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346471346471B001CHH3QYAZXZUKJ8KZSM0Gracie Allen Poe0051229644800Great, consistently smooth flavorThis coffee is not a strong-flavored coffee, but provides the perfect blend of Hazelnut with coffee.
346472346472B001CHH3QYA2PCZF4MLVPCUXB. Tainter0051227657600Great CoffeeI purchased a box of Gloria Jean's Hazelnut Coffee by accident at a Bed and Bath store. It sat in the cabinet for months till one day I ran out of regular coffee. I have to say I never liked hazelnut coffee till I tried Gloria Jean's that day. That day was five years ago and Gloria Jean's Hazelnut is #1 in my household. No other hazelnut coffee comes close. It even has a great hazelnut aroma when brewed.
Bruce Tainter, Quincy, MA.
346473346473B001CHH3QYA308RZF2G1CC64Siamen F. Ma "Honest reviewer"0051226793600I like it!For those who like Hazelnut aroma, I would recommend this product. It smells good even when it is brewing, and yet still have smooth coffee taste.
346474346474B001CHH3QYA1IWWANR346YPJA. G. Colston "tone the man"0051226793600great hazlenut coffeeI really like the hazelnut coffee. If you are looking for strong coffee this is not it. There is a bolder version and that might be more suited to you. But this is really good coffee. It is what I drink on a day to day basis. Very good stuff.
346475346475B001CHH3QYA3TB1HH3H54D97Lori Dever0031225152000Hazelnut Coffee - K-CupsGloria Jean's Coffees, K-Cup, Flavored Coffee Variety for Keurig Brewers, 25-Count Boxes (Pack of 2) The coffee is loved by all, but the recent delivery sometimes allows coffee grounds to leak into coffee - not good!
346476346476B001CHH3QYA13WWQY2WCNJ5XTodd Norris "Fortune 500 Exec"1211268956800They've Changed This ProductI've been buying this item for a while here on Amazon and everything was fine till my last order. When I got it in I noticed the cups looked different but the title and brand were still the same, then I made a cup. It was AWFUL! It tasted like dirt. I complained to Gloria Jean's via their website and was told that nothing had changed and it was basically my problem- not theirs. This stinks because I really liked this coffee and the convenience of buying it through Amazon. Now I'm searching for another hazelnut coffee to use in my Keurig.
346477346477B001CHH3QYA1ANQJB2JCP6JVwebshopper1231245974400Hazelnut?Not only a little weak for me, but the Amazon description does not mention that it is a light hazelnut flavor. Bottom line: Weak coffee with no flavor.
346478346478B001CHH3QYA1B2T7PLJ3IVQPAnna D. Wright1211245110400No Taste, No FlavorKeurig K-Cup Gloria Jeans Hazelnut Coffee.
This coffee is very weak, the hazelnut flavor is absent and does not even smell like hazelnut... do not buy.
346480346480B001CHH3QYA3QZZ2NRCC41D6D. Sandvick0151244937600producte reviewCoffee People K-Cup Extra Bold Donut Shop Coffee for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count Boxes (Pack of 2)
346481346481B001CHH3QYA3U4Y6TFLSXRPKG. Kislin "For Hillary '08"0121240012800Got wrong coffee!!!I ordered Gloria Jean's Hazelnut Coffee and was sent regular Gloria Jean's coffee. It was quite a disappointment!!! I sure hope it doesn't happen again, if I decide to take the chance.
346482346482B003WO740AA3L2YWVLACIXTEChristopher Meyer1131337817600No way to know expiration dateThe reason I decided to buy small cans was for making cocktails, since I was tired of wasting grapefruit juice when I bought cartons and didn't use it all. But when these arrived, the expiration was less than a month away! Even drinking a can a day, they will start to go bad before I finish drinking them. I was hoping for a least a few months. Heck, I can go to the store and get "fresh" grapefruit juice that isn't in cans with a better expiration date.

Even if I planned on drinking a lot of grapefruit right away, buying these cans is still a waste since it is cheaper to buy it in bulk in larger containers.
