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346021346021B004TJF3BEA1HTC4BKKYA9VCDiana A. Wang0031321920000Well...I would not give this a 1 star but I would not give it a 5 star either. I am thinking 2 1/2 is fair. The thing that bothered me the most was the color. I bought a 70 calorie K cup apple cider and the smell and color were both wonderful. This is more of a watered down coffee color and the taste is just ok..I am not sure if I will buy it again or not..for a 10 calorie hot drink I guess I really should not complain..
346022346022B004TJF3BEA33L7DXL6YUAPUjoally0011321660800Horrible "fake" tasteI recommend Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider instead. That one has real apple in it (you can see the leftovers if you open the K-cup afterward). This one is very tart and made from a powder. The caramel flavor makes it slightly better, but it still tastes absolutely awful.
346023346023B004TJF3BEA2GR7SRMJ54RG7Book Vamp0051321488000Love itI love Cider. All year round. I bought this back in the summer for cups of iced cider. I've found with other cider k-cups I had to add sugar just to make it sweet enough to drink. It seemed like the other brand I tried made an apple flavored tea not cider. I love this product. It has the right amount of sweetness, and I've recently made it with a splash of rum for yummy results.
346024346024B004TJF3BEA1UWE64CPO197GDoug Martin0041321228800Good K-Cup CiderK-Cup Cider is a good option this time of year when hot cider hits the spot. Because it is cider and it's being made in a coffee maker, you will also find out whether or not you need to clean your keurig if you happen to get a mouthful of cider with a hint of coffee.
346025346025B004TJF3BEACH4XBWMBIXZ0Katy0051321142400Best 10 Calorie DrinkI think this is a great hot cider. Love the caramel taste! Only 10 little calories. One of my favorite new K-cup beverages.
346026346026B004TJF3BEA2E2VESFN34I3HKatie's Mom0021321056000YuckI pre-ordeded this product before its release, so I had no reviews to warn me that it was sugar-free, nor was there any mention in the product name. The aspartame ruins what would be a decent tasting cider. I don't like artifical sweeteners, but it would have still been good if the sweetener was Splenda or Stevia. That aspartame takes over the taste!
346027346027B004TJF3BEAWLF0JTBGZL7DJohn Joseph "JaynLexy"0041320969600Different, but good.Understand that its a diet drink before you buy. That said, it's very good. I find it flavorful and satisfying. Not sure why some say it's weak. It's a great cup of hot cider with only ten calories and it smells amazing! Like a Yankee candle every time I brew a cup. Satisfied buyer here. In fact, I've talked myself into a cup right now. Mmmm.
346028346028B004TJF3BEA2HH1G4FUS95NASF Reviewer0011320969600Aspertame**I ordered a sugar-free cider thinking that it would actually be sugar-free but this product tasted SOOOOO sweet that I looked on the ingredient list to find aspertame - a known sugar replacement that has been proven to be bad for your health - not to mention it's overtly fake-sweet taste. I couldn't drink more than one sip AND this product cannot be returned. I was sincerely disappointed.
346029346029B004TJF3BEAP3VZ336XWH9Zmeyaly0051320969600Tasty...I was a little skeptical because the reviews were mixed but I am glad I opted to purchase this. The flavor is better that most other cider k cups I've tasted and I would definintely buy again
346030346030B004TJF3BEA3PEZQQ3I0B036Big B0031320796800Could be richerI do nor did now much about these K-cups. However the convience and simplicity would be welcomed by me. Upon arrival I did not notice much flavor but it is coffee. Take it for what you want
346031346031B004TJF3BEA2BWAP11ZX3YMEJoe "Joe"0011320537600Not good - It's just a powder in a K-CupThis was an exciting purchase, until i make the first cup. All it does is push out the powder into the cup and then in runs clear the rest of the brew cycle. For $9.99 they should put this in a canister and quadruple the quantity. The flavor was kinda bland too. I prefer a different product thats sold on amazon
346032346032B004TJF3BEA2CZR1G7R70BS8Jeannie0051319673600Great flavor hot cider!Great tasting for a quick hot beverage not coffee. We have found that is it best to run a plain cup of water through the machine between coffer and cider but that is the only bad thing we have found. We love the taste and I am going to order more before the price goes up.
346033346033B004TJF3BEA2CQCSA5Q19W64Jirene0051319500800Delicious!These just arrived today and I was pleasantly surprised! It is just like eating a caramel apple - and very low in calories. Love it and am planning to order more today.
346034346034B004TJF3BEARADEBLBT3P17J. Burgess0051319414400ExcellentVery tasty. By far, the best drink to come out of my Keurig. The flavor was spot on... sweet and yummy!
346035346035B004TJF3BEA15NB6PGR33G14Barinr0021319414400Not a hit in our houseThis just did not live up to our expectations. All three tried it and found the taste only fair and too sweet. Make that 6 thumbs down.
346036346036B004TJF3BEA1SS1SZU50WZ5Otakaides0021319155200Did not like...The price seemed great. Until you realize that you're just getting powdered drink mix.

This was an awful beverage. I didn't realize that it was sugar-free until today (I bought and received it 2 months ago), as I didn't read all over the box. My thought was, I read about it on Amazon. I know what it is.

