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346381346381B000LKXGKUA2O37XMUB5NI7HM. Seiden141451181347200Wouldn't know it was gluten freeI made this with 1/3 c apple sauce, 1/3 cup melted butter, apple juice (instead of water) and shredded carrots, raisins and pecans. Top it with cream cheese frosting and it's better than normal carrot cake!
346382346382B000LKXGKUA2A8E70X0VXJT0Kelly Howard8851261958400Incredible applesauce/spice cake!I made the applesauce cake as described on the package (though I did not add the shredded apple) with cream cheese frosting, & had to go out & buy another package within 2 days to make another; I'm the only gluten-intolerant person in the house, but everybody went nuts over this cake. It's so good I actually prefer it without the icing, which is just about a first for me.

I did add an additional 1/2 t or so of cinnamon, but otherwise the applesauce cake mix was perfect; the finished prodect had moist, dense texture (but not that lead brick denseness of many GF cakes), no trace of sandy texture (like many GF baked goods). It rises beautifully, & is just all-round unbeatable. I won a prize in a baking contest with a homemade applesauce/spice cake once, & that scratch cake (made with wheat flour) wasn't any better than this.
346383346383B000LKXGKUA2122D5YIKRLFYSunshine Gal6651253318400Versatile Namaste Spice cake mixAbsolutely love this cake mix as we have family members with allergies one to milk protein, and the other to wheat, corn, soy, peanuts and sesame and they can both eat this cake! Just wanted to mention that you can follow the mix or experiment with it too! We made a version of this cake with carrots and raisins and used a shredded coconut based icing on the cake and it was wonderful. You can also make this cake and poke fork holes throughout the top of the cake. Then while the cake is still warm pour a mixture of 1 can coconut milk mixed with 2 cups sugar evenly over the top of the cake. Then let your cake sit overnight and it will crystallize and you have a very rich dessert. Another thing we have tried was baking the cake mix until almost done and then mixing the cake up with a jar of cherry jam ,that had whole cherries in it, and a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil to make a rich cherry cobbler. We took the cobbler to a church covered dish and it was a hit!
346384346384B000LKXGKUA1UW4F1HL7PSWBCathySo4451252454400Best Cake I've Had in a While!Namaste Foods, Gluten Free Spice Cake Mix is awesome! I used Ener-G egg replacer so I pushed it needing 3 eggs but it worked out pretty well. The cake was moist and delicious. I added walnuts and raisins because I thought it would need more flavor but it would have been great without them. All I can say is my gluten free/dairy free/egg free self absolutely enjoyed this cake!!!!
346385346385B000LKXGKUA3HOT2C3845QJMjuliewray "juliewray"3351242086400Yum-yum!I use applesauce, too, instead of the oil, and I always add grated carrot and zucchini. I think adding so many veggies helps assuage my guilt for eating half the pan in one sitting - hehe. It is extremely sugary, though, no matter what you add, so beware! I almost took off one star for this reason, but in the end it is super-delicious.
346386346386B000LKXGKUALBQPLZVLFWYVKendra L. Martinez "Kendramama"3351226620800Amazing!!!Namaste Foods Spice Carrot Cake, 26-Ounce (Pack of 6)
Although their Spice Cake is my fave, never have I tasted such delicious, moist, versatile cakes and brownies as what Namaste Foods offers. After several years of purchasing gluten and other allergen-free baking mixes, my search ended with the discovery of this company's products. Now I will buy nothing but!
Our entire family adores everything from the pasta meals, the cakes, the waffle and pancake mix, the pizza crust... the list goes on and on.
Their website, [...], is also wonderful- they have sections with free recipes (and even sell an awesome cookbook!), discounts, free catalogs, and a 1-800 # -the lady who runs it is super nice. She even sent me a free mix when I was having trouble with experimenting with egg substitute. I can't say enough good things about this company. If you're in the market, BUY NAMASTE!
346387346387B000LKXGKUA3JOXE3GEU60HRSkitzoScrap2251228694400Fantastic!I love reading other variations on this Namaste Spice Cake mix...I swapped out carrots for the apples and it was also yummy. Since my husband has been diagnosed with Celiac, I've been baking a lot from scratch. This mix is quick and consistently moist and delicious.
346388346388B000LKXGKUA2T6XQ17BQRGJEV. Soucy-Beck2251226880000This product is the ultimateI have Celiac disease and multiple allergies. I purchased this product expecting a dry tasteless cake similiar to other gluten-free mixes I have previously used. I made carrot cake, and it was the most delicious gluten-free cake I have ever tasted. My gluten eating husband ate more than his share of this cake, it was that good. I will try using zucchini with this mix for a different flavor. The spices used in this mix are perfect for a wonderful gourmet taste.
346389346389B000LKXGKUA51G67HUDKNV1Kelly "Mom to 3"1151278028800Excellent mixHad the pizza crust and it was so good, decided to try the spice cake mix. Have only done once so far and added shredded carrots, currants and walnuts (per the suggestion on the side of the pkg). Made as muffins and, while they were wonderful fresh out of the oven, they were a bit wet after cooling and as leftovers. Still really great and will definitely use again. Used applesauce instead of egg (as can't use) and they tasted better than from scratch!
346390346390B000LKXGKUA140Q6LDSP6HU9Elinor F. Skeate1151276560000Love this Spice cake mix!My favorite thing to do is make muffins for my family with this great mix. I add raisins, nuts, even canned pineapple, or sour cherries to the batter, which I make into cupcakes. This is great for us celiacs, if you can keep them away from other members of the family!

