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346891346891B003CZG0SGA1BEHDHARZDIMRTammie Sokoloff "Nashira"2251295222400THE BEST!!!This stuff is great, tastes just like sugar and measures like sugar. Best of all, it smells like cotton candy. Don't bother with the packets, they don't give you enough in the packets to do the job. Stick with the 12oz bags. This is a great price. I pay over $10 for this stuff at Mothers Market...but it's worth it. Only one drawback with these "natural" sugar alcohols...they do cause you to retain water, so just make note of it if you have water retention concerns. One more thing...although it measures same as sugar it doesn not bake or cook as well as sugar. For instance, don't try melting it with cocoa powder for a frosting...will be solid cement in your pan. Also, when you back with it you won't get a light texture, much more dense and does not help the recipie rise, stays rather flatish. When I say it's just like suger, it really is, which also means it won't dissovle in your iced tea very easily, same as real sugar. It keeps it's grainy texture in cold things but works fine in hot drinks. Love it in coffee and oatmeal...the main 2 ways I use it.
346892346892B003CZG0SGAPQ32HIK7CGHVDiane Holmes2251292284800Best tastingI've tried all of the products comparable to Sweeten Me and nothing tastes as close to sugar as this. After a week, I couldn't even tell the difference.
346893346893B003CZG0SGA3UL6W4MVN7ZZ5grandmab0051331251200great sweetener/acceptable for diabeticsThis is a plant based sweetener, but has only a few calories and is acceptable for diabetics. It is also easy on your gastro-intestinal track. I had tried Zylotol, another plant based sweetener. Because of a medication I am on for very low borderline diabetes (Metformin, which can cause diarreha), the Zylotol made things even worse. This product is called a Eurethatol (?), but doesn't cause me any intestinal problems. I haven't tried it in anything except hot tea yet, so I can't tell you how it works in baking or cold drinks. It doesn't have any aftertaste like Stevia based products. It's definitely cheaper here than in health food stores by about $2.00.
346894346894B003CZG0SGA3C8SP5UB2ZJSBsusan nierenberg0031321833600great taste but wildly overpricedTastes great in coffee and baked goods- but the price is so high it makes a cup of coffee in the morning so costly, I might as well go to Starbucks! Am looking for something else next time.
346895346895B000RE96FYA1YPRLAFZLSAS0Dan Van6651200096000Great for a convenient cup of coffee!I have a small single cup coffee maker for those times when I need a quick cup of coffee but don't want a whole pot. All right, that doesn't happen very often - I can usually handle a whole pot. But when I want a quick cup, I don't want to be grinding beans, getting out a filter and going through all the same steps as making a whole pot. These filter packs are the perfect solution at a great price! The coffee is almost as good as Starbucks for a fraction of the price.
346896346896B000RE96FYAQBDJXDVBWW8SWilliam Rossini4441223251200Island Blend CoffeeGreat tasting coffee a good deal for your money, many different blends to choose from. Goes great with my 4 cup coffee maker when I'm on the road
346897346897B000RE96FYA27K3YEEHL76U9Bill Mims1111222128000Mountain Blend Coffee 4 Cup Filter PackCoffee is very weak,I have to use 3 packs to make 4 cups of coffee.
346898346898B000RE96FYA3GB38MC6ZSGPDNStory1151193875200Excellent convenienceVery satisfied. It was delivered earlier than expected. I bought this so my elderly mother wouldn't have to mess with loose coffee grounds. She loves the convenience and the taste. I will be ordering more.
346899346899B000RE96FYA36799MFLN1DWVkriscraft0051344643200easy coffeeI like just dropping the filter pack (or two or three)in my coffee pot, filling the water chamber... tasty coffee- no mess.
346900346900B000RE96FYA3HXT4P8NFA3KCRobert "Okc spike"0031344384000Drinkable, not greatThis coffee is ok, but nothing great, at least in my opinion.. I will not throw it away, but neither will I order any more. It has that sharp aftertaste that I don't care for. It isn't as strong as I expected it to be, which could be one reason for my disappointment. If you like mild coffee and just drink coffee for effect this is a decent and well priced product. I enjoy coffee and drink it for taste as much as effect. The packets are easy to open, which I appreciate.
346901346901B000RE96FYA2HBT3VRUU6HG3Diane M.0011338076800Weak CoffeeBought this coffee to take on vacation to use in the little 4-cup pots that are always in hotel rooms. My husband, the coffee drinker, said it was very weak (even using two packs at one time). I threw away the rest. Save your something else.
346902346902B000RE96FYA1LAJCVFFDMIXYCrisco9310051263859200Good Coffee at Good PriceThis is my 2nd Order of Island Blend. I had used another brand for years so it took a few days to get used to a new taste, but its just fine. The envelopes are easy to tear open and very convenient.
346903346903B000RE96FYA143NLH46NA8QNRebecca A. Bybee "Rebecca A. Bybee"0021222992000Has an unpleasant taste....I was disappointed in the quality of this coffee. It has a weird whang to it - a bitter taste. My husband tried it and said the same thing. I don't know if I got a bad batch or what, but I won't be using this coffee except for emergency backup (when I'm out of good coffee).
346904346904B001JIU48KA3RDEQT4QT36Z0barmarama6651304294400Can't go back to any other brandHere's the problem... after eating something of this caliber and deliciousness, how can I ever go back to gas station pork rinds? These are by far my favorite pork rinds. They are a bit fatty, but that's what pork rinds are supposed to be like. They are crunchy, but won't break your teeth. They're also mildly seasoned with salt, so you can add in your own spices and make something with it, too. All in all, I'll buy another box once I finish this box. Thank you :)
346905346905B001JIU48KAFAS5XJ5CNB9TJackie2251312156800They were greatI am waiting on my second shipment!! I cant get out often and its hard to get good fat back skins up here. We enjoyed them a lot thanks.
346906346906B001JIU48KA39ZSERBDXS4CKFaith Gold0011323475200I think they forgot to include the taste.I became addicted to skins when I lived in Brooklyn. I was very excited to buy these after seeing them on their website. They are hard enough to break teeth and have absolutely no taste. I threw them away. I don't even want my money back.
346907346907B001JIU48KA1OSOZ8J490VTWDragonleaf1211316304000DisappointedThese are hard and not particularly flavorful. I had buyer's regret. The description of them led me to think they would be great, but not so.
346908346908B003A9Q8IQA3UJJGEVXNN8QWEJM3 "Morality is only moral when it is volun...0051339027200Foods Alive Organic Toasted Hemp Seeds with Sea Salt, 14-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)I remember when I was in my teens and hanging around Broadway in Seattle/Cap Hill area. There was a small shop that sold all kinds of hemp related products. One of them (my favorite actually) was the garlic & tamari toasted hemp seeds. I have never been able to find anything like them for a long time. These seeds may not be garlic & tamari, but they do have that wonderful crunch, and nutty flavor that I enjoyed so many years ago.

