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346501346501B000FTU5H4A28ZMM01UZ44LRBrad W "Stripe"1151286668800Red sea saltUsed it in a recipe for pulled-pork. Had never heard of it before and couldn't find it locally. Ordered it and Himalayan sea salt from Fairies Finest. I'd procrastinated and was afraid it wouldn't arrive in time, so I called and they promised to get it in the mail right away. Showed up in 3 days.
The salt has undertones of clay, which gives it a deeper flavor and was used as a rub it the recipe. The liquid smoke overpowered it, but the flavor was there. I think it best used as a rub or finishing salt.
There is also black Hawaiian salt... somehow mixed in with lava! Have to try that next...
P.S. The salt was well packaged in a jar.
346502346502B000FTU5H4A23VP6C780FS4XCookie0051342828800The Real DealThis made the best kahlua pork for my son's luau party - tasted great. I will say, this is a lot of salt - be prepared to store it for a while. I have also used it in a salt grinder for smaller grain salt. Tastes different than Kosher or other salts. Nice product.
346503346503B00473UQ78AFVAJNKCNPVORAlan2251304121600Dromedary GingerbreadDromedary Gingerbread mix is THE BEST available.
Unfortunately, the product is NOT available in supermarkets on the West Coast. Why????
346504346504B00473UQ78A281387UUS2IN5Beantown Jim1131338249600Just like grandma made?This mix is unbelievably easy to use; just add water and stir. No egg or anything else to add. As to the finished product, it's not the most 'gingery' product I've ever experienced. That might just be me. It is still quite adequate.

I have only made the cake and not the thinner more delicate cookie thickness that might well have been better. One bit of advice is to not make it a smooth, overly beaten slurry. Get out the lumps of the mix and then leave it in an uneven, wavy surface. Believe me, that will increase the surface area for carmelizing and improve the result 100%...
346505346505B00473UQ78A1HZF7OD6NSOJ9rsingle3651151311724800The best gingerbreadI have been searching the supermarkets for years for Dromedary brand gingerbread. It was the favorite of my family, but disappeared a number of years back. I decided to do a search on Amazon and, lo and behold, it turned up. I was so excited I ordered a case (6 boxes}. I have since made it twice and loved every mouthful. It is as good as I remembered. Thanks Amazon.
346506346506B00473UQ78AFKK0OYMVXNVXP. Fox "truth trumps pretty much everything else"3451301788800A Tasty Reminder of ChildhoodMy mother was a good cook, but she hated to actually cook at all. If something was available as "instant" or as a mix, we were unlikely to ever see it again made from scratch. But for one recipe, we didn't mind at all and that was gingerbread. Mother always bought Dromedary Gingerbread Mix and it was delicous back then and it still tastes great today.

It had become impossible to find the Dromedary mixes here locally so I was delighted to find that it was still being made and even an Amazon Prime eligible product at a decent price. While six boxes sounds like a lot, I recently ordered another six and sent an order to my virtually noncooking sister. It is really addictive stuff and it is virtually foolproof to make. All you need to add is one cup of water and you can even mix it directly in the baking pan with no need to even dirty a bowl.

The recipe is said to be based on our very first First Lady Martha Washington's recipe for gingerbread, but whoever created it, it comes out dark, moist and perfectly spiced. We often took this mix on camping trips and baked it on the coals in a cast iron Dutch oven on top of canned applesauce. At home, I sometimes make lemon curd to serve over the slices while my sister loves to eat it hot with butter.

If you like gingerbread, you will love the convenience of this mix. If you are capable of setting an oven temperature, measuring one cup of water and stirring and can tell time, it will come out great, just as it did for my Mother decades ago. Why are you still reading this when you could be clicking on the "Order Now" button?
346507346507B001SB5HXKAQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson1141276992000Nice start up for stir fryI purchased a bottle of this product a year or so ago. The main reason was to provide me with a tool to start the process of creating a stir fry. Normally, I used olive oil tobegin the process. After heating it, I'd add the components of the stir fry.

