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346831346831B0045GV20CA2R1EISRXT6R2IR. L. Hershey1141322179200It was a long search.......Heinz Yellow Mustard was a long search, but certainly worth it. I prefer Heinz over the leading competitor; however, here in lies the problem. I could not find it in any of the many grocery stores in my area, and believe me I went all over. Short of stealing a bottle from a local restaurant or two, I found it here on Amazon. Oh sure I had to buy a case of this tasty mustard, but it won't go bad while in storage.
346832346832B0045GV20CA1GPHMYUYRRQVBMike1151301184000I love Heinz MustardThe reason restaurant hamburgers taste so good is because restaurants use Heinz Mustard. It's hard to find in stores. Thank goodness for Amazon.
346833346833B0026W9TLQA3ER5RG19SZYG2Gary W. Winslow "Scanner crazy"7721277337600Old and toughI will not likely order again. The product was old and past the pull date by 2 months.
346834346834B0026W9TLQA2AXRD9IOU4UIHbargainhunter "amazingbargains"91011273622400this is Jerky?Oberto should be ashamed putting out jerky like this. I am embarrassed calling this "jerky". thin, completely flavorless, aside form hints of soy sauce and STALE. YUCK. We used to buy a lot of oberto's jerky, though switched to turkey jerky lately....tried this,,,,,,,,,,,and NEVER AGAIN. This jerky is garbage that even my dog would not dare chew. Since my family of 6 all eat jerky and ALL have different taste for jerky - we end up buying a lot of different brands/types - but no one liked this one, not even remotely close. too many other comparably priced jerky brands out there to be wasting money on this junk.
346835346835B0026W9TLQA1OOAK5WX4ZJT6Guy "Guy"4411283126400Thew it awayI have purchased many brands of jerky from Amazon including Oberto. This time what I received was 8 bags of jerky that was very close to inedible. I tried to eat it, but half of it went into the trash. It was'nt old or close to the expiration date, just dry and tough with an unpleasant stale taste. I have ordered Obertos in the past and it was okay, maybe this was just a bad batch. I won't be ordering it again.
346836346836B0026W9TLQA1UK90ZFJ0VE19jnjj2211300147200Should be against the law to sellAs others have stated, this product is not edible. It's past the pull date and should not even be available to sell. Come on Amazon, check into this product before someone gets sick.
346837346837B0026W9TLQA38NLTVPVNLAK5Corey1111305590400Dried outI ordered 8 bags and all of them were made over 2 years ago and were about to expire. Every new bag I've opened thus far has been the same. Extremely dry and gross....
346838346838B0026W9TLQA3233UKWDXSWOCPaul "gusto104"1111298678400Tough and Inedible... the worst I've ever triedSorry to be so negative, but when something is SO bad on the market, you want others not to make the same mistake. I ordered 4 bags - all of which have sell by dates of more than 10 months from now, so I know they are not supposed to be "stale" by Oberto's standards - and they are simply horrible, grizzly, shoe inserts of cardboard with no flavor. Ironically, I found Oberto by a google search of "tender" and "beef Jerky", and was obviously mislead by someone's spin on this inedible garbage. Shame on Oberto for passing this off as "premium steak strips"; these taste like unwanted slaughterhouse scraps.
346839346839B0026W9TLQA1K1J8KGTZ1ZHDBrittany D1131297987200DryThis beef jerky was very dry and unappetizing. I regret buying it. I guess if I want fresh jerky I'll have to buy it at the store. What a shame.
346840346840B0026W9TLQAWI4PA9CVHSAYanimextacy "animextacy"1111280188800Tough & FlavorlessI ordered Jack Links & Oberto's at the same time and the Jack Links didn't last a week but the Oberto's took a long time to finally choke down. Basically, Jack Links jerky was tender, flavorful & delicious while Oberto's was tough, hard and not so much flavorful as extremely salty. I'm never buying Oberto's again, which is too bad because I used to like Oberto's a few years ago. I don't know if their management has changed since then but the product has gone way downhill.
346841346841B0026W9TLQAQMHWYF27FVNGKristen W. Carlson1121278460800Too tough to chewVery disappointing. Compared to Trader Joe's or El Toro, this is inferior. Great if you want to develop lockjaw or use in a stew that you cook for a few days.
346842346842B0026W9TLQA3T2AR1756KE1EEric Wooen6911258761600horseThis was the lousiest jerkey that i ever tasted. I've had oberto many times and was satisfied. But this had to of been processed from some dead horse laying on the side of the highway for years. Never again will i eat Oberto Jerky.
346843346843B0026W9TLQAQF1ZTXFNAQBPRockin-U0051351123200Stays fresh and great taste!I have ordered this jerky several times over the past few years, but never bothered to write a review because I was satisfied with the product. Now that I have read the negative reviews, I am compelled to comment that I have been happy with all the orders. I have sent them to my son, he loves this brand better than others, and has never complained it is dried out or tough. It is beef jerky, it is supposed to be a little tough! None of the packages have had quick expiration dates, it takes me a couple of months to go through 4 packages (whereas the son takes about a week, or less), first is as fresh as the last. It is not too spicy, the flavor is meaty, the pieces are not fatty, like some types I have purchased. The amazon price beats anything in the grocery, and service is always prompt.
