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346741346741B000MAOJLYARSNEE6TU62JZJnicol0051300147200delicious!!this popcorn is so good, it comes with only two packs in a box with a marshmallow glaze for each. it tastes like a warm rice crispy treat. i am on weight watchers and i was looking for a new popcorn flavor and this hit the spot, the only problem is that it is not a low fat version of jolly time. but other than that so worth it!
346742346742B000MAOJLYA2HRSML93IK9TRM. Robenalt0051295481600If I could give it 11 stars I would!This stuff is amazing. It isn't too sweet, but it has a very distinct marshmallow flavor. It smells wonderful when it is popping... to the extent that people across the building at work were coming over to see what I was "baking." It tastes slightly sweet, slightly salty... similar to kettle corn. The next time I pop it, I'm going to add part of a Hershey's chocolate bar and some Teddy Grahams for a s'more's treat! LOVE IT! Will be back for more!
346743346743B000MAOJLYA2KYXLY9G7F2WOlivia0051293148800ExcellentWe found this in a small town/small store this summer and have been unable to find it anywhere since.
The manufacturer's website says it is sold at Schnucks, Shop N Save and Dierbergs but none of them carry the product so I ordered it online and wrapped it up for Christmas!
My family was both surprised and thrilled! Everyone received 1-2 boxes under the tree. Too bad no stores in the St. Louis area carry this product - - we love the marshmallow flavor.
Merry Christmas! and I will be ordering again from Amazon!
346744346744B000MAOJLYA3N7OZQMWBONXSE. Johnson0041293062400You won't be disappointed!I didn't realize when I purchased this that there was a pour over packet of marshmallow sauce. That doesn't bother me too much, it tastes wonderful. My only complaint is that I wish there was more sauce to pour onto the popcorn, it never seems to cover all of it.
346745346745B000MAOJLYABQ8NNUWTVB4US. Rhodes0051290297600Delicious!We ordered this from Amazon because we couldn't find it anywhere locally. It is so good, but it irks me that on the package Jolly Time says it is a "nutritious snack" with a whole serving of whole grains (if you eat 2 1/2 packages). It is a delicious snack but don't fool yourself into thinking its nutritious.
346746346746B000MAOJLYA1ZY9PTDUF0LDLandy0051289952000OMG!THIS OMG! IS THE BEST POPCORN EVER!!! smells great and taste great. whoever invented this should be given Nobel prize!
346747346747B000MAOJLYA2HCT8SQPE3LJ4Marcy Bautista0051256083200Love this stuff!My family loves this stuff . I found that it is cheaper on the Jolly Time website though. You can even customise your order! I'm just happy that I can get it online, when I can't get it in town.
346748346748B000MAOJLYA24T2X575VLI09Earl Hicky0051247184000Excellant PopCorn - MUST TRYIt is yummy light sweet marshmellow taste. I would suggesting eating out of a cup to not get sticky because you will go back for more. Down side it that is addicting and I always have to cook two bags.

I am glad they carried this in my local grocery store for a short time and I tried it out of couriosity. When the stores with in a 15 mile radius no longer carried it I contacted the Manufacturer to find out that was the case no one in my area. And I was very excited to find it at Amazon. I have used Amazon in the past for hard to find food items.
346749346749B000MAOJLYA1QIF2BCD5N0MFCarla Barnes0051219190400AHHHHHHHHHHH it's so tastyBest. Popcorn. Every. I don't think Jolly Time makes bad popcorn but this stuff is phenomenal. A must try for sweet popcorn flavor lovers.
346750346750B000MAOJLYA1ZR28SCA9CRPQJosh Hinnenkamp0041210291200A sticky snack with an amazing tasteFirst off, note that this is one of those pour-over flavor packet types of popcorn. Each box comes with two packets of the marshmallow flavoring, which doesn't especially taste like marshmallow, more like a watered-down cake icing. The popcorn on its own seems to have a slight hint of marshmallow flavor, too. It's pretty much the best popcorn I've ever tasted, but its very sticky to eat... much more bothersome than the greasiness of pour-over butter popcorn, since most of that absorbs into the popcorn. I just have to knock one star off the score because of the stickiness.
346751346751B000MAOJLYA3M34NPTGTSIWIReal Name0121318204800Would be decent if not for the huge amount of trans fatWhat the Amazon nutritional info does not show you is that this has 4g of trans fat per bag, which is a ton. This is a very unhealthy product that is very bad for you -- stick with just about any other microwave popcorn on the market and you'll have zero or a miniscule amount of trans fat, which most companies have eliminated because it is so bad for you.
346752346752B005HV7TM4AO6BLAM73H3YZfarmboyWI "farmboywi"1151325462400For coffee lovers at Christmas timeThis creamer is the perfect complement to Dunkin' Donuts Mocha Mint coffee. Peppermint is a popular flavor around the holidays and while I'm not a big fan of flavored coffee, this creamer made for a very smooth cup of coffee.
346754346754B005HV7TM4A2CNW95IQUL8QCcmbeth1151319500800YummmmMy absolute favorite creamer available in individual singles - Yeah! These are awesome. I'm even taking them to the restaurant with me so I can have great coffee when I go out. LOVE IT!
346755346755B005HV7TM4A26N3GLFUNS4NLMr. William A. Dispoto "gorilla-bill"0051350777600WOW...what a nice break from regular coffee!Not a big fan of flavored coffee...mostly I like my coffee bold, strong, and with just the right amount of fat-free 1/2 n 1/2 and sweetener (Splenda is my fave!)