Elinor in Kennewick
346391346391B000LKXGKUA2CVUD1KWW2TUTLv2Read1151272067200Delicious!A taste sensation, whether you make it by the package directions or spruce it up as other reviewers have done. One of the best pre-packaged gluten free products on the market.
346392346392B000LKXGKUA25JROTU0YWU4OGwen1151251849600Oh my gosh good!I added shredded carrots, walnuts and some extra cinnamon (I like cinnamon!) to the mix and it made such a wonderful carrot cake. I also made a homemade cream cheese icing to top it with. This made a wonderful carrot cake that gets even better after it's sat in the fridge for a couple of days (I like my carrot cake chilly). It also makes perfect cupcakes. Nice and moist and there were no leftovers!
346393346393B000LKXGKUA23VD3F8CXON50supernova25rules1151218931200Carrot Cake Heaven!The whole family enjoys this cake made right out of the bag or with the added carrots to make it carrot cake. It works well with a cream cheese frosting. The texture and taste is superior to similar cakes made with wheat pastry flour. Highly recommended.
346394346394B000LKXGKUA3H86A0TAQY6F6Desert Sunshine1151212969600Excellent!I absolutely love this product and would HIGHLY recommend it! I have a child with a variety of food intolerances and Namaste products have been a Godsend. This product in particular enables me to make my child carrot cake muffins, which has been a favorite food of his long before we knew about the food intolerances. The other thing I love about this product (along with most other Namaste products) is that it's so easy to make!
346395346395B000LKXGKUA4ZS9FM1CV7VSAmommy0051349827200Yummy in my tummy!This cake is amazing. You would never know this was practically allergy free. My daughter is allergic to eggs. So instead of 1 egg and 2 egg whites I used 3 tablespoons milled flaxseed and mixed that with 9 tablespoons warm water. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and that replaces the egg. It is a little healthier too. So yummy. My 4 year old who is allergic to corn, wheat, milk, eggs, soy, peanuts and fish was able to enjoy this with no problems at all! AMAZING!!!
346396346396B000LKXGKUA3V4CHNM36N7QWBeth Hanson-Love0051346889600Family's new favorite!This cake mix has become the favorite for family birthday celebrations for everyone not just my son, whose food allergies first lead us to try it. Now his cousins ask for it, too! And it's so versatile - we add grated carrots and raisins for a really moist, chewy cake or muffins :) When we sprinkle it with a bit of raw sugar and nutmeg before baking there's no need for any frosting, either. Such a great mix!
346397346397B000LKXGKUAFC3MS7802SLPMin "minlet"0051344556800yummy, great texture, 6-year-old approvedWe got a bag of this for free when my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease. I made muffins using the recipe on the bag for applesauce cake, but subbed grated carrot for the grated apple, and added nuts. One bag of mix made 22 small muffins, if I remember correctly. They have a nice dense crumb -- sturdy but soft. (My daughter specifically said she liked that they didn't crumble apart.) And they hold up well to freezing and reheating.