It comes with 3 boxes. I couldn't finish the first box. Also, I seemed to get headaches after drinking it. Now I know that it was probably the Aspartame. I'm no health food nut. I'll eat whatever tastes good, but none of the sugar alternatives taste good to me. YMMV)

If you want good cider, I picked up a box of Green Mountain Naturals ~ HOT APPLE CIDER ~ 24 K-Cups for Keurig Brewers from my local grocery store (to try it. I'm now going with the 12-count boxes for untested k-cups and will purchase larger amounts from Amazon if they're worth it), and I think that it's much better. The apple flavor isn't as strong, and it's not a deep caramelly color, but it actually tastes like apples and spices instead of gross liquid. Also, I don't think that the price from Amazon is great for the 'Natural' Cider, but I found it in my local grocer for very competitive prices.
346037346037B004TJF3BEA2ON0QGD89SSP8she0051317859200apple cider reviewThis is so goooooood! Everytime I have a cup I immediately want another! If you like caramel apples but not the mess, this will work!
346038346038B004TJF3BEA2LN4IPBOYUQA3Billy D.0041316995200Caramel Apple K-CupAlthough a lot of the feedback was mixed on this cider, I was pleasantly suprised. I do however use 2 K-cups on the small cup setting to make a cup because I like the stronger flavor. Will definately buy again.
346039346039B004TJF3BEA3CIFO4C3OKN64Erica0041316995200Tastes Great!Taste much better than the regular Apple Cider. I look forward to drinking a cup at night after work. Smells great too!
346040346040B004TJF3BEA3U0YACKPTDTMFkelmichelle0051316649600Seasonal Deliciousness!This is so delicious and many nights takes the place of dessert for me. It makes my entire kitchen smell good too! I love having this when the weather turns cold. It is perfect for the Holidays.
346041346041B004TJF3BEA1N06XIVTDQMPLadyRae130041316563200Pretty GoodTastes wonderful and is caramel-y, but could be more so. Also, there always is a little bit of awkward residue on the bottom of the cup, no matter how much water I add to the K cup serving. But other than that, very nice product.
346042346042B004TJF3BEA2FF5YQJ6ER648Bjsbjs30051316476800Best flavor k cupThis one of the best kcup flavors available. Great on a brisk fall day. Has a wonderful flavor of apple and blended with carmel. It is great if you are on a diet because very low calories, but high on taste. I love it and went and ordered more
346043346043B004TJF3BEA1MF5ENDFA53KASusan Turnbeau "sumatu"0051316217600Perfect for a fall morning!Loved the caramel apple cider. It has good flavor and since I don't drink coffee, I can now use my Keurig machine! It seems to be best made in the small size cup, otherwise it is too watered down.
346044346044B004TJF3BEANMGYT60QP4CMPatricia Kagie0051315785600Grove Square CiderThis is a great product for the K-cups. It tastes great, just like regular cider but without the mess of heating it. It is nice that it is sugar-free which is important for diabetics. I wish they would offer a sugar-free hot cocoa one too.
346045346045B004TJF3BEA1YK5WGH0T88Q1MaryRuth0011314662400Yuck. Can't drink it.Not sure why anyone would say this is good. No one in my family would touch it. Not sure how to return it now. Don't order it.
I edited this to add that Amazon Customer service was very good about refunding my money. I wish I would of read the reviews before buying such a large amount. Don't buy with out trying it somewhere else 1st. It really is bad tasting, and I normally like sugar free drinks. I can't even stand the smell of it.
346046346046B004TJF3BEA1ZEZ1RQ19B9YHAvid Reader0031311465600Basic Sugar Free Cider MixIt's nothing special for keurig, it's some powder in a plastic cup. Others say you're better off buying straight SF cider mix & making it with hot water, but I can never find that. Just pop this open & mix with hot water.

Also it comes out way too sweet on my largest cup setting, had to add more water until it tasted good/normal.

If you're looking for a specially brewed item that it is not, if you want instant Sugar Free Cider mix, it is!
346047346047B004TJF3BEANMGYT60QP4CMPatricia Kagie0051311120000Grove Square CiderThis is a great product and an added bonus is it is sugar-free. Both the Spiced and Caramel Apple ciders taste great.
For people who are watching their weight or with diabetes, I would recommend these drinks. Wish someone would make a k-cup sugar free hot chocolate.
346048346048B004TJF3BEA1PYX9VJ4ZM43TBeverly0051310601600Apple Cider K-CupsApple Cider K-cups are wonderful! I have never been a fan of apple cider, but this k-cup has different spices used in it and it is very addictive. I almost have them all drank already! I will be purchasing this product again.
346049346049B004TJF3BEA13QXHJK8L3RM1Ellyn0021307750400Too sweetWe bought this to try it but really hate it. I didn't read the description well enough and realized when we got it that it has artificial sweetners. I'm not a fan.
346050346050B004TJF3BEAVGRJ38OR4A6Hmightemo0041306368000DeliciousI love spiced cider so I wanted to try this brand. The spices can be a little intense at first, but its really a delicious cider. I'm very happy with my choice & I got a great deal on it too!

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