Amazon Fine Food Reviews

346951346951B000FNH3KWAJAABFVT3LHNXjenkinsjh1111338768000Taste like dirtI purchased these because they do not contain dairy, soy or corn. Well, in addition to being dairy free, soy free.... they are FLAVOR FREE! Absolutely horrible dry tasting bars. First words out of my mouth were "tastes like dirt" so that's what I'm going with. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.
346952346952B000FNH3KWA2KB27LHDVTYD7M. Jones1111311552000DIsgusting -- gave me an instant headache!These are so gross I can't believe I wasted my money on them. They gave me an immediate migraine from the overwhelming artificial-smelling fragrance. I am NOT that picky an eater and I generally love any GF cookie just b/c I am so grateful they exist. But OMG I immediately spit this out AND rinsed out my mouth! Even my snack-loving toddler didn't like these. Eating them, that is. She did have a great time massaging it into a fine powder which takes almost no effort at all. What a mess. And what a waste of money.
346953346953B000FNH3KWA2O5HHK8QMXKKTSweet Valley High1151261094400Best cookie bar everI crave these day and night. Best cookie/brownie bar I have ever tasted- not too headache-y sweet, but a rich cocoa flavor with a really great texture. They hit the spot. Wish they were at more grocery stores!
346954346954B000FNH3KWA2RCYW0TUXYVLKimberly Jackson "kimmieq"1141199059200great for restricted diets, kids likeI have a 7 yr old w/food allergies and both he and my 3 yr old love these. I have compared to several other cookie/snack items made with no dairy & eggs and I think we all liked these the best. Definitely a must have for restricted diets.
346955346955B000FNH3KWA1GZ6DN9ONSJ74L. NICHOLS1151190505600finally something for those of us on restricted diets!!I love love love these cookie bars. I can't have any sugar or any gluten and happened upon these at Whole Foods. What a saving grace! The big cookies are also excellent, but I would eat the whole big cookie at one time. These little bars are perfect.
346956346956B000FNH3KWADJJYTAI7B577T. Jakubowski1141183420800Great for Gluten Free and No White SugarI have Celiac Disease, and I try to keep the refined sugar to a minimum, and I was suprised by how good these are! The light crunch is a shock at first, but is tasty. It is a tad dry, so I am only giving 4 stars. But the taste is great considering how healthy it is!!
346957346957B000FNH3KWA2PVLGFRWRLAWBK. Flisch1151180396800So good -and good for you too.My kids love these and I feel good about giving them to them. They're all natural and sweetened with fruit juice instead of sugar. We like to pop them in the microwave for about 10 seconds - then they taste like fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. Yum.
346958346958B000FNH3KWATEIE93I26LUMNLP "Nancy"2351180224000Great for those on a limited dietMy 3 year old son was just diagnosed with allergies to wheat, egg and milk. I was so upset when I found out but a little relieved as I started finding foods he can eat. Yes, they are crumbly but they taste good, my kids like them and they meet his new dietary restrictions. Since the option is not giving a 3 year old cookies I don't mind some crumbs!
346959346959B000FNH3KWA12SAU7NR89O98A. Olson0011350950400Just Terrible.We have a gluten free household of 5. No one in our family likes these. My children (9, 7, &5) are begging me to throw the box away - I think they are afraid I'll sneak one in their lunchbox. The cookie crumbles leaving a dry mess of rice flour and hardish chewy fruity bits in your mouth. Have a glass of water nearby if you try these. I hate to leave a bad review, but there are way better gluten free options out there.

(I won't throw the box away. I'll pass it on to another gluten free family I know and let them form their own opinion.)
346960346960B000FNH3KWA34ILI5H55BON5S.W.R.0011349395200I threw them awayI was disappointed in the unpleasant flavor and dry texture of Nana's Chocolate Munch Cookie Bars. To me there was an odd artificial almost chemical like after taste in them that cocoa powder can't even cover up. I threw away the entire box after tasting the first bar.
346961346961B000FNH3KWAW7G3R2WNX1S9Kent Akselsen0051348185600Makes a nice gluten-free strawberry shortcake.Nana's cookies are good eaten plain. They are a bit crumbly compared to cookies made with wheat flour.

