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346441346441B001CHH3QYA18RCK7EU24EHIX_HOBBES0051294272000Best K-Cup Coffee I've Ever TriedThe other day, I put a cup of this coffee to brew and walked out of the room for a minute while it brewed. When I stepped back into the room, it had that WONDERFUL coffee house aroma; you know, the kind that makes you want to get out a great book and sit with a cup of coffee.

I've tried quite a few of the Keurig coffee blends. This is by far the BEST coffee I've had on Keurig so far! While it does have Hazelnut flavor, it's not overbearing -- it's a subtle hazelnut flavor. This makes a PERFECT breakfast blend cup of coffee. It has a smooth flavor. It is NOT bold. If you like bold strong coffee, this might seem weak. However, if you like a smooth cup of coffee, this is wonderful!

346442346442B001CHH3QYAJS7THAS9CZ59Mark0041284768000Decent flavored coffeeThis hazelnut was very rich and tasted very good. I'm not a big fan of flavored coffees, although sometimes they're a nice change-of-pace.
346443346443B001CHH3QYA1L862YXFOMT9TRedrock Shopper0041283731200Very nice flavored coffeeI've always liked hazelnut-flavored coffees. This is a very nice one. Good hardy flavor, but smooth and with no objectionable aftertaste. If you like hazelnut coffees, give it a try!
346444346444B001CHH3QYA2XGLRTDC4ZBISAnne M. Pearson0031271894400maybe it's me...As I've gotten older my tastebuds aren't as sharp as they used to be, but I find this coffee only vaguely hazelnut-y.
346445346445B001CHH3QYAGF4RV29KFXF5D. Chin "Facilities"0041269302400Hazelnut K-cupHazelnut by Gloria Jean is popular with those who like some flavor.
It is a good smooth tasting coffee.
346446346446B001CHH3QYA3F9VGEF9P4VFLJ. Signorelli0051269302400Keurig K-CupThis is the perfect coffee for our everyday use. My wife uses the cup a second time before we discard it.
The price we paid along with free shipping made it the best deal going.
346447346447B001CHH3QYA58DF8Y9D4O1YS. Clark0051269302400Smooth and Flavorful!What a delicious wake-up treat! The hazelnut flavor is just right and the coffee is a delightfully smooth blend. Just right for late afternoons, too.
346448346448B001CHH3QYA30D6VK6IRUZDELisa "mountaineer"0051269302400Very goodIf you like hazelnut coffee (and it's my favorite), this is very good. It's best on the next to last setting.
346449346449B001CHH3QYA17HMM1M7T9PJ1Timothy B. Riley0041267142400Seems to be the most popular flavored coffee for my family and guestsI have given over 10 Keurig coffee makers as gifts (I have 6 children and a lot of friends) and I always send variety packs of K-cups with the brewer (beside the one that comes with it). Of all of the flavored coffees the Hazelnut blends are overwhelming the favorite. After some trail and error we settled on Gloria Jean's as having the best flavor and richness. I would suggest making an 8 oz. cup or smaller, especially if you are adding cream to it.

I now purchase this in Amazon's Frustration-Free packaging. Their is 50 per package and I just rip the top off and stick and whole thing in my cabinet. K-Cups produce enough trash as it is so it nice to have fewer boxes when ordering them from Amazon.

Gloria Jean's Hazelnut K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]
346450346450B001CHH3QYA1Q4MNIUESQTBMJohn Schultz0041264464000A nice light coffeeThis is a nice light bodied coffee that has little after taste. When we are in the mood for a stronger hazelnut we use green mountain bold hazelnut. This gloria's is a nice every day kind of coffee.
346451346451B001CHH3QYA1ITRGMT80D5TKThisThatNEverything "thisthatneverything"0041261526400I enjoyed it...I'm not big on drinking straight coffee (I like specialty coffee drinks like frappes & mochas) but I actually really enjoyed this one. The smell of this Hazelnut coffee is wonderful & it tastes great. I would recommend this coffee.
346452346452B001CHH3QYACNYQA548I96YSTM0031257811200Light Hazelnut flavorI thought I would try this flavor for a change. I usually like coffee with a sweeter taste. ie, Butter toffee, this flavor is light with a hint of hazlenut. Not really my flavor,but good none the less.
346453346453B001CHH3QYA2I60HCAVEF3RCTiger0051257120000Great Aroma & Taste, One of My Favorite K-CupsIf you like other flavored k-cup coffees, you will probably like this one. This is one of my favorite k-cups. I think it is a perfect balance of a lightly flavored coffee and superb aroma. It has a very pleasant hazlenut aroma when it brews (stronger than some other flavors) and tastes like a great coffee with a light hazelnut taste. This seems more like a medium roast than a light roast if you compare to other flavored coffees and I feel like it has a very nice coffee taste above all else. I like medium coffees, so I think this one is great. It isn't like drinking a shot of hazlenut flavoring or like drinking a strong starbucks coffee. It is just a harmonious light flavor to a good medium coffee.

