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346651346651B0002NYO6QA12NYTBTAKGP3KT. Polozune0051350950400Fast delivery. Quality product.Pepper mix is fresh and high quality. Nice even mix, not mostly black pepper like in the grocery. I will be purchasing again.
346652346652B0002NYO6QA2S2K0UDE8F196T. Anderson "book addict"2451231545600yummmmmsmells great, tastes great ... what a difference from using regular store bought ground black pepper
346653346653B0040Q0AWIALP0E9PM8G9GKS. Due "and the Weiner Patrol"5651326153600Not salty like other canned beets I have tried.I have tried many brands of canned beets. Most of them are salty. This is not and I like that. It also is fairly fresh tasting for a canned product.
346654346654B0040Q0AWIA3L9ZT7SRJYLVHJDTexan "JDTexan"2251331424000Libby's Sliced BeetsThese are really good and I now get these on Subscribe and Save. My favorite way to serve these is cold with a bit of Ranch Dressing. Yum!
346655346655B0040Q0AWIA2U77Z3Z7DC9T9Ronald M. Chavin "rmchavin"0031349913600Contains a whopping 875mg of sodium per canLibby claims that one can of their Sliced Beets contains 875mg of sodium and 140 calories. It is common practice for Libby and all other brands of canned foods to understate the amount of sodium and the amount of calories in each can by approximately 20% to 30%. If no salt was added to canned beets, it would be one of the healthiest foods we could eat. Please click "Comment" below:
346656346656B0040Q0AWIA1OC7GMGP19LHHE. Maldonado "hawaiishopper"0051346889600yummyEnjoyed receiving this in the mail, since it is so expensive to buy it in the store. I saved on gas and the hassle of waiting for a sale. My family loves beets, so we have it more often now.
346657346657B0040Q0AWIA2HNZ28ROICW2LDatagod "Datagod"0421335830400Beaten up cansOver half of the cans look like someone took a hammer to them, and are dented so badly that they are hard to open, and have ruined 2 can openers so far. Perhaps that's why they're inexpensive. They know you'll need the extra money to keep buying can openers.
346658346658B001EHEEJGA2Z1OUOYWQG0GWDW1111313107200AwfulThese are like salmon Slim Jims but are even worse. Taste like rolled up dried cat food. I had to check the label to see if they were intended for pets. I used them as dog treats with no ill effects on my dog, although she is 75 lbs. Take your own chances with smaller animals.
346659346659B001EHEEJGAJY0LGOF220UMMelissa Devlin1131268784000Moist and chewy - At least for salmonI tried the teriyaki flavour and was very pleased. It's fairly high in salt, 560mg of sodium per oz, but that might be normal for jerky. It has been a long time since I've had any. I do remember the brand I used to get was very very dry and tough. This one wasn't. It was the perfect balance of moisture with a chewy texture that doesn't take all day or tire the jaw. Very Tasty.

Update: I got the salmon last time and enjoyed them thoroughly. I tried the Ahi this past time and was disgusted. (They weren't available when I first wrote my review) They were dry, crumbly and foul. I definitely advise against the Ahi
346660346660B001EHEEJGAIR4D9PSN0LQ5Donald E. Moffett III0011310860800Wow . . .these are BADI read the reviews and thought to myself, what do they know . . .it sounds good, I bet it is just fine. I was WRONG. These are terrible. I can not eat them, my kids will not eat them, and my DOG spits them out. No joke there. Try a different kind of Salmon Jerky, just not these. Take my word or make my mistake . . .it is up to you.
346661346661B001EHEEJGAZLKP2YMWWEVWART0021305158400Not at all what I expected!I would not recommend that you try this if you have never tried salmon jerky before. I love fresh salmon and canned salmon, however these salmon sticks do not measure up. It's hard to describe the taste and it left an awful taste in my mouth. Very unsatisfied and am stuck with 5 packages of the stuff that I will never use, and I can't return it either.
346662346662B003FX6JQIA9DR2GFJCFJMASina Samie0021335052800does not taste goodThis gum tastes funny, not like the wintergreen trident gum you get at the grocery store or gas station... I think it may have been expired
346663346663B00792GRF4A7VHFT9BNM2AUnavymomma260041350432000DisappointedI wish the jars were bigger. I was expecting 3 jars of the same item and instead got 2 jars that were the same and 1 different product.
346664346664B001F0RJIKA1LXIR04N9WY7MSuzanne664222241275091200Great product, but someone needs to undercut the price!This is by far the best sugar-free chocolate I've found. Thanks, Dove! It's rich, creamy, doesn't have the bubble-gum, sugar alcohol taste prevalent in most sugar-free chocolate. One piece is a very satisfying 30 calories.