The cookies are individually packaged. I find it better to cut the plastic open with scissors to avoid breaking the cookies.

If you want the cookies crumbled, just break them up in the packaging and then cut open with scissors to dispense neatly.

I like to cut up strawberries and crumble a Nana's cookie over them. With a little whipped cream, it's just like a good strawberry shortcake. They are great crumbled over bananas, too.

Despite being somewhat fragile. Nana's cookies from Amazon usually arrive intact.
346962346962B000FNH3KWAVFVXW75F5Q2OD. Hook0051347840000Nana Banana - a delicious gluten-free treat for kids or adults!Let me preface this review by saying that in the gluten-free world, baked goods tend to be a bit on the crumbly side because they are missing the "glue" (gluten) that holds them together. Taking this into consideration, Nana's gluten free cookie bars are one of the tastiest gluten-free treats and one of the only brands sweetened with fruit juice instead of sugar.

At only 130 calories, 4.5 grams of fat, and 7 grams of sugar (natural fruit sugar), the Nana Banana flavor of cookie bars makes a great treat for kids and adults. The amount of banana is just right, and you even get a few tiny bits of crunchy banana inside.

Each cookie measures approximately 3.5 inches long by 1.5 inches wide...perfect for a light snack or dessert, especially for kids. Amazon has the best price around on Nana's Cookie Bars, so rest assured that you are getting a good deal, even though they are pricier than "regular" cookies made with corn syrup and sugar.