Overall this is a fantastic product from a great company. I will definitely be making more purchases from this company in the future!

Foods Alive Organic Toasted Hemp Seeds with Sea Salt, 14-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)
346909346909B003A9Q8IQAOL44NBK4TXXEcrawdaddy0041324425600yummy and goodthese are similar in taste to toasted sunflower kernels, but more nutritous. a good value too. good in recipes, like ground up to coat fried chicken (best to use organic chicken).enjoy in good health.
346910346910B00473SW92AFEK0JHJM3M6KEvie2251316908800Adolph Steak MarinadeI have used this product for years, and find it very easy to use. It leaves the steak very tender and tasty. The local stores in my area do not carry it. I was very pleased to find it on Amazon.
346911346911B00473SW92AIYYLYA72BIM4deedge0051344816000how to make a good steat into a great steakI thought all marinades were about the same until I tried Adolph steak sauce marinade. It is great and both my husband and I love it!
346912346912B00473SW92A28HQLPE47ZQWFJessica0051329696000Good stuffI had thought that I was going to ruin the steak with how salty this product tasted after mixing it with water(I hate salty food), but the steak turned out nice and not too salty at all
346913346913B00473SW92AJ7LDVJWY4BXRMomajoye0051329264000Great marinade.This is the best marinade. Steaks come out tender and the flavor is absolutely great. Even though the directions say to let the steaks sit 15 minutes, the longer you let the steaks sit, the better.
346914346914B006DHXWQ8A31TG4M9H3CU3Aworks or not0131336953600works or notgot in mail still cold from long trip in mail taste treats for all to enjoy must have for mex. dishes
for real taste exept no sub
346915346915B0000GK0AEAIV469YSIA0J4E. Chavez "C. Family"0051317513600very goodthese are really good exactly what I wanted. threse r not for the faint at heart. very salty and hot yum
346916346916B0000GK0AEA2JGPX4TR4YKJEO. Kovtanyuk0021282521600very salty!This plums are very salty. Too much salt makes it impossicle to eat. I didn't enjoy it at all.
346917346917B0000GK0AEA1H1Q0899Q4EL3Amanda T. "T."0151252368000Exactly what I wanted :-)These salted plums are exactly what I wanted. For those of you who have never tried it, these plums are dried with salt. You cannot eat a whole pack in one day, so it will last a long time.

I'm wondering if in future the company will have different levels of chili flavoured plums... mild, medium, very hot? :-)

This product is not very spicy so everyone can have a go at it. I love it and am so used to eating this once a year on my trip to Trinidad, now I can order online and have as much as I want. Keep making this product please; it's my favourite preserved fruit.
346918346918B00194D5EYA2IQJHAJZUW17LScott Wilson0051224201600Great sauce!Some sauces are hot just for the sake of being hot, and you get all heat, no flavor. This is not one of those sauces.
This is a sauce with a kick, but sill has a lot of wonderful flavor. Great on just about any kind of meat (I used it on beef, chicken, and pork), and I like it on scrambled eggs, too.
Despite all of the flavor, it's lower in sugar and sodium than many other sauces, so it's a less guilty "guilty pleasure" for those watching their diets.
You can't go wrong with this sauce.
346919346919B004CRJLIEA25U2IHISLXRHQangel love0051347321600Makes a WONDERFUL frozen drink!I enjoy chai tea hot and frozen, I had this can in my cabinet for a while before trying it and then discovered that Mystic Chai Vanilla is the best brand that I've found for frozen chai latte, and I've tried many, it's the perfect blend with my milk choice.
346920346920B0043833HCA173CI2U9CN21CJames Hoover "Always Respectful"2211300406400Picture doesn't represent item - airline pack of peanutsFirst off. I love Fisher peanuts and Amazon. However, this is a case of Amazon completely mis-representing the item you will receive. This is for the small 0.5 ounces of peanuts you get on airlines. Not the 1.5 ounce retail pack that is pictured. You know, the tiny little packets of 15 peanuts or so that even the airlines are ashamed to give you so they give you at least 2 or a packet with other items like animal crackers. Just be very aware. I love Amazon, but .......

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