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346816346816B001EPQQX0AFWJY1F2TCJCXS Amico1151195084800yummyI'm not a chocolate lover but folgers was offering a free sample of their new coffees so I pick this one. My reason was, the grandchildren love chocolate and they like to have a little coffee on cold mornings. Well, I've got to admit this coffee is so good I'm buying more. I made the sample in my french brew and enjoyed every last drop. It's so smooth yet robust. Normally, I buy JBM from the roasting company.JBM has a smooth flavor but this is just as smooth at a fraction of the price.
346817346817B001EPQQX0A1D3CQN43Q2T3FJimmy W. Ford1151193184000Best Chocolate Coffee on the marketI have tried several Gourmet chocolate coffee's and this is by far the best. My wife agrees. Very Chocolate tasting and a very smooth flavor. The chocolate smell while it brews is just icing on the cake. If you like chocolate, try it, if you like chocolate coffee, try it, if you like different gourmet coffee's, try it, if you want to experiment with something different with Folgers, try it. You won't regret it.
346818346818B001EPQQX0AH0MKF194QMREBird That Flew2331273795200It's okay, I just don't think it's that goodThis coffee is okay but I don't think it's anything special. When you open up the bag, it smells completely awesome, but the awesome ends there. There's not too much aroma when you're brewing it. It tastes almost like regular coffee to me, and not terribly good regular coffee at that.
346819346819B001EPQQX0A3O13PGPZTS0VNJeanne Nielson0051345420800Great aroma and flavor.The flavor is very smooth but the chocolate flavor comes through nicely. I really enjoyed having a cup when my chocolate craving kicked in while I was dieting.
346820346820B001EPQQX0AF5XC9FYRVN00William L. Eldridge0051336348800Smooth and ChocolatyThis is some of the best local gourmet coffee I have had, I and my grandmother love it, it leaves the whole room smelling chocolaty when it brews, the Caramel is also good!

Sadly it is a bit pricey here, at a local big box store I pay 7.00 a bag for it, so three of them are 21.00, a savings of 16.00 which buys me two more bags and pays for the 2.00 in gas I spent getting there to buy it.
346821346821B001EPQQX0A1H7QNDZ94GHBIJh199860051323388800DeliciousI spent 15 years buying expensive coffee from a specialty store - and on a whim, saw this at my local Target, and decided to try it - I can honestly say that this is a delicious coffee, and all that I will drink now. I know that there are other flavors, but my chocolate truffle is the bomb!
346822346822B001EPQQX0AVZZWQRQ75J1SCarl0051322611200Great coffeeThis flavored coffee has always been a favorite of ours & I can get it MUCH cheaper here than in any store!
346823346823B001EPQQX0A1O38SN5PH3H1FLaura S. Schmuck0051317168000Yum!!!If you love chocolate and you love coffee, Folger's has it made with this medium bodied, delicious,and chocolatey drink. It's not overpowering, but just the right hint of chocolate that will have you drinking more than one cup.
346824346824B001EPQQX0A3U92JW7LC3IZDL. Nickerson "Lori Bee"0051315440000CoffeeThis type of Folgers coffee is the best around...I have tried other brands of the same flavor and none compare
346825346825B001EPQQX0A1BMGGMCNG236VAshley0041308096000Liquid Tootsie Roll!Pretty good! 4 stars because it's not as rich and chocolatey as I was thinking with the name Chocolate Truffle. As I was smelling it the grounds and drinking the coffee I was thinking what in the world does it taste like?? Finally after 3 days of brewing and pondering I figured it out - Tootsie Rolls! The smell/taste is identical to Tootsie Rolls, which is why I'm not head over heels for it lol I'd rather have a chocolate bar than a Tootsie Roll but its good none-the-less. Much less fat than that candy bar haha.
346826346826B001EPQQX0AX1H3NXOIW7ZNL. Williams0021306627200GOOD COFFEE, BUT NOT CHOCOLATEWell... the coffee is certainly good, but I could barely taste any chocolate. It just didn't have the flavor I thought it would. I will keep and finish it, but wouldn't order it again.
346827346827B001EPQQX0A21DMAJCKPR6YCLorraine Morrison0051302393600Best coffee ever !My husband and I are hooked on this coffee. It is a bit expensive at the grocery stores and there are rarely coupons. Therefore buying it at on the subscription plan is a great savings. It is easy to change your subscription for more or less deliveries. So for a great coffee experience and great savings, I highly recommend this.
346828346828B001EPQQX0APH9D2JTVRSXSC. Holliday0041293235200Not an everyday coffee.The aroma is great, but only in small doses for myself. It gets nauseating if I have it more than twice a week. Chocolate-overload. I can't really comment on the taste because I bastardize my coffee with creamer and/or sugar, but the folks at work really like it. It's a great coffee to change it up a bit from your normal routine.
346829346829B001EPQQX0A10E54F03PGSQIBob Jones0051198886400my favoriteI was so disappointed when my local supermarket stopped stocking this coffee, but was greatly relieved to find it here. Smooth with a nice aftertaste. Just a hint of Chocolate + a pleasing aroma make this my all time favorite. If you like flavored must try this one.
346830346830B0045GV20CAMZU6GUXP5U57A. Bush1151328313600An obsession satiated.Let me begin by saying, I do not like mustard... but.. my husband loves "properly prepared" hamburgers. After a particularly good burger at sonic, he realized the mustard packet was from heinz. He requested a few more packets and then the taste tests and comparisons began.