HOWEVER...a good cup of strong peppermint mocha coffee every now and then is nice, and I prefer the Coffee-Mate peppermint-mocha to the International Delight York Peppermint Patty brand...the Coffee-mate brand is more subtle, not as overpowering, and less sweet...allowing you to adjust your sweetener as needed...and PERFECT for the holidays...what goes better with your Christmas coffee than a creamer that tastes like a candy cane?!
346756346756B005HV7TM4A2PXBJ1RMO0RV5Jason0051350345600Not Just for the HolidaysI was so excited to find these in shelf-stable servings to keep in my desk at work. Previously, I would just pretend not to notice the initials scrawled on the chance bottle someone kept in the fridge and sneak a little splash when nobody was looking. I am not a big fan of most flavored coffee creamers, but when drinking cheap office coffee the peppermint mocha flavor is just sweet enough to take the edge off. Perhaps the best feature--MUCH BETTER COFFEE BREATH. Saying no more coffee breath wouldn't be entirely true, but it's pretty close in my opinion. No longer do I have to alternate sipping water and coffee to drown out that acrid burnt flavor.

So, for those of you who are like me (cheap, lazy, and guzzle down office coffee that has been sitting in a carafe all day), these little gems are the perfect way to take pleasure in caffeinating your day.
346757346757B005HV7TM4A1LPE9O7ZDXTTNB. Garcia "BGarcia"0041323734400Love Love LoveProduct arrived as advertised. Love this flavor and I can enjoy it longer than the seasonal timeframe since I do not have to refridgerate it.
346758346758B005HV7TM4A15GHUAXG7RZ0BtoBie110211334793600peppermint mocha singlesI bought this on my sisters recomendation. I did not like this flavor so ended up giving away the entire case.
346759346759B001MS5Y0AA3DCPD4VD99FMZC.Dunn0051341619200As described24 individually wrapped ring pops. Come in box and shrink wrapped in plastic. Some of the individual packages had Ice Age characters on them.
346760346760B000W5N12CA32ULRZ5UN9EAInina5551216512000Expensive But Worth It.Even before I adopted my first cat, I'd been reading reviews about the best canned food out there for cats. Most sites seemed to recommend this brand. The price made me wince a little, but having compared the ingredients to those of brands that are cheaper, I think this product is a good investment. After all, we want what's best for our kitties, right? Those cheaper products might be more affordable, but the possible health problems from those ingredients aren't worth the money saved.

Anyway, my cats LOVE this food. They lick their bowls clean, and they lick the serving spoon too. If even a little bit falls out of their bowls, they will lick it off. I have given them every flavour, and they aren't picky at all (apart from the Indoor Formula flavour-- they WILL eat it all but don't beg me for more). I am also comforted by the fact that you can look up each can of food on their website, and they will provide a report, analysing the food.
346761346761B000W5N12CAS05Q0K7OWFN9EN5651245628800Great for Elimination Diets/Chicken-Free!I feed the Natural Balance Green Pea & Duck wet and dry food to my cat ever since my friends and vet suggested I do an elimination diet. Granted, my cat will eat anything in a can, I'm glad that Natural Balance has made this limited ingredient food so my cat doesn't have to suffer from his allergies to chicken. It is difficult to find cat food without chicken since it is in everything and the novel protein in Natural Balance's Limited Ingredient Diet is awesome!

The dry Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet however, does have an ingredient that the canned wet food doesn't have: fish oil. So if you're doing a super stringent elimination diet, just compare labels for both the dry and wet because the ingredients do differ (my cat does fine with both).

It has been several weeks now that my cat has been on the wet and dry NB food and his ear/face itching has almost completely disappeared! Just remember, talk to your vet about elimination diets if you think your cat may have allergies.
346762346762B000W5N12CA235UFZGCFN3J5Eva2251248480000Excellent wet foodBoth of my cats enjoy this, even the picky one who is very hard to please when it comes to food. It's a great choice for cats who have allergies to ingredients in regular cat food. The texture is 'pate' style, which my cats like. I've been feeding this for a while now and both of my cats are healthy and very happy.
346763346763B000W5N12CA2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans0041349308800the cat is responding well can be purchased elsewhere
346764346764B000W5N12CA2P0Y85C896QIBThomas Raven0051333411200Great For Cats With Food AllergiesI had my cat on one of Hill's Prescription Diets until she had a bad reaction to the food. The prescription diet she was on used hydrolysed chicken protein to try and fool her system to try and avoid an allergic response. It worked for a while but she eventually had a severe (and very scary) reaction to the food that led me to look for alternatives. So far, this Natural Balance limited ingredient diet has been ideal. The novel protein is much better than some engineered chicken protein, AND she loves it. I just wish Amazon would offer the smaller cans.
346765346765B000W5N12CAJKN1OQ368JGHLynn Benson0051332374400Much cheaper than prescription food, and every bit as good.I discovered this cat food last year when we moved to a new state and I was running low on my cats special prescription food. I figured I'd get it and until I could find the right vet it would do okay enough. It already had good reviews.

