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346531346531B001EO5RVIAMNAZL3KNMA9GAlyce Drimer1151220054400Gluten-free corn flakesNature's Path gluten-free corn flakes is my husband's favorite cereal. Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease two years ago we have been on the search for foods that he is permitted to eat. After trying at least ten other gluten-free cereals we hit upon Nature's Path and he has been happy ever since. Not only is it a healthy choice for him it tastes delicious. What more could you ask for in a special needs diet food?
346532346532B001EO5RVIA1Q2K90178U292Ren0021335916800Where is the taste?These things are horrible. I love the brand and the exceptional gluten-free products they provided. However, this cereal does not even taste like chicken. I had to add a sweetener to the milk to eat it.
346533346533B001EO5RVIA2EHHB13ZVQQWRtheoandamy0051335484800Tasty, crispy cornflakesThese cornflakes are just that, tasty and crispy. They do get soggy pretty quickly. We crush these flakes and use them as a coating for chicken when baking it.
346534346534B001EO5RVIA1N5IR0HCD6S40gyps8080051330992000awesomeGreat texture, thicker and crunchier than normal corn flakes which is great. Only very slightly sweet, which is wonderful. More taste than cheerios, but still a great product I'm happy to give my son.
346535346535B001EO5RVIA132ETQPMHQ585Donna's Reviews "I Love Shopping on Amazon!"0021330214400very bland....very bland....I really wanted to like these...Nature's Path Organic Corn Flakes, Fruit Juice Sweetened Cereal, 10.6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) Just did not like the flavor or the texture.....
346536346536B001EO5RVIABMN74TBW5UWESidehop0051320883200Kellogg what?When you open this organic corn flake cereal you can really smell the actual toasted corn. The texture is dense but not hard which also stays dry even with a bowl full of milk! It's pricey but of course you eat other brands and they really don't taste like much not to mention it gets soggy very quickly. Love this cereal in the morning added with dried fruits and organic milk :)
346537346537B001EO5RVIA1Q66P7L82MVUMGF Girl0051319673600LOVE ITI have always loved cornflakes, being Celiac I have had to buy this product. I absolutely LOVE it, it's delicious, not much different to Kellogs, doesn't have the same smell. It contains fruit juices also, it's also crunchy. I am very happy with these Cornflakes!
346538346538B001EO5RVIA3A9JY5V924771My Penny's Worth0041318291200FlavorfulThese cornflakes have a nice flavor, and just lightly sweetened. They hold up well after milk or other beverage is added. The box is a little narrow.
346539346539B001EO5RVIA1O7NEW28P53MYKerri K. Hernandez "domestic goddess"0051302998400wonderful productMy 6 year old has celiac and to be able to provide her with foods that are as much like what the other kids are eating is my main goal. She loves this cereal. I can also use this in many of my recipes. Great product, couldn't ask for better.
346540346540B001EO5RVIA27QWSAXIABQUPMichele Whiteaker "Minoutte"0041264982400Saver breakfast for food allergiesA very satifying product for my gluten-free breakfast without so much sugar like other cereals in the market.
Very good !
346541346541B001EO5RVIA3AC9FDB6IS5W5S Cone0051258243200An excellent healthy choice.This cereal taste good, is gluten free and mixes well with other cereals. A very healthy choice.
346542346542B001EO5RVIAD9NUSVPPE4G4Jennifer Flint ""animal lover""0051241136000Great tasting corn flake cerealThis is a great tasting gluten-free corn flake cereal. I like the fact that it is also organic and is offered at a lower price than what is available locally. The fruit juice sweetened taste is not too sweet but just right for my taste buds. I enjoy other Nature's Path cereals, too. The company does a good job making delicious cereal products for those sensitive to gluten.
346543346543B001EO5RVIAKKQXPSQCU7EQLisa0041204588800CornFlakes- used in meatloafSince my son has wheat and dairy sensitivities, making meatloaf without crackers was quite a chore. I have used gluten free crackers, but was unable to get them so I tried these cornflakes. They really make a great substitution for crackers. And the meatloaf was really great. I crushed the cereal and it works!!!!! I liked it better than regular meatloaf!!!!
346544346544B001EO5RVIALQYMVYCTJIVHT. Lee "Sun Kitty"0041203984000Very nice flavorI enjoyed the flavor and texture of this product. Lightly sweeted with fruit juice is much better than sugar.
346545346545B001EO5RVIA1L9E4OA926W9BJeanne Scott0051167782400Yummy FlakesI enjoyed this brand of corn flakes cereal. This was the first time I tried them. Such an excellent way to purchase dry goods in bulk at a great price. I'll buy more when the kids visit in the spring!
346546346546B000EMQF7QA185L6Z3O9IRS4Colazione1151269129600Good basic muffinsThe mix is super easy since all you have to do is add water. What I love is that it makes the perfect amount (6 small/medium muffins) which is great if you just want a quick snack for a few days. Plus, it cooks pretty quickly and it makes the house smell great. The price is great too!
346547346547B000EMQF7QA34I1QQ4IU6ZTBLilioki0051319932800Wonderful WafflesThese Betty Crocker Triple Berry Muffin Mix pouches make wonderful tasting and easy to make waffles. The instructions for the waffles are on the back of every pouch. Sometimes if I want waffles that are more decadent I add Hersey's Cinnamon chips on top of the batter in the waffle iron just before they cook. You only need to add butter on top, syrup is not necessary.
346548346548B000EMQF7QAK0CENM3LUM28Ana Mardoll0051222128000Yummy and SimpleMuffin Betty Crocker Triple Berry / B000EMQF7Q

