dissolve mix and brew again with just hot water to fill the mug. Same great taste and more for your buck!
345993345993B004TJF3BEA3SSP13DBN29ALJ. Cook0051324252800As far as I am concerned just perfectQuite truthfully, I love the Grove Square Caramel apple cups. My daughter says it tastes really sweet for cider, I fully recommend at least giving it a try. I am not sure what people expect, it is suppose to be caramel apple cider, it is, if you are expecting apple cider, it never claimed to be "apple cider" try reading the description, "caramel" duh. Tastes good, priced good.
345994345994B004TJF3BEA26T8ZI9BWAVSPL. Kaminsky0011324252800UndrinkableI really wanted to like this, but I couldn't stomache it whatsoever. It literally went down the drain, like my money.
345995345995B004TJF3BEA2BOLIV4D1AYWNCjeps0051324166400FabulousThis is a fabulous drink. And I was so pleased to find it uses an artificial sweetener. I tried the Keurig brand of apple cider and it doesn't compare to this. I give this 5 stars!
345996345996B004TJF3BEA3CE0K42HG20TXSue Dupont0051323820800Great tasting Apple CiderI love the single serve cider for use in my Kuerig Coffee Maker. On cold nights it's great to get a quick cup of hot cider.
345997345997B004TJF3BEA274OJ4I0TROMDDC "conbrio78"0051323648000Amazing!I expected these to taste good, but I was surprised - They are absolutely amazing. Perfect for watching TV on a cool evening, and low-calorie (not that you can taste it), so no guilt!
345998345998B004TJF3BEA1FRUPO6DSTXE1M. Adams0051323388800Yum!I really like this and I'm back for more. It does have a slight artificial sweetner taste to it. I don't mind at all but I know for some that's a deal breaker. I ordered this in autumn when I traditionally start to crave hot cider. Soon, I found I was reaching for it all the time. It's perfect for when I think I've had enough caffeine for the moment. Plus, it's guilt free with only ten calories a cup. This is the first product I've signed up for auto shipping. I've come back twice now and figure this is gonna be a constant in my cubbard.
345999345999B004TJF3BEA2PPWMMZER5JTTtootsie0031323388800A little too sweet for meThe cider was a little too sweet and artificial tasting for me. The children do like it, though. I would probably not purchase this brand again.
346000346000B004TJF3BEARAKTT5M3DDYAJustMe0051323388800Some aftertaste, but still goodYes, it does have artificial sweetener. Yes, you can taste it. I haven't had any artificial sweetener that I couldn't notice. It's not a super-strong taste though, at least to me. My daughter tried it and liked it, I didn't even tell her it was in it till after. Honestly, regular apple cider is just too sweet for me anyway, so this is just as good cuz I'm replacing the slight dislike of too sweet with a slight dislike of artificial. If you're super-sensitive to the artificial flavor and you don't like any of it then avoid this. Otherwise, you should try it out. It's going to just come down to a personal taste preference thing for everyone.
346001346001B004TJF3BEA3B4S4I90V7IOPJeweldine W. Kinley0051323388800apple cider K cupsvery good. I didn't realize it was sugar free. It doesn
346002346002B004TJF3BEA2DPA5KJ7FFIUKaren S Rose0011323302400Too spicyThese just didn't taste like apple cider, there are too many other spices. I had to give them away to get rid of them.
346003346003B004TJF3BEA6U15998U8PGHChris0051323216000Yummy!!!This apple cider is delicious and fairly priced. I bought two boxes at first, then ordered 3 more as a result of its good flavor!
346004346004B004TJF3BEA2CMB1WU85TNHIAshley0031323216000Carmel AppleThis was an ok product. I'm happy it was only 9.99. The flavor was good, however it was very sweet almost to the point where I cannot drink it. The other people int household like it and are drinking it.
346005346005B004TJF3BEA1UAGQRQCPCMLBCandace0011323129600Yuck! Cough syrup medicinal tasteThese are disgusting. I just bought these and was thrilled to try it out on my keurig. Green mountain cider didn't have enough spice for me so grove square spiced cider sounded great. It tastes like cough syrup. The cherry medicinal taste is not drinkable. I am going to attempt to take these back to walmart today. It doesn't taste very spiced either and no apple flavor. Just watery, weak smell. The cough syrup smell and taste really is the only description I can give because it overpowers anything else. I dumped it down the drain!
346006346006B004TJF3BEA23UW1116PTM1Qwidget23690031323043200It's OKOut of the 3 products I've purchased from Grove Square, this is my least favorite. For me it seems to have too much spice flavor and not enough apple. It's not something I won't drink, just a little disappointed in the overall taste.
346007346007B004TJF3BEA13T0V3LHOTHDLE. Treants "tree"191951322697600Tastes Great - 10 Calorie TreatThis is the best tasting Sugar FREE drink for a K-Cup I have tried. I used the medium setting for my brewer adn got a very good cup; there is no aftertaste at all. This is a fresh apple caramel with a hint of cinnamon. I have had real apple cider that tasted about the same. This is a treat that even a diabetic could go for and enjoy. I am not sure why there are so many 1 star reviews, but i really do disagree.