My cat had food allergies that caused some major skin reactions and was put on this restrictive diet a couple years ago. No chicken, no grain, blah blah blah... all I heard was $50 for an 8lb bag of dry food?!#!? Anyway, we'd seen how well she reacted to the prescription food and had that to compare with. Our cat did start eating new bugs and probably grasses/plants when we moved to a new state so she had a flare up of her allergy, but when the weather cooled and those delicious distractions went away, the continued feeding of this Natural Balance food was able to get her back to normal. Her digestion was never an issue with this food. And my dogs and other cat seemed to prefer this over their own dry food. So the taste was good apparantly, though I'll just take their word for it.

Which, by the way, was my initial venture into this food - the dry variety. But my cat was old and it was time to add the wet stuff.

I am not reviewing the sellers here, as I have purchased this food in dry and both 3/6oz canned wet food from a couple different sellers.
346766346766B000W5N12CA21912ESG27IBAT. Steichen0051301961600The bestMy cats love this food. I bought it after seen recommendations by people with cats that had digestive issues. My poor maine coon was always having loose stools and it wasn't fun for me or her. I switched her to Natural Balance Duck and Pea and within days her issue went away. Originally my other cat was on a different food but after she kept trying to steal the maine coons Natural Balance I switched them her too. They couldn't be happier.
346767346767B000W5N12CA1IN9LVY9QL620J B W "jweakman"3911235433600Duck & Pea--not for me!This review is for the Duck & Pea and Venison & Pea formulas only. I haven't tried the other Natural Balance formulas, though to be honest, I'm afraid to after the awful experience we had with these two formulas. Both of these gave my cat terrible diarrhea and vomiting. I initially wanted to try an allergy diet because my cat has itchy, waxy ears due to something--it's not mites so I thought maybe it could be allergies. It made sense to me to try something grain free, with limited protein sources to rule out some things. Unfortunately, the only conclusions I can draw from my experiment are that, either he's allergic to duck or venison (don't think so) or green peas (maybe?) or I got a bad batch, OR there's another ingredient that doesn't agree with him (carageenan? flaxseed?). I did call the company, to see if they had any idea what was going on, and they recommended that we should keep trying and tough out the diarrhea for 4-6 weeks, until he 'adjusted.' Yeah, right--like that wouldn't kill him from dehydration! I hope this company takes reports like that seriously, I know they've had quality control issues in the past, and their foods were involved in the recalls. My goal was to improve my boy's condition through diet, not put him in the hospital. I'll be donating the rest of these cans to homeless animals, (and praying they can stomach it, 'cause I'm not 100% sure it isn't a bad batch). Meantime, he's back on Eagle Pack Holistic canned foods, and feeling so much better.
346768346768B0073D9W42A3KK11UQ3X6FR7Spanky1151349740800Hummus popped chips : Feta and HerbsOk I am going to say this with all due respect to our younger set of relatives living with us. I don't know about you but my daughter seems to think every single item of food is for her. "Who ate the rest of MY ice cream", now insert any word, cookie, doughnut, and chips. Now I love the use of the word MY because if memory serves me right I don't see her opening the vault like wallet she has to pay for groceries... but I digress.
To with all respect yada yada yada, Buy these crackers and HIDE them. These are not to be wasted on the pallet of someone who thinks fruit roll ups are a serving of fruit. This is a very nice cracker and a welcome newcomer to the relative boring selection of salty snacks out there. You could easily serve this cracker without any topping with some pears, grapes or a nice sliced cheese. Hummus or Tabbouleh are also possible, but I would take very careful measures not to choose something that will mask the real and true flavor of the cracker. This would also be wonderful with a wine pairing. I'm thinking a Riesling and some pears. It would be a welcome treat during the games from chips and dip etc.

I disclose that I received some of these snacks from Bzz Agent complimentary for review purposes.
Hope this helps and happy snacking.
346769346769B0073D9W42AYU3CS2PRSV6YKK0051351123200These are delicious!I received a bag of these popped chips to try and review. Wow! I am hooked and so is every member of my family all the way down to my 16 month old. These chips are full of flavor and have a great crunch to them. Who needs regular potato chips when you can eat these instead. Once you have one you will be hooked, just make sure to hide a bag or two so the family doesnt eat them before you do!
346770346770B0073D9W42A1SM4V2XVULQIEHannah0051350172800AddictiveI love these. The seasoning is delicious and every chip is well seasoned. I've bought a whole case of them, and they were all perfect. Love the Feta Herb. Just ordered the Tomato Garlic and can't wait to try them.

I wish I could find these locally! I got introduced to them in the vending machine at our local college and that's the only place other than online I can get them!

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