346844346844B0026W9TLQA93AG3JQQVXOZR. Valley0011328227200Horrible Never Buy AgainOberto must have changed its formula. This is not the taste of the original Oberto I used to eat 3-4 years ago. What happened? I ended up giving the bag away.
346845346845B0026W9TLQA23KJ6P66OJFY8Sargt GrumblesAMZ0011318809600DisgustingI Bought some of this at REI and was extremely disappointed. Absolutely disgusting, artificial flavor. Tastes like soap, was dry and inedible.
346846346846B0026W9TLQA3IBU3QPKO1BF2Cab4me0051296864000Oberto Origional Beef JerkyI really like this version of the Oberto Beef Jerky. It's not too dry and is quite tasty. I get it for snacks at work, high protein, low fat and it satisfies my craving something salty so I'm not tempted to buy a bag of chips to nibble on.
346847346847B0026W9TLQA1PIATXQ0HNXSDJackie0051295136000A great stocking stuffer!I'll throw a bag of this delicious jerky in with gifts I give to the men on my list. It's always a hit!
346848346848B0026W9TLQA3W53BA3NFKYBBRebman0041289174400Very Good Beef JerkyOberto has the best flavor of all the beef jerkies I have tasted. Better than Jack Links, Wal Marts or a local brand I tried.
346849346849B0026W9TLQA3J0NYNAF1AVU7lizklub "Elizabeth Klub"0051288051200Oberto jerkyIt was a little more spicy than I expected, but tasty! Came quickly & was fresh. Nice, large bag, good value for the money.
346850346850B0026W9TLQA2176046C184WVchelsea mckell "chelsea"0041282003200A tad bland, but I still liked itThe title says it all - I liked it, it was good quality, but if you're looking for jerky dripping in sweetness and mushy with sugar, this isn't it.
346851346851B0026W9TLQA1H84TOG6FE6ZXScott E. ANDERSON0041279670400Good quality...price better than retail.Better to buy it this way and save $$$ and always have a supply on hand.
346852346852B0026W9TLQA384R1BGXODG0FB. Francis0051273708800Great StuffThis is the best. I have tried many different brands but Oberto's is the best. It have great flavor and texture. It is great for hiking, road trips and just snacking. I am glad I can get it at Amazon.
346853346853B0026W9TLQA3PQXIGG33M5EUG. Allen0051270080000Very satisfiedIt had been a long time since I had eaten much beef jerky but when Amazon had a great deal with Subscribe and Save, I couldn't pass it up. I always loved Oberto as a kid and was definitely not disappointed with this flavor and product. I prefer this to the thin-cut jerky style, there is a lot more flavor here and it isn't as hard.
346854346854B0026W9TLQA2I9E7K7TK0VGZDiggityDAwg91421264204800Not the BestI did not really like this jerky. For my money i prefer something from the local convenient store. This jerky was stale. If you are looking for something with similar texture and flavor you may want to try peeling a scab and eating that.
346855346855B0026W9TLQAGKM79EXVZHPLFred Smith3551254441600Delicious jerky!This is great jerky! The balance of sweet, salt and pepper spice is addictive. The best of their four flavors. As with Oh Boy! Oberto's other jerkys, it has just the right mouthfeel - tender enough to chew without that artificial, over tenderized texture that many brands of jerky have. Beware!! This will spoil you for any other brand of jerky!!!
346856346856B0026W9TLQA38CHY8C6W1TN4Paulet D. Anderson0221286409600Review of beef jerky orderThe product delivered had a expiration date of 07/31/2010 and delivered after that date. We purchased this product as a safety handout and several people commented about the expiration date. I personally think the jerky is took salty and didn't have good flavoring, several males liked the product however.
346857346857B0026W9TLQA2AP7DCJXGFPQ9Tim T.1531252540800Oberto Original Beef JerkyLiked the product but a pretty cheezy promotion. They make you think you're going to get free shipping if you double your order, then when you're down to finalizing your "check out" you find out they won't let you double your order because they want to charge you for shipping!
346858346858B004N3A8IOA1F7YU6O5RU432Angela Streiff2251332547200Produces a very juicy flavored tea, no caffeine and is organicThis wonderful tea almost seems to turn into a juice it's flavors are that good. This decaffeinated tea goes well with a breakfast and lunch, or in the evenings when you're in the mood for a tea with no caffeine to keep you awake. It's flavor is even one kids are likely to enjoy. A wonderful blend for when one has a cold, to sooth a sore throat. The bold plum flavors are definitely bright and delicious, so there's no mistaking what kind of tea it is.
346859346859B00032B0UYA11EKRR0LDL893kimberlyx0051348358400As always, the bestThis has been my favorite sauce from the days when this used to have a miniature black cowboy hat on it. Mellow but spicy and memorable taste that goes with pretty much everything. Fast and safe shipping, might as well order two. One of the best sauces for seafood by mixing w/lemon juice and ground black pepper.
346860346860B00032B0UYA1D6DB2POP5PCCmaire1251330646400Husband loves itThis was purchased for my husband, who loves hot sauce. He is happy with it. Received from vendor very quickly and it was packaged well.

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