Good cookies aren't cheap, and cheap cookies aren't good! Give Nana's banana cookies a try. (No, I don't work for Nana's but am a happy, loyal customer!)
346963346963B000FNH3KWA30YM3UWJNJBPYBaker Austen0051345161600a Chocolate treatMy 2 year old eats the Chocolate Munch Cookie and LOVES them. I bought them not because they were gluten free, but because they are sweetener free. He calls them "chocolate treat," if that gives you any indication of how good he thinks they are. I would definitely recommend this flavor to everyone. I have found that with the subscribe and save discount I can get the boxes cheaper on Amazon than in stores like Sunflower, Sprouts and Whole Foods.
346964346964B000FNH3KWA2YWN8GK2T1LNEAmy Watts "Captain commonsense"0031342483200Disappointed in textureIt is close to impossible to find a cookie that is both soy free, wheat free, and the only sugar that is used is from natural juices: apple, etc. That is the only reason I gave the cookie such a high ranking...
As for taste, the chocolate flavor is pronounced, I enjoy the "crunch", however, the texture of the cookie has a lot to be desired. The cookie needs to either be crunchier or more moist. As is it wants to stick to the roof of your mouth, and is just odd. Making it unappealing. If I had tasted the item prior to ordering, I wouldn't have bought a whole box full.
346965346965B000FNH3KWA3FJPH82V184AQV. "V."0011324252800price keeps increasing. . .i have enjoyed this product for quite some time. however, i am disgusted by the fact that the price keeps increasing! at $35 per case, customers are paying more than $4 per box for 5 small cookie bars - ridiculous! i will find a healthier, more reasonably priced snack to munch on. shame on nana and amazon. . .
346966346966B000FNH3KWA1UI4SDWORP155Debra J. Winpigler0051315612800Great Gluten-Free SnackThese cookie bars are great for packing in a lunch or having alone for a snack. Try all the flavors for a variety.
346967346967B000FNH3KWA2NJPKDX1K1FNResstrojenny0051313280000I Don't Have Any Food AllergiesI love these banana cookies even though I can eat any other brand/ingredient. Yes, the texture is DIFFERENT, but that's what I really like about them. It kind of reminds me of mexican wedding cookies -dry, melt in your mouth texture. They are really expensive compared to name/store brand cookies, so I have to maintain my self-control and eat only one every few days :(
346968346968B000FNH3KWA22GUWN3ZQXUGCaitlyn S.0041299715200Great snack for on-the-go!I tried the Nana's Bananas cookie bars for the first time this week. I love them! I don't have any gluten issues so I can't speak for that, but I really enjoyed the real banana taste of these cookies. Some people complained about the drier texture, which I will admit is a little different than an actual cookie, but it I always have it with something to drink anyway so the drier texture is not a problem for me. The cookies are nice and soft and there are little delicious crunchy bits in the mix. I bring them to work for a nice afternoon snack :) I will definitely be buying them again soon!
346969346969B000FNH3KWA1PL7OVJRI5ZZXjulie_m_h0051293494400Yummm!Lots of double fudge cookies! What could be better?.... I bought these because the texture and taste remind me of the Cosmic Brownies I ate when I was a kid, the super unhealthy ones by Little Debbie. Nana's Fudgy Wudgy Cookie bars are so much healthier and pretty darn close to the real thing(without the fudge topping)... They are delicious and a healthier blast from the past for me! YUMMMMM!
346970346970B000FNH3KWAYCEMQOKGAMMMChase0051274140800best GFCFEFSF cookieMy daughter is very picky, but she like this cookie very much. i haven't seen any product GFCFEFSF this good. great product.
346971346971B000FNH3KWA2MILO0TER1FLUS. Van Benschoten0051262476800Great for GFCFSF dietMy 3.5 yr old daughter with Autism loves these! She is on a special gluten-free, casein-free and soy-free diet and these are a wonderful snack for her.
346972346972B000FNH3KWAGAQO4JOF4VVFC. Howe0051261180800great snackMy 9 year old daughter has celiac disease, and these are one of her favorite cookies (other than the ones I make!) They are a great quick snack for her to bring and have on hand so that she DOESN'T feel left out or deprived when cookies are offered to kids in social situations.
346973346973B000FNH3KWA2U28BR2MBV60FPatricia A. Lefaive "Patty"0051253404800Love Nana's No No's!These are the best! What a wonderful way to provide a treat for yourself and your kids knowing how healthy and pure they are. The taste is excellant and satisfies that sweet tooth. Highly recommend that you try these.
346974346974B000FNH3KWA340P425GAEGTYManhattan reliable0021247184000too drytastes like dry brownie w/ invisible pieces of puffed rice which get stuck in your teeth. come on. we can do better than this for cookie bars.
346975346975B000FNH3KWA39SCU7KSK7330FOREVER student of Life:D "Always learning co...0011245888000Don't do The BarsIt's Crunchy, I'm now love the smoother Nana's Like Nana's No Gluten Lemon Cookie, 3.5-Ounce Cookies (Pack of 12) or Nana's No Gluten Chocolate Cookie, 3.5-Ounces (Pack of 12) you get the idea I hope!!
I don't have coffee or Chocolate anymore!
If you don't have a problem GREAT but I found out I do!!
346976346976B000FNH3KWA1UHFZ8ESPNQAAChallenged "desert rose"0051243900800delish!very tasty and the perfect size snack. Reliable in availability and shipping time.
346977346977B000FNH3KWAPWCOAVILK94BReal Named Person "wowzee"0041239840000These were good but smallThese were good for a snack but found it a little expensive for the size they come in.
346978346978B000FNH3KWA3NITES609Z2LNJenn L0051233446400One of my favorites...The berry vanilla is one of my favorite from Nana's. I also like the chocolate munch when I am wanting something with a chocolate flavor. They are dry amd crumble. That doesn't bother me. I have been gluten-free for five years and have tried near everything. Nana's has become part of my weekly grocery list. They are easy to take on the go. I think these would be great for parents with allergic children because they are packaged for on the go. It can be frustrating to be out and you suddenly get hungry and there is nothing gluten-free to be found.
346979346979B000FNH3KWA2LZKUARB5Y8C2Phlogiston0031223337600Moderately tasty, gluten freeOur family has members who keep kosher, who are vegetarians, who are unable to eat gluten, etc. This cookie covers all the bases, but tends to be soft and not entirely tasty. However, they can be used to make a gluten free pie crust, which is a great feature. I have the feeling that if they were baked a little longer they would be better.

Really, though, how good can a gluten free cookie be?
346980346980B000FNH3KWA2GLH0ZB2X2BM9E. Broadway0051220745600Fudgy Wudgy's with milk, always good!Since I cannot eat sugar, and there are so few healthy options out there, this is perfect for my chocolate fix!

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