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346591346591B0002Y2TWQA2P4RCMZ3ZALKUMichael Faff0031350172800Tasty, made in USA, but not very durable....These seem tasty, my dog loves them. They say they are made in USA and all natural, which is good.

However, my dog devours these ears in about 20 minutes. The other pig ears we bought in the pet store take him 2-4 days to completely chew up... But these don't even last an hour.

FWIW, my dog is a 3 month old doberman.
346592346592B0002Y2TWQA1A14SEI1HTXZCLabTech0051348876800Made in the USAThese pig ears are made in the USA, virtually odorless, non-greasy, good size, and dogs LOVE them. What more is there to say?
I'll definately be buying these again!
346593346593B0002Y2TWQA1ADRUW91D3UNTJoseph H. Stickrod0051291852800super great... forceing my dogs wait till santa comes!i got these in about 4-5 days after payment.

i gave them one each when i got them. and put the rest away for Christmas...

well my dogs didn't stupid they go up the the closet and sniff every time i open it lol

so i assume they loved them
346594346594B0002Y2TWQA2ZKP85OBW6AVEDennis E. Walters0051258675200Outstanding!!I got these some time ago for my spoiled rotten beagle...and he's even more spoiled now...a bit thinner but still overly spoiled! They're wonderful and very few calories.
346595346595B0002Y2TWQA188XJC3TKKZG7James1221346803200Smokehouse pig ears with no smoke...Smokehouse 100-Percent Natural Smoked Pig Ears Dog Treats, 24-Pack I was disappointed in the quality of this product. The pig ears where supposed to have been "smoked" but they have zero smoke smell and almost smell a little on the spoiled side. The pig ears cost $1.25 each when you buy them in the 24 count bag which is the same price I can buy non-smoked pig ears locally at Petco and Pet Smart. Also the size of the pig ears are on the small side compared to similar products I have purchased in the past at the same price from other suppliers. There is nothing really wrong with the product, my Boxer will chew them up regardless. I guess I was expecting a higher grade pig ear based on the Amazon product description than what I actually received.
346596346596B0002Y2TWQA2BAEHHC6BN710Shopping Maven "Fiddle Whiz"2411346284800IT'S A SMALL, SMALL EARAfter researching "roasted pig ears" for my beloved dog, I chose this product...the package arrived in a timely manner; the bag was so small and lightweight I couldn't believe it contained my order...Unfortunately it did. I didn't bother to un-tie the hand-knotted bag but put the LIGHTWEIGHT package back into the box in which it arrived and will now return them...For the price paid, I could go to one of the local pet supply stores and purchase MORE than 24 ears...and also would have an ear large enough to satisfy my large mix-breed pet! These ears are SMALL...while they appear to be ears, not strips, they are ridiculously small and have no weight to them. Color me disappointed. I thought about ordering another brand but this experience has made me gun-shy...or ear-shy !! Poor product; cheaply packaged in thin hand-knotted plastic bag...No thanks. My dog--and my wallet--deserve better !!
346597346597B002OGWYHKA39DQVJCITIR7XMichael Grattan5551293840000Fabulous for an Old Family RecipeThis is something that I been looking for to use in an old family holiday cake recipe. I am so glad that I found it. It's as good as I remember it. My mother, who has used this forever, agrees. It's still not overly sweet and very spreadable. I am now very happy to have a great source for this old favorite.
346598346598B002OGWYHKA32L529QZWHA7WIngrid4451322697600Fabulous!I bought this item to bake a Chestnut cake. So, I tried it for Thanksgiving. It turned out fabulous and will be served again for Christmas...the family has requested it. I wish I had a picture to show of the cake! Maybe next time. I will need to order more Chestnut spread because I may run out as it is also great on toast with fresh fruit in the morning, mmmm!
346599346599B002OGWYHKA3J699OQSL7VJXT. M. Tran "trankmi"3311333152000STAY AWAY from this Amazon's contract seller!I ordered 2 cans on with this vendor because S&H was free. Please STAY AWAY from this INDIRECT VENDOR: Amazon does neither store nor ship the product. The cans arrived both badly bashed in from Phoenix AZ, although the well-packed box containing them showed NO damage whatsoever. The vendor had knowingly shipped damaged products.
I gave a 1 star rating solely to alert customers not to order from this vendor. The Marron spread, of course, is always 5 star: same great taste and same iconic label as decades ago! Yes, it is the flavor of my childhood!
Subsequently, I ordered product from ("The grocery store" in French) where a 6-pack (same net weight per can) cost me a little over $8.00 per can INCLUDING S&H. I returned the damaged cans using Amazon's free shipping label. As always Amazon provides excellent customer service.
