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346681346681B004AHPE1OA4XME0Z21VV2KSusan Jackson2251330128000An Acquired Taste for MostI love Vegemite and Marmite! It is definitely an acquired taste for most Americans, and I learned to love it a long time ago. My taste for it was reinvigorated by a wonderful trip to New Zealand where it is commonplace. Not so much here - hard to find and expensive for a small jar. It is a yeasty, salty, umami taste treat - perfect spread lightly on toast, sandwiches, rice cakes. It's not for everyone, but I was delighted to find it through
346682346682B004AHPE1OA2ZRK328L1LRY2joey1241345680000review vegimiteI found thewhole experience was good straight forward.the service and product was fine.vegimite is one of my favorite and healthy foods .
346683346683B000084EWUA1BXDEZL9OEBSQS. Jackson0051331856000My Golden Retrievers LOVE these!I've been giving these to my 3 Goldens for a few years now, but have only been able to get them in smaller quantities.....the 20 lb box is GREAT!
346684346684B000084EWUA3HOCY61BRMHBDWilliam K. Balcezak "billb"0051300147200My dog loves these treatsI save money with this bulk shipment. A box lasts me about 6 months and my dog really likes them.
346685346685B000SARHSUAOSXDV9ZD1BXNRune Silvermoon0051234137600YumWe recived a box of this tea as part of a gift basket at work, when I ran out of my usual brand of tea I decided to try a cup. I was beyond pleased, it was warm rich and wonderful, like eating desert with out all the calories. This is not a flavor of tea I would have tried but I am more than glad I did.
346686346686B000DZFMIMAPLFIQCB6S7NJYD5551248393600Very SatisfyingI love these ginger cookies. They satisfy my sweet craving with one or two cookies. Definite ginger/molasses flavor & lightly sweeten. I do not have any restricted diet, but I was looking for a good ginger cookie. I was pleasantly surprised to find this gluten-free cookie so tasty. The texture is soft so they ship well & arrive in perfect condition. (I've learned my lesson & will only order cookies that are soft or cake-like - anything else arrives in crumbs & are a total waste of money since Amazon does not refund on grocery items.) Hope this helps, enjoy.
346687346687B000DZFMIMA3UX3B9E89H62PJenifer H. Carson4451230422400Delicious treat and gluten-free!This gourmet cookie could be served as a dessert at a 5-star restaurant. The combination of ginger and molassas is unique, the texture is soft, and it is incredibly good with coffee or tea. The cookie is not overly sweet (which I love). Pamela, you are my new best friend. I found these by accident in Virginia while visiting my Dad. I went to the local supermarket in search of some healthy food and, to my dismay, they had a health food section and a gluten-free food section. After I tasted the cookie, I immediately looked on the box to see where they were made. To my great relief and happiness, they were from California (where I live). When I found that Amazon carried them, I was downright gleeful and ordered a dozen boxes as a Christmas present to myself. My husband said, "Whatever are you going to do with all these cookies?" Now they are his favorite snack, so (WARNING!!!) they can be contagious.
346688346688B000DZFMIMA1X87TMLC2TV72amj12072251283731200DeliciousI love ginger, molasses and all of the autumn spices so when I saw these packs of 6 at the Amazon Warehouse for $8.99, I decided I would give them a try. They are a soft chewy cookie which handled shipping very well. They have small pieces of slivered almonds in them. The cookies have a distinct ginger flavor. If I could change one thing, I would add more almonds. The almond slivers are few and far between but I am a nut lover so keep that in mind. This cookie is aptly named as a ginger cookie. If you are not a fan of ginger, don't buy these cookies. I think that's where some of the other reviewers may have erred. This is definitely not a cookie for people who don't like the zesty peppery flavor that ginger adds to baked goods. The other thing that I liked about them is that they are not common. You aren't going to see 10 different brands of these at the store, that's for sure.
346689346689B000DZFMIMA8B3Q480HOMW5SLK1141206230400tasty and healthyIn search of healthy but tasty snacks I discovered these cookies, a bit sweet, but with a nice ginger touch. Even my daugter likes them. We also buy the Pamela's Peanut Butter cookies.
346690346690B000DZFMIMA3DYRXYZV0SJCYC. Youn "gf mom"1141194134400Ginger cookiesThese cookies are especially handy with children because they aren't crumbly like so many gluten free cookies. They have fine flavor, too.
346691346691B000DZFMIMA3G0D9UUXUSE75S. J. Stuart1151170460800Real Ginger-Real BreadThese will satisfy the craving for gingerbread. When you bite into them, you'll immediately know you're in for a treat. The eating experience alone hits the reward center of the brain. Soft, dense and chewy describe the cookie's character. The rich flavor of molasses provides depth to the tasting experience. Shredded Ginger gives the cookie a distinct texture and kick to the palate. One cookie can satisfy the worst craving for carbs. All the Pamela cookies are delicious, but this one could be a dessert all on its own.
346692346692B000DZFMIMA2E5HO59M0UHRXAmie0051344297600The best ginger cookies I've had which happen to work for a restricted dietThese cookies are so delicious and happen to work for my very restrictive nursing diet (dairy, soy & egg free). They aren't ginger snaps, but rather a soft cookie with almonds. I will certainly be purchasing these long after I am off the nursing diet. It is also wonderful to be able to purchase these without making the 30 mile trek to Whole Foods.
346693346693B000DZFMIMA2IFYWQ4RC21NEL. Shively0011343001600Not Very GoodI must say that I am a fan of gingersnap cookies, I love the combination of crunch and ginger. While these had a definite ginger flavor, they were very soft and that was a bit of a turnoff for me. I do like gingerbread cookies but these didn't seem sweet enough for my taste and the almonds seemed a bit out of place.
346694346694B000DZFMIMA2KVISJEAZUTN2nlb610051302652800Great ginger cookies!Loved them! Small enough for a light dessert, or satisfying any sweet crave without too any calories. Simple with few ingredients, just lovely.
346695346695B000DZFMIMA254APF0VWYTHSSupernova0051302220800Awesome, Who do I tell?!I just had two of these heated in the microwave for 15 seconds. And let me tell you, after a few bites, I thought "this cookie is everything that is right with the world!" The warm molasses and ginger spices, it was Almost like I had just gotten it fresh from the oven. I like the fact that each cookie is separated by a piece of paper :) Reminds me of the quality of the food that I am lucky to have to access to!

