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346141346141B004TJF3BEA379XY4QTK9Y10Jayme C Smith0011349913600Don't buyYou know that saying you should try it before you buy it. Well don't with this product. It that bad. I don't even know how they can market this.
346142346142B004TJF3BEA16W82CC0JOPL6Deb12290021349827200Use fastReally enjoyed 1st few cups but after a few months (still before "best by" date) product solidified and stuck to top of k-cup making it useless.
346143346143B004TJF3BEA2897C8FZJM61AKGB0011349222400Good taste, horrible deliveryI ordered this item for myself and it arrived very quickly. The flavor is good if not a little sweet. I liked it so much that I wanted to order for my sister in law. Placed the order and selected next day delivery to surprise her. Well, that did not happen. I would have at least expected a heads up from the supplier that next day delivery was not going to happen. I am very disappointed!!
346144346144B004TJF3BEA4X03B7924WSQS. Jones "nursey"0041349222400Nice drinkI am not sure why all the negativity about this product. I think it tasts pretty good....even my husband thought it was good; better than the spiced cider and he is pretty picky. a good drink for a cool, fall evening or winter day. We have our own well and only use well water or botten water which has no chlorine in it....I think if you are on city water and using city water it would definitely alter the taste. My daughter and son-in-law, and my colleague also enjoy it. I tried my colleagues and am ordering my own.
346145346145B004TJF3BEA3IHW5MSI34LICFlapps0021349222400Too sweet for my taste!This product works fine in my Keurig coffee maker... I just do not personally care for the flavor. It is VERY sweet - - tastes pretty much like most instant cider mixes. For me, making it weaker improves the taste. Again, the product works fine; my 2-star rating is based mostly on my personal dislike of the flavor.
346146346146B004TJF3BEA2ZXKFB2Q9OQO1apasc0011348876800Take the bad reviews seriously....I am addicted to caramel apple cider - and being only 10 calories and fairly inexpensive, I wanted so much to like this product. I thought even if it wasn't the best cider I'd ever had, it would at least be a good enough substitute for when I was watching my weight and couldn't afford to go to Starbucks. I was so wrong - what a waste of money! First off, it smelled so bad that it made me nauseous. I brought it to class with me, and was worried the whole time that everyone around me could smell it. Then, the taste was unbearable. I took a sip, gagged, tried adding some fat-free whipped cream, sugar-free caramel syrup, and cinnamon - still disgusting, the awful cider taste overpowered anything I put in. Needless to say, I wasted $10, will be throwing out all the k-cups, and will have to look for my cider fix elsewhere. Take the bad reviews seriously - I wish I had!
346147346147B004TJF3BEA21JWIDR3CWA5YCarolyn Nelson0051348704000DeliciousThis cider smells and tastes wonderful. Only 10 calories if you are counting. Perfect on a chilly evening or if you are feeling a little under the weather. It's a treat!
346148346148B004TJF3BEA2RZXV7LHGFQGXRhondaBear47 "irhonda"0051348358400Best SF hot drink EVER!I was a bit leery when I ordered this product but it is fabulous! No aftertaste at all and if you set it on a smaller cup, it is just the right strength--not too weak at all. I do doctor it a bit though. Before I brew, I put about 6 cinnamon red hots in the cup, along with a cinnamon stick. Then when done, I add a light sprinkle of my own mix of cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. Almost as wonderful as my freshly simmered REAL apple cider! The "caramel" part of this drink is what really makes it yummy! Perfect for that cool autumn night, or anytime. Highly recommend this drink! And the price is wonderful too.
346149346149B004TJF3BEA1US0ADAQKIQSZRoslynd Lunaire0021347926400Very Bad TasteThis product is made with aspartamane, but that doesn't bother me. I only drink diet sodas instead of regular ones whenever I have the occassional soda (try to limit it to 1-2 a week) so the taste doesn't bother me, I also use Stevia and Spenda at home so I'm accustomed the the different sugar-free flavors.
I had such high hopes for this drink. I was looking forward to having a cup of hot cider at work. Granted I didn't think it would taste like real cider but I'd been looking forward to a hot apple-y drink.
When my shipment came in I brought it to work and had my first cup. Immediately I could smell it. It smelled really good at first. If you put your nose too close you can smell kinda a sickly-sweet scent. I tried it and nearly spat. It tasted extremely chemically and entirely overwhelming. The "caramel" was caramel only insofar as what a machine can reproduce. It was not caramel as I was expecting, not even slightly.
I tried letting it cool and drinking it cold. It was perhaps a teensy bit more palatable.
I tried watering it down. That helped. The Keurig at work only goes to 12 ounces. So perhaps ones that go to 16 ounces might diffuse the flavor a little more. This is why I gave it a 2 star instead of just 1.

