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346261346261B002FOSI7GA2GJ08XU9UAZC2Brenton Lance Evans0041328140800Product as promised, prompt shipping, good valueOrdered as a gift and pleased with product and service. Way too many Necco Wafers for one person, though. (Insulin not included).
346262346262B002FOSI7GA2OG7QNARO4Q4JRogerB0051327622400Outstanding!!Fast fast shipping, very fresh product. This was a Christmas present for my wife and it did not disappoint! Product arrived ready to be wrapped. I will buy here again!
346263346263B002FOSI7GA2E0LC7RRCL05DMary D. Krege0051327449600NeccoThese were a gift for someone out of town. I suspect they were perfect or I would have heard otherwise.
346264346264B002FOSI7GA2OVX8OJBX2JHEEAB0051326844800um um goodThese are the freshest and best tasting Neco's I have ever tested. They will surprise even the seasoned Neco expert.
346265346265B002FOSI7GA2CSJBRUQKSTREM. Culbertson0051325376000Just as I remember them -I have not eaten Neccos in many years, so I'm glad I missed the years they changed the formula. These taste just the same as I remember them. They arrived quickly and intact. A couple of broken wafers per roll, but I remember buying rolls at the store that had several crushed wafers in them, so these are in better shape than many I've bought at the stores years ago. I will definitely order these again.
346266346266B002FOSI7GAKG02HTYGM88LJennifer Defillippo "~~JennD.'J.M.J.'~*"0041325289600great taste! some broken...I have been a life-long lover of the old-fashioned Neccos...not to crazy about the later, new ones (faded color, no taste).
This order was delivered quickly with no major problems...happily, it was the original Neccos ~ good, easy to sort colors, great flavors (all seven of them) ~ but as I went through each roll, I found that nearly every one had at least a few broken candies.
This sometimes happens with shipping, so no real fault to the manufacturer...but it always makes me wonder how fresh the candy really is? :/
Other than that, it was fine; the taste was the same as always (when one is fortunate enough to find the original candies, like I said).
346267346267B002FOSI7GA3OSUI9SOYYE1SGrandma6670051309392000GETTING HARD TO FINDThese "oldies but goodies" are getting hard to find. Loved surprising family with them.Necco Assorted Wafers (Economy Case Pack) 2.02 Oz Pkg (Pack of 36)
346268346268B002FOSI7GA18U8RH3AR7DBPaul D. Cox "redsports05"0051306627200Wonderful!Arrived early! Was not expecting that! Plus, I dig necco wafers, all the way back to when I was a kid...
346269346269B002FOSI7GA3QH8COZ30V35ESara1241324339200Quality Necco Assorted WafersThe Necco Assorted Wafers arrived quickly and as expected. I chose this particular product because of it's lower price and quantity.

I agree with other reviewers that these should be packaged more carefully. A lot of the wafers were crushed and one of the best things about Neccos is the satisfying crunch! You can't get that when you're left with crushed powder.

Overall I am satisfied and would order again!
346270346270B002FOSI7GA323KFYR5U28LRjournaltk1251322265600Necco Waffers DelightThese are one of my favorite candies but are sometimes hard to find in bulk packaging. If you like these alot like myself this is the place to buy them. I'll be back for more. Thanks.
346271346271B002FOSI7GA2L3PU8RZ791HNDolores1251319587200necco wafersExcellent product and outstanding service from Amazon!
I will consistenly be a Amazon client, they are so efficient and consistent.
I highly recommend their service to everyone.
346272346272B002FOSI7GAU35FPFY71AHIMike1251314489600Great buyGreat buy at the price. Taste the same as you would buy in any store. So far only a couple of broken ones. Of course they still taste the same so now big deal. They do seem to pack them pretty well for shipping so will continue to order Amazon.
346273346273B002FOSI7GAYQ842BW3KD8Ltaylor0121325116800shipped with bad merchandiseThe case of necco wafers I ordered was shipped along with a raspberry candy item that was open and damaged the packaging for the wafers. Very dissappointed. These were a gift.
346274346274B002FOSI7GAQJQ59TESZDJXCarol W. Harding0141323907200NECCO wafersProduct arrived in quick time, but half of the packs had lots of cracked wafers. Not sure how much better they could be packed.
346275346275B002FOSI7GA17HMM1M7T9PJ1Timothy B. Riley0141320019200A great candy with a long historyI love Necco Wafers. Like many my age (mid-50's) I have fond memories of them from childhood and unlike many other candies they have not made the package any smaller. They changed the formula in 2009, going to an all natural recipe and reduced the flavors from 8 to 7. This went over as well as New Coke and the McDLT did. They went back to the original product that dates all the way back to 1847 (Union Soldiers called them "Hub Wafers" and carried them during the Civil War) just this summer.