ps-for the naysayers, this IS gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free so it's not going to be like a regular cookie. However even with those constraints I think Pamela's has done a tasty job :)
346696346696B000DZFMIMA1WUUXZ5DDUV0LLouise Tanner0041286323200Great ginger flavorThis cookie tastes great. I only gave it a 4 because it is a little dry.
346697346697B000DZFMIMA37NQ8YC95DWD0moring4glory0051285372800healthy and tastyMy daughter is so limited in what she can eat( no sugar, wheat, grains, dairy, etc.) and this is one sweet that she can have and not get ill. The plus side is they taste great and the price was pretty good too!
346698346698B000DZFMIMA1AZ6XTRHRIBN7FrequentAmazonShopper "FrequentAmazonShopper"0041267315200Very Yummy for Gluten Free ProductIt is very moist, which is what I like. You can really taste the spices too, which I love. It is very good for a gluten-free product.
346699346699B000DZFMIMAJZ9KGZF34A1ERenee0100051265760000Intense flavor Ginger CookiesThe flavor of ginger is very intense, but that's what I love about them. They do remind me of the gingerbread-soft and delicious. I could do without the added almonds; somehow, for me, it seems that almonds do not belong there. But the other reviewer thought that almonds were the added bonus. Anyway, the cookies are very tasty, and the subscription price makes them less expensive.
346700346700B000DZFMIMA1S9MJXSADQHVKB. Brown0051258675200If you love ginger...Whenever I crave ginger cookies I go for these. They're not only wheat-free, but have just the right 'bite' of ginger. The sliced almonds in this soft cookie add a great touch.
346701346701B000DZFMIMA6G0JKYPLPAYIBazinNYC1211285632000Horrible, I prefer never to eat cookies again than have one of theseI didn't know that cookies could taste so bad. This is far better than the lemon shortbread and the chocolate chip, but it isn't saying much. I truly regret purchasing so many boxes for my job and will NEVER EVER trust my coworker for recommending them.
346702346702B000DZFMIMAPJFQN4KTXUHRMr230141285718400Warning: Plastic shard in Exp Date 2011Jan06E Ginger Cookies with Sliced Almonds Length:: 0:08 Mins

One of my family just found a piece of plastic in one of the cookies. It measures about a half inch long, and an eight inch wide, and is thin. It is stiff, and has sharp corners. Fortunately the person didn't get hurt.

We love these cookies and have eaten at least dozens if not hundreds this year. This is the first time we have found something in one of these cookies. The cookie came from a package of Ginger Cookies with Sliced Almonds just delivered this week, with the Expiration Date of 2011Jan06E.

Update: no more shards since then, so boosted the rating on the product. Company never responded to email to corporate, however.