However, when I saw this on the shelf of a local grocery store, I thought that it might add a nice twist to starting off a stir fry. Now, this small bottle is just about empty (I have used it quite a bit when doing a stir fry). And once it is gone, I'll replace it with another bottle of the same sesame oil.
346508346508B000FPM5EOA6KMDMRRXY78WHarry Sachs "Dingle"1111255219200Save your $$This thing left little sharp pieces of a plastic like substance all over my floor. The red "rawhide" sandwiched into the braid was as brittle and sharp as glass. Take the red crap out and you have a decent little rawhide.
346509346509B000FPM5EOA1GEXXQ9W3CS3Hedwimi1151224547200My dogs loved it!I have two dogs - a jindo and a lhasa apso, varying greatly in size, personality, and likes. The Dingo rawhide is great because it offered enough of the jerky to entice my dogs, even the jindo who does not play with toys! The braided shape also works well because once taken apart, the three pieces offer three times the amount of fun for the dogs.
346510346510B000FPM5EOA277FY9ZOXAEGCB. Derry1151205712000Great!I have 2 Labs and they both love these bones! And, it takes them a long time to eat them - keeps them busy for at least an hour!
346511346511B000FPM5EOA30WY1WXTZ8TJJRB "RB"0041259971200Dog liked itMy German Shepherd is picky about his bones. He liked this but prefers the jumbo chicken wrap dingo bones.
346512346512B00028HN5KA2V89KE32FRZN9British Mystery Buff "JD"6641315785600Good and healthy food, but an unwanted side effectDr. Harvey's Canine Health Miracle Dog Food pre-mix is handy if you feed your dog home-cooked meals. It contains a lot of veggies and nutrients, and only takes a few minutes to add to the protein (browned bison, for my dog) and oil (olive is what I use) for a complete meal.

My dog likes the food and eats it all with relish. She's healthy eating it, too. I have only one complaint. The pre-mix, when hot water is added, turns a dark pink. I talked to someone at Dr. Harvey's customer service number, and was told it's probably beets that are making it that color since the food contains no dyes. The problem with the food taking on that dark pink color is that a dog with white hair eating the food will get dark pink stains on the hair around her mouth. When she eliminates, it also stains the white hair in that region dark pink! Sometimes she will chew on one of her paws soon after eating and--you guessed it! The white hair on that paw turns dark pink! I've tried thoroughly washing her whiskers as soon as she's finished eating, but it doesn't remove the pink color. Washing in the other stained areas doesn't help either.