Now these things just sit forgotten in a drawer. Maybe I can figure out something to do with them...
346151346151B004TJF3BEA3BJMVANGVCYJTLyla'smommy0051347840000CarrieThis received bad reviews however i thought it tasted great. You definately could taste the carmel apple. Def a must for the fall drinks. Thumbs up!
346152346152B004TJF3BEAF03A958JD9GOGamerGrl1974 "Missy"0051347235200This tastes and smells wonderfulI am one who watches and has to carbs and sugars and for years been wanting a descent hot cider certain brand i used to get in the envelops didn't taste no where near as good as these do.Another sugar free hot cider brand i tried used to be horrible aftertaste etc. These here are good very delicious treat for the fall and winter seasons and good to have for guests who come over who also can't have sugar and want a nice hot cider for a treat. OFfers a variety to the keurig k cup line up besides the usual teas, coffee cocoa etc Hot cider is a fave of mine so I decided to try the carmael apple first I do plan on coming back to buy more of these and to try the spiced cider variety of these too. Excellent product will recommend to family members and friends.
346153346153B004TJF3BEA3G765MWM5ZKIFlsutton0041347062400good buythis is really good for what it is and fairly cheap too. i liked is so much im buying more!!does not settle like the cocoa
346154346154B004TJF3BEA2CPY9C7UIO65CLindsey0051347062400YUMMYYYYYY!!!!!!!This is one of the BEST ciders I've ever had. It's very smooth and much more caramel-y than I expected. And, it only has 10 calories!! It's delicious! Even my roommate who hates the "artificial sweetener after taste" thinks this is amazing. Great purchase, will definitly buy again!
346155346155B004TJF3BEA3EVIWKIRHKCLTRaymond J. Iadanza "itsmeRay"0051346889600Hot or cold, it's yummy!I'm not a coffee drinker so this was a great idea for the Keurig. Since it's summer I've been making it and pouring it over ice for a refreshing treat.
346156346156B004TJF3BEA38XIK7M64ST69katyjean0011346544000Aspartame? ICKIt would have been nice if aspartame had been listed in the product description.
Instead I am stuck with a box of cider that no one in my house can drink.

Aspartame causes migraines in my family, as well as just not being a healthy alternative.

Funny, now I see that the aspartame is listed in product description. I wish it had been there when I ordered.
346157346157B004TJF3BEA1MNN0ZMHYPJDUDaniel Stephens "HaMsTeR"0041346371200Good Stuff...This is better than the Green Mountain cider... Great for winter, especially with a shot of dark rum to warm it up...
346158346158B0052XJWNGA2QX6LET0NXOKAadrienne0041331769600My dogs favorite!!! But not cheapMy dog absolutely loves these. My only real complaint is that they are pricey for the few minutes, if that, they last for. I only give one to him every few days or one a week. But again, they are his number one pick
346159346159B003VTLR5YA33JTFRM6S378QButterworth1151337040000An Old StandbyI've been using Coffeemate for years, and though I've tried other brands, nothing seems to equal it for quality. I always come back to the "old standby."
346160346160B003VTLR5YAC57A1QMUXK10Pam Smith "Pam"1441293408000A good buy.This is good because it doesn't have sugar or sweetner and I can add my own in the amount I want. There is a lot for the price,
346161346161B003VTLR5YA3BKF9CA4SOGDSPrivate "private31"151132986880011 ounce canisterPlease note these are the smaller 11 ounce canisters. The previous item sold through Subscribe and Save was the 16 ounce canister. Amazon actually filtered my last attempt at reviewing this item, that should tell you all you need to know.
346162346162B002GWHGIOAOLD9UJJ6ENW9D. Iler0051326672000Coffee Bean Direct Decaf Highlander Grogg Flavored, Whole Bean CoffeeGood unique flavor. Does not taste like A Decaf coffee.
Coffee Bean Direct Decaf Highlander Grogg Flavored, Whole Bean Coffee.
346163346163B000Q6PFDKA1R7HNG3RK3NHJJ. Hart "gamer dad"2251221609600Tasty as expected!No problems with these yummy items. With other varieties, you'd get the occasional "bad nut" (especially in this quantity). Not so with this batch. Highly recommend.
346164346164B000Q6PFDKA2B9CP06NYNMTNLuther's biggest fan "Mysistagirl"0011346198400not Ferrara Pan as advertisedThis product was listed as being by Ferrara Pan, but it was not. The brand was Sconza which are not nearly as good or fresh as Ferrara Pan. I sent them back right away.
346165346165B000Q6PFDKA2QOKEOQOQRUN7M. Robin Depolo "robin2u"0051278201600Great serviceThe candy arrived very quickly. I put them in a "bean pot" for Dad and he loved them.
346166346166B003LVTPSIA2GMOL19H7ZMYIalfredandrew2251325808000Good mateExactly what I was looking for. This mate cocido (note: if you're looking for the grass itself you want yerba mate, this one comes in bags like tea) was like what I would find in Argentina.
346167346167B0051COQ2UA27TZ4WBU7N0YFI. So1111336003200Weirdest taste baby foodHere's the ingredients of this product listed on pouch: organic banana, organic apple, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic NATURAL FLAVOR, ascorbic acid. Why should any flavor add into baby food? I tried it and it gave me headache. I would say this baby food has the weirdest taste. Not to mention the packaging is misleading. Does not contain any coconut! Sorry, I will not feed my baby this.
346168346168B0051COQ2UA36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"115133133760011 YEAR OLD ASPIE ADORES THIS ONE. He says tastes like a Pina Colada. Check out our smootoe recipe.This is a great portable smashed fruit mix. Perfect to throw in backpack, keep in vehicle or in In our home 6 months to 53 eat this. We love it. Pocket for quick on the go organic fruit snack. Also great blended with ice. Even though there is no pineapple or coconut it has a taste reminescent of a Pina Colada.

