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346631346631B0014DPIPOA30HB84QPL308EA. French "Mag Diva"0051347235200Use this product oftenReally got tired of buying this product in the grocery store, especially if we let it run out. This megapack is so convenient and reasonably priced, it was irresistible.
346632346632B0014DPIPOA2NP8RNW9T5BQFA. Brazhnykova1211343952000Colored, Fake Turbinado Sugar!!!!!!!!!I used to buy this sugar for years. I do not eat much sugar, but still. This sugar is called turbinado sugar, but is misleading. I picked this brand just because it says real turbinado sugar, and other brands (in the local food store) that their sugar is brown because it is colored with caramel or something.

HOW did i find out? I needed just a sweet water few days ago. I put this Sugar in The Raw in the glass. The water became brown and on the bottom of the glass i got just PURE WHITE SUGAR CRYSTALS!!!!! What a shame on the producer! U can try to put this sugar in your mouth and after few seconds you will spit out pure white crystals as well.

I'm just wondering if the consumers can hold the company liable for such a practice.
346633346633B004SKON6UAACFFNG690IQIJ. Winters1251334016000Great Service!I was unable to find this product locally, so I thought ordering online would work--it's fabulous! The candy arrived in perfect condition within a short time, and I could not be more pleased with the services.
346634346634B004SKON6UA1JOGK3RK9TJEZLCG0451330819200M&M'sOttimo prodotto con un ottimo prezzo, arrivato integro e velocemente...
Lo consiglio a tutti...troppo buoni!!!
Assaggiate anche il gusto pretzle o come diavolo si scrive
346635346635B009HX4RBOA22X8JZSDAX26NR. Ocasio0031347235200Great Flavor but Bottle Top HassleI used it in a Moqueca which is a Brazilian Fish Stew, and it was very delicious. The problem I had was with the bottle top. The recipe called for 1/4 c of the oil. Unfortunately, I was unable to remove the plastic top which does not unscrew. It just has a flip top cap with a single hole in it and ended up just shaking it by drops into the measuring cup which was messy and a hassle.
346636346636B009HX4RBOA2EVQG699ZY7BELynne Pelletier "RED CHEF"0051343260800Just the Right TouchI had never heard of Dende Oil before I read a recipe for Braziliam Fish Stew. I had to make it authentic so ordered it from here!! So glad I did as it made the dish!!! It's really awesome!
346637346637B0002NYO6QAB7CY8MENHYSFJohn J. Fulton222251168300800Excellent taste!This is a wonderful blend of peppercorn. The only problem I had occasionally was the larger berries sometimes don't fit in my pepper mill. Most of the time I am grinding it in a coffee grinder or my mortar and pestil though, so I don't have the problem often. Highly recommended!
346638346638B0002NYO6QA1L2DYZIMPXA9XE. Sullivan151631246665600Nice mix, but..I was looking for a mix like McCormicks Medley blend which has the 4 types of peppercorns, coriander and allspice. This was the closest I could find, minus the allspice. This blend has great flavor. The only problem is the coriander is so large that it's hard to get into the grinder and the grinder gets plugged up, having to reverse grind. I do have a very nice William Bounds grinder, so it's not the grinders fault.
346639346639B0002NYO6QA1LINA8MCSONQLRadar626101041304294400How pepper should beThe blend is beautiful, flavorful and gives of an incredibly fresh and strong pepper scent when ground. The difference between these corns and those bought in a typical supermarket was evident. I was pleased there were almost no broken corns or husk flakes in the bag. The packaging needs to be rethought, though. The peppercorns come in a sealed cellophane bag that isn't really user friendly. Something self sealing would be preferable. If you try and tear off a corner on this bag, the cellophane doesn't want to stop tearing when you do. Scissors are the best way to open and you'll need to find an airtight container to store the rest after filling the grinder. I'll certainly be purchasing these again.
346640346640B0002NYO6QA1CLAR2HWZWLW7Rochelle Staffieri6651268524800peppercorn reviewsThis is a great place to get seasonings. The peppercorns have great flavor, grind well, and are attractive on the table. They have the right amount of "zing". We are a family that loves pepper on our food and this mix meets our needs for meat, vegetables and salads. We find the supply always fresh when we order.
346641346641B0002NYO6QA1VFA7BBBYL0LXP. J. McAlister " fan"6651236038400Great flavor and taste!I highly recommend this product to anyone that enjoys rich flavor with their meals to order the "Five Peppercorn Mix". The peppercorns in this mix are truly delicious and they work well in the new peppercorn grinder I purchased to give to my husband for his birthday. We have used the peppercorns on steaks, salads, pasta and just about everything we cook to enhance the flavor of our meals. Again, this product is wonderful and you will not be disappointed. I was also impressed with the speed and great packaging when it arrived. Bon Appetite! Tricia
346642346642B0002NYO6QA2X7I876II4DGIS. Lisicki "S. J. L. Sr."55512024288005 pepercornsWe were extremely pleased with the aroma and flavor of this product. We hwve made a tag with the name and source to reorder in the future.
346643346643B0002NYO6QAEKOPGB6ZCMGRAmazonian4421330387200DisapointedI feel that the picture misrepresents the product that I received.
Approx.80% were black and 5% each of the other colors.Not good value.
Seller does not disclose % of each color so no recourse.
346644346644B0002NYO6QA8T5U4ZDTZ3Z5Chuck "4451304726400
346645346645B0002NYO6QA2SGYL73Q7UERKMichael C. Dioiro4441292544000Peppercorn MixI found this product to be a nice tasting pepper blend and would recommend it to all of those who enjoy the fresh flavor of ground pepper.
346646346646B0002NYO6QAKETJUM0B11ZCM. Weaver3341317772800Great flavors, one wish...This is a great blend of flavors, and I'm highly satisfied with this product. However I do wish there were more pink peppercorns in the packaging which would've added a little more sweetness to the blend and soften some of the "bite" in this mix. Don't get me wrong, I love the heat of black & white pepper, but in this blend I was hoping for something a little more distinctive. Nonetheless, this is a great value. The shipping took a little longer than I thought- 3 to 5 days ended up being 8 (not incl weekend). I also bought the Szechuan peppercorns to roast up and add to this blend...that *should* work out nicely! Overall a dependable seller. Good luck!
346647346647B0002NYO6QA3QP5KDRJAR5L8big bird2251309996800Love peppercornThis five peppercorn mix is great with everything we cook. It goes on all the foods we cook or grill, and also on all the sandiwches we make. It's a wonderful mixture of peppercorns.
346648346648B0002NYO6QA1YA3CD0KLU1JDOfraHaza1151317859200What I was looking forHow much can one say about pepper? fast shipment, more than 1 type pepper, put it in a grinder, for the table and the stove. We are not disappointed!
346649346649B0002NYO6QA27HB4L3I1WJURhappy reader "d/mil"3451272153600great flavor and pretty as a pictureThis is a LOT of peppercorns. They're so pretty, I was tempted to put them in a clear glass bowl for display. Flavor just fine. Great product.
346650346650B0002NYO6QA1JFNZ4UAMEZN3Joe496 "kittybaby"2341319932800I like and use this pepper all the timebut I probably would not have purchased it if I had read the ingredients list better. This Five Peppercorn Mix also has coriander in it which has a distinct odor. I am not saying it is a bad thing but the pepper smells like coriander and a little different taste than a peppercorn mix without coriander.
346621346621B001EO5XZSA3D05DWI2AHDN3G. Cole "oseary"0051199145600Mmmmm! Great addition to a Marinade!I use this spice concoction as a base to a marinade I make for flank steak, and for strip steaks paired with a bit of balsamic vinegar. However, every spice in it comes out and unleashes a great robust flavor that hangs on your palate, making you want more of it! Even the scent of it is awesome!