Took off a star for the outrageous price. This is not, at least with the order I placed, specially packaged. I can find this same product in the grocery store for a little over $3 per package, which would be @ $20 or so for six packages. I'm not seeing where the $39 price tag, even adding shipping and handling, comes in. If you can't find this product locally, have no other way to get it and have the bucks to spend, I'd recommend it as a great sugar-free candy. But, it's really too pricey for me to buy it from Amazon again.
346665346665B001F0RJIKA2KQT4D0OZR569L. Staley5551267056000Great for a diabetic with a sweet toothMy husband is diabetic, yet wants some sweets in life. He is also gluten and dairy sensitive, so the stuff he can eat is very limited. He likes these candies because they are good (not good for sugar-free candy) and give him a fix for his chocolate cravings when he has them. They are creamy and have good dark chocolate taste.
346666346666B001F0RJIKA3NQHGBC50CQW4commerce shopper4451294704000Great chocolate!Just tried one for the first time and it was wonderful, very creamy and no yucky aftertaste. I re-read the label to be sure it was actually sugar free!
346667346667B001F0RJIKA1STBX9O8YEVYXH. Ingram2251302220800The best-tasting sugar free chocolate out thereI've tasted some amazingly nasty sugar free chocolate in my time. This is the best tasting one I have tried, and very satisfying as well. I keep these around for the occasional chocolate craving and they always fit the bill. I LOVE the peanut butter filled ones,too, also sugar free. I just get mine from the local Supercenter.
346668346668B001F0RJIKAXJZ1BGURHFGQVodkaflower2251298937600Better than sugar free Godiva!The title says it all! These Dove sugar free chocolates taste like chocolate and don't have the usual sugar free candy taste.

I love Godiva, and when in the store recently buying chocolate gifts I thought I'd try the Sugar Free Godiva bar... well I was very disappointed. I immediately tried one of my Sugar free Dove chocolates afterwards and the difference was VERY noticeable!

Yes, food that's better for us usually costs more, sadly... but if you like chocolate occasionally, and are watching your sugar intake, the price is worth it.

346669346669B001F0RJIKA1BZEHZ038EUL2NurseLovesDeals1141332201600BEST sugar free chocoalte out thereThis is by far the BEST sugar free chocolate out there. No fake icky sugar alcohol flavor most sugar free candies have. The consistency is smooth and very rich. Much better than the Russell Stover and Hershey's-although I would give Stover's second place. This product is 5/5 stars for sure!
I took a point away for Amazon's price-ABSURD. These are $3 a package, why in the world are they on Amazon for this price?!
346670346670B001F0RJIKA2KCUJ2ZO7TRUCMeredith1151330732800"Excess Consumption May Have A Laxative Effect"Like all Dove candy, this is delicious. For me, more than 2 per day leads to gas, cramping and explosive diarrhea. So be warned. If you're counting carbs, subtract fiber and sugar alcohol from carb count. (Which leaves you with 3 grams per 5 pieces.) Great for low-carb chocoholics, if you can stand it.
346671346671B001F0RJIKA28GM84ZIMNP4Amango™ "mango™"1151303603200Dark and richHow the Dove people got these chocolates to taste so creamy and rich with only 5 grams of carbohydrates per candy, I'll never know. It's just another one of Life's great mysteries. But I'm happy, and the friends I've told about them are also happy. I don't want to be without these in the house. They're That good!
I tried the Dove Sugar Free Raspberry Creme Silky Smooth Dark Chocolates, too. Those are very good also, but I prefer these. These are excellent!
346672346672B001F0RJIKA3CK89WIU5HYDHSteve R1151303084800A wonderful slice sweetnessThis is a wonderful dark chocolate. Not overtly sweet or bitter as some tend to get. For those who need sugar free and love chocolate this is the perfect balance.