346483346483B003WO740AA6QZ0ZY45IQL7Mary0051330300800Great!I had this delivered to my office address and kept it under my desk - so I don't need to lug around a juice bottle from home to work. Great for a quick drink instead of those diet sodas. If you are watching your sugar, the size is great. However, it barely quenches your thirst as you can finish it in about 5 long straw sips or less. Tastes great nevertheless. I love Amazon grocery delivery! Very convenient for your personal needs, in the office!
346484346484B002LN4LYAARTNXU0TK1AG8Blondie0051336089600Better than expected!I was nervous after reading some of the reviews about the taste of this and/or quality, but after having been consuming this for a couple days, I really do enjoy it! Initially I thought it would be gross, but it really wasn't! It is nice with the fruit in it, and has a kind of "nutty" taste. Great shipping, great quality, amazing nprice, and I def. rec!
346485346485B007C7Y3J8ADLZJVQL3JEF7cc0051342137600It worked for meOrganic Pu-erh Teabags - 18 Tea Bags Generation Tea's Organic Pu-erh worked for me. It helped me to jump start my weight loss. I tested my results against a different brand. And the other brand did nothing for me. (So, I am stuck with 3 of the other brand's boxes!)
346486346486B001P777DUA1Q8QT6GOH6SEXLakegirl1151321228800The Perfect Bloody MaryMy husband and I love this seasoning. I first bought it in Warehouse Deals when it was only $25.99 for 50 - 2 ounce packages. It is more than double that price now but still worth it when compared to the taste of similar products and prices. We just add a couple of packages to two quarts of V-8 (we mix it right in the V-8 bottle)and refrigerate. No more measuring, mixing, tasting and mixing some more until you get it right. We add horseradish to the Chili/Peppers flavor when we want to kick it up a bit although the mix already contains some horseradish. Don't avoid this flavor because you think it might be too hot or taste like "chili." It is smooth, tangy and has just the right amount of bite to make the perfect Bloody Mary. Of course, you can always adjust it up or down but we personally like the recommended ratio of 2 ounces per quart of juice. Add a couple of large olives, large shrimp, lemon, lime or a celery stick and you are in Bloody Mary heaven. This is nothing at all like the mixes you buy at the grocery store such as Zing Zang and Mr. and Mrs. T's. It is a concentrate which you mix into fresh juice. It makes the perfect beverage to accompany our favorite Sunday morning brunch of homemade quiche and tossed salad which we enjoy alfresco on our deck.
346487346487B001P777DUA3GHANRF4H0X9IE. Kunhardt0041287532800Not badI own the original and REALLY like that one, so I decided to give this a try. I don't know if I expected it to be hot, but I wasn't convinced to reorder this one. It has a hint of something I wasn't liking in my bloody mary; maybe it was the peppers? I wouldn't hesitate to reorder the original, though! Great value here, too.
346488346488B0004M1G1GA6GMEO3VRY51Smicrojoe1151121558400Orange delightOrangina is a European drink, made with real orange juice and carbonated water. You can see and taste the pulp in it; it tastes like a spritzer, very refreshing and not overly sweet and artificial like an orange soda. It is really delicious as a cold drink! It used to be that you could only find it a finer foods market or deli, but it is getting easier to find now. Also the price has come down recently since they found an American bottler to manufacture and sell it in the states under license to the French.
346489346489B0004M1G1GA3PAH899SS660OS. Latha "Sri"0121182816000Good drink but watch out!I have a HUGE problem with Orangina. Its a great drink and all the good stuff but it CUT me REAL bad when i tried to open the bottle. Do not assume that i am an amatuer at opening bottles.. I've lived in the same world as u have for the past 24 years but it sucks to have someone disregard the design and safety of a bottle so much so I got cut so bad. I have been really irritated since then, and everyone around me did the usual "sue-em" argument, but it costs $$. Anyway I hate the fact that the company doesnt care for something as basic and simple as this.
346490346490B000FPM5EEA383XURHVF8ON6Mrs. Kilo Delta5551212105600My sheltie totally digs these ringsMy sheltie was starting to snub rawhide bones, even the flavored ones, and I was trying to find a chew she'd like as she can always use something to clean her teeth. I'd seen the Dingo bones before, but the bright red chicken jerky turned me off. Well, now I was willing to try anything. I first gave her a Dingo Dyno Stix, and watched her devour it over the course of a half hour. She meticulously pulled it apart and ate it until she'd gotten every last bit of chicken jerky. Only part of the innermost bit of rawhide remained. Success!

