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346081346081B004TJF3BEA1I0BCPUC5GAQ2CBG5611318809600Bad tasteI usually purchase the Green Mountain Naturals Apple Cider. I found this product was much cheaper and I would try it. From now on, I will spend the extra for a taste I enjoy. This went down the sink!
346082346082B004TJF3BEA3QVP3B2VVJ9T0B. Fitzpatrick "BAFXF"2211327017600Unspeakably badThis was unspeakably bad. Tasked like raw chemicals and I love cider enough to tolerate a minor bad taste. Afraid to try the caramel that I also bought. I guess the 1 carb should have been fair warning to avoid at all costs.

Would have returned, but cannot. Too nasty to even bring in to work and pawn off on unsuspecting co-workers for fear the clients might have some and keel over.
346083346083B004TJF3BEA3S9B76JBOJK7NDevin R. Lussier2251325203200Impressive FlavorI was surprised to see this sugar free version of a favorite of mine and was although looking forward to it, I ordered with a bit of skepticism as oftentimes these drinks can be a bit "watered-down" for my liking.

I'm pleased to report that this product was exactly as advertised...a great sugar free hot cider beverage with a nice hint of caramel. While you can certainly taste the caramel in the beverage, one of the joys of this product is when you first bring it up to your face to sip...the aroma of caramel along with spice notes of the cider is really a snapshot of fall. This is a product that you and your entire family will enjoy guilt-free!
346084346084B004TJF3BEA2KIRZTPL3AZY1Pam Davis2251324598400yummo!This stuff is awesome! We've reordered twice. The caramel apple is just amazing. It is sweet but not sickeningly so. A great treat in the evening when you want a non-caffeinated warm drink.
346085346085B004TJF3BEAY1EBCG7NYIE7Michelle131382211324425600TerribleBought this flavor because it sounded soo good but after making the first cup I realized that names can be deceiving. The sweetener aspect of the drink taste like sweet-n-low instead of sugar and has a bad after taste. Save ur money this is not worth it.
346086346086B004TJF3BEA1231ZWZ66NDHFML2211322956800box doesn't say sugar free-terrible after taste!i wouldn't have bought had i known it use artificial sweetener... it has a horrible after taste - also not strong enough - only makes a 6 oz cup.
346087346087B004TJF3BEAFW9T8H5M8ZMCtobydo6811304640000Tastes like nutrasweetThis is the worst KCup drink I have had to date, I am very disappointed that I have 3 boxes to try & give away. It is horrible, save your money.
346088346088B004TJF3BEA1R6DKN9YQ2YU1Mercedes L. Johnmeyer "The Most Happy"1111349740800Horrible Smell, Inconsistent Quality...I picked up a box of these at either Target or the Navy Exchange...can't remember. They are absolutely terrible though. The smell alone is enough to make you want to toss out the entire box, but I figured I'd at least try it. Thankfully they don't taste as retched as they smell, but they're still not good. I made two k-cups on two different days thinking maybe the first was just a bum cup...nope.

My husband went to make a cup and he remarked right before putting the cup in the machine that it felt and sounded empty. Well, all he got was water with the slightest tint of brown to it. He tried a second cup...same thing happened. He finally said screw it and put in a k-cup of decaf coffee...came out perfect, so it was the cups that had the issue, not the machine.