Banana Colada SMOOTHIE for 1
1 Banana (organic prefered)
1 pack Tropical Banana Berry bliss
1 cup ice
(optional)1/2 cup organic milk or substitute

Banana Coladas for 3 to 4 people or for a party
2 large organic bananas
2 packs 1 pack Organic Tropical Banana Berry bliss
1 cup Organic coconut milk (or milk or other milk substitute like soy or rice milk)
2 cups ice
(optional) if you like it a little sweeter add 1/8 cup organic agava syrup to whole blender
346169346169B0051COQ2UA22G64MP2WZHO0Harpseal0051334361600I love this and so does my sonMy 12 month old son LOVES this! I tasted it and also think it's quite tasty! Consistantcy isn't chunky more so just a thick puree.
346170346170B0051COQ2UA3FKPBNI7UWQFWWork of Life0031331769600This is a delicious DESSERT!After reading Feeding Baby Green: The Earth Friendly Program for Healthy, Safe Nutrition During Pregnancy, Childhood, and Beyond I make most of my babies food because it is exceedingly difficult to find nutritionally balanced ready-made baby food. However, I do keep a few ready made pouches on hand as back up.

I have some gripes about modern baby food in general.

1)Most of them are loaded with sweet carbs and are not nutritionally balanced for babies needs, but they do not reveal this easily.
2)They are formulated according to what babies will eat happily and costs little to produce, versus what is actually good for babies.
3)For babies up to one year old, the perfect food is human milk which is 50% fats, 37% carbs and the rest is protein and vitamins/ minerals. After 6 months babies need increasing amounts of protein. None of the organic "baby food" on the market even attempts to provide this proper balance of nutrition in their foods.
4)The predominance of the carb dense baby foods are directly contributing to the obesity epidemic in America. These foods are getting babies hooked into an addictive and damaging insulin cycle that gives the USA the highest rate of childhood diabetes in the world. People think that "organic" equals "healthy" and that is what the marketing from the baby food companies wants you to think. There is organic junk food too and the VAST majority of organic baby food on the market is dessert, not nutritious food.

Having said all of that, this flavor of Baby Gourmet food is the yummiest Banana pudding I have ever had. But make no mistake, it is dessert and I only break this one out if our baby needs a little help getting started on the healthy stuff. I would never give him more than a couple bites of this in one sitting.

Notice that the Nutritional Facts are not revealed on Amazon's description or on the Baby Gourmet website! Well, scrupulous Mommies, here it is! Total Carbs 12g (with 10 grams of sugar). 0 protien and 0 fat. Thats not added sugar, it is sugar from the fruit ingredients (complex carbs) which is better than table sugar (simple carbs). However, this food is recommended for babies 8+ months and they have increased protien requirements, not increased carb requirements. Keep this in mind when choosing what to feed your children and balance out the ratios (fats, carbs, protiens) at every meal for a healthy thriving baby.

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