346600346600B002OGWYHKA2TITEWT9P5H6TAnnick1151326672000Childhood's memories right from a canThis "creme de marrons" is exactly like I remembered. Good quality. Of course you have to know what you are buying. My children did not like it, but they had never had it before and this might be why. It goes well on crepes I think and there are lots of recipes out there to which you can add this little sweet paste.
346601346601B002OGWYHKAGV3PPHY1R6HQDr. F. K. Schweighardt1151326499200A French Chestnut treatThe spread worked great-- needed a bit of honey to add more sweetness--but the result was FANTASTIC, We shared them with 10 guests over the Holidays-- nothing was left the first pass.
346602346602B002OGWYHKA3Q2EMKXNKZJPOElaine E Pascal1151326326400Gourmet Chestnut Spread from FranceExcellent product. Would certainly purchase it again. I gave it as a gift to both my sons who remember having it when they were youngsters (their father is French). They were so excited when they opened their package. It brought back many happy memories.
346603346603B002OGWYHKAF7F6AP1FCU7BMaia Chachava0011343001600pure sugari love this paste and was hoping to enjoy it- but it is so sweet that it kills the chestnut taste completely. would not recommend!
346604346604B002OGWYHKA27VSWDUB6P340Pam0051342742400Quick deliveryI ordered two cans of this chestnut spread, and it arrived in just a few days. Everything was very well packed, and the cans were in perfect condition. Sorry to read that another person had a bad experience with dented cans, etc., because I am completely pleased with my order. Chestnut spread is difficult to find in stores, so what a delight to find it on Amazon!
346605346605B002OGWYHKA1Q6H5ALTC0KVCdrdudidu "drdudidu"0051326931200Excellent, naturalThis is an excellent Creme de Marrons, natural taste, without too many additives, not too sweet.
It just a pity that it is no longer available on super saving shipping, because the shipping costs more than half of the item. should look for it in some local stores.
346606346606B003KLSZ1CA3QJPVSL7GLLXML. Christensen "LC"1151301788800Hearty & Healthy crackersWe had already tried the larger size of these crackers and although we loved them, they would often be unmanageable after biting into them. This smaller bitesize version is perfect! Also a great cracker for company. Mind you, they are very hearty, so if you like softer, less dense crackers, then these are not for you. If you like organic crackers with
great taste and character that can stand up to whatever you want to put on them, try them!! Yum!
346607346607B003KLSZ1CAY1BFKN0GDH3Xcolleenwl0051331337600very good combination of seedsfor not having the flavors like the others, these are full of flavor. great purchase and will continue to order.
346608346608B003KLSZ1CA6CNR1IWBK2OAElizabeth Stead0051307836800Healthy and tastes good too.I love these crackers. I bring them to work in a baggie and when I am craving something crunchy like chips they are perfect and basically healthy. They are a little expensive but well worth the price. They have always tasted fresh and I keep an eye on the expiration date. I don't think they contain preservatives so I eat them before they expire. I will order them as long as they are available.
346609346609B001202ETCAOE9J55ZZKTV6Mini Driver6651257638400Healthy, happy catI was advised to serve a variety of canned foods to my cat so that she wouldn't become picky. I followed the advice, but she became picky anyway. Now she only wants to eat this one! She loves it. She also nibbles on Innova EVO Cat and Kitten Dry Cat Food.
346610346610B001202ETCA22IFF43YU0HP6C. Gentry3351265932800Best canned cat food on the market!As far as I'm concerned, this is the best canned cat food available. Both of my cats really enjoy the taste of this product and the ingredients are second to none.
346611346611B001202ETCAX83DN4NF598ISusana H. Wheeler4541254441600Great cat food if you cat likes itA while ago, by mistake I ordered 25 cans. My two cats would not touch it so I just stored for a while. It then ocurred to me to mix this food with the raw food mix they usually eat. My female still didn't want it, but my fake Maine Coon is now devouring it and we are down to 6 cans.
346612346612B001202ETCA1108V3NFRZHQKDon H "Don H"0051323475200IT WORKS!The EVO 95 has been the one thing that has stopped my cat from bleeding when he uses his other words, it stopped his colitis/internal allergies and he's been a healthy, active, loving cat since. I couldn't get over the difference simply changing from a diet of hard/soft mix...which I was first on Royal Canin for him and then tried SD z/d...then went to this. It worked...period. To those bashing the company, quit the hysteria! IT WORKS...and now both my cats are on it and doing well. I lost two cats last year, and mine are doing well on this diet...and I'm thankful to have it!
346613346613B000H7D1N4A3KL2TWA0CPZG7Gordon Sodor5511290729600Do not waste your money on thisPreviously I had bought and thoroughly enjoyed Adagio Teas Green Tea, Dragon Well. I wanted to try another brand, and ordered this tea, partly due to being attracted by the organic label and the brand name.