Every burger he ate, he checked to find out what kind of mustard it was. Many were heinz. Those that weren't, he complained that it wasn't good because it wasn't heinz. Even when his father, perhaps the best grillsman I have ever met, made burgers, they were insufficient to my husband. It became a quest to get him to eat one of his favorite foods (and to stop complaining). I searched. And searched. And searched. I even tried to buy one from a restaurant and was turned away (*sad sigh*). I enlisted the help of friends and family up to 1200 miles away to help find this elusive mustard.

And then.. I could not believe my good fortune when I found this on Amazon. I thought to myself, 12 containers? How on earth could we use up 12 containers in ten months? But then I realized, it didn't matter. It was worth it. I gave two to my mother in law, four to my church and the rest to my husband as a quasi-joke Christmas gift. I think it may have been the best gift I've ever gotten him!
346801346801B001EPQQX0A1QGCBO77OES4PMA_buyer6651187395200Great aroma and very smoothI don't often like "chocolate coffee", because I usually don't think the flavor or aroma really tastes or smells anything like chocolate. This is the best I've tried, because it really does. It is significantly better than other expensive brands I've tried in the past. As the previous reviewer noted the kitchen smells great while it's brewing and it is very smooth. Even my husband, who doesn't normally drink coffee, has some when I brew this.
346802346802B001EPQQX0A29MZZ27QUWW0EK. Klein4451207526400YUM!I hesitated to buy this coffee. I am a bit of a coffee snob and Folger's name made me think twice. Excellent product! Rich coffee and chocolate aroma and taste, well balanced, not too acidic. I am a chef and a former coffee buyer for a great specialty food store and I wish I had know about this yummy coffee before! Good value too!
346804346804B001EPQQX0A3CATM0KR8EF9YA. Poe2251198368000Delicious!I think my family members who received this for Christmas will really enjoy it. They seemed pleased. Of course I had to keep a bag for myself!
346805346805B001EPQQX0A2ERLQHBWVPLBXBoaz Balboa "sportster"2231196294400AcidicThis coffee smells great and taste great but I think it is very acidic. One large cup is fine but I usually drink atleast two cups.
346806346806B001EPQQX0A3UUKFYX0ZYN5CMarilyn P. Parry1151306195200DeliciousHaving this coffee is like having dessert...without the extra calories....the best flavored coffee I have tried and by far the best of the chocolate ones...and I think I've tried them all. My market was going to discontinue this coffee so I turned to Amazon...better price and I can put it on auto delivery. Great.