I love buying bulk on Amazon, but I couldn't find my "Martha White Wildberry" muffin mixes. Betty Crocker comes to save the day with these muffin packets that look and taste identical to the Martha White version.

I love these muffins. Yes, the berries are imitation berry chips (as stated in the product information), but they taste good. I like to make these muffins on Sunday and take them to work throughout the week as my morning breakfast. They are wonderful and sweet, very tasty plain or with a little butter on them. I've never tried jam with them, but I expect that would taste very nice as well. They store well in the fridge and never taste "old" or soggy.

These packets only make 6 regular sized muffins as opposed to the Betty Crocker muffin mix boxes which make 12 regular sized muffins. So if you want 12 muffins, you will have to double up; on the other hand, if you only want 6, there's no waste, which is nice. You will need water to make these - that's the only difference I can see to the Martha White mixes which required milk.

~ Ana Mardoll
346549346549B000EMQF7QA13T2G4T8LR8XAFirst Time Mom2451185840000Muffins to surprise your guestsTHis is great mix I ever use.
you always can surprise you guests with fresh baked muffins the smell is Great. and the time to make them is very fast. they are delicious.
346550346550B000EMQF7QA3G6P246LU1NYMOlive Oil0111283472000Muffin makerWish I would have known these contain trans fats, Although its only 1 gram I would have reconsidered this purchase had the nutrition facts been noted on amazon.
346551346551B000EMQF7QA1A1BM6N28X9J0Debbie Olson0151242259200Betty Crocker Muffin Mix, Triple BerryThis flavor is very hard to find in the stores around here. Either they don't carry it or it is always sold out. The price is less than I can buy it for when I do find it by about 25%. The fresh berry flavor in these has me buying them several times a year. You won't get a single bite from first to last that isn't loaded with berries. Just add water, mix lightly, put into your muffin tins or papers and bake. They even smell like fresh berries when they are baking... I don't buy any other flavor or brand since the first time I tried these.
346552346552B000EMQF7QA13989MTPASFGNKaren Honeycutt61711205366400ZERO berries in this "triple berry" mix!!If you really want berries in your muffins, go elsewhere! It's hard to see from the small picture on amazon, but this "triple berry" mix has only "imitation berries" -- i.e. collections of chemicals/food coloring to make them look like blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Yuck! If you really want "triple berry" muffins, try a plain blueberry muffin mix with REAL blueberries and add your own fresh blackberries and raspberries. Now THAT'S yummy!