When I received my box of 36 rolls I was surprised at how heavy it was. It probably should have been shipped in a larger box with some packing material around it as some of the rolls on the end had broken wafers inside of them. Other than that, I love them. I don't eat candy very often and when I do I like my snack to be simple and you can't get much more simple (and tasty) than this nostalgic confection. I will be ordering more.
346276346276B002FOSI7GA8LVI41BC3DWJJ. Menard "Book Lover"0151318464000So GoodMy husband and I grew up with Necco Wafers. We had not had them in years and then I searched on Amazon and I ordered them and we are so happy I did.
346277346277B000CQT6NEA3OB61ZJLYT051Sys1151315612800The best way to get molasses ever!I highly recommened this product. I bake gluten free and many recipes call for molasses in the recipe. These natural molasses crystals are wonderful to use and give just the right flavor to the recipes. I bought the small size which lasted a year (and I do a LOT of baking). This time I am sharing my portion of the Economy size with my daughter.
346278346278B004082X94A3AH40REW44L5COleksandr Stoyko0011347667200Found a hair in the cookie, brrrr...I bought 2 boxes of the cookies Chips Ahoy Oatmeal Chewy Nabisco brand 9/13/12 in local grocery store. Today, 9/15/12 I was eating the cookie & pooled a hair from my mouth. I almost through it out.
I researched the hair, it looks like African, black & curly. I will never buy it again.
346279346279B001E5E0LAAK2FSJJ7GAN8BNancy C. De Young "darthmader"101051161216000easy flavorful cooking!This is a lovely flavorful oil..has the fresh Meyer Lemon scent...great drizzled on fish, crusty breads, asparagus...salads..over hot pasta with chopped basil, parsley, and freshly ground sea salt and pepper is fantastic! Used it making pannini sandwiches...WOW! I am ordering more for holiday gifts. Large plastic bottles arrive bubble wrapped so not a lot of trying the basil flavored next....ENJOY!!!!!!
346280346280B001E5E0LAA3KT85K6QPMGSVtrp "serencymru"9951164758400Best olive oil ever !! Steady use since October 2006 !!I bought this olive oil for the first time on October 24th and have used it as often as possible on salads, pasta and in cooking -- so often, in fact, that I am down to my last bottle and will order more. Well, now it is February of 2008 and it is time to order another case -- we've never tired of it. Amazon has even gotten better in packaging it. Once each bottled came bubble wrapped in its own box within the larger shipping box. Definitely worth the price.
346281346281B001E5E0LAA2L9LCKDNKFTZRTrishR "Italian cook"5551175472000Auguri Meyer Lemon Olive OilThis is a great product, I generally only cook with olive oil. This has a great flavor and adds a little variety to cooking. I have used it on vegetables, fish and shrimp. The lemon flavor is not overpowering. Looking forward to using it with other foods.
346282346282B001E5E0LAA1GAOHTYVD1SJTJimmy B. "Musical Theatre Nut"5551163030400lemon oil!I'm a lover of meyer lemons so when I heard that there was an oil infused with it, I had to have it -- and I was right -- this stuff is great on salads as well as for cooking...
346283346283B001E5E0LAAJG2WB3VXXSOXScott Nak "home chef"4451175731200lemon olive oiltried this oil on several types of vegtables as well as shrimp and salmon it was excellent
346284346284B001E5E0LAA1VRPIORPQ3YFFUrth3341265155200Very Light Lemon FlavorBased on price comparisons of similar products, we felt that this product was a good purchase. Delivery was prompt and correct. The lemon flavor is very light and if it had been somewhat stronger, this product purchase would have rated a 5 star review.
346285346285B001E5E0LAA1DRIJSH79EFO0Amazon shopper "Jeanne"3351215734400Best Lemon olive oilMy daughter told me about this oil because she loves it. At first I was hesitant because I thought it would take me forever to use up the three (3) bottles. I purchased it and was pleasantly surprised to see my supply going fast. I not only use it for cooking and on salads, but on vegetables in place of butter. It is delicious and good for you. I won't use anything else now.
346286346286B001E5E0LAAUCMNX8ABQ9FMMr. T "tep"3351189814400Auguri Lemon OilAn excellent choice for flavoring pasta salad, tabbouleh, and regular salads. Also great for marinating and even frying.
346287346287B001E5E0LAABWB1KVI4CC5HPatricia OShea "Patcane"3351186272000ExcellentThis made cooking meat and veggies soooo much easier and added such great flavoring. I love lemon on chicken beef and veggies - cooking outside was a bit more difficult but add this to any meat or veggies and cook and it was delicious!

Great idea and keep making it
346288346288B001E5E0LAA2TOMTKPRKWXDQM. Watkins3351185494400Meyer Lemon Flavored EVOOVery happy with this purchase. You get three 32 oz bottles and you can't beat the price. I've seen other Meyer Lemon Olive Oil products but for twice the price. Great tasting and very versatile oil...Love it, I'm now thinking about the orange flavored one!
346289346289B001E5E0LAA35AC9WONGGKEOThomas M. Moriarty4531178928000A decent productThis is a decent but somewhat "un-subtle" lemon oil. I use it mainly to drizzle on vegetables or in marinades. A vastly superior oil is Kitchen Line's Meyer Lemon oil but that product is 10 times the price of the Auguri oil.
346290346290B001E5E0LAAMXCTJ9K0WPBXAnnabella1111323216000Poor qualityThis is the second time I have ordered this product. The first time I thought it was very good. This time,however, it tastes as though it has been watered down. The consistency is thinner and the taste is weaker. I will not purchase this again.

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