Also, Amazon price is climbing, cancelled the subscription as local price is good enough.
346703346703B000DZFMIMA2Q5OCCGSTS8B5Buyer7230211221609600The Ginger Cookies are YUCKI don't know about the others, but I agree wholeheartedly with the previous reviewer who said the Ginger Cookies were AWFUL! Mine went into the trash after I tasted one of them. Save your money!
346704346704B001PI4WQEA11R512CNCXBVQTami Strong1151235347200Dark Chocolate Marzipan HeartsI would highly recommend these Chocolates and The Marzipan House to my friends and family.
346705346705B000O5HZLIA253TILLU81VZKD. Connelly3351322784000Significantly fewer hair balls under the couch and bookcasesI have a 60 pound Golden Retriever. She drops at least a kitten worth of hair a week and I had been constantly finding balls of hair that have drifted under furniture every time I sweep the hardwood floors. I've been using the FURminator shampoo for a couple years and that definitely helps. The one bummer with the shampoo is that hair is flying off of her for several hours after a bath. It's excellent at getting the hair loose but it doesn't all come off in the bath. The conditioner seems to solve that problem. I would estimate that the amount of hair in the hair trap after giving her a bath is about double when I use the conditioner after using the shampoo and I no longer have the hair blowout problem for a couple hours after her bath. Don't get me wrong, she still sheds but not anywhere near as much. Now the ongoing battle of everything being covered in dog hair is a winnable battle. The amount of daily shedding that occurs is significantly less as well. My Golden has problems with allergies and can be sensitive to a lot of products. I've seen absolutely no reaction to either the shampoo or this conditioner on her. If your pooch isn't so thrilled about having to sit in the tub for five minutes while the condition does it's magic, try smearing some peanut butter on the wall of the tub. I have found that to be an excellent distraction for her.
346706346706B000O5HZLIA2EG3D07MYFBQ6saw48462251285977600This stuff is greatThe Furminator Deshedding solution when used with Furminator shampoo does an excellent job of reducing shedding. We have 3 dogs and one of them used to leave clumps of fur on the carpet. After using the Furminator shampoo and rinse system we could go for weeks without even brushing her and see little dog hair around the house. It is amazing and highly reccomended.
346707346707B000O5HZLIA2THNC0DYG4OBDJune Simpson2251284681600Furminator Deshedding SolutionI have a German Shepherd that sheds like crazy. Thought this was just a conditioner, but WOW! This product is exactly what it says, a DESHEDDING SOLUTION! You will be covered in dog hair. It pulls out all the loose under coat. Beware if you use it indoors in the bath tub, use a hair catcher in the drain. I like it better than their tool. Smells wonderful also.
346708346708B000O5HZLIA1CL9991ZMV69KKaren Ritchie "ohiowinddancer"2451187740800Fantastic De-furring solutionGreat product......really takes the undercoat out....just apply, wait 5 minutes, rinse, dry and brush out the coat!!! It all comes out quickly with one washing/rinsing.
346709346709B000O5HZLIARM94O2HRBZCFGeorge W. Hill "Kool Kat"1351238976000The Ultimate DeshedderThe FURminator deShedding Solution is great. It works great for all dogs and cats that shed. For certain dogs, you have to use this every other week. My two Jack Russells shed a lot. I notice when I bathe them and use the deshedding solution, their shedding is greatly diminished. I would highly recommend this product.
346710346710B000LKX3BMA3RX6E9EP1J5WWChristy B1151349049600Super Yummy, Super Convenient and Organic!This is one of those items I keep on my shopping list and buy a case of when the price drops on Amazon. It's not often carried in stores where I live and a delicious addition to meals.

This polenta is pre-cooked, which means that the majority of the work involved with making the delightful stuff is done for you. In this case, it is done without adding a bunch of harmful ingredients too and it keeps the Organic seal. All you have to do is slice it and put it in your pan, brown and voila...perfect polenta.

For those who've tried others and been less than satisfied (like I have) this brand doesn't crumble apart in the pan, has the "correct" texture and isn't unpleasantly mealy. My favorite is this one, Green Chili and Cilantro but the others are good too. This one goes well with traditional bacon and egg breakfasts and livens up an otherwise bland dinner of baked chicken breasts. It goes with just about everything.

As far as pricing, at the time of this review the price is high again at $58.82 and that isn't a savings really. Put it in your shopping list and then watch, the price fluctuates and every once in a while, you can get the lot for under $30, which is a HUGE savings. It's worth it. Stores well, long expiration dates.

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