10 cal (0 fat) -- 0g fat sat -- 1 carb -- 0g sugar -- <1g fiber
346008346008B004TJF3BEAJ6IKN18GPK5NMichael J. Gallagher "Mike"121231318896000A little weak but tastes pretty decentI just received this product today and although I've been disappointed with K-Cups that weren't coffee or tea in the past (like hot cocoa and sweet tea) I figured I'd give these a shot since it was only $9.99 for 24. I drank it hot, although you can also brew it over ice for a cold drink. Immediately after brewing I noticed it looked a little weak in the cup, but it smelled pretty good.

My reaction to my first sip was a bit on the "bleh" side. The caramel taste was a little odd and a touch sickly sweet. However, as I drank a little more it grew on me. It's certainly not like heating up a nice cup of real cider from a farm, but it's more convenient, it doesn't go bad, and makes a decent little cup of cider on a nice chilly evening.

For $9.99 I recommend giving it a shot. Don't go all out and buy the 3-pack of 18 cups right off the bat though.
346009346009B004TJF3BEACU2ERD5Z5PE4Susan M. Murphy131531319155200Not the best brand of this producctThis product has a nasty aftertaste because it is sweetened with aspertame, not sugar. It is overly sweet and has little apple flavour. Buy a different brand unless you especially like an artificial sweetener. Had I known about the aspertame, I would not have bought this brand.
346010346010B004TJF3BEAB1D1TVIEQWMQSamDanae "samdanae"7711319155200Extremely unpleasant tasteI was very hopeful about this product. While I did not expect anything close to real apple cider, an occasional warm apple flavored drink at work was a welcome idea. And while this product is sugar free (sweetened with aspartame), that didn't scare me away as I've enjoyed some other drink products sweeted with aspartame. Well, I brought my new purchase to work this morning, and brewed my first cup. The aroma was pleasant ... could smell the apple right away and then a few moments later could smell the caramel. But then I tasted it - and it was awful! I sipped it hot, sipped it warm, and even tried another cup with a different amount of water. I'm done! The taste is extremely chemical with little to no apple taste (nor caramel). Not sure if I can return the product (will be checking) but if not I will be throwing it away as I would not be comfortable offering to anyone!
346011346011B004TJF3BEA1O3X2RXPIB8XFM. Allison162011319414400Artificial SweetnersHas artificial sweeteners not noted on the product page. That's where the "weird aftertaste" reviews come from. Stick to the Green Mountain version which is wonderful.
346012346012B004TJF3BEA3N9PTGESK0V7WM. Small "My Kindle, My World"5551327276800Decadent! Great for Sugar Restricted Diets who Crave Apple!I'm so glad I didn't pay attention to the bad reviews for this product. Obviously, it's not going to taste the same for people who are used to cane sugar and corn syrup sweeteners. Now, most importantly, the taste is RICH, SWEET and hearty. It is not weak, and it even has some of that apple "bite". The smell is just like mulling cider on the stove. Each serving is only 10 calories, and best of all, it isn't full of sugar for those of us juvi diabetics and gastric bypass patients out there. This feels like Cheating! It's absolutely delicious and I intend to always keep it on hand. Thank you Grove Square for remembering the sugar-restrictions!
346013346013B004TJF3BEA59SQA66PPRXX@dave5531316563200Nice change from coffeeNice caramel apple flavor (its an artificially sweetened powder that completely dissolves and empties out of the k-cup). This can have a somewhat strong/tart flavor on small cup setting, so i run the same k-cup twice on 'small' cup setting in a large mug to dilute it slightly more to suit my taste. Quick and convenient hot apple cider with caramel touch for those occasions when you crave apple cider, hot or cold add ice cubes).