What a mistake!

First of all, the tea leaves in this tea are so small (almost like ground particles) -- very uncharacteristic of dragon well teas.

Second, the taste is so bland, and so weak. I can swear that all I taste is simply the paper bag!

I literally had to throw 5 packs away, with plastic film covers intact! Along with the first pack that was open.

To really taste dragon well tea properly, avoid this tea by all means. The first tea that I bought, Adagio Teas Green Tea, is heaven compared with this.
346614346614B000H7D1N4A2JUNT5ORA64DDPJ1151320105600Love it!I love this tea! Drink 3-4 cups a day! I don't know what the other reviewer was thinking, but it's a great tea for a fair price. Please keep it on Amazon; it's my favorite. (And love that it's organic!)
346615346615B001BY220KA1008GFLTBL76HPam0051316476800Friskies Chicken in Gravy ShredsMy cats love this, it must be about the gravy because they lick all of that up before eating the chicken. Great product that I received very speedily!
346616346616B001BY220KA2KDOLMLCQZ1DCCalvin Maybee0041272412800the cats love it a lotthis is a very good cat food, shredded meat and gravy, my cats really like it
no problems, with delivery or product, I recommend it highly
346617346617B007MXVR6YA3I2MSCMHLQ9U3Best430051350172800Warning Extremely HOT!!!!If you think you can handle try it HOT HOT HOT HOT HELL HOTTT!!!!! Do not use to much its not for The weak try it you will love it too it's the ultimate hot sauce and has more than a little kick to it
346618346618B0083HOTMCAZCLV3FG7PRIBBeba110051347062400Great GF CrustThis GF crust is very good and the best thing is that I don't need to make it. I do wish that they wouldn't expire so soon but I guess that is the price you have to pay for a GF crust that doesn't come frozen.
346619346619B001SAQ2IAAEAU00TZ64MDTRodneyPaul "rpm"0041345593600Better tasting than typical "energy drinks"This is basically iced tea with a little extra caffeine from white tea. It is not bad tasting, especially when ice cold, but I'd lower the lemon flavor a bit as it tends to overwhelm the other flavors. I'd prefer more tea and less lemon. Having said that, I still like it and feel it is much better tasting than most other energy drinks.

As far as the boost from caffeine goes...not a lot. I can drink three of these and still feel drowsy in the afternoon.

To sum up...good tasting iced tea that is just barely an energy drink.
346620346620B001EO5XZSAY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker0051350950400Great on Steak and MORE!I was delighted to get a 6 pack of these grill shakers because it is so good on any meat and grilled veggies. I love it on grilled squash. You may think that 6 is too many, but you will find yourself using it all the time. I use it in casseroles too. It does contain salt so be careful when using it in a recipe to leave out the added salt. What is nice is that it is a complex enough blend that it doesn't make all your food taste the same, like some seasoned salts do. This enhances different flavors in different foods so shake away and reap the compliments!

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