So, she'd had a couple Dyno Stix, so to mix it up I gave her a Dingo Ringo. More success! She loved the ring shape, and it took her about 45 minutes to get all the chicken jerky out, so it was a bit more difficult for her to get the jerky than it was in the Dyno Stix. However, once she'd gotten all the jerky out of the Ringo, more rawhide remained behind that she didn't eat. I tossed it in the trash. Despite more rawhide left behind, my dog still had a great time chewing on the Ringo, and I'll continue to buy them. Also, they're a good single serving size for my sheltie. However, if you have an 80 lb lab, these are probably too small, posing a choking hazard for a dog who likes to "gulp".

For those wondering how big my dog is, she's a 30 lb sheltie, to give you a better idea of how long it might take your dog to eat a Dingo Ringo.
346491346491B000FPM5EEA3QDHO9IKNVOC9bookfan2241248393600nice alternative to a larger boneI give one of these to my golden retriever once or twice a week. It's just the right size for her to enjoy it for an hour or so, but not so big that she overeats (she'll work at any rawhide until it's gone). She prefers the Dingo brand, and I like the higher quality.
346492346492B000FPM5EEA1GR8XLP3C891BAmanda Olson1121295222400MessyI didn't realize these bones had a layer of meat-like product. This layer crumbles and scatters all over the place and is bright red. On the plus side, my puppy loves it. Would not purchase again though, because it's such a mess
346493346493B000FPM5EEA25E711LJ354ACAnnbella1151293321600Love these!!I love the Dingo Ringos! Their round shape works well so that the dogs can hold them with their paws while chewing. The meaty part is imbedding in the middle of the ring, so my dogs have to work at it to get it! I don't want them to ingest a lot of rawhide so it's nice that they can work their teeth and gums and get a goodie without eating the whole thing! The dogs love these and it takes them a while to get to the meat so it keeps them busy for quite a while. My 10 lb mini dachshund is a very aggressive chewer and these hold up well. My 13 lb mini dachshund has a very soft mouth, but still enjoys these. Wonderful for the smaller dog!
346494346494B000FPM5EEA3OLAZKM77XR6PTennis Ace11512312000009 Week Old Lab loves itOur pup lab loves these. He often gets bored of his other chew toys but this one he actually spends 20 minutes chewing on. It's a safe item to give him when I can't supervise him while I cook. We'll probably opt for a larger size when grows bigger.
346495346495B000FPM5EEAXE69G2M84K0NJ. Anne Riley0051332115200Yum!My dog is very happy with this treat...and he isn't as able to gobble down so quickly. The Dingo brand seems to be his favorite.
346496346496B000FPM5EEA3SOJ4VNO8DT1AS. Kilborn "Sllky"0051331856000Treats for your best friend.Dingo's are what dogs love. Our Siberian Husky carries her bones all over and the rings are hard to find in local stores. That is why I go on line and purchase them.
346497346497B000FPM5EEA2X7T8ECFSW9BCkparsons0051325635200dingo ringo chewsBIG HIT! My little granddog loved them. I would buy these again, had never seen them in the circle shape.
346498346498B000FTU5H4AG94FWAZ58ID2T. M. Hoffman6651268611200Great For Kalua PigI use this salt for this Kalua Pig In A Slow Cooker recipe I found, and man is it delicious. 4 pound pork butt, 1 tablespoon of this salt, and 2 tablespoons liquid smoke. Put it in a crockpot/slow cooker for 20 hours, and you have one of the simplest and most delicious dishes ever. I used regular sea salt my first time cooking it, but then ordered this to try it the "real" way, and it was even better.
346499346499B000FTU5H4A2DQF17E46WPE4P. C. Elliot4451235260800Hawaiian Red Sea Salt (alaea)This salt's grain is pretty large for table use, but has a really nice flavor and attractive color. I have recommended this to my friends who need to watch their salt intake because you can "see" just how much salt you are using.
346500346500B000FTU5H4AXW107H23VI8Donna L. Hagen4451179273600Good stuff!I really like this sea salt -- has a different flavor, and it's very colorful to use on veggies.

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