I use it paired with soy sauce, brown sugar, red pepper, black pepper & a bit of garlic, soaking the flank steak overnight, and then grilled and sliced.

346622346622B003UYCZXSA2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin2251308182400an excellent alternative to regular GatoradeGatorade G2 is the way to go when you want the benefits of Gatorade without quite so much sugar. As I am in a "pre-diabetes" state these days, I am drinking this type of Gatorade instead of the regular Gatorade which has noticeably more sugar in it. The really good thing is that this still replenishes carbs and electrolytes after I exercise without putting unnecessary extra sugar into my system.

G2 comes in flavors including fruit punch and grape.

I highly recommend this drink if you need extra carbs or electrolytes after exercising; it replenishes them very well without the extra sugar found in regular Gatorade.
346623346623B002LMX0Z2A1HUW3IZS3D23LAmber Conner0031256601600works niceThis product works nice. When you drink the tea, you can actually feel the effects of it. It warms up your body inside immediately. It does actually work but you have to stick with it to maintain.
346624346624B000EMQF76A2V1J3JT5OOZFODragonwort Castle1151249257600TastyTasty and simple, everyone loves a bite, so make an ugly one you can justify trying out
346625346625B000EMQF76A1OJ2AFQZ5MR9SMacchiato Man0051323302400Chocolate Lovers of AmericaOur family has made these every week for years. Buying through Amazon makes it convenient. These are awesome tasting, especially for my wife who loves chocolate!
346626346626B0014DPIPOA5G63URN66W65KNorton2251300406400Fit our needsI buy for the office I work in and we go through Sugar in the Raw so quickly. This was a good choice for us.
346627346627B0014DPIPOA199EV9K4WGAJARegina Lee "Web shopper"2251241395200Go RAWThe only bad thing about this product is that it will turn you away from processed sugar. It's wonderfull I recoment all to try it!!
346628346628B0014DPIPOA2EEHZK6P3PJ6VC. Cullen "NotebookSeeker"1151295222400These Packets Are Hard To FIndWe can't buy Sugar in the Raw in packet form here, only in bulk boxes. These are great - I got hooked on Sugar in the Raw at Starbucks and now I can use them at home.
346629346629B0014DPIPOA3P5IB7XRX0MNUjohntereso@yahoo.c0m0051349308800the best sugar you can buyraw sugar is very tasty and it was a great deal can be used in the coffee ,tea and cooking you should buy some of raw sugar
346630346630B0014DPIPOAYBOB86V285FJS. Garber0041348358400product good - packaging not goodI love this product but the packaging was deficient - several sugar packs were broken and there was sugar throughout the box.

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