Do your research though before buying. Some vendors charge way above retail for no good reason. If your paying more than the stick price on the bag then your paying too much.
346673346673B001F0RJIKA7D5V15LIJ4CQV "vwolf"1151301011200Dark Chocolate Low CarbOUTSTANDING!
Just started having to check my sugar far, controlling with diet.
But I am having to cut back very hard on any kinds of I thought that I would have to give up my beloved chocolate.
Then my daughter brought me these dove sugar free chocolates.
I am so impressed.
Have to be careful of portion control of course, for a number of reasons.
If I remember correctly, a portion is 5 pieces?
Thats way to many at one time...will be visiting the bathroom frequently with that much chocolate in your system.
Two a day is purrrfect.
Highly recommend this product but I guess you all realize that by now:) V.
p.s. I too would appreciate a better cost factor.
346674346674B001F0RJIKA2SCYPD036MBP6Sue B0051344988800Dove ChocolatesThese are DELICIOUS!

If you do not like dark chocolate, you may not care for them. They are one of our favorites!
346675346675B001F0RJIKA19GTLOGKQLPEOWilliam Norman0031342742400Tastes great but beware of side-effectsThese are the very best tasting sugar free candies I've ever had... so why just 3 stars? Dove uses the sugar substitute Maltitol to sweeten this product. This ingredient is notorious for causing gas, bloating, and a laxative effect. 3.4 ounces is a rather small bag, but be warned, DO NOT eat the whole bag at one time. In fact, I would not exceed the 5 piece serving size. You WILL pay the price if you overindulge!
346676346676B001F0RJIKA2FNWJOLYAJWPXShopper Dave0051339200000Delicious!These are REALLY good and not as GI-active as some other sugar free chocolates I've tried. However be advised that if you eat 10, you will have consumed 380 calories. Still, if you love dark chocolate like I do, give them a try.
346677346677B001F0RJIKA2DOHCWDT9ZI9HRachel0051331251200these chocolates are one of the best I've ever had, andI'm from Europe!!I am used to GOOD quality chocolate, with a strong bite, and creamy smooth snap, underlying tones of lemon and bitterness in dark chocolate. Let me tell you right now, these chocolates are very very good.
They are slightly heavy on the bitterness if anything- all the better for me. I've had those other dark chocolates ( sugar free and non sugar free) from American made brands, and they are all awful. DOve sugar free are creamy in texture but with enough bite to feel like you're chewing something, which yelids to a smooth bittersweet creamy consistency. And the chocolate flesh IS consistently smooth- unlike other brands which resemble crumbles in your mouth.
The melty interior is so good at first I wasn't aware it's actually an almost=ganache interior, ever so slightly softer than the shell, but not enough to be a soft centre chocolate.
This centre makes them perfect to "eat" as opposed to just put in your mouth and let them melt, like a soft centred chocolate would do ( I'm thinking of a liquidy centre like soft caramel or mint cream, which actually flows out).

These chocolates are way better than the peanut butter filled ones too- for some reason, those ones don't pack the dark chocolate punch at all, and the peanut butter inside is not very peanutty or buttery. You can eat a whole packet before finding any peanut taste at all- those ones are totally disappointing.
THese dark chocolate truffle chocolates are really good. I'm ashamed and proud of myself for buying a load of them on sale, and I won't be sharing them!
346678346678B001F0RJIKA15S9OH2IG6VVDbetweenthepages0051328313600Oh my goodness, YUM!These chocolate bites are simply heavenly. So perfectly creamy. They taste DECADENT--you would never guess that they're sugar free!! Plus, perfect portion-size control--you can have one bite for less than 40 calories, or 2 for around 70!!! WONDERFUL. I only wish I could access them more easily, it's so expensive online and hard to find in the store! Worth it, though!
346679346679B001F0RJIKA3DEX4QX2RNR7OS. Hurst "Sam Hurst"0051325980800Dove Sugar Free ChocolateHighly overpriced for 6 pack go to Walgreens and and get 1 for $3.50 or 6 for $21.000 BUYER BEWARE OF PRICE GOUGING!!!
346680346680B001F0RJIKABJLDNLAR7BDAJames R. Mills "Retired Oldie"0051318550400Great Chocolate Delight!There is so much sugar in the foods that we daily eat and when it comes time to control our sugar intake, it does not seem fair to have to give up what we like. Dove Dark Chocolate Sugar-Free Candy allows us to enjoy, once in a while, the smooth taste of chocolate without too much guilt. Though be careful, too much, too soon of a good thing is not wise. ; [[ASIN:B001F0RJIK Dove Dark Chocolate Sugar Free Chocolate Creme Candy, 3.4-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6)]

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