If your dog has a dark coat, it probably won't show. Just be aware that a dog with a white coat is going to have some dark pink staining after eating this food. I suggested to Dr. Harvey's customer service agent that removing the beets and replacing that veg with something else might be a good thing to do, but I don't guess they took me seriously! Maybe no one else complains...or cares about having a two-toned dog with dark pink stains on her coat.
346513346513B00028HN5KA1M47LJI5QV0HYTexas Longhorn Lady6651285372800Healthy, easy to make, and apparently very tasty!All three of my dogs LOVE this food -- even my ultra-finicky dog! It is human-grade food and full of every good thing. It is very, very easy to make, and meal-time has become a big deal in my house -- they all sit with wagging tails as I prepare it. When I stayed at my mom's house for a couple weeks, her two dogs were much more interested in having my dogs' food than their own regular dog food. I originally bought this food because I wanted to put my dogs on a vegan diet. For the protein source, I use tofu and all sorts of beans like chickpeas/garbanzo beans, black beans, etc. They love it no matter what I add to it. I rotate the type of oil I use, or sometimes I use a blend. When I first put them on this food, I used the serving size they recommend, and my dogs started gaining weight. So I am actually able to use less than what they say in the instructions. I have three 50-pound dogs and I use approximately 1 scoop per dog, twice a day. In the 10-lb bag there are about 198 scoops, in the 5 lb bag there are around 99 scoops, in the 20 oz bag there are around 24 scoops. So from that you should be able to calculate a good estimate of the cost for your dog(s). Of course for smaller dogs you can use less. With my finicky dog, I used to have to stand over him and goad him into eating his commercial dog food (which even contained meat). Now he scarfs his food every time! One other note: I sometimes add some Nature's Recipe Vegetarian formula dry dog food just to add some crunch. For vegetarian/vegan treats, I feed them Sam's Yams and C.E.T. VeggieDent. It is a wonderful thing to be able to give my dogs a cruelty-free diet! And we never have to worry about all those crazy dog food recalls!
346514346514B00028HN5KAA1JJNJ5VYI97Angel2251324512000My dog loves it!I bought this for my 8 year old German Shepherd/Aussie mix and she loves it! With all the chemicals in dog foods and recalls I didn't want to worry about what my dog was eating, so I tried this food out and it feels good knowing she's enjoying something good. My dog's health has improved, she has even more energy than before & is showing very little discomfort of a leg injury. What I noticed immediately is that her coat became shinier and softer. Then the energy levels went up even higher & this did not upset her sensitive stomach. The food is easy to make, takes just a few minutes & before you know it your dog will be waiting patiently for dinner every day. Mine tries to push me out of the way so she can eat it all before it's even ready.
346515346515B00028HN5KAK3T7GM0QYLZVAngela0031348963200My dog is too pickyI'm only giving this two stars due to my dog being extremely finicky. I have a one and a half year old lab and he has been a picky eater since I brought him home at 8 weeks old. I tried this product because he suffers from chronic diarrhea. Unfortunately I cannot rate this product fairly because my dog stuck his nose up at it and walked away. I was hoping to find a miracle product that he would eat and aid with his bowel issues. This product has many great reviews so I am very disappointed that I won't get a chance to try it out. Please note that my review is not negative against the product, but due to my dog being an extremely picky eater.
346516346516B00028HN5KA3JAPUHBJWL7KMDavid L. Degeorge Sr.0231285891200Not For My PetUnfortunately, my pet does not like the product. I believe its a good product with good nutritional value, however, my dog does not like it and will pass on this one.
346517346517B0001BGTZ8AJMNUWFYAZBX9David0051339372800Wonderful!High quality and tastes great. My only complaint is the lack of a zip lock style system, but you can't get everything. Great for a last minute meal requirement and a tough ingredient to find usually.
346518346518B0001BGTZ8AIV6OV1PUCEIJMonkey0051336608000DeliciousThis is pretty damn expensive for what you get (I know of few other single-ingredient spices that go for $5/oz). However, if you like green chili powder on stuff, you'll love it. It tastes good on everything!
346519346519B001EXXC9SA3Q8IJNTT67R8OElecEng3351341878400Best brandI'm a big fan of lapsang souchong, and this is the best of the 4-5 brands that I've tried. I tend to make a lot of mugs out of the same tea ball, and the flavor lasted forever and was good every time.
346520346520B001EXXC9SA2D49QSNKM08IND. C. Gerstenberger "Dave G"0151338163200Lapsang Souchong Smoked TeaWe purchased this tea to make smoked tea duck. The tea has excellent smoked flavor and is perfect for our application. Our pan-roasted duck with this tea was excellent. We have not tried to use this tea for any other applications.
346521346521B000SANRH0A1POGSPD4HN8Y1Cap'n Stoob "Stoob"0051337385600Great Tea for the Money!All I can say about this wonderful tea is that it is an excellent blend of red, white and green and it's organic, too. There's really no way to describe in words exactly what the tea tastes like, but imagine a light green tea with top notes of peony and a slight hint of minty earthiness and sweetness to the bottom note. Hot, this tea is calming, yet vibrant in taste. Cold, the mintier side of the tea comes out and is very refeshing.

I am GLAD I got so much of this, because I drink several cups a day. I reuse each tea bag once or twice. Note that these tea bags DO NOT have little strings on them.