Like other flavored coffees, you should only brew this on the normal default coffee cup size (6oz) on the Keurig brewer or you will water it down if you use the mug size or larger.
346454346454B001CHH3QYA2M4Z51H3N5PV0K. E. Willard0051255910400Love Hazelnut coffeeI've been getting the Gloria Jean's Hazelnut Coffee for my Keurig for some time now. The taste is just what I want in the morning -- smooth, with enough of the nut flavor to know it's there but not too much. Gloria Jean's Coffees, K-Cup, Hazelnut Coffee for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count Boxes (Pack of 2)
346455346455B001CHH3QYA3UZ79HCWZGC5RLARUIZ0051254096000Excellent Choice!In the beginning I was skeptical in ordering this product since I did not sample this flavor prior to the purchse. However, once I received my first order I decided to sign up for the monthly subscription which it too is an exquisite selection since it is at a discounted rate.
346456346456B001CHH3QYA2TCQA8T5BGMZMSantos C. Magana0051252540800Great coffeeI ordered this coffee having tried it before. Still has great flavor and is a great value. Everyone should try it with hazelnut creamer.
346457346457B001CHH3QYA3F0P4Q4BAPAS7Richard S. Riedel "justaguy47"0041245888000Keurig Kcup system rocksThe Keurig is the cleanest coffee solution I have ever used. The coffee quality is very good. No complaints with this vendor. They always deliver quickly.
346458346458B001CHH3QYA37QV772UZL8HBClaudia E. Besaw0031245628800ConcernedI have a standing order for Gloria Jeans K Cup Hazelnut. On the last shipment,I noticed the K Cups didn't look like I thought they should have. The lettering was outlined in white, and there was nothing that said "Hazelnut" like there used to be. I did go to Gloria Jeans offical page, and I could not find K Cups that looked like that. Makes me wonder if what I got were counterfit versions. Also makes me think I'll cancel my next order.
346459346459B001CHH3QYA8D3E28TYM422blondie "Linda"0051243900800very flavorful and smoothGloria Jean's Hazelnut K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50). What a greaaaat buy this is. I've been all over cyber stores and this seems to be the best "bang-for-my-buck"!!!!!

Thanks for offering it here at Amazon:)
346460346460B001CHH3QYAU8H7RO6K39OKJamie Hall0031243728000O.K. CoffeeThis coffee has a nice hazelnut flavor, but it is too weak in my opinion. It's great if you use the 6 oz. cup, but if you use Timothy's Hazelnut you can use the 10 oz. size.
346461346461B001CHH3QYA3J7RP8QU1808WMary Anne Goodwin0051242864000Gloria Jean's K-cup CoffeesGloria Jean's K-Cup Single-Serving Coffee 108-ct.- Hazelnut
We have been using this coffe and our Keurig Brewer for over a yr. and have enjoyed both very much. Living out in the country as we do, and this being a fairly new product, it was some times hard to get the coffee.
We had to drive over an hour, 2 counties away to get it. Then we found it in a store in the next county, better, but still a problem. Now with this service, we can have it shipped right to our home, on a schedule that suits our needs. Thank you to the bright person that thought of this.
346462346462B001CHH3QYABVHIBSM97IUXcgirl0021242864000Cannot really taste the hazelnut flavor.I am disappointed in that I cannot really taste the hazelnut flavor. The coffee is also light.
346463346463B001CHH3QYA3P3N0XZT0401PPhil Derksen0051242777600Favorite coffee for our new KeurigThis is definitely the best flavor of coffee that my wife and I have tried so far on our new Keurig. Not too bold, not too weak. The decaf version is great too for those late night drinks. We're both a big fan of hazelnut coffee to begin with so this was perfect. You can't beat the subscribe & save price either.
346464346464B001CHH3QYA292ILHW7RRBM4P. Renton0051241740800Tom's reviewGloria Jean's Hazelnut Coffee is the only coffee
my husband will buy for his Keurig Brewer.
Thank you
346465346465B001CHH3QYACX4THN5ILWRRJ. Bentley0041240876800great flavorthis is a great all around coffee it has nice hazelnut flavor and is not a real strong coffee so its good any time of day this will always be something we have around I would suggest that if you have the different cup size try the middle size it might get to weak for you on the large setting
346466346466B001CHH3QYA3RETBF7ST5LJKCATHERINE E. JORDAN0051239062400Great Tasting Hazelnut CoffeeGloria Jean's flavored coffee's - especially the Hazelnut - are really good BUT you need to brew on the 7-8oz size. All of the K-Cups vary as to what size brew is best for them. It is not strong coffee, but brewed at the right size, it tastes really good and certainly does not taste weak. Everyone I have served it to has enjoyed it. It is not labeled as bold so I don't think it is reasonable to give this coffee a poor review from people who only like strong coffee. This is a flavored "goodie." Beats most of the flavored coffee's I've tried to date.
346467346467B001CHH3QYA6Y6UQ7Z98Q5FMarilyn Smith "popcorn lover"0051237075200Great coffee!Coffee has a really nice aroma, great flavor, and makes a very satisfying cup of hazelnut coffee. Not too strong or too weak, even with a full 8 oz of water added. Actually, it's the only flavor I've tried so far for the Gloria Jean's coffees, but it's one of my favorites. (Can't wait to try the butter toffee flavor!) I just ordered the variety pack.
346468346468B001CHH3QYA2DFVL02AF1R39M. Rees0051236556800Much better then Green Mountain Extra Bold HazlenutCan't say enough about this coffee. After slinging the glorified mud that GM passes off as Hazelnut Coffee (got the xtra bold variety b/c GM generally can't make a 7oz cup w/ a regular K-cup - everything tastes like dishwater). Gloria Jeans actually makes a very tastey 7 oz cup of coffee, and the Hazelnut is no exception. I'll not be sending my money up to Vermont anymore - Amazon and Gloria Jeans all the way !
346469346469B001CHH3QYA1D7UY06MLBOWVA. Gomez "Mishka"0051235088000wonderful coffeeI had bought another brand of hazelnut coffee but couldn't find it again. I decided to try Gloria's and it's just as good and rich as the other brand. I'm glad I tried Gloria's.
346470346470B001CHH3QYAG5UQTCK9LIPNDBZ0031235001600Gloria Jean's HazelnutGood coffee but price is getting to a point where I might have to go back to drip coffee

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