I thought the flavor would be too spicy for the kids, but the muffins got snarfed up in less than a week. It's the first GF product that my kids have eaten just as enthusiastically as if it actually contained gluten (and they didn't even complain that I didn't add chocolate chips). Even though we have two huge bags of another GF baking mix in the cupboard, I'm ordering more of this.
346398346398B000LKXGKUAM4DVX6EIWD61Renee "RShaef"0051331769600No one will ever know it is gluten-free!!Seriously, I get requests for this cake ALL the time! It would be unbelievable for a regular, gluten filled cake, let alone for a gluten and dairy free mix. It is moist and smells AMAZING. Perfect for a fall dessert. Although, we make it year round. Their chocolate cake is crazy good, too.
346399346399B000LKXGKUA3D108N659JHJRPlaysInTheDirt0051328400000Decadently delicious, killer carrot cakeI almost always make the carrot cake version, adding a cup of shredded carrots and about half a cup of chopped pecans and raisins, and my guests -- who do not need to follow a gluten-free diet -- tell me it is the best carrot cake they've ever had. My (non-celiac) husband agrees. I used to find it locally, but ordered the six-pack from after it was dropped from my store. It has since been added back, though I still buy it here because, one, the local store is often sold out, and, two, I make it so often that it is worth buying six packages at once and at a lower price. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
346400346400B000LKXGKUASOVH51O4EUHCM. Sweetland "Skunkity"0051326326400Excellent!Great light and springy texture that usually you don't have with gluten/dairy free stuff. We added a half a can of pumpkin into the mix for some great pumpkin spice cupcakes : )
346401346401B000LKXGKUA132ETQPMHQ585Donna's Reviews "I Love Shopping on Amazon!"0051324252800Good product!Great products....have been happy with all of them......Namaste Foods, Gluten Free Spice Cake Mix, 26-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)....I would recommend to every one!~
346402346402B000LKXGKUAEL4NXO3UJD6HSouthern Babe "Donna Rochelle"0051323561600Wonderful Product Ordered at AmazonI have experimented with lots of Gluten Free mixes. This one is easy to use. I add lots of extras like Candied Ginger and Allspice and dried fruit--It always comes out delicious. Love it. If you can get it on one of the specials--Good Deal!
346403346403B000LKXGKUA3TMM5CE6UPISALaura Sandstedt0051321833600Out of this world!!I tasted this spice cake at a GF tasting. I bought a bag and wondered if I could replicate the light, moist deliciousness! Oh my word, this is so so simple and beyond delicious. My son ate 1/4 of the cake before it was cool enough to ice. Take this to any gluten filled or gluten free pot luck and you'll be the hit of the party!! It's much cheaper on Amazon than in the store. :-)
346404346404B000LKXGKUA2OWR5G2OAQF7CSincerely Yours0041319932800Delicious, but wished it was a little more light on the brown sugar.My first try of the Namaste brand and we added three teaspoon of ginger to make the ginger bread! I think we could add more ground ginger as it was not that strong in the finished product. It was delicious when it came straight out the oven,, fluffy light and sweet. A litltle too sweet for me, I hope they could provide a spice cake with no sugar so that I can add my own! Was not disappointed and will try the other mixes!
346405346405B000LKXGKUA2NV6EVUDPV0OPMary Jfitzpatrick "CrazyMary"0051319500800Carrot cake anyone?This mix can make spice cake, carrot cake, walnut cake, or gingerbread. Good texture. As a spice cake or gingerbread, freezes well. All of the Namaste mixes are exceptionally good.
346406346406B000LKXGKUA12ENBT314RFXRP. Gray "The Gluten Free Assistant"005131544000030+ five star reviews cannot lie!I've made this cake mix a few times now and it is delicious, moist, sweet, and decadent! I sub flax for the eggs and use soy milk and always get an excellent texture. Even those who are not gluten free are delighted when this cake is made - who does not like cake - spice cake, at that! This cake is delicious by itself or served with ice cream, topped with fruit or frosting. Namaste brand has always created excellent products worth the extra dollar or two!
346407346407B000LKXGKUA1QR76SYGTXJN5Adam "ashaef"0051309824000My favorite dessertThis mix has been my birthday/special occasion dessert choice for the past 2 years. Just the smell of it baking makes my mouth water . . . and apparently just writing this review does too :-)

It's definitely the best dessert I've had since going gluten-free 5 years ago. And on the few occasions I nibble on a non-gluten-free dessert, it never matches up. I love that I can eat an amazing dessert that won't leave me feeling awful for the rest of the night.

To those who need to eat gluten-free, and even to those who don't, I can't recommend this cake mix highly enough.
346408346408B000LKXGKUA20RDOE9NXEPBEDavid Whalen "Trisha"0051299110400Namaste gluten free spice cake mixThis has become a staple for using as a base for many gluten free recipes. I use it to make muffins for breakfast by adding raisins, as a base for making pumpkin bread at Christmas time and just as a cake or cupcakes to put in the freezer for times when others are having a dessert and my husband (who has celiac disease) can also share in the experience by eating this dessert. I get a case of these mixes at a time from and that is less expensive than buying it locally.
346409346409B000LKXGKUA1SVIS96ILZVLZLinda Smith0051296691200Love this cake mix!This is my all time favorite cake mix. We like it plain or using one of the many variations. I am at a higher altitude, but I just use the standard mixing instructions and bake in a 9x13" glass pan or cupcakes. This is what we had the cake decorator use to make my grand daughter's wedding cake. Try it with a penuche frosting, that is my 3yr old grandsons favorite. (mine too)
346410346410B000LKXGKUA17XZV5KEINLI4Mike0041296000000This spice cake keeps us gluten free!Trust me, going gluten free has been hard on my girlfriend and I. Ordering food at restaurants, airports and even the local grocery store can all be a trial.

Every once in a while you crave something that tastes like how you used to eat...

This spice cake is one of those products! It's very good, and actually encourages us not to "cheat." Now we can both have the same dessert without her having to making something special for her diet!

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