A definite enjoyment for any tea lover and I'd recommend this to anyone looking for something new and exciting in their tea.
346522346522B0000TLK9QA1CBG20CYAHJYYLinda Pennot3331281312000yes & noI will say the cheese straws are the best I have ever tasted. The negative? Customer service is non existent. An internet order was lost, even though I received a confirmation via email. I was offered no discount or upgraded shipping, no additional product with my order, no discount on my next order, not even an apology for the 7 day delay. Just an excuse that the email order was lost and that her IT guy would be on the problem tomorrow. This is not the first problem I have had with an order. They do not give a tracking number. When asked for one the odds of getting one are 50-50. I have had so many problems with my orders I will go without my Aunt Lizzies cheese straws. I will miss them greatly however I need the hassle associated with ordering them less than I need the cheese straws. Ann, I wish you the best in the future and suggest you participate in customer service training classes to refrain from losing additional customers in the future. FOLLOW UP: I just received an email notifying me that my order shipped on the Aug 9th. I have not placed an order! What more can they do?
346523346523B001EO5RVIA36LOG3KTQFSTDC. Chin2251347148800Support Nature's Path Organic for their Yes On 37 position..FOOD FIGHT! Proposition 37 if passed in CA on 11/6/12 will require all food sold in retail outlets made with genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled. Nature's Path has come out to support Yes on 37. They care about consumer's right to know! This is enough for me to buy Nature's Path cereal. Besides their cereal is USDA organic. Thank you.
346524346524B001EO5RVIA2GHCIFSSHEPF2Thomas Carlson "Canon User"2251343606400Excellent Gluten Free CerealStarted eating this cereal about 6 months ago, buying it in the Organic section of the local grocery. However, being a popular cereal, it was out on occasion, so I started having a monthly delivery from Amazon, which is working excellently. The cereal has a texture and taste that puts the National brands to shame. If you need a gluten free cereal or just want one that has a natural, good taste, try this Nature's Path cereal.
346525346525B001EO5RVIA3R81ELGWQI785Elizabeth C. Wickoren2251303862400Tastes just like the real thing but betterWe've had some other gluten free corn flakes that were really thick and hard and tasteless so we were thrilled to find these tasty tidbits. Slightly thicker than your standard grocery store corn flake, but that's a plus in my mind because they don't get soggy so fast, and not TOO thick where the texture is compromised. Yum! Though I will say that we found a better deal on them at our local co-op so we are no longer buying them on Amazon.
346526346526B001EO5RVIA1AU81PNIWZNKRK. Berry2241175212800Very Good!These are slightly thicker than regular gluten cornflakes, but still tasty. Don't expect them to be frosted flakes. They are just plain. Very good though...and great in recipes.
346527346527B001EO5RVIA354NLRQE1FW9BArielle Brousse2251174608000thank heavens for corn flakesI was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, so I turned to Kellogg's corn flakes for my breakfasts, because I figured corn was safe. Little did I know that malt flavoring contains gluten!

These were a serendipitous substitute - SO natural and tasty! It's refreshing these days to find a food with only three straightforward ingredients (corn, grape juice, salt). I ought to buy them in bulk!
346528346528B001EO5RVIA7GOOXO6WM2PBBJ Markle "sparkles"1151343260800Great Product, not so great packagingAs good tasting as any non organic corflakes out there... and better... being organic means no GMO... yeah!!!! They are really nice for breakfast time. Only problem was all six packages came tied together with packing tape... no thought put in packing the six boxes. The boxes were destroyed in order to separate them .. what a shame someone was giving a roll of packing tape who did not know how to use it properly.
346529346529B001EO5RVIA2YLM0ODOY6SB7Rabbit1141336867200Very goodI've enjoyed this cereal very much. A slight sweet taste but not too much. The texture is a bit different....a smooth texture on the tongue. It's a good addition to a gluten free diet.
346530346530B001EO5RVIA2TTBHKV9SB1MRKeepin it real!1151317081600Taste far much better than your Kellogs corn flakesThe difference between this corn flakes and Kellogs (or any of those crappy, conventional brands that sell cornflakes) is CLEAR. I've always enjoyed corn flakes growing up but when I came across Whole Foods 'organic' corn flakes, I was shocked. All this time, I've been eating crappy corn flakes. Just compare the first few ingredients of Kellogs versus this. Nature's Path corn flakes has a crunchy, crisp taste. It taste just sooooo good! Also, it takes longer to sog up compared to Kellogs. So if you like corn flakes, you will enjoy this brand! I will definitely buy another batch again! And Amazon has it for a good deal too.

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