Marilyn, Florida
346807346807B001EPQQX0A2GV19BHIUTI66jodie blue "jb"1131305158400not impressedI only drink Folgers coffee. I usually drink Black Silk, which is the smoothest coffee no matter how strong you make it. I thought this would be a treat.I like strong coffee and the flavor is good, but the coffee has a bitter taste if I make it as strong as I like. I suppose if you like weaker coffee, I am sure the taste would be fine.
346808346808B001EPQQX0A1MDJ9X19J4T6Sy Morley1151301788800Still best the best aroundIf you like flavored coffee, especially chocolate, you can't beat this product. At times I'll try other brands but then always come back to this one.
346809346809B001EPQQX0AYARMIK0PZ238C. L. Anderson1151264464000Delicious chocolate flavored coffeeWith all the fancy coffees out there, I was pleasantly surprised that good ole Folgers had such a great flavored coffee. It has a lovely smooth chocolate flavor that warms up your day.
346810346810B001EPQQX0A1XCTN6YEY90TLBlueMoon "Julie"1151241654400folgers Gourmet chocolate truffle coffeeExcellent coffee, smooth flavor and taste with a hint of chocolate. Packaged in packs of 3 to stock up on. Love this coffee.
346811346811B001EPQQX0AN8XIAOENPXFCJ. Heyn1151237161600My favorite coffeeI've tried several flavored coffees that are much more expensive and they can't compare to this one. I've been buying this coffee for over a year and my grocery store just stopped carrying them so I am buying from Amazon now. When this coffee is brewing it smells like a chocolate cake is cooking! It's so wonderful. I like to make this coffee with the chocolate raspberry creamer, it tastes like a decadent, calorie-laden treat!
346812346812B001EPQQX0A2NAJM1R2MEPBXCynthia S. Tyran1151215648000Folgers Gourmet CoffeeI love this coffee - cannot find it in the stores and will buy more from Amazon
346813346813B001EPQQX0AAPPWNP9FWVWSKathlyn Storey "Kathlyn A Storey"1141215475200Good value and qualityWhile this is not the best chocolate flavored coffee I've had, it's by far not the worst. Amazon occasionally runs $10 off coupons for this item, in addition to it being on sale with super saver shipping. This gets the price down to around $5 per pound. This is a perfectly drinkable morning coffee for that price. I drink a lot of coffee, between four and five cups in the morning, and I have not noticed a problem with acidity. The best feature of this flavor is the aroma, distinctly chocolate, to the point that you are almost fooled into thinking you are going to be drinking hot chocolate.
346814346814B001EPQQX0A273PTX1KD95FUKnight Owl1131215216000Drinkable, but not what I was expectingFor the money, I think this Folgers series of coffees is pretty tasty -- I've had 3 different ones now. However, I was expecting a better chocolate flavor based on the other reviews it's received. Though I typically like the bitterness of (dark) chocolates, this cocoa flavor has a slightly unpleasant bitterness to my buds -- It may even be a sourness -- I'm not quite sure yet. Since I got it during a sale, I'm not too disappointed. It's drinkable, but I plan to do some blending with other grinds, to see if I can subdue the odd flavor that comes through.
346815346815B001EPQQX0AWK0WYXRA4T4HDee B. "Dee B"1151211414400Yum Yum delightful coffeeThis is truly a wonderful experience in a cup. I absolutely love this coffee. Folgers hasn't failed me yet. Chocolate Truffle not only smells delicious but TASTES delicious. After trying a few other brands from online purchases that were a complete letdown, I have to say my tastebuds have been redeemed. 3 12oz bags for $16 and change is is good buy for flavored coffee. I'll be back for more. Thanks Folgers and thank you Amazon for providing customers a Folger's selection thanks really good.

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