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346051346051B004TJF3BEA3BBC8E7QT7N9IP. Harding0031304985600updated:wound up with a storage humidity problemThe spiced apple cider isn't bad. It isn't as natural as Keurig cider but it is also 1/3 the price. It has aspertame which I use so I am used to it. Good flavor and a nice break from coffee. Also since I am on a diet, it only has 10 calories compared to 80 for the Keurig cider. For the price it is worth it.

Update: after trying these for a box and the Keurig apple cider k kups, I have decided I like these better. I think they have more flavor and are sweeter. I would buy these again before I would buy the keurig ones.

another update: I had these sitting in my closet for the summer. Went to make a cup and found that most of the cups had the powder harden(took one apart and it wasn't appealing) and a couple puffed up and broke away from the plastic. I emailed the company and they called back. Gave me SOME of my money back and requested I send a couple of the bad ones to them and they sent the necessary items for me to do that. They said as far as they knew there would not be a problem drinking them but I threw them away out of caution. Seems they are aware of the humidity problem. Wound up testing the powder cider drink you can get at Walmart and put it into my Ekobrew and it tasted fine. Think I will be doing that from now on.
346052346052B004TJF3BEA1CVQY61GRH0D5P. MacMillan1211324944000Disgusting!Don't bother...not worth the money at all. SO GROSS. And it isn't just me. Everyone I have shared it with agrees. Stick with the plain old cider. The caramel adds a bizarre flavor.
346053346053B004TJF3BEA1YEADNW6J6SGYM. Lange1211322438400Yuk!This stuff is disgusting! If I could give this 0 stars, I would. I can't even give this stuff away. To the garbage it goes.
346054346054B004TJF3BEAHGW26U8OU54PJill Thompson1211322179200Not GoodCouldn't wait to get these new Kcups for the Fall but was disappointed in the taste. Even before I drank my first sip I could tell by the smell that there was going to be a strong, artificial taste and there was.
346056346056B004TJF3BEADFUYEXGLC4WYVirginia1211321488000Bad aftertaste from the imitation sweeterIf it weren't for the bad aftertaste from the imitation sweeter this would be a 5star choice. I purchase this cider for a friend who loves hot cider, but the aftertaste of the imitation sweeter was too much to handle.
346057346057B004TJF3BEA3GJ5LKDK3F67MRachelle Schindler1251319155200YummyNot many sugar free options for K cups, these are very good. I have shared this with co workersw and all have loved it. Good apple and carmel flavor.
346058346058B004TJF3BEA8C5ILR3Z6SI6krlock1251318982400Pretty delish, very sweet, and only 10 calsI thought I'd try these since the price was good and hot apple cider sounds good in the fall. The cider smells delicious and tastes good although it is very sweet. Since it has only 10 calories, it's great for me on those nights when I crave something sweet but don't want to indulge too much. Would recommend but keep in mind it is VERY sweet!
346059346059B004TJF3BEA2WQMV1HOIPD7FSunflower1251318896000Yummy!Just received my box of Caramel Apple cider today and it is delicious.This cider tastes as good as it smells. I was looking around for a sugar fix today and had this, at only 10 calories a K-cup it really satisfied my need for something aweet.
346060346060B004TJF3BEA2JTQ5WK3AY2QDEE3452451320019200Autumn not FallSaw this product and thought of the times with growing up and coming home to warm Apple Cider. This product is as close to that experience as I have had, and a whole lot more convenient. The flavor on this product is sweet apples with a touch of cinnamon, and the aroma can only be described as WOW. When you couple the quality of this product and the less expensive cost all I can say is Grove Square you have a winner! Can't wait to try the other products!
346061346061B004TJF3BEA3U2OREN7D1Q9ZDeborah L. Hewitt "dlh"2411305158400cider k-cupsWasn't pleased with it. It contains aspartime, which I can't use. It didn't say when ordering it. I plan on returning them..
346062346062B004TJF3BEA2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"0121339372800Aftertaste kills what could otherwise be goodI was rather excited when I bought this at Wal-Mart. After all, it's a cider that's low in calories and carbs- something that I'm watching as far as my diet goes. Unfortunately this just didn't live up to my excitement.

This smells great, but there's this strange aftertaste that I just can't overlook. I tried pretty hard to move past that and focus on the initial taste (which is decent), but it's pretty overpowering at times.

This isn't awful to the point where I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, as there's going to be some who can overlook the aftertaste, but I ended up dumping out the rest of my cup. I just didn't really like this, which is a shame- I love apple cider.
346063346063B004TJF3BEA1C1VI99IUDXXGLoren0111333670400ICKThis is horrible. Doesn't taste anything like apple cider. Couldn't even give it away. Don't bother purchasing it wound up in the garbage.
346064346064B004TJF3BEAWSGVLSCQRQP0jt.champaign0141332374400Great choice for sugar free.This cider is a really good option for sugar free. It is better cold than hot. It has a very buttery taste.
346065346065B004TJF3BEA5EOE58A3U2VNConstipated Gent0111329004800Atrocious ...This product is not environmentally sensitive ... you will put it in the trash after one cup. Thus, thousands of years from now, your mistake will endure!!
346066346066B004TJF3BEA33NXIRE45W7RVAmanda0111326931200Not so yummy!I have purchased Grove Square coffee before and was very happy with it so.... I figured the caramel apple cider would also tingle my taste buds. Wrong! The smell is even a bit funky. Not that it's totally undrinkable but I'd prefer to drink dirty dish water.
346067346067B004TJF3BEA3PDF8BH37NGW6Ken Horvatic0121326844800Grove Square Cider CupsWe were very disappointed with this product. No where on the description did it state that it was a sugar free product. We would not have purchased this item had we known.
346068346068B004TJF3BEA3C5YTECM6E6ZJaustinTX0111324944000overpriced garbageThe cups are filled with cheap powder containing ingredients that are barely identifiable. The ingredients are listed in this order from the box sitting in front of me:

"maltodextrin, malic acid, natural flavors, sodium citrate, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), calcium carbonate, spice extractd, carmel color, calcium phosphate, aspertame, acesulfame potassium, calcium silicate." The aspertame "contains phenylalanie."

My husband told me how horrible it was before I tried it and I said if I didn't like it I'd bring the box to work, label it free and be done with it. This stuff is SO BAD that I won't even do that to my coworkers. It is going in the trash.

I'm glad we tried the apple cider from Green Mountain Coffee over the weekend because had we not tried it before this garbage we probably never would have tried any apple cider k-cups. GMC has apples and brown sugar in their apple cider k-cups.

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! This stuff is truly absolute overpriced garbage. I cannot be more serious when I say it even smells like chemicals after it is brewed.
346069346069B004TJF3BEA1FNGJN8V7DIQIC. Kay "Mrs. T. Kay"0151320192000Yum - 0 Calorie, great flavor!I really enjoy this cider! It smells like a carmel apple (memories :*) Great sweet flavor but not overly sugared. I've tried Naturals Apple Cider and like that as well. Although I've never put a carmel in apple cider that you can buy bottled at the store, this does taste closer to bottled apple cider. It is missing some of that tangy/powder flavor of Naturals version. Plus, with 0 calories...what's to complain about?
346070346070B004TJF3BEA3A58DJTXQSI3KN. Greco0151320105600Great ciderThis is really good tasting cider. If you have ever had those caramel apple suckers it tastes a lot like those. So surprisingly it tastes like caramel apple. I didn't know if it would taste much like caramel apple at first but, it actually does. I love this cider.
346071346071B004TJF3BEA2MTPVXL6HD5VPA. Apars "Oakville"0131311379200Personal PreferenceI don't really like the taste of this cider, but my 18 year old daughter, who is calorie conscious, loves them. They seem to quench her desire for something sweet. They haven't really been advertised as such, but the reason they are artificial tasting is because they are sugar free and only 10 calories. The drink contains aspartame and a bunch of things I have never heard of including "phenylalanine"...(wiki)..."found naturally in the breast milk of mammals. It is used in the manufacture of food and drink products and sold as a nutritional supplement for its reputed analgesic and antidepressant effects." I don't know if that's a good or bad thing?? I think I would avoid buying it in the future.
346072346072B004TJF3BEA21GDMT9JN2A5YWayward Traveller "WaywardT"0111309910400Does not taste at all like I thought I would :)I really had high expectations of this product but the artificial flavoring just kills it.
My wife gets migraines and the artificial flavoring in this product has been reported to make these worse.
I just wish I hadn't gotten a double pack.
346073346073B004TJF3BEAHU9VCO8WMZ93Callem Like Isee'em "Callem Like Isee'em"0131307836800taste is so soThese are okay. Not something I'd want to drink every day. A bit of an artificial taste. Nothing great, but they're drinkable.
346074346074B004TJF3BEA3JHV32TVGW2V4S Golden1351319932800Fabulous taste!This is my most favorite fall flavor K-cup. The aroma scents my entire kitchen. The caramel flavor is not to sweet, but definitely provides a different taste than the traditional apple cider. Great find. I wish that I could buy it year round.
346075346075B004TJF3BEA3EKH6VM4CHYX4Christina Brewer1311319500800Weak cider flavor, strong artificial sweetener flavorI guess you get what you pay for... I thought I'd give this a try since it's cheaper than the big-name cider K-cups, but it was a waste of money. I would hardly even call it cider. It has a very weak cider flavor, but a sickeningly strong artificial sweetener flavor. It really tastes bitter and leaves a bad aftertaste. I hate to throw things away, so I guess I'll save the rest of the K-cups for sometime when I'm really desperate! Would definitely not buy again!
346076346076B004TJF3BEA353Y7VBQHHW0Twackygirl "wackygirl"51051303776000This Apple Cider is AwesomeI have to say I was afraid to try it because of the experience I had with the Grove Square coffee. But WOW what a difference in product. This is much better than the Green Mountain Cider and it is sugar free. The price is right also!
346077346077B004TJF3BEA1HA9ZMDBDIZD8CrazyAlan0211309132800No Apples In SightThis is Crap. There's no apples in it. This is a waste of money, I bought three boxes, tasted one k-cup, poured it out and tossed the remaining boxes in the garbage. I didn't even want to give it away to anyone in fears they would never speak to me again. This is no comparison to Naturals apple cider, which I constantly buy and drink every night, well almost every night.
346078346078B004TJF3BEA4I6N67YHICR8GPKissimmee3351325116800Great Instant Sugar Free CiderI am surprised by the negative reviews here. I mean, instant cider (the kind you get in the packets) will never taste like real cider. This is actually better than the brands of instant cider I have found. Yes, it is sweet, and the caramel "finish" is a nice addition. This is the only K-Cup product I have found that is sugar free, which I appreciate. If you enjoy instant cider, I wouldn't hesitate.
346079346079B004TJF3BEA2UNA7A6IGX3KRYeidy3311320796800Don't buy this productThe cider is overly sweet and has a weird after taste, I'm guessing from the artificial sugar. I couldn't really distinguish any apple taste. A better alternative is Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider. This was a waste of money for me
346080346080B004TJF3BEA10686UV3KT899Big Reader "Big Reader"3311316995200Sugar Free and not advertised as Sugar Free.I was so excited to brew my first cup of apple cider and so disappointed when I found out it was sugar free. My husband and I both hate the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners and I refuse to give them to my children. The advertisement should include this information in the listing.

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