***update*** noticed my keurig was spurting during brew cycle but only when using this caramel apple cider k-cup. After making a cup of cider, i decided to cut the foil open on the top of the k-cup. I discovered this stuff clumps during brewing inside the bottom of the cup as a sticky ball. It has done it on the second pack as well, so might be product & not just a bad batch. Might be clogging up the discharge needle in the bottom of the k-cup. Just to check out what's inside, I cut open a new cup and small amuont of brown and white powder is all there is to this.
346014346014B004TJF3BEA21GDMT9JN2A5YWayward Traveller "WaywardT"5511309910400The worst tasting thing out of my KeurigI really had high expectations of this product but the artificial flavoring just kills it.
My wife gets migraines and the artificial flavoring in this product has been reported to make these worse.
I just wish I hadn't gotten a double pack.
346015346015B004TJF3BEA3U3EP6YW692QLcdsullivan25531304812800It's OkayYes, it has the "fake sugar" taste, but it's okay. The real downside to the product is the price. In a coffee K-Cup, there is more to it than just coffee grounds in the K-Cup...there is a filter etc, and the brewing occurs in the cup. With these cider K-cups, it's just ordinary drink mix in the K-Cup. You're better off just buying the powder at the grocery store, and run the Keurig just for hot water, as you would for tea.
346016346016B004TJF3BEABK5IETM3A7O2Jane P. Edwards7851319241600Grove Spiced Apple K-Cups - Delicious!I think the Grove Spiced Apple Cider K-Cups are absolutely delicious!

I found the 8 oz. setting to be a bit too strong for me, so I used the 10 oz. setting on my brewer and, for me, the hot apple cider turns out perfect, just the way I want it.

I have to watch my carbs, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that these K-Cups are only one carb each. Before ordering, I noted that under "Product Features" it states that the product is sugar-free; and under "Product Description" it clearly states that the product is sweetened with aspartame. Therefore, I think it's fair to say that those who prefer sugar over other sweeteners, and/or can't stand the taste of aspartame, may not care for this product.

As for me, I enjoy it well enough that I've put it on monthly subscription.
346017346017B004TJF3BEA1Y5J68F22DRURAllison H.0021322611200Too Sweet - your typical diet drinkI should have heeded the warnings of the less than stellar reviews. It's your typical sugar free, made with Aspartame drink - it's TOO sweet and it leaves a HORRIBLE aftertaste. It even smells fake. For me, it is a complete waste of $9.99. However, if you like diet drinks, you would probably like it.
346018346018B004TJF3BEAV6QDP8Q0ONK4Michael Ledo0051322524800SPICY AND FLAVORFULThis is more spicy and flavorful than the Green Mountain brand. For those that enjoy a robust flavored cider, this is the one. I obtained mine from the local Walmart for $7.98
346019346019B004TJF3BEA2OPQC63X2Z9K3Mike Mantis0051322524800Perfect alternative to CoffeeI'll get this out of the way first... If you are expecting the quality of a few tenths of an ounce of instant "mix" to be the same as a fresh pressed glass of Apple Cider, you're expectations are way too high for a product like this. This is a fancy instant drink mix in a K-Cup package.

Just got my first package and made my first cup and it is pretty darn good. I paid $8.50 with the subscribe and save discount and for 24 K-Cups (around 35 cents each), I think it is a pretty good deal.

You can taste the sometimes over-sweetness of the fake sugar used (heck, they only have 10 calories, there has to be a trade off!) but I regularly use Splenda in my coffee so it was not a problem.

If you are looking for an alternative to coffee or tea in your Keurig brewer, this is a pretty good option and a pretty good price.
346020346020B004TJF3BEA18UUSTSQJYK8OTamra L. Bowman "tamrabear"0051322179200Oh Yum!Tastes great. No weird aftertaste as with some sugar free products. I'm so glad I ordered this. I'm not even a fan of hot cider but this stuff is yummy, and it smells good too. Worth the price.

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