I absolutely do NOT recommend these. I can't compare the smell to anything, but it's truly disgusting. There has got to be a better cider k-cup out there somewhere. For now I'll just stick to my packets of cider mix that require some hot water. At least they have a pleasant smell, and actually taste like cider!
346089346089B004TJF3BEA3VCC0LYLD7942L. I. Stanley1111349568000Okay if using right after purchasing, but....I loved these when I ordered and used them last year. I kept an extra box in a cool, dry place over the summer. When i went to make a cup tonite, was dissapointed that it simoly tasted like hot water. Figuring that it might have been just one pad pod, tried FOUR additional pods with the same result. Checked the box and expiration is next month....but no warning on the mix evaporating in the cups. What a waste....very dissapointing since i had thought this was a great drink to curb cool weather munchies.
346090346090B004TJF3BEA2CJKQ0DOE5ARFRoss H. Reddick "RossPDX"1111348099200Cherry cough syrup K-cups?No apple flavor what so ever, has a horrible medicine taste and smells like medicine. Who in the hell is giving this product five and four star reviews?!?!?! This is absolutely disgusting.
346091346091B004TJF3BEAGECWCM6UUQR4mathspan1111343865600Smells good...I had high hopes for this, despite knowing from reviews here that it contained a sugar substitute. I love hot cider, and especially caramel cider. It smelled great brewing but when I went to take a sip -- ick! The artificial sugar makes this intolerable for me. People who routinely use stuff like Sweet n Low will probably love this. Me, I'm just glad I got this in a sampler rather than buying a huge box as I was tempted to do. Grove Square needs to offer an option that uses real sugar because I think they got it right otherwise. Disappointed. Wanted to really like this.
346092346092B004TJF3BEATAR692FUP5MVMadeleine1111343347200Too sweet!These just taste like hot sweet apple juice. There is no cider component to the flavor at all. Rather than having a tart apple flavor with cider spices, the flavor is too sweet and rather flat.
346093346093B004TJF3BEAOP4KC76I40EEEric Rich1111342915200Horrible. The worst k-cup I've had by far.I've probably tried 40+ (maybe more than that) k-cup varieties thus far and this is the only one that is just plain horrible. The powder rarely comes out correctly (and the fact that you are talking about a powered cider should stop you right there), it has a far too-sweet taste, and well, frankly, it just tastes bad. My wife and I found the Green Mountain naturals Cider cups on clearance locally (we liked them so much we went back and bought like 16-18 boxes), but I have problems with sugar so I thought I would try this. Bad idea. It is borderline undrinkable. It is, however, better cold than hot, but that's not saying much. Low price, low quality. Even the physically cup itself isn't made as well as the "real" k-cups. It is made to fit in a Keurig brewer. It is not a true k-cup. Note that the title says "for Keurig K-Cup Brewers". It is worded that way for a reason. Avoid like the plague. If you can handle sugar, check out the Green Mountain version. If you can't, well, I've not found a better choice either. In fairness, apparently everything this company makes isn't horrible. My wife loves their Peppermint Hot chocolate. Neither one of us can stand this crap however.
346094346094B004TJF3BEA1769BX1RL1YUVACTH1111331942400Spiced CiderThis is the nastiest tasting drink ever! It even made my tongue tingle after two sips
346095346095B004TJF3BEA3DF4ILKXVTTL1Neon1151328486400YumJust got a Keurig and wanted to try out a non coffee alternative. I've always been a big apple fan and these did not let me down. Some instant ciders can taste very fake but not these. Will buy again.
346096346096B004TJF3BEAC0VNCSLI5GLRD. Carroll1111327363200It has a bad after tasteI didn't care for this because it had a bad after taste there are many other brands of k-cup cider that are far better then this one. You should purchase one of them.
346097346097B004TJF3BEAVN7MSCXVXEMODragonFire10241131326931200Not that badI am not a fan of artificial sweeteners, but this product really isn't that bad. There really isn't an after taste and not as intense as I thought it would have been as some of the reviews have made it out to be. The flavor is not amazing, but not bad either. I was expecting a little more zing. All in all, I paid 9.99 for 24 cups and I am not disappointed. Yes the "natural" and "real" product is better (I have tried both), but if I see this product at that good of a price again, I will definitely buy it. 3 out of 5 stars for value and taste (yes it's still enjoyable).
346098346098B004TJF3BEAK24K0FH4PK86Sacredtouch "Chi"1111324684800Worst K-Cup yet - And I am easy to please!I wanted a nice hot cup of cider. I forced myself to choke down the first cup I tried. I used the medium cup setting. The rest are going into the trash. Back to my hot cocoa and butter toffee coffee. What a waste!
346099346099B004TJF3BEA6AP0265E7UWIterry1151324598400terryThis is great and low calorie. It has a ton of flavor and is satisfying for a very low calorie hot drink other than coffee. I am hooked and wish it was at stores.
346100346100B004TJF3BEACYY7RY8WE68NJo Reynolds1111324166400Grove Square Sugar Free Hot Cider CupsDisgusting! I have never tasted anything more awful. I went along with the other reviews and thought that I would try this product. I have tried other products from this maker and enjoyed everything. However, this apple cider smelled and tasted awful. So if anyone is considering this item, think twice before you buy.
346101346101B004TJF3BEALO70PTKSUCOUClaire Simpson1111323993600Revolting!I was really disappointed in this - it was just horrible. Too sweet and with a really weird aftertaste. I'm used to the taste of artificial sweeteners in hot and cold drinks but this was something else. We have a Keurig at work so I took it to the office but there haven't been many takers. Avoid!
346102346102B004TJF3BEA3EJQLMO9B9QJVLindsay Jazz Litman1111323993600terrible tasteI had such high hopes for this apple cider but it was a huge disappointment...terribly sweet and an awful artificial flavor.
346103346103B004TJF3BEA3JOYNYL458QHPcoleridge1111323907200Doesn't taste like apple cider.Wanted to like it, but doesn't taste like apple cider. About a dozen people use this machine and nobody drinks it. What does that tell you?
346104346104B004TJF3BEA21NAUSIEPQBY2Miz Marley1111323734400OMG ITS SO GROSS!Im so bummed, I was soooo excited about this, I love cider, and I love My kcups, HOWEVER, this tastes NOTHING like apple cider, at all. I even went with caramel for extra sweet, and its horrible, it has THE WORST aftertaste. Most of all, it sucks even more because it cant be returned or exchanged. Seriously... buy it for your worst enemy.
346105346105B004TJF3BEA25J72QGRLKLQGOfficeSupply1131323216000No SUGARI was surprised to discover that this product was sweetened with artificial sweetener. I prefer natural sugar and didn't like it. Everyone else in the office does.
346106346106B004TJF3BEA2ZCI4BTCPPI5SHeather Choi1121323216000Sugar Free isn't Worth the TasteLike others, I have to agree the artificial sweetener in this makes it pretty bad. Real apple cider has sugar, so if you have any idea what it tastes like, this isn't it.

On the bright side, this doesn't require the Keurig brewer. Seems like you can just pour this into nearly boiling water.
346107346107B004TJF3BEAISAJ674CUJJTD. K. Howard1111323129600DISGUSTINGMy entire family of five tried this and we all agree that it is the most disgusting K-cup we have ever tasted.
346108346108B004TJF3BEA2D11X0Z1N5R93Theresa Davis "Belgian to the Bone"1111322352000Such a disappointmentI bought this because a coffee shop in the area has a delicious carmel apple cider, and I mistakenly thought this was going to be as good. It's not. The flavor is not natural.
346109346109B004TJF3BEA3FR27RRHRC79CTamara Benkoski1111321920000Not a good K cupWorse K cup I have ever gotten..tasted horrible..had to stir it and it has a very strange taste. Comes out a very strange color, almost watery and light brown. You can put this k cup over ice or have hot and I tried both ways. Both were terrible.
346110346110B004TJF3BEA2GRJ3CKN4V9YEBraden1111320883200not very goodI was really hoping this would be as good as it sounds, but it was a big disappointment. Neither my children nor myself could drink it.

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