P.S. Guess I sounded overly snotty as I have only 1 helpful review out of 5! Can't figure out why the other 4 people didn't find the review useful -- if I were thinking of buying something called a "triple berry muffin mix" I would want to know if it really had any berries in it. This mix doesn't! Now come on, isn't that helpful to know? :-)
346553346553B0042PESJ8A1P2FJK2MOJ8INYUMSTER "EURO FOODIE"121351322179200A VERY FINE GRAPE SEED OILI use this oil for cosmetic purposes, mostly as a catalyst carrier oil for Ormus and essential oils, and it is of very high quality and fineness and absorbs quickly into the skin. It has no off smell or color, is a top shelf oil and no doubt would be a primo cooking oil if any were left over for me to use it. The deal with people having issues with dents in the containers is not an issue for me, there was a small indentation on one of the cans but I could have made it myself prying the cans out of the shrink wrap. As long as the oil is in the cans I am good. Again, these are not decorative items for me, but utilitarian containers. Love the oil. You will, too.
346554346554B0042PESJ8A2ZQE4X9GYJMRIMeno8951324252800Excellent kitchen oil, even better for skinI keep one bottle in the kitchen and another in the bathroom.
For cooking I almost exclusively use this oil, rarely I use Canola or Olive oil. The reason is this oil is very healthy full of antioxidants and it resists heat better so it makes it especially good for frying without releasing harmful byproducts when heated. Also as a dressing for salads is delicious because it has a tasty flavor.
For the body I use this directly on my body and face as moisturizer or mixed with raw shea, mango or other butters or just with body lotion to make a more liquid and more moisturizing lotion. It's really good because it doesn't leave your skin all over oily, it's absorbed fast and the antioxidants help your skin as much as your inside.
This particular oil for La Tourangelle is high quality oil at a decent price and the bottles are easy pour.
346555346555B0042PESJ8A3C0O4FLPL5AN7Alan Glazen "author"2251347408000Fine product, beautifully packagedI enjoy looking at this product on my shelf, the label and tin are so nice!

But more importantly, the oil itself seems very fine. I use it for all my cooking and frying, and it stays clean, has a clean taste----and is supposedly the best oil for your health. I use high temperature for pan frying, and there is never an odor or any sign of burning oil.

Highly recommended.
346556346556B0042PESJ8A3D3FSMLE3IF1Ishopgirl4551337126400Good, clean oil!I was so excited to get such high-quality oil in a pack of three! I can use it for oil pulling, cooking, massage, and as a carrier oil for washing my face. Easy to pour, no-nonsense packaging. I'm satisfied!
346557346557B0042PESJ8A3OFPU90Y2KLAFK. Holmes2351345420800Excellent, Top-Notch Quality, Multi-PurposeGrapeseed is an excellent oil for everything from cooking and salad dressings to hair and body applications. The taste is mild and nutty, and the texture is smooth and light. Grapeseed oil is one of my preferred oils for vinaigrette. I also love grapeseed oil for sauteeing since it is has a nice flavor, but also has a higher smoke point than the more popular olive oil. This particular brand is by far the best. It is far better than anything you will get at a health food store. Grape seed oil should never be deep green, just as a point of comparison for quality.
346558346558B0042PESJ8A39X63ZD7TGBCSTheTroutners0051350086400My new favorite grapeseed oilI originally purchased this product for the price, as I needed one bottle for my home and one for my RV, and buying a 3 pack on Amazon was cheaper than buying 1 bottle at my local store. Although 1 can did arrive with the side dented, I just opened that one first to avoid any risk of early spoiling due to the dent. The containers themselves are beautiful, and come with a nice little pour spout to guide the flow of oil out of the can, although it still drips onto the edge of the can when I pour oil out. Aside from the aesthetics, the flavor is very mild in comparison to others that I have tried. I have used it on my lips when I didn't have chapstick available and have had no problems with skin irritation. I am now using this in place of all oils other than olive oil in my cooking with great success.
346559346559B0042PESJ8A3NVNE6BY132K0A. Moreno "Mimi Cat"0051346371200Best oneSo my wife has tried a few other grapeseed oils. This one seems to be the best. It makes food taste great by not overpowering the flavor of the food. It also heats up nicely.

I use it on air cooked popcorn along with some Himalayan Sea Salt. It's the best popcorn in the world created using the best grapeseed oil and salt in the world..
346560346560B0042PESJ8AOEXIG6H8EOPMRebecca Ansley0051346025600Love this product.I use this oil regularly when I use high heat for sauteing or as an ingredient in baking. I love the size of the container and how easily it pours, too. The purchase price is lower than I